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Mastering Selenium WebDriver 3.X Test Automation

A practical guide for real-time web testing with Selenium WebDriver
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Implement automation testing best practices so that you can do automation testing with any tool
Create extremely reliable and stable automation tests
Automate various UI elements such as buttons, links, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down elements
Create robust tests using advanced Selenium techniques
Implement advanced Selenium techniques such as explicit waits for synchronization and creating robust tests.
Create a Selenium WebDriver framework from scratch
Set up a Selenium Grid and run tests on it

Are you facing an issue where your tests break often for no obvious reason or are you simply interested in learning how to write tests that will withstand the test of time? Are you struggling to figure out the proper way to do test automation with Selenium WebDriver? If so, look no further.

This course will help you learn how to create extremely reliable and stable automation tests with Selenium WebDriver. You’ll learn to design advanced and easy to maintain test automation frameworks with browser factory, Page Object Models, and Selenium Grid from scratch. You’ll utilize the Advanced User Interactions API to quickly spin up a Selenium Grid or run tests on the cloud. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write Selenium WebDriver tests within minutes! 

About the Author

Dmitry Shyshkin is a lead QA automation engineer‏ at FareCompare with 6 years’ test automation experience using Selenium. He has worked in Waterfall and Agile environments, on a desktop, web-based and mobile projects.

He started his QA career without any QA/Testing knowledge. He took online Software QA classes where he learned about different types of testing. On his second job, he learned about test automation for the first time, liked it more than manual testing, and thus decided to move into test automation.

Exploring Selenium

The Course Overview

This video provides an overview of the entire course.

Selenium Testing Tools

The aim of this video is to review different selenium tools.

   •  Learn Selenium Testing Tools

   •  Review each tool

Setting Up a Test Project

This video will help to prepare environment and create first project.

   •  Install Java and Maven

   •  Set up Eclipse

   •  Create first project

Creating Our First Test

The video will configure project to create first test.

   •  Explore Maven project and pom.xml file

   •  Configure maven project

   •  Create first test

Running the Test

The aim of this video is learn the different ways to run test.

   •  Run test with maven

   •  Run test with Eclipse TestNG plugin

   •  Run test from command prompt

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

What Is Selenium WebDriver?

The aim of this video is to understand Selenium WebDriver and its architecture.

   •  Study what is Selenium WebDriver

   •  Understand the Selenium WebDriver architecture

Introduction to WebDriver Interface

The video explains why WebDriver is an interface.

   •  Study Selenium WebDriver data flow

   •  Understand WebDriver is an Interface

   •  Learn browser Drivers

Setting Up Various Browsers with Selenium WebDriver

This video will help Setting up advanced framework to run tests in different browsers.

   •  Demonstrate BaseTest

   •  Explore BrowserDriverFactory

   •  Run tests in different browsers

Finding Page Elements

The aim of this video is to find Page Elements.

   •  Study page elements

   •  Demonstrate WebDriver commands to find elements

   •  Finish basic test


This video will take a walkthrough all WebDriver locators.

   •  Learn all WebDriver locators

Performing Actions on Elements

This video will take a walkthrough all possible WebDriver actions on different elements.

   •  Study all possible WebDriver actions on different elements

Working with Web Elements

Introduction to the WebElement Interface

The aim of this video is to learn what is and how to use WebElement interface.

   •  Learn about WebElement interface

   •  Work on an example using WebElement

Using the Locator Strategies

This video will demonstrate examples using different locator strategies.

   •  Explore different locator strategies

   •  Deploy examples using different locator strategies

   •  Use XPath

Interacting with Various HTML Elements

The aim of this video is to interact with different page elements.

   •  Demonstrate new test scenario

   •  Interact with different elements

   •  Select checkboxes and radio buttons

Working with Dropdowns

The aim of this video is to learn working with Dropdowns.

   •  Learn the two types of dropdowns

   •  Demonstrate using example for selecting from dropdowns

Using Implicit Wait

The aim of this video is to learn waits in selenium and using Implicit Wait.

   •  Study two types of waits in selenium

   •  Understand when to use waits

   •  Explore using Implicit Wait

Advanced Selenium Techniques

Using Explicit Waits

The aim of this video is to learn how to use Explicit Waits and ExpectedConditions

   •  Explore Explicit and implicit waits

   •  Work on an example Using explicit wait

   •  Get to know about ExpectedConditions with an example

Working with Alerts

The aim of this video is to learn more about Interacting with alerts

   •  Interact with alerts

   •  Deploy New AlertsTest

   •  Learn TestNG features

Working with New Windows and iFrames

This video will take you through the working of new windows and iFrames

   •  Learn more about Window Handles

   •  Learn the technique of Switching between windows

   •  Explore iFrames

Using JavaScript Executor

This video will demonstrate examples using JavaScriptExecutor

   •  Learn about JavaScriptExecutor

   •  Run example using JavaScriptExecutor

   •  Demonstrate scrolling with JavaScriptExecutor

Capturing Screenshots

The aim of this video is to capture Screenshots with WebDriver

   •  Learn to add takeScreenshot method

   •  Understand Apache Commons IO dependency

   •  How to Improve screenshot names

Cross-Browser Testing

Introduction to Selenium Server

The aim of this video is to learn about Selenium-Grid, Hub, and Node.

   •  Study about Selenium-Grid

   •  Understand a Hub

   •  Learn about Node

Setting Up Selenium Grid

The aim of this video is to set up Selenium Grid.

   •  Set up new test suite

   •  Changes in BrowserDriverFactory

Running Tests with Selenium Grid

The aim of this video is to run tests with Selenium Grid.

   •  Start grid

   •  Run tests on grid

   •  Review results

Introduction to Cloud Vendors

The aim of this video is to demonstrate automated testing cloud

   •  Understand automated testing cloud

   •  Learn about most popular automating testing clouds

   •  Explore SauceLabs free trial account

Using Cloud Vendors to Run Tests

The aim of this video is to prepare and run tests on SauceLabs.

   •  Prepare code to run tests in cloud

   •  Run tests on Sauce Labs

   •  Review tests

Advanced Selenium WebDriver

Building a Testing Framework with Selenium WebDriver

The aim of this video is to create new project.

   •  New test cases overview

   •  Create maven project

   •  Set up project

Design Considerations

The aim of this video is to design new tests.

   •  Design new tests

   •  Add Test Suites

   •  Run tests

Using Page Object Model

The aim of this video is to explore Page Object Model.

   •  Understand Page Object Model

   •  Learn the advantages of Page Object Model

   •  Create page objects

Working Example

The aim of this video is to use Page Object Model to run tests.

   •  Use page objects in tests

   •  Run tests with page objects

Running Tests in Continuous Integration

The aim of this video is to explore Jenkins in Test Automation.

   •  Understand about Jenkins

   •  Create test job in Jenkins

   •  Run tests from Jenkins

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