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Mastering the First Steps of Love that Lasts

Fivever Love Part 1
Lino & Stephanie Madrid
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Learn the basics of why we NEED relationships on a psychological level.
Discover the two universal fears and how they affect your relationship
Find out why relationships ultimately fail
Gain an understanding of the role that labels play on our relationships
An in depth understanding of the psychology and mindset within the “Honeymoon Phase” and how it affects the future of your relationship
The Human Needs and how they will help you determine what drives your actions as well as what gives you the greatest happiness.
How society has gotten everything backwards with gender stereotypes. How there’s really only two different “personalities” that can play out in either a man or woman. And how you can learn to appreciate each one.
The ins and outs of the “Compatibility Myth” and how you don’t have to have everything in common to make things work. In fact it’s often the differences that create passion!
How taking time to appreciate yourself will lead to being able to give more.
Ways in which you can learn to honor the experiences that made you who you are today. The good AND the bad!
Some tried and true ways in which you can connect with yourself situationally. Whether it looks like a quick 30 seconds or 30 minutes!


In case you missed it in the video-

· It’s important to know that we separated this course out to make it more accessible! From our life coaching company we know one of the primary reasons people don’t seek help/counseling is because of cost. Don’t let that hold you back! Just know that this is part 4 of 4.

· This course is more about applying action steps than gathering information. If you’re the type of person that just wants to sit back and watch information and hope to get shot with inspiration, unfortunately this course isn’t for you! Making progress in anything, not just your relationship, takes action. So be ready to apply!

· If you want to skip around to later parts, you’re going to get confused. We reference a lot of previous material as the course continues on from part 1. Set yourself up for success! If you skip parts (like to this one) you’re going to get confused and you’re going to have a bad time… You’ve been warned!


Let’s take you through the life of someone who was never shown the ropes on how to have an amazing relationship…

Imagine waking up one day laying next to your partner, looking over at them with that sinking feeling in your gut. Wondering, do you even love them anymore? Do they feel the same? You stare off at the ceiling. Couldn’t they do better? Couldn’t YOU do better? Your partners alarm goes off and they lean over to give you a kiss on the cheek. You notice it just doesn’t feel like it used to. You both get ready, minding your own business, nothing to talk about and head off to work. That person from the other department has been flirting with you and it’s nice to at least feel wanted somewhere. You think to yourself, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to grab lunch?

You get home, check your bank account and notice a pretty sizable chunk was taken out of your account. “I guess we’re pushing back that vacation another month” You think to yourself, not even sure if you’ll have enough for rent. You know if you bring it up it’ll just end up how it always does, going nowhere. You have dinner separately, share a few words. Maybe have boring passionless sex to try and convince yourselves the relationship is okay. You fall asleep thinking about leaving but realize that would just be way too much trouble. So you stay. And you repeat this day after day. I hope you don’t think this is too far off from reality, because this was my wife and I!

Now imagine with me the you that has finished all 4 parts of this course...

Waking up to a sleepy morning voice saying, “you ready for cuddles?” with a smile on your face. You get up and tease your partner about how they’re always running late. You never leave the house without saying I love you and giving each other a kiss goodbye. That person from the other department starts flirting with you but it doesn’t even phase you because you live in a place feeling so secure and wanted by the person you’re with.

You work your budgets together and decide how to spend money based on your goals. You talk about your day and head to the bedroom for that new move you’ve both been wanting to try. You lay your head down, give your partner a kiss. You stare at the ceiling happy because you’ve done it. You’ve made your relationship your greatest source of pride and joy.


Welcome to Mastering the Foundations of Love that Lasts. Part 1 of 4 that makes up the comprehensive video course that will map out exactly what it takes to make your love not only last, but be full of love and passion. It is the only relationship course designed to take your relationship to the next level by only leveraging what’s in your control, YOU and your actions. The only relationship course you can take on, to be frank, whether your partner wants to start the journey with you or not…

Part 1 includes-

  • 18 videos and 25 worksheets to guide you along your journey all packaged within nearly an hour and a half of content.

  • You’ll receive a printable progress journal as a fun way to document your journey.

  • An assessment to help you determine what drives your actions and what gives you the most fulfillment

  • You’ll also gain access to bonus content addressing specifically-

    • The psychology around why people end up wanting open relationships

With everything included in ALL 4 parts of this course, it’s valued at 1000 dollars. The truth is the only people that put prices on your relationship are divorce lawyers. And they’re expensive.

Imagine a life where you and your partner can’t wait to pick up the phone when you call each other. Where you are completely aligned in the direction you want the relationship to go. You have goals you’re working to accomplish together, you have trust in each other. There’s a joy and peace that lives in the home and you two become untouchable! You two are one unit. The poster couple of #relationshipgoals. You don’t have to be another breakup or divorce statistic. You can choose to rise above that starting today.


For a limited time we’re going to basically give away this course on Udemy. You’ll receive all 4 parts of Fivever Love: The Simple Roadmap to Love that Lasts. It’s 67 videos, over 100 worksheets, over 5 hours of content, tons of helpful downloadables, bonus content to cater to every situation, for $99 dollars each. In total that’s less than a month of my time (Lino) as a certified coach OR any counselor or therapist. We know that, especially if you’re having relationship challenges, finances can be a struggle. We simply wanted to break up the content in 4 parts to help lessen the up front financial burden on our students. Now this also means you have to take these courses in the right order! You’ve been warned.

When we did a soft launch on Udemy it was a smash hit, receiving over 6,000 enrollments in over 104 countries within 3 weeks. Now we’ve taken your feedback, made necessary tweaks and are releasing it to Udemy the final time.

Enroll today because the truth is, we don’t know if we’ll host our course on Udemy forever. The beauty of it is that regardless of whether we host it here or not, if you enroll today you’ll have it and all of it’s updates forever.

As if that wasn’t good enough, After successfully exceeding Udemy’s content and quality standards, Udemy puts a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on their courses. Just remember to follow their rules… Just a fair warning, if you’re not willing to put in work, don’t waste your time and money.

If you’re ready to start making your relationship your greatest source of happiness, enroll now and became officially part of the Fivever Fam!

>>> BONUS — Our Story!

For the past 3 years we’ve been fascinated with what makes relationships stand the test of time where some it’s like they failed before they even got started. We bought every book, every course, went to every seminar on relationships and learned from the best of the best in the industry.

At that time we began doing group coaching sessions at the State University and Lino was even asked to speak for a battalion of the Army’s future officers. People were constantly pushing us to coach professionally and so… we started a life coaching company, Awaken Life Designs! Lino become certified through a BCC accredited life coaching program and started taking clients. From there relationship coaching naturally became what he was best at.

Relationships… they suck… we’re just going to say it like it is. Despite all of the complexities of relationships, there are many challenges that can be fixed with common action steps. FINDING those common action steps was quite the journey. The journey that we hope to save you from. Through the journey of relationship self discovery we found ourselves basically waging war with advice that didn’t help us. If you can imagine testing things for 1-2 sometimes 3 months before realizing it either wasn’t sustainable or it didn’t quite work as marketed! Multiply that times dozens and dozens of SEEMINGLY great action steps

We were in your shoes at one point in time. Looking at our relationship from the inside out wondering if we could really make things work. Constantly getting into fights, taking advice from friends and family that was so painfully out of context it pushed us further and further from each other.

Not to mention turned our friend groups on the person that was the focus of those conversations… If you know what I mean. There was hardly anything remarkable about our relationship. Lino buried himself in his work, and spent almost no time at home.

“In fights I would always say I’m doing it for you. I’m doing it for the family. Which was a lie. I was just doing it for me. It’s what fulfilled me. To top it off we had sex but it left us feeling more numb than anything else. It was just sex. Not love making by any sense of the word.”

“To me the relationship was just a burden, something that was getting in the way of achieving and accomplishing my goals. But the irony was that there was something inside me deeply ingrained in the core of who I was that knew I’d never be TRULY fulfilled unless I was able to share my life with someone. I knew I could win over here at school and my future profession, but I had no idea where to even start in my relationship.”

The truth was we both didn’t have anywhere to go to for advice that we knew would help, our parents taught us how to be a good people, but not how to have a thriving relationship that lasts. When there’s so much pain and you don’t know what to do, you have 3 choices. 1) what most people do-what WE did- is do nothing and hope it just goes away (thumbs down) 2) Leave or 3) Take steps to learn and change your approach until you win. We chose 1 for a long time.

Eventually we reached a breaking point.

“I had been planning my escape, frustrated with myself that I didn’t think I could make her happy, which ultimately is all I ever wanted. I felt hopeless like I had tried everything. The truth was, that I had tried everything EXCEPT for what worked. This was the make it or break it moment. We were either going to make things work… or not. We were either going to switch from the 1 mindset to the 3 mindset.”

The good news? We did. What we did next set the foundations for a love that lasts. It was messy, but the important thing is that we started. First we took a journey in learning what Love Languages were all about. We discovered the psychology around the honeymoon phase and why it never lasts… for anyone. Not a single couple. We discovered the missing piece to relationship fulfillment with a psychological principle called the 6 Human Needs. No stone was unturned from discovering sustainable weekly check-ins, best sex practices, to how to work your finances to increase trust. What we realized was that relationships are so difficult because successful ones require an understanding of how to work together correctly in every single area of life.

We also quickly realized that the key to your relationship fulfillment is in sustainability. You see, we tried many things that were do-able up front when the excitement of “new strategy” syndrome was in full effect on us. But when the excitement was over and we were into month 2 on the application we often realized we couldn’t see ourselves continuing with that level of activity for the rest of our lives.

It forced us to break things down to the simplest steps that would provide the greatest impact in our relationship. When you think about relationships encompassing so many different areas in life, you have to understand that each area often takes very specific action steps to improve. By itself an action step might be completely sustainable, but when coupled with every single other thing that makes up healthy relationships… well prepare for frustration and no time for ANYTHING.

Lino- “Along the way I remember this intense joy that would happen more and more as we kept applying what we were learning. I remember the first time it happened. There was nothing really unique about the situation. I just became overwhelmed by such a feeling of love for her. Like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like all that mattered was her.”

“Fast forward to today I’ve realized something. I always thought that our relationship would get better when our financial situation got better or when some crazy situation was handled. The reality is I just found that problems became more expensive or the next crazy situation happened. Through all that trial and error we’ve reached a point where no matter the financial situation, no matter what’s happening in our lives, we know that we have each other and that we are there for each other. It’s a level of trust that my wife’s not going to run off with the milk man or me with the secretary at work. It’s a respect for each other and an understanding of each other that we couldn’t imagine having with anyone else. We just love each other so much. It’s those things that have made us stronger than we ever were before.

This journey really triggered us whenever we heard about relationship pain. “We figured that out with X technique or we stopped thinking about that after we implemented X tactic” we always told ourselves. It became frustrating because we knew we could be helping others on a larger scale in a way that was much more accessible than even coaching. If only people knew how small of a shift it was to have a relationship be a source of such joy. They needed what we were looking for FOR YEARS. Someone to show them the ropes, someone to tell them what to do.

We took our journey from the first step until now and turned it into a very thought out series of sequential steps. From ground zero, -your relationship being on the rocks- to the foundations of fivever love. We wanted to develop a way for someone to sidestep all of the bad advice and unsustainable practices that even though was marketed as help, ironically did anything but that for us. Our mindset was, how easy would going to the gym be if whenever you showed up, someone who had gone the path you were trying to go towards was there telling you exactly how to get there?

That’s what we wanted to do- Create a training plan for people from 0 to amazing relationships. To say forget picking out the books, forget the dozens of seminars, forget figuring out meetups, forget the random relationship influencers, let me show you how to get what you want in a way that is sustainable and entertaining.

At the end of it all we’re here for you every step of the way! Whatever you do, seek help with your relationship. Most splits are avoidable, it just takes certain techniques and action steps! Seek a coach, a counselor, a therapist, anything! They’re not as scary as you think (and will be well worth the $$).

Your friends,

Lino and Stephanie Madrid

The Foundations of Fivever Love

Welcome and Congratulations!

Welcome to Fivever Love! As you'll see on your journey that this really is the SIMPLE roadmap to love that lasts. That doesn't mean it's ineffective! Fivever love is all about sustainability.

In this video, Stephanie is going to show you some best practices in using this course. Remember that we believe in you!

Attached we have your very own journal "My Fivever Story" to help not only guide you along the key takeaways of Fivever Love, but also as a little momento to show you how far you've come! Keep in mind that your journal encompasses ALL 4 of the courses that make up a Fivever Love. So don't feel like you weren't paying attention. Chances are, you just haven't completed the applicable course yet!

Why We All Need Relationships

In this module, we're going to take you back to the basics of where our drive for relationships comes from. It's important to understand that we ALL need relationships, whether someone has suppressed this desire or not. We also dive into the differences between relationship advice and dating advice and how they're NOT the same.

Be sure to download "My Fivever Story!" It's a fun way to document your progress as you go along this journey.

Discover the 2 Fears that Hold Us Back

We're all afraid of things in our lives. We all knew that, however! What many don't know is about the 2 foundational fears that rule many of our decisions in the relationship! By understanding this principle, you aren't powerless against it. Enjoy!

How Labels and Culture Affect Relationships

Society plays a HUGE role in the overall happiness of our relationships. Often it's so easy to tag labels onto ourselves and each other. This must be avoided to live a love that stands the test of time. In this lesson, you're going to learn all about the effects that society and labels has on our relationship and how it turns into Twisted Branding.

Set Your Relationship Goals

It's time to set your sights on a goal for this course! In this video, you're going to learn how to set goals the right way when it comes to the relationship you're in! Just don't forget to download the worksheet! It will give you the same pointers we gave you in the video (and make your life just THAT much easier).

What Loving Unconditionally Means

Many people have a twisted idea as to what "unconditional" love is all about. In this video, we're going to break down what it REALLY is and what it means!

The 3 Elements of a Fivever Squad

Let's get you two unified with this small step! Creating a team name, slogan, and a mascot. Relationships are all about working together as a team. Never forget that! Don't forget to download the worksheet on Developing that team name, slogan and mascot. It will help you a TON. Trust us.

Masterclass on How Relationships Work

The Hundred-Year-Honeymoon Myth

No matter who you are or how amazing your relationship is in the beginning, there's one thing that holds true in EVERY relationship (yes EVERY relationship). The "honeymoon phase" will end. When the honeymoon phase is over, this is where the relationship starts. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the psychology of what the honeymoon phase is all about!

Understand the Psychology of Happiness

The biggest factor in making each other happy in a relationship is in understanding the fundamental forces that determine whether or not we will be fulfilled in a relationship. This is what this lesson is all about. When you can understand these principles, you become better equipped to meet them with the methods in the next video!

Learn to Use Love Languages Correctly

Along your journey, you may have heard of the concept called "The Five Love Languages." Today, we're going to talk about how to use these the right way! The truth is, we all wouldn't mind a little bit of ALL the Love Languages. The trick is in using them in a way that gets you and your partner closer to meeting your needs! This is how you take those Love Languages to the next level.

As promised here is the link to the Five Love Languages test: https://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/couples/

The Two Personalities in Relationships

Whether you've realized this or not, in happy and fulfilling relationships there are always two personalities at play. One is more masculine while the other is more feminine. These personalities have no gender. A man can be more feminine in a relationship and a woman can be more masculine. In this video, we're going to talk about how these principles affect your happiness in a relationship!

Overcome The Compatibility Myth

We hear a lot, "We just aren't interested in the same things" or "We're just so different." We know what they're saying, but the truth is you don't want to be completely the same either! The challenges presented above are merely examples of surface level challenges. In this lesson, you're going to learn all about how to appreciate your differences, not make them a source of pain!

BONUS CONTENT: Understanding Open Relationships

In this bonus content, we're going to take you on a journey to understand the psychology around open relationships. Everything we do, we do to meet our needs, and open relationships are no different! Prepare to learn about what makes some people desire open relationships, while for others, the thought never crosses their mind.

The Art of Self Love

Reshaping Your Inner Thoughts

Over time it's easy to lose sight of how unique and special we really are. In this first lesson, we're going to begin to reshape your inner thoughts to help build up a better overall image of yourself! Just make sure to do the exercise before moving forward!

The Two Most Powerful Words... "I AM"

As much as we love reassurance, none of it matters if we don't believe the compliments that are being sent our way. This is what's called Recognition Rejection. In this lesson, you're going to learn all about how to break down the negative beliefs about yourself!

What it Means to Forgive Yourself and Others

In this lesson, we're going to gain an understanding of what forgiveness is all about. The common misconception is that forgiveness is all about the person on the RECEIVING end of the forgiveness. The truth is so much more than that. Gain an understanding about not only forgiveness as a whole, but also in how to forgive yourself for the things you've done that weren't in line with who you really are.

How to Turn Your Bad Days into Your Best Days

The truth is that we all go through hardships in life. Who we are or AREN'T today is the result of the meaning that we attached to those experiences. What's wrong in a situation is always available, but so is what's right. In this lesson, we're going to bring back some of the experiences that made you who you are today- the good and the NOT so good. Bring happiness back into your life by finding the deeper meaning.

Achieving Premier Peace

This lesson is all about discovering ways to take time for yourself. It's easy with how busy we all can be to not take time to unplug. Today you're going to get a gameplan for ways you can begin to do just that!

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