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Maximise Your Motivation: a 6-factor approach to success

Identify then use 6 essential factors to improve your own motivation, and that of others.
Arnie Skelton
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Find an effective motivational route to any task; apply the 6 key factors that guarantee or limit success; approach difficult tasks, or those you avoid, with renewed confidence and impact; help others with their motivation.

What this course covers:

At work:

·        do you need to be more motivated at work?

·        do you find it easier to be more demotivated than motivated?

·        do you know you lack motivation, but don’t really know why?

·        and…you don’t know how to improve your motivation

·        or you manage someone who isn’t very motivated?


As a student:

·        do you want to succeed, but find it difficult to be motivated

·        does it seems easier to give up and give in, than get going…


At home:

·        do you struggle to do what’s necessary, and with a willing approach?

·        do you find it difficult to be motivated around the mudane chores of home life?


And generally:

·        do you lack any sense of ambition or purpose?

·        are you are easily disheartened or distracted?

·        Do you keep raising your hopes and expectations, but consistently fail to deliver?

This course can help you with any and all of the above.  In the course we will identify the 6 key factors that make a difference to your motivation, and will show you how to use each factor, in detail, to improve your own, and perhaps others’ motivation…


How it will be taught:

 The course will be a mix of

·        video-based explanations and illustrations

·        face to camera video lectures

·        case work, based on your own example

·        worksheets for you to complete

·        our 5 top tips on each of the 6 key factors

·        how the 6As helped me run the London Marathon

 You will have plenty of opportunity to apply your learning through well-structured worksheets, which help you identify your specific issues and blockages, and how to prevent or manage them effectively.


What you will learn:

You will learn:

·        the 6 factors that together are key to anyone’s motivation

·        how to apply each of the 6 key factors to your own current situation, and any future situation

·        which of the 6As is particularly problematic for you in any given situation; why it is problematic; and what you can do to resolve this

·        our key tips, tools, and techniques that we have found tried and tested, and which will offer you real opportunity to maximise your motivation


 How you will gain from taking this course:

 You will:

·        know what contributes most to your motivation, and thus to your success

·        know what you’re good at, in terms of your own motivation

·        learn what most gets in the way of your own motivation

·        identify the main reasons why such blockages occur

·        work out, using our worksheets, specifically how you can maximise your strengths, and minimise your difficulties, in being effectively motivated

·        have over 30 of our top tips to use in building your motivational success


Potential impact:

At work:

·        you will find it easier – much easier – to be more motivated at, in and through work, because:

              you will know what specifically motivates you, and how to bring that under your control

              you will realise you control and own much more of these motivational factors than you thoug

              you will understand your reasons for being motivated, and make sure they are present in all you do

·        you will find it easier to be more motivated than demotivated, because:

              you will be very aware of your motivational state

              you will be able to monitor how motivated you are, and why

              you will be able to switch easily from demotivated to motivated, using the learning from this programme

·        you will know why you lack motivation, because:

              you will seek and understand the reasons, rather than just saying “I just do”, or “I don’t know”

              you will be able to shift your motivation from negative to positive accordingly, by being more self-aware and having greater self-


·        you will know how to improve your motivation in any circumstance,  because:

              this course will give you a wide range of handy tools, tips and techniques to use

·        you will feel more competent and confident in managing someone who isn’t very motivated, because:

              you have a very specific and successful strategy to use to help them

              you can reference your own example of improved motivation

              you and they can see the immediate impact and benefits of this approach

As a student:

·        Knowing you want to succeed, you will convert this into being motivated to succeed, because:

              you will have a wide range of positive solutions to try

              you will understand what makes you tick – and gets in the way

              and for those things that ‘get in the way’ you will have a number of options to take that will tackle those blocks

·        it will be easier to get going rather than give up and give in,  because:

              being more motivated, using our approach, is more fun, as well as more effective – so why wouldn’t you want to be motivated?

              you will truly understand how much a lack of motivation will prevent high-quality success


At home:

·        you will do what’s necessary, with a willing approach, because:

              you will learn how much of your motivation is down to you, rather than ‘things’

·        you will be more motivated around the mudane chores of home life, because:

              you will see and feel just how more effective you are in getting through those chores when you’re motivated

              as a result of our programme, you may be able to have a different view on what previously you saw as ‘negative’ chores….


And generally:

·        you will find a sense of ambition or purpose, because:

               you will find something through this programme to give you a sense of purpose and ambition

               you will have the tools to help you define what it is you want – at work, at home, in relationships, in life

·        you will no longer be easily disheartened or distracted, because

               you will recognise the costs of such feelings, and more importantly, know how to avoid or minimise them

·        you will start to deliver on your hopes and expectations, because:

               all the 6 key factors will be in place

               you will have discovered just what it takes to be motivated, and as a result, have hopes and expectations that are much more     

               likely to be met than not


This programme contains:

·        ….. video excerpts

·        ….. 7 sets of worksheets, tailored to your situation as a case study

·        ….. mini lectures, in which we provide the insight gained in over 30 years’ training in this area

·        ….. an extended case study of how the 6As helped one of us successfully run the London Marathon

Free samples


This gives you and overview of, and introduction to, the course.

The Attitude Staircase

You will identify 4 attitude  'steps' on the staircase, and how motivation relates to each of them.



You will get an outline of the course, and a first look at the worksheets you will be using.

Taking Stock

Taking stock

You will develop your own case study to use when applying the 6 key factors.

Let's look at aim

6As factor 1: aim

You will be able to set clear, meaningful & achievable aims

Let's look at attitude

6As factor 2: attitude

You will be able to create an attitude that powerfully supports your motivation.

Let's look at anticipation

6As factor 3: anticipation

You will be able to build positive and powerful self-confidence and self-belief

Let's look at ability

6As factor 4: ability

You will be able to identify, gather and use the skills and resources you need to be successfully motivated.

Let's look at action

6As factor 5: action

You will be able to identify and invest in actions that are most likely to lead to successful motivation.

Let's look at achievement

6As factor 6: achievement

You will be confident in achieving what you set out to achieve.



You will be able to review the 6 As and your case study worksheets.

Additional Materials

6As video
Case Study: The London Marathon

You will be able to see exactly how the 6As were used to successfully run the London Marathon.

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