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Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Access Productivity Bundle

1 Billion+ Use Office Apps as Their Primary Productivity Tool. Get the Tips in 200+ Lectures to Help Office Work for You
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This bundle combines 3 courses to get you more productive in Word, Excel, and Access today - not months or years from now.
11+ Hours of Video Lectures, Dozens of Articles, and 130+ Supplemental Resources all in 1 place
In WORD You Will...
Quickly SELECT TEXT with Keyboard Shortcuts, and Simple Mouse Clicks
Learn the NAVIGATION TOOLS and SHORTCUTS to Keep You Working, Not Scrolling
Use STYLES to Stay Consistent
Create FILLABLE USER FORMS for Better Information Gathering
CUSTOMIZE the Microsoft Word User Interface to Meet Your Needs
Quickly COMPARE Two Documents
CREATE Master Documents
and Extra Microsoft Word Tips to Boost Your Productivity
In EXCEL You Will...
QUICKLY Navigate Through Your Excel Workbooks
SAVE TIME with Keyboard Shortcuts
TRACK the Changes Users Make to Your Spreadsheets
CREATE a Data Entry Form Fast with Excel's Built-In Form Tool
CREATE Functional Tables with a Couple of Keystrokes
SORT Data with Your Own Custom Sort Lists
QUICKLY Format Your Charts
CREATE PivotTables & PivotCharts
SET UP Printing the Way You Want
PROTECT Your Excel Workbooks
CREATE Simple Time-Saving Macros
... and much more!
In ACCESS You Will...
Import and Export Data Using Microsoft Excel
Set Field Validations
Format Fields
Create Cascading Combo Boxes
Conditionally Format Forms & Reports
Create Parameter Queries
Create Action Queries
Create Simple Macros
Customize the Access Environment
Understand Database Maintenance Tools

Get 3 Microsoft Office Courses in this 1 Bundle:

→ Microsoft Word Time Saving Tips To Boost Your Productivity ✔

→ Excel: Core Data Analysis, and Workbook Customization

→ Access: Customizing Tables, Forms, Reports & Action Queries

Do you:

  • Use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or Access

  • Want to work faster, with less stress

  • Want to gain skills in the World’s most popular productivity applications

  • Want to learn anytime, and at your own pace

Then you are going to get a lot out of this course.

I have designed clear, and thorough videos to answer questions that you have about Word, Excel, and Access.

There is Plenty of free downloadable material.

I am here to help you build Word, Excel, and Access confidence

This isn’t a course about Office data entry, but how to get the most out of the features of each application.

This course is a healthy mix of: 

  • step by step lectures

  • articles

  • and a few animated gifs.  

With plenty of resources, and all of the documents, workbooks, and the database are here in the course for hands on learning.

So if you want to get more out of Microsoft Office, be more productive, and learn from a Pro, this is your course to enroll in now.

If you don’t learn anything new in the 11+ hours of lectures, and over 200 lectures, Udemy guarantees this course within 30 days of sign up… take a look at their policy on that.. and then sign up.

You have nothing to lose, and only plenty of new Office skills to gain.

So become a better Microsoft Office user, and enroll now.

Welcome to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Access Productivity Bundle

Welcome to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Access Productivity Bundle

Welcome to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Access Productivity BundleBy the end of this course you will be more confident, and be able to work smarter, not harder in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access.

WORD TIPS: Introduction

What to Expect in the Word Tips Section of This Course

What to Expect in the Word Tips Section of This Course

WORD TIPS: Exercise Files

The Exercise Files for this Section of the Course

WORD TIPS: Making Selections and Navigating in Microsoft Word

Quick Ways to Select Text

Learn how to use clicks of the mouse, instead of dragging, to quickly select the text in your Word documents.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Extending a Selection

Learn the keyboard shortcuts that will help you quickly extend the selection of your text in your Word documents.

Selecting an Entire Word Document Two Ways

Two quick ways to select your entire document, no matter the size.

Navigating Your Word Documents with Your Keyboard

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate around your Microsoft Word documents.  Save time, don't scroll.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Your Word Documents

A list of the keyboard shortcuts that will help you quickly navigate around your Microsoft Word documents.

The Wonderful Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is an amazing tool in Microsoft Word.  Learn how to use it to navigate, of course, and structure your document.

You Can Create a Table of Contents in Less Than 4 Seconds If...

Table of Contents are so important, especially to long documents, and they are sooooo easy to create.  Learn how.

Making Use of KeyTips, The Ribbon's Access Keys

When you want to use the Ribbon, but not use your mouse to get there, turn on the Ribbon's Access Keys, called KeyTips.

WORD TIPS: Formatting Tips That Will Save You Time in Microsoft Word

Changing the Default Font of Your Word Documents

Learn what to do when you would like to change the default font used every time you open a Microsoft Word document.

Changing the Line Spacing of Your Documents

Learn to use keyboard shortcuts to format the line spacing in your Microsoft Word documents.

Super Fast Subscript and Superscript Formatting

Save a few clicks of the mouse.

Learn the Keyboard shortcuts to turn your text into Sub, or super script.

The Format Painter: What it is, and Keeping it Active

Use the Format Painter to quickly apply the same formatting, to multiple pieces of text or graphics

Repeating Simple Actions

Learn the keyboard shortcuts to repeat the last action that you took in Microsoft Word.

Adjust the Font Size Without Using the Ribbon

There are buttons you can press on the keyboard that will adjust the size of your font.

Start Typing at Any Alignment Setting with the I Bar

You don't have to start typing on the left of your Word document, then change the alignment in the Ribbon.You can start typing at Left, Center, or Right alignment.

Creating Bulleted Lists with the Keyboard

Learn the keyboard shortcut to turn your text into a bulleted list, as well as the shortcut to turn a bulleted list into text.

Changing the CASE of words

It is really easy to change the case of text in Microsoft Word.

Learn how in this lecture.

The Ins and Outs of Page Breaks

Page breaks - you need them, they can be created, and removed in multiple ways.

Learn what those are in this lecture.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Your Word Documents

A list of keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly format you Microsoft Word documents.

WORD TIPS: Understanding Text Styles in Microsoft Word

The Overwhelming Importance of Headings

Learn just how important Heading styles are to your Microsoft Word documents.

Getting Familiar with the Styles Pane

The Styles Pane can be your best friend when it comes to keeping a consistent look and feel of your document.

Creating Custom Text Styles

Learn how to stay consistent, and create custom text styles.

Restrict Others From Formatting Your Word Document

Don't let other users change the formatting of your Microsoft Word documents.

Modifying Text Styles

When you create your styles, just know that you are not stuck with them, you can always modify them as needed.

WORD TIPS: Tips & Tricks for Tables and Lists

Creating a Table with Just Your Keyboard

Creating a Table with Just Your Keyboard

Converting Text or Lists to Tables

Learn how to take text in your Word documents, and convert them into tables, or turn your tables into text.

Creating Table Styles

Learn how to create new table styles in Microsoft Word, as well as to turn it into the default style for all of your tables.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Through Tables in Your Word Document

A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Through Tables in Your Word Document

Turning a Plain List into Beautiful SmartArt

Don't just use common lists, when you can turn those lists into beautiful SmartArt.

Creating Multi-Level List Styles

Learn how to create your own multi-level list styles.

WORD TIPS: Creating Fillable Forms in Microsoft Word

Overview of Forms

An Overview of User Forms in Microsoft Word, and what you will be learning in this section.

Adding Labels to Forms

Adding Text Labels to User Forms in Microsoft Word

Adding Text Controls to Forms

Adding Text Controls to User Forms in Microsoft Word, and Modifying Their Properties.

Adding Pictures Controls to Forms

Adding Picture Controls to User Forms in Microsoft Word, and Modifying Their Properties.

Adding Combo Box (Drop-Down) Controls to Forms

Adding Drop-Down Lists, also called Combo Boxes, to User Forms in Microsoft Word.

Adding Date Controls to Forms

Adding a Drop-Down Date Picker Control to User Forms in Microsoft Word, and Modifying Their Properties.

Adding Check Boxes to Forms

Adding Check Boxes to User Forms in Microsoft Word, and Modifying Their Properties.

Adding Option (Radio Buttons) Controls to Forms

Adding Radio Buttons, also called Option Buttons, to User Forms in Microsoft Word, and Modifying Their Properties.

User Testing the Form

Once You Have Created Your Form, Make Sure You Test a Copy of that Form.

Protecting the Form

Make Sure Other Users Can Only Fill In The Form, and Not Change Your Labels, or Layout.

Editing Form Permissions

Allow Certain Users to Modify Specific Portions of Your Microsoft Word Form.

Creating a Submit Button to E-mail Forms Using Outlook

Learn How To E-mail the Microsoft Word Form, as an Attachment, Through Microsoft Outlook.

Exercise: Create Hiring Information Form

Test Your Skills By Inserting Into a Microsoft Word Form Different Form Controls, and Modify Their Properties.

WORD TIPS: Tips to Know About the Microsoft Word Environment

Customizing the Ribbon to Meet YOUR Needs

Customizing the Ribbon is one of the best things that you can do for yourself when using Microsoft Office.

Getting the Ribbon Out of the Way When it Takes Up Too Much Space

Sometimes the Ribbon is just in the way.  learn how to hide the Ribbon until you need it again.

Tell Me What You Want To Do... (2016)

A new feature of Office 2016 is the Tell Me What You Want To Do text box.

See how helpful it can be.

Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn how to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

Removing Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn how to remove keyboard shortcuts.

Reassigning Keyboard Shortcuts

Need to change a keyboard shortcut?

Learn how to do so in this lecture.

Viewing Your Word Document's Statistics (Character, Word, Paragraph,Line Count)

Need to make sure that essay, or report is 500 words?

Just check the Stats window.

Making Your Own AutoCorrect Entries

AutoCorrect can be used for more than just smiley faces.

Find out how you can create you own entries, and make text entry easier!

Recovering Unsaved Documents

Did you close Microsoft Word without saving the changes? Did the power go out?

Learn  how to recover unsaved Microsoft Word documents.

Changing the Default Save Location of Your Word Documents

When you hit Save, where do your documents go?

If it is not to the folder that you want, learn how to change the default save location.

WORD TIPS: Extra Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Creating Master Documents

Master documents are a great tool when working on long documents, or creating documents with teams.

Creating a Cover Page for Your Reports and Long Documents

A cover page can make any Microsoft Word document look more professional.

Adding Watermarks to Your Word Documents

Learn how easy it is to create text, or image watermarks on your Microsoft Word documents.

Inserting Placeholder Text Into Your Word Documents

When you need to insert placeholder text into your Microsoft Word document, all you have to do is...

Comparing Two Documents for Differences

Have Microsoft Word Compare the differences between two documents for you.

Linking a Microsoft Excel Chart to Word

Learn how to link, and display, Microsoft Excel charts in Microsoft Word.

Sending a Microsoft Word Document to PowerPoint

You can turn your Microsoft Word documents, that are styled with Headings, into a PowerPoint presentations.

Follow theses steps to do so.

Making Good Use of the Undo History

Use the Undo History to undo multiple steps at a time.

Using Word's Calculator (Yes Word Has a Calculator)

To quickly calculate anywhere on your Word documents, use the hidden Calculate button.

Printing a Portion of the Page

If you do not need to print your entire Microsoft Word document - don't.

Password Protecting Your Microsoft Word Documents

Learn how to create a password to open your documents, edit them , or both.

WORD TIPS: Word Wrap Up

A Wrap Up of This Section on Word

A Wrap Up of This Section on Word

Word 2013, and 2016 Quick Start Guides *UPDATED*

Word 2013 and 2016 Quick Start Guides

EXCEL TIPS: Introduction

What to Expect in the Excel Tips Section of This Course

What to Expect in the Excel Tips Section of This Course

EXCEL TIPS: Exercise Files

EXCEL TIPS: Exercise Files

EXCEL TIPS: Excel Navigation, Workbook Environment, & Worksheet Tips

Customizing the Ribbon

Customize Excel's Ribbon. Create your own tab(s) on the Ribbon to find what you need most, when you need it.

Even share the customizations with others.

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Find the Excel tools you need fast with the Quick Access Toolbar

Selecting Cells & Ranges

Learn the quick ways to select cells and ranges of cells in your Excel workbooks

Moving & Copying Cells

Use your mouse and the CTRL key in this quick tip on moving and copying cells in Excel

Copying Multiple Items to Office Clipboard

You are not limited to only copying one item onto the Clipboard. Learn the power of the keyboard.

Quickly Navigate to Worksheets

Learn to Quickly Navigate to Worksheets in your Excel workbooks

Named Ranges for Navigation

Take advantage of being able to name your cells and ranges by using those names as Navigation tools in your Excel workbooks

Fill Series: Quickly Copy Formulas, Text, and Create Series Patterns

The Fill Series has so many uses. Learn how they can help you save time in Excel

Quickly Insert the Same Data into Multiple Cells

Learn the quick tip on inserting the same data into multiple cells

Make Sure Your Headings Stay Put with Freeze Panes

Use Freeze Panes to keep your headings in place when working with long spreadsheets

Splitting Data Into Multiple Columns

Too much data in one cell? Learn how to split your data into multiple columns.

Track, Accept, and Reject Changes Made to Your Workbooks

You have probably tracked changes in Microsoft Word. Did you know that you can also track changes in Excel?

You can.

Grouping Worksheets to Quickly Add Data

When you need to add data to multiple existing Excel worksheets, watch this lecture.

Copying and Renaming a Worksheet

This quick lecture, shows you the quick way to copy and rename your Excel worksheets

Changing a Worksheet Tab Color to Help You Organize Your Workbook

Coloring your Excel worksheet tabs is a great way to get organized

Entering the Current Date and Time

Learn the quick way to enter the Current Date and Time on your Excel Worksheets

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Function Keys

Keep this printable Keyboard Shortcut document handy when working on Excel

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