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Mixing Music – Learn how to mix a Hip Hop Song like a Pro!

Mixing Music: Learn the BEST music production & mixing techniques used by the pros on numerous platinum selling records!
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Over 25 years of experience and expertise from a professional recording studio that has serviced bands such as Akon, Ma$e, T-Pain, D12, Nico and Vinz, U2, Blink 182 and many many more.

Take this course and start creating professional sounding hip hop mixes for your personal music projects – sound better and get noticed more.

We’ve been recording and mixing music professionally for over 2 decades, learn from the pro’s. 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. It’s our personal promise that this course will improve your mixes.

About this course:
Welcome to In-depth Mixing Hip Hop. In this class we’ll teach you the best mixing techniques used to get professional sounding Hip Hop mixes. You’ll have access to the raw tracks of the song used in the class, so you can start putting everything you learn into practice right away.

We also highly encourage student/teacher interaction, so If at any point you have questions or would like to start a discussion, don’t hesitate to ask the instructor. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced engineers and/or producers using any type of DAW.

What will be covered in this class?
Mixing Hip Hop can be complicated, challenging and rewarding. In these videos we’ll walk you through a Hip Hop mix from beginning to end. Some mixing techniques can span across different genres and some are very specific to the style of music you’re mixing. In this class we’ll show you techniques specifically tailored to mixing Hip Hop.

We’ll show you how to set up your mix so you can work faster and more efficiently. We’ll also show you the benefits of mixing through a compressor instead of adding a compressor to the finished mix. We’ll go through EQ and compression on every instrument in the mix starting with the mighty Kick and the 808 and ending with the supporting synths. We’ll show you how to EQ, compress and use FX to get male and female vocals sitting perfectly on top of the track. We’ll use automation to add excitement to certain parts of the track and make effects pop out. As a bonus we’ll also show you how to mix your vocals into a pre mixed beat and add production value with custom FX. After taking this class you’ll have an arsenal of tips and tricks to take your mixes to the next level!

Who’s this class for?

We’re catering this class to the Home Studio Engineer and Laptop Producer. This class is designed for the intermediate audio engineer and above, and showcases tried and true mixing techniques heard on countless records combined with a unique perspective from a seasoned engineer. For beginners this class still offers the opportunity to see how a professional mix comes to life from beginning to end and will give them a rare look under the hood of a world class mix from an engineer who’s worked with some incredible artists, bands and producers.

Engineer Ian Sutton background:

Engineer/Producer Ian Sutton has worked with hundreds of artists and bands, including +44 (Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker) Fallout Boy, Rob Halford, and Frankie J, just to name a few. Ian will thoroughly walk you through one of his most recent pop rock mixes, revealing all sorts of creative mixing and production techniques he’s acquired throughout years of study and practice.

Ian Sutton is a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is Certified Pro in Apple’s Logic and Avid’s Pro Tools. Ian has also worked with the likes of +44 (Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker), Fallout Boy, Frankie J, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, T-Pain, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Lewis, Los Tucanes de Tijuana and many more.

IMPORTANT!! What happens if you don’t get professional help?

Well ask yourself this, 3 months from now how much better will my mixes sound? The reality is without proper training they won’t sound much different. Yes, you can spend hours, days, and weeks trying to find YouTube clips online, but they only do so much. This mixing class has 4 hours of instruction from a professional Recording Studio with over 25 years of experience servicing some of the biggest bands in the world. Invest in something that matters, your passion in creating music! We’re the answer to help you get better.


Welcome: Raw Audio Files for Practice

Important things to consider before starting the class. Downloadable raw audio tracks to practice mixing the song along with the instructor.

Introduction with the Instructor

Audio Engineer and Producer Ian Sutton Introduces himself and discusses the key components that will be covered within this class.

Listen Through

Before we get started we're going to listen through the entire song "City Lights".

Set Initial Volume Levels

In this lecture we're going to set initial "rough" volume levels for the mix.

Set Panning

Next step of the mix is setting up the pan for each of the instruments.

Create Sub Groups and Faders

The next step is to set up the different sub groups for the song, which will help make things a lot easier down the road.

Setup Mix Bus

In this lecture we're going to setup the bus compression, tape saturation, and the console plugins.

Mixing "City Lights"

Kick and 808

To start off the mix I'm going to show you everything that went into the kick and 808 for this song.

Snare and Percussion

In this lecture we're going to look at the snares and the rest of the percussion instruments.


In this lecture we'll be covering the bass.

Verse Lead Vocals

In this lecture we'll be covering the vocals for the verse.

Verse Ad Libs

In this lecture we'll be covering the background vocals (Ad Libs) for the song.

Female Chorus Vocals

In this lecture we're focusing on the female vocals for the chorus.

Male Chorus Vocals

In this lecture we're going to look at the male vocals for the hook/chorus.


In this lecture we're going to cover the synths. The slide, the sweep, the rhodes and the pad.


In this lecture we'll be covering the automation, one of the more finals steps of this mix.

Final Listen Through

It's time for the final listen. We're also going to "print" the song.

Bonus Production Techniques

Introduction to Bonus Section

Ian introduces the bonus section. which includes some very useful production techniques that will take your mixes to the next level.

Mixing Vocals with a Stereo Instrumental

In this lecture we're going to mix a vocal into an already pre mixed instrumental track.

Tuning the 808 to the song

In this lecture we're going to make sure the 808 is in-tune with this song.

Adding Slow Down Effects

In this lecture we're going to cover a quick and easy way to add a little more production value to your mix by adding some slow down effects.

Adding Stutters to the Vocal

In this lecture we're going to add stutters to the vocals, which also adds some cool production value to your song.


Final Mix

Final Mix of the Song "City Lights" By Ian Sutton.

Conclusion and Final Words

Some final words, thanks for taking this in-depth mixing hip hop class!

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