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Mobile App Business 2019 – Develop Plan, Strategy, Marketing

Mobile application plan, strategy, marketing, campaign to generate over a million dollars in sales & 7 million installs
Mukul Verma
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A overview of the app market in 2019
how to develop a app business that makes over a million dollars
How to generate millions of installs
How to generate cost effective apps
What is a app business?
Apple App Store VS Google Play Store
How to generate app ideas
How to make money with your apps
How to market your apps
What is a SDK
Hiring programmers
Hiring designers
Using third party services
How to launch a app
App Store Optimization
Social Media
Promo Videos
Review Sites
Apple Search Ads
Facebook Ads
Press Release
App Analytics
Selling your app
Why your app may get rejected

Are you interested in the mobile app business in 2019?

Then you have come to the right place.  Learn from real experience, someone who has generated tonnes of results (see the first video).

This course is a overview on how to build a mobile app business without coding in 2019. I will share with you:

– What Is a mobile app development business (It is 3 parts you must do well)

– Mobile App Business Plans and How to generate ideas for your Mobile App Plan

– Mobile App Business Marketing – Everything on how I generate over 7 million free users to my mobile app biz

– Mobile App Business Strategy on How do you make money

– Running a mobile app dev business the complete guide on how do you create an app?

– The App design process for your mobile app development business

– How to hire a programmer – How to build a mobile app business without coding

– Mobile application plan example on how to hire a designer

– How to save big on creating an app in your mobile app development business

– Mobile App Dev Business Strategy  to create app quicker

– The feedback process in your mobile app development business

– The Prelaunch for mobile application development

– Icons and Screenshots for mobile application development

– Mobile Application Dev Business Strategy Promo Videos

– Mobile Application Dev Business Strategy Apple Search Ads

– Mobile Application Dev Business Strategy using Facebook Ads

– Mobile application strategy for App Store Optimization

– Social Media in mobile app marketing

– Review Sites Marketing in mobile app marketing

– Press Release Marketing

– Mobile application strategy Forum Marketing

– More App ideas for your mobile app plan

– Why your app would get rejected

– Mobile application strategy Analytics in apps

– Selling your app

This course is a overview on running a mobile app dev business the complete guide in 2019.  The mobile app biz course and these topics will help you have a mobile app plan.  Each one can be a course of its own on How to build a mobile app business without coding, however the goal here is to give you a big picture view of the mobile app Biz.

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Intro on How To Run A App Business

Intro to App Business and Why This Course?

Get a overview of how to use this course and why you should take this course.

What This Course Will Cover

This video will give you an overview of the course on how to run a mobile app business in 2019

What Is An App Business

Are you ready for the app business?   This video will ask you the tough questions if this is right for you.

Why are your Goals And Are You Ready For The App Business

What is a app business?  In this video I discuss the 3 parts of a app business

Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Discuss the Apple App Store, the Google Play store and what are the differences.   

How To Get Started In the Mobile App Business

How To Generate Great App Ideas

Different methods on how to generate an app idea

What Is Your Demographics?

How to find out who the right user is for you?

How To Make Money In The App Business

A overview on ways to make money in the app business

SDK - Software Development Kit

What is a SDK and why you should know what they are

How To Create The Mobile App

Putting An App Together

What you need to know to put an app together

App Design Process

I discuss steps in my app design process


Why outsourcing matters in your business

Hiring Programmers To Build Your Mobile App

What you need to know to hire a programmer to create your app

Hiring Graphic Designers To Design Your Mobile App

What you need to know to hire a graphic designer to build your app

Using Third Party Resources To Save Money

Understanding how to use third party resource to help create your app much more cheaper and faster.

Feedback and Testing Mobile App

Explain why feedback to developers and you are important.

The App Launch (Bonus Section)

This section is a bonus section.   I was going to remove it from the course as it can be a lot of content, however I am sharing a short video just sharing a tonnes of ideas with you on launching your app.

How To Market Your App

The Prelaunch

You will learn about pre-launching your app and how Apple App Store and Google Play work with pre-launching.

Creating Icon and Screenshot

How to use your icon and screenshots to improve your marketing

Tips on Creating a Promo Video For Mobile App Marketing
Apple Search Ads

Using Apple Search Ads

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads

ASO - App Store Optimization

Understanding App Store Optimization

Social Media To Market Your Mobile App

Using social Media to promote your app

Review Sites To Market

My experience with review sites

Press Release

My experience with PR websites

Forum Marketing

Using forums to promote your app

App Marketing More Ideas

This video just shares a bunch of ideas for marketing your app

10 Ways To Market Your App Summary

Summary of 10 ways to market your app

Your App Business Tips

Rejected Apps

Reasons why an app may get rejected in the App Store

Analytics In The App Business

How to use analytics and what to look for in the app business.

Go Big or Maybe You Should?

Summarizing a few key concepts and how to approach your app business

Selling Your Apps

My experience selling 24 apps and what you need to know

Closing, Q/A & Bonus

Closing Remarks & Bonus

Thank you for taking the course.  Sharing a few tips to get the most from this course. 

For discounts on other courses, goto the attached PDF for promo codes.

One on One Consultation

If you are looking at further consultation beyond the course.    You can email me at mukul@mukulverma.com or set up a session at https://calendly.com/mukulverma

Question: Have You Had More Success In The Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

In this video, I answer the question - what is better the Apple App Store or The Google Play store?

Question - Biggest Learning In The App Business?

In this video, I answer the question - What is the biggest learning I have had in the App business?

Question - Q - Should I Develop For The Amazon App Store?

In this video, I answer the question - Should I develop  for the Amazon App Store?

Question - What Is The Best Adnetwork?

In this video, I answer the question - What Is The Best Adnetwork?

Question - Would you suggest Google Translator?

In this video, I answer the question - What Is The Best Adnetwork?

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