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Moon landscape Alcohol Ink

Easy Steps to Paint and control Alcohol Inks. Create this Colorful, Beautiful, and Spontaneous painting on Yupo Paper.
Kellie Chasse
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Create a Bold and Beautiful Alcohol Ink Painting of a Night Moon-Scape
Play with Colors and learn tricks to control Alcohol Inks to create details.
Pour and blend colors wet in wet to create smooth backgrounds.
Seal your paintings and learn the materials needed to complete the scene.
Make this beautiful painting, using Yupo and Alcohol Inks to hang in their own home or to give as a gift!
Learn different techniques, such as wet in wet painting and more controlled strokes with Alcohol Ink.
Interactive community where you can upload your finished art work or art in progress for feedback and questions from both instructor and fellow students!

***UPDATE: This was one of my very first online courses over 4 years ago. I have had great feedback from you all and have

been re-working some of my Videos in the course to update the Music and Edits. Plus I hope to add more to the course for resources from my youtube channel.

This is a Beginner Course for those of you that want to develop your skills with Alcohol Ink. I’ll take you through the entire video of my steps and process to create this Moonscape Scene. This is a great follow up class from the Alcohol Ink Sunset Course.

In this course  will cover: 

  • Materials needed – Free Preview

  • Learn to prepare your Yupo paper.

  • Create a wet in wet background technique to create a smooth background. 

  • How to layer the inks and placement of trees using a brush for a  details. 

  • How to use a Gel Pen for highlights

  • How to seal the paintings.

 Plus 2 BONUS Sections

  •  Displays options for tiles 

  •  How to give your painting a professionally framed look.

  •  Practice Sessions

Painting is a lifetime skill that anyone can learn and enjoy. Over 1000 happy students are already creating some lovely masterpieces taking my Live and online classes using watercolors and Alcohol Inks! So come be creative with me and enjoy all the compliments to come on your own special art creations you will soon be hanging!

With the right instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning art pieces!


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Here are some recent reviews from my ART STUDENTS:


I have been a Bob Ross certified instructor for 26 years and I have taught in various venues. Kelly is very clear in her instructions and she makes it easy to follow what she is doing. The class is simple enough for beginners and yet she gives the student plenty of room for creating a little on their own. The instruction on the supplies was also clear and easy to follow.

~Cherly M.

★★★★★ “ENJOYED”

“I enjoyed doing this this painting. I am new to watercolor. Was able to follow, having to go back occasionally. Will probably do this painting several times just for the practice. I contacted the Kellie Chasse sight because of interest in alcohol oil painting. So will be an active student for awhile to come. Thank you for a great beginning!!”  

~Kathleen F.

★★★★★ “BIG HELP”

“Because everything was explained so simply, and Kellie’s painting in real time was a very big help. I intend to take more of her courses in the future.”

~Jill B.

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Feel free to find my social media platforms in the profile section. You can use #kcfacourse to post your work on social media so we can all see you work!

Happy Painting!


Safety Note:  When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.  If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product’s manufacturer.

Introduction to Creating a Beautiful Painting Using Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper.

Introduction for your Alcohol Ink on Yupo Course

One of my highest rated and top selling courses is getting a makeover!

The Moonscape Course is one of my very first Online Courses from 4 years ago and I'm so excited to teach you this medium! 

UPDATES IN PROGRESS: There was a learning curve to my video, edits, music as I do all my own, so all my students feedback has been very helpful in creating my newest courses. The newer courses have less music and the lectures are a bit longer etc.... Thanks so much for your input and I hope you enjoy the updates and Fixes! <3 

Learn how to paint with this amazing medium and create a beautiful BOLD, COLORFUL, and SPONTANEOUS painting using Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper

How to get the most out of this course.

If you are new to Udemy, here are some quick tips for taking a course. Please make sure to become familiar with the Dashboard and ask questions (any question). Also please note that you may adjust the video's to play in auto mode or not. You can also speed up or slow down the video. Plus you can see where and how to leave or change a review.

Let's cover what Materials you will Need.

Learn what materials are needed to complete an Alcohol Ink Painting. Alcohol Inks are a Dye and were meant for Crafts not fine art; they are NOT lightfast, therefore UV Rays and Direct sunlight may fade colors. Youtube Vapor Mask demo link is in the Resource section (Click on the top left Blue Button).

Let's begin our ink painting.

Let's go over how to prep your Yupo Paper and tape it down.

Students prepare the yupo paper by taping it down and learn how to make sure oils are removed before painting.

Practice Session for Pouring a wet in wet background.

I've just added this quick practice session for you to try a wet in wet pour and to see the difference when you do not use blending solution.

We will begin pouring the inks into the Yupo with a Wet in wet technique

Students will be able to learn how to use a pouring technique with Inks to create a smooth background.

Learning how to layer and begin Painting in Island trees.

Learn how to create layers with Alcohol Ink painting in some Islands in the background. You will see how the inks react when added to another color.

Now that we've added the Trees lets begin on adding the Grass Hill

Learn to use a layering technique and add grass.

Adding Rock details

See how the inks separate and lighten to add rock details.

Next we will add a layer of trees and more details.

Add some details with trees and add depth to your painting.

Now for the final Details - We will add the Moon and Reflections

Using Alcohol to lift paint and add a Moon with a White Gel Pen.

Let's see how to Seal you Painting to protect them.

Learn how to seal your inks properly with Varnish.

Congratulations and Thank you!

Thank you for taking this course, it would mean the WORLD to me if you would consider leaving a 5 star review

Bonus Section

Framing Demo

In this video I will demonstrate how I frame my work. I'll be using a watercolor painting in this demo,

but for a Yupo painting just make sure your painting is not touching the glass (a mat will normally take care of this). From my experience hanging my personal work not in direct sunlight,  and using UV glass,  I have been able to skip the sealing process. 

Tile Display Options

Lecture from the Sunset course: Although we do not demonstrate a Tile in this course, give it a try! They wipe off easily and make great practice options. Here are a few options if you choose to work with Tiles and Alcohol Ink. Aftosa.com has some lovely options for you.

BONUS LECTURE: Special Bonus Coupons and Available Product Links for Materials

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