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Motherhood Meditations: Mindfully Get Ready for Baby

Guided meditations to help moms meditate their way to a peaceful pregnancy and an intuitive motherhood experience.
Jessica Doyle, MPH
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Let go of feeling overwhelmed and confused by information overload by tapping into our intuition and guidance by moving from our heads to our hearts and connecting with our spirit guides and the spirit of our baby.
Forget the idea of trying to be the perfect mom by feeling worthy and capable of being a mother just as we are.
Prevent burnout and maintain our balance by visualizing and using the power of feminine to attract the support we will need and allowing others to hold us up and help.
Find joy in the ups and downs and unexpected twist and turns in motherhood by learning to find peace everyday and remembering that everything is always working out for us.
Release emotional patterns and wounds from our childhood that still affect our actions in adulthood by caring for and nurturing our inner child, so we can enjoy motherhood and all it’s complexities in the present moment.
Transform our fears with love so that we can be more present to our family, parent from a place of love, and not pass on our fears and limiting beliefs to the next generation.
Forgive our parents for their mistakes and make promises to our future family to be ourselves, so that we can have a family in our own unique way.

Preparing for a new baby brings up so many emotions. Everything from excitement to omg what did I get myself into? What’s happening to my body? I can barely be an adult myself, how can I take care of someone else?

We all want to be great moms and give our future kids the absolute best start in life. We really really don’t want to screw them up! However, knowing exactly how to do that can get very confusing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the fear of failure, parenting expert’s advice, our own relationship with our mom, and society’s idea of what a good mom is.


I know motherhood can be an amazing, fun experience, and I’ve seen it in action.

I know the best person to guide and advise you throughout your life as a mom is you!


So how can we prepare for a motherhood like that?

It does take prep work to get to a place where you can rely on your internal compass, but it is worth it. Books and classes on breastfeeding, birth plans, and parenting philosophies have their place, but the key to being a good mom really is as simple and as hard as finding yourself and being true to who you are.

You can start preparing for a happy motherhood now with these meditations.

These meditations put you on the path to modern motherhood that will leave you feeling competent, empowered, and successful in the next stage of life. Imagine going into motherhood excited, and confident you can be a great mom with a fun, amazing family.

Why is meditating is a great way to prepare for a baby?

Having a baby brings up all sorts of insecurities, situations that are of your control, and pressures from others and yourself. Suddenly you’re faced with dealing with twice your usual stress load.

If you don’t already have strong coping mechanism and a solid self-care routine in place, motherhood might send you over the edge. 🙂

As a pre-parenting coach who has spent countless hours in homes with moms, I know that taking care of yourself as a mother is the best thing you can do for your family. 

The mom’s energy sets the tone for the home. 

If she doesn’t know how to take care of herself and keep herself happy and healthy most of the time, she gets drained quickly and it takes a toll on everyone. You are worthy of taking time for yourself and if you want to enjoy motherhood there is no way around learning to take care of and love yourself.

These motherhood meditations will help you:

  • Ground yourself in times of stress

  • Hear your inner voice and guidance

  • Quiet a mind full of stress and panic

  • Reduce anxiety about the unknown  

  • Remember your worthiness

  • Connect to your child’s higher self or spirit

  • Let go of your past

  • Heal your inner child

  • Forgive your parents

You’ll be in good company. Celebrities who meditate:

  • Oprah
  • Katy Perry
  • Lena Dunham
  • Eva Mendes
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Geissele

What is a guided meditation?

Many meditations ask you to just stop thought. However, I find that to be really challenging and confronting. The only way I have been able to keep a steady meditation practice is through guided meditations. Simply get comfortable and listen to my voice. Very easy!

If you have never meditated before, don’t worry this is the perfect way to start.

These meditations compliment my main course, Mom Class, a 6 week pre-parenting course, which can also be found on Udemy. These meditations help you practice the essential mom skills and other key components of Mom Class. 



Pre-Parenting Coach

Approaching Motherhood 

Nice to Meet You. Let's Get Started

Introduction to the Meditation Series

Welcome to the only meditation series for women on the path to motherhood - pregnant women, adopting moms, moms in the surrogacy process, women trying to conceive, women going through infertility struggles, and even women just thinking about becoming moms one day. 

Of course new moms and seasoned moms will also learn so much by tapping into their intuition and healing their inner world. Parenting is much easier if you are coming from a place of being present and not stuck in past issues.

Don't forget to check out all the extra resources in each meditation. Such as an article on how to find free or cheap child care. 

You can reach me any time through Udemy or at jess@approachingmotherhood.com



Approaching Motherhood

About Me + How I Can Help

Hi! Let me introduce myself and tell you how I can help you. You'll hear about my background and how I came to create the Mom Class and these meditations. :)

You can reach me any time through Udemy or at jess@approachingmotherhood.com

Or on Instagram @approachingmotherhood

Or on Facebook - www.facebook.com/approachingmotherhood

Don't forget to check out all the extra resources in each meditation. Such as an article on how to find free or cheap child care. 

How This Works + Meditation Tips for Beginners

Find out:

  • How to meditate - best positions 
  • When to meditate
  • What is a guided meditation
  • How to make time for meditation


Tapping Into Your Intuition

Intuition is such a huge part of motherhood. (I even included it in the top 10 mom skills in Mom Class).

I'm not really talking about "mother's intuition" as in knowing your kids are up to something in the other room or why your baby is crying. I mean using your intuition to know how to take care of yourself, make decisions, and navigate life. 

There aren't any right answers in raising a family. Not even experts and science are consistent or timeless. You have to use your own compass. 

We always have access to internal guidance. This meditation will help you see your guides and give you a chance to ask them anything you want. 

Feeling Worthy and Ready

A lot of our fears before becoming parents can boil down to believing we won't be good enough. There is too much emphasis on being the best mom or a Pinterest perfect mom. 

We abandon our true selves just to fit some idea of what we think mothers should be, do and act. 

Your children are choosing to come and join your family, because they want to be with YOU.

This week we will see what it feels like to see ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves us unconditionally. We need to be reminded of what it feels like to feel perfect just as we are. 

Visualizing Support

Getting support is so crucial to really thriving in motherhood. You will likely need more support than you ever imagined - and that's just fine! 

Lining up support before you have a baby is a good way to get ahead of the game. Discuss with your partner your ideas about alone time, friend time, and relationship time. Start asking around about sitters (or other child care options). What kind of help can you get around the house? Where can you outsource? Budget these essential things in. 

Go in expecting to have get some kind of childcare every week (not just during work hours). It's not a special treat. It's normal and routine. 

You don't need to be available to your family 24/7. You aren't a McDonalds! 

If you want some ideas on free and low cost child care, read this article

Logistically lining up support is one thing, but feeling worthy of it is another. :) Practice asking for help now. It's a muscle you can build. 

Finding Peace

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

That is so true and in more ways than you might think. Moms have a lot of power in the house. Their "energy" can make a huge difference. Kids are very aware of energy, especially young ones.  

We all remember what it was like when our mom was stressed out or in a bad mood. 

I'm not saying you should strive to be happy and perky all the time as a mom. I'm suggesting you learn to take care of yourself and your mood. Think of this as one more reason you get to put yourself first and always make time for your well-being. There is no prize for the most worn out mom. Nor does it show your kids you love them more by giving endlessly. 

It all comes down to being able to find some peace during your day. To remembering that even when things go crazy, they are really working out for you.

Soothing Your Inner Child

Today we are going to go deep within and connect with our inner child. 

If you haven't worked with your inner child before, this is a perfect time to start. 

Being with children can remind us of our childhood and trigger a lot of memories and emotions. We all walk around with a piece of our hurt younger self and that controls a lot of reactions in adulthood. 

There's a wonderful saying, "If you are hysterical, it's historical." Meaning, if you are having a strong reaction to a situation, then it's likely coming from an old wound or hurt. 

It's easy to connect with our inner child and help heal these wounds. Then you will find that someone judging you or disrespecting you won't get quite the reaction it used to. 

This will help you parent by helping you be an adult acting from a place of love and security, and not a hurt child acting out of fear and insecurity.

Love Over Fear

When you start anything new, fear and anxiety will always pop up. It's natural and normal and with motherhood it's often amplified by hormones, a life time of expectations, and outsiders unhelpful comments. :)

It's so important to develop some coping mechanisms around fear, anxiety, and worry. Love always transforms fear

We've come to believe it's a our job as a mother to worry. Although it does feel natural, I believe a more powerful place to come from is to see the best in the situation and believe in the well-being of our kids.

What could go right? Not what could go wrong. 

"It's not that you become confident that you will encounter a germ-free world, access the strongest drugs, possess the smartest bomb, or hold the secret to love, fame and fortune. The confidence is that you will be there for yourself always, come what may." - Pema Chodron

Being Your Own Kind of Mother

We often get bogged down by other people's definition of what makes a great mom. Society, our parents, our peers, Instagram, even our own childhood ideals, etc. We need to get our pre-baby body back ASAP, make organic food, be mentally sane, breast feed, be employee of the year, and be madly in love with your partner. 

It's enough to make your head spin. 

We get to define what motherhood will be like for us. 

However, to do this we have to be authentic, ignore others, and let go of our past.

Often we parent from a place of trying to correct our parents mistakes (or try to be just like them). When we do this we forget about what would be best for us and our family. 

In today's meditation we will have a chance to forgive our parents and to make a promise to our future children about what kind of mom we want to be. 

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