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Motivation Manual: How to Get and Stay Motivated

The 6-Step Blueprint to End Procrastination, Build Lasting Motivation, and Reach Your Life and Career Goals.
André Klapper, PhD
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OVERCOME mental barriers
USE the world around you to keep you focussed and motivated
FORMULATE goals and plans the right way
AVOID common mistakes by which people unknowingly sabotage themselves
AUTOMATIZE your actions and reach your goals on auto-pilot
STAY energetic

Motivation is key to achieving your goals and getting the life you want.

But many people misunderstand how motivation works and unknowingly sabotage themselves.

This course will guide you through the process of getting motivated to reach your life and career goals.

Learn how to overcome mental barriers, permanently increase your motivation, feel more energetic, and actively turn your dreams into reality even if you have been extremely unmotivated up until now.

What will you be able to do after this course?

  • OVERCOME mental barriers that prevent you from realizing your full potential

  • FORMULATE goals and plans the right way

  • USE the world around you to keep you focussed and motivated

  • AVOID common mistakes by which people unknowingly sabotage themselves

  • AUTOMATIZE your actions by forming habits that keep you going on auto-pilot

  • STAY energetic on every step of the way

In other words, this course will help you to take control of yourself and your life and achieve the goals that you have been struggling to reach.

I know how depressing it can feel when you are not living up to your full potential.

As a teenager, I was shy and full of self-doubts and spend most of my time fleeing into the world of books and computer games.

As a result, I had to repeat one year in school and got close to having to repeat another year.

Then, I met the right people, studied Psychology and Neuroscience, and slowly figured out how our motivation really works.

I realized that most motivation techniques create fleeting motivation at best because they misunderstand how our motivation really works.

This helped me to discover what I really had to do to achieve lasting motivation… and soon I started to see results.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve graduated as one of the top university students of my year, won prices, got a PhD, and published research in top science journals.

Now I want to help you to master your motivation so that you can discover what YOU are truly capable of.

What makes this course unique is that it is not just about creating fleeting motivation but about building lasting motivation that takes you all the way towards your goals.

What will you learn specifically?

  • What most people get wrong about motivation

  • A simple trick to overcome your mental barriers

  • The one thing a goal needs to be effective

  • How to uncover the deeper emotional reasons behind your goal

  • A little known trick to use the world to keep you motivated

  • The two simple elements of an effective plan

  • A simple formula to turn your actions into automatic habits and reach goals on auto-pilot

  • Strategies to keep yourself energetic

In short, you will learn how to get motivated, stay motivated, take action, and take control of your life and dreams.

If this course does not deliver exactly what it promises you can get 100% of your money back.

So if you are interested, why don’t you just click on the red button and try this course out?

Once you enroll, you can simply follow the steps as they are laid out in the course.

There are assignments that will help you apply the lessons to your own personal situation.

And you will have my full support on every step of the way.

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Introduction and course outline


In this lecture, I will tell you what awaits you in this course and how to do this course most effectively.

Let's get right into it.

A short hello
What most people get wrong about motivation (avoid mistakes!)

People often have wrong ideas about motivation and this can hurt them - especially in the long-run.

Motivation is not something that requires effort, it is not about pushing through.

Motivation is also not about being incredibly passionate about what you are doing.

This lecture will dispel the most important myths and explain how motivation really works.

A simple trick to overcome mental barriers

Why do we struggle to do the things that we want to do?

It shouldn't be difficult.

But the truth is that we often hit against mental barriers that keep us inactive.

This lecture will show you a simple trick to overcome these barriers.

Get ready

How to get the most out of this course

How you do this program will determine how much you get from it.

So let's take a minute to talk about the right way to do this program.

Assignment: Pick a goal
You can choose between video and audio

Step 1: Sharpen your goal

The one thing every goal needs (Step 1)

Clear goals attract us almost automatically while vague goals leave us disoriented.

In this lecture, you will learn how to easily sharpen your goal by reducing it to one simple aspect.

Assignment: sharpen your goal

Step 2: Discover your "why"

Discover the true purpose behind your goal (Step 2)

Motivation requires knowing not only WHAT you want but also WHY you want it.

Assignment: Uncover the emotional reasons behind your goal

Step 3: Use your environment as your motivator

A little known trick to keep you motivated and focussed on your goal (Step 3)

How do you get motivated every day?

The typical answer from most motivation techniques is to remind yourself of your goal and affirm your goal every day.

In this lecture I will show you a better way: use the world around you as your motivator.

Assignment: Use the world around you

Step 4: Formulate an effective plan

How to formulate effective plans (Step 4)

Discover the two simple ingredients to create effective plans

Assignment: Formulate an effective plan

Step 5: Turn your actions into automatic habits

Discover the best strategy to reach long-term goals (Step 5)

People often ask: How do you motivate yourself everyday?

However, this is the wrong question.

Most people have brushed their teeth every day for their whole life without feeling very motivated to brush their teeth.

This is what happens when you turn an action into a habit: it switches on your motivation auto-pilot.

In this lecture, I will show you the simple principles behind turning your actions into habits.

Assignment: prepare to automatize your actions
EXTRA: A simple rule that can help you dramatically to stay motivated

Sometimes a little change in mind-set can make a huge difference.

That's exactly what happened to me.

In this lecture, I want to share how a simple change in thinking helped me to get a lot more successful at reaching long-term goals.

Step 6: Stay energetic

How to stay energetic (Step 6)

Often, we feel energetic at the beginning but the longer we keep going, the more exhausted we get.

This lecture will give you strategies to stay energetic on every step of your way.

Assignment: Apply the energy conservation rules

What's next?

Next steps

You learned a lot but now what do you do with that knowledge?

Let me help you to get started on your journey.

Bonus material
BONUS LECTURE: How to get the right success mindset

Do you often get frustrated or even quit when you are not making progress?

Our success mindset plays a huge role in our motivation.

This lecture will help you understand your personal success mindset and how to improve it.

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