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Motivational Series For Online Entrepreneurs

Learn the basic skill sets required in order for you to be successful in your online business.
Sim Aulakh
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Learn that extra drive and inspiration to help get through those low times with running your online business
Discover the mindset needed to run a successful business and bulletproof yourself from any obstacles in your way
Explode your self confidence and increase your productivity in your daily business
Effective goal setting techniques and exercises to continuously track and achieve your goals
Dealing with all types of fear in running your online business so you can stay ahead of your competition
Focusing your mind on the critical tasks so you accomplish more in your business
Cultivate Persistence in your journey as you build and start to scale your online business

A 10 Part Motivational Program of 2 hours of Video Content

Designed specifically for online business owners who are looking for some extra drive and inspiration.

Running an online business can be extremely challenging and sometimes even a bit lonely!

Internet business owners need to work hard to keep the fire alive and maintain a high level of personal motivation. With our Online Entrepreneur Motivation Series content, you can brand yourself as a motivational leader for your audience.

This program covers the following 10 “motivation” based topics:

  1. Business Development
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Constant Improvement
  4. Driving Force
  5. Energy Management
  6. Dealing With Fear
  7. Focus Your Mind
  8. Plan Your Goals
  9. Cultivate Persistence
  10. Improve Productivity

Motivational Series For Online Entrepreneurs Video Course

Introduction to this course

In this introduction video, we will cover what will be part of this Video course and a little background about me.

Module 1 - Business Development

In this module, we're going to talk about business development and why it's important to develop your business, and more specifically, the things you need to be focusing on in order to successfully build your online business.

Module 2 - Self Confidence

Welcome to Module 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Motivation Series. This Module is about one of the most important topics any of us can learn, and that is self-confidence. Not just self-confidence when it comes to operating your business, but self-confidence in general in your life.

Module 3 - Constant Improvement

This section is all about constant improvement, and I believe this is an area that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners take for granted, or in some cases, don't even think about at all.

I want to shine some light on this and inspire you to think about it, not right now only but all of the time and show you how you can bring the idea and the philosophy of constant improvement into your world, so that you can be more successful in your business.

Driving Force

Now we're going to discuss a huge topic, a topic that not a lot of people ever consider, even though there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there, but only a few of them really think about this and that is your driving force. In this module, you will discover why you're in business and the reason why you do what you do.

Module 5 - Energy Management

Welcome to Module 5 where we start talking through the topic of Energy Management. The first thing you should know is you cannot have any degree of success as an entrepreneur unless you are a high-energy person, unless you manage your energy. Discover the different techniques and strategies needed in order to effectively channel your energy for optimal results.

Module 6 - Dealing With Fear

Welcome to Module 6 where we will talk about dealing with fear.

You will discover how to deal with, how to conquer, how to work through your fears so that they no longer stop you and so you can reach whatever level of success you determine you want in your life.

Module 7 - Focus Your Mind

If you really want success, if you want to do something that's going to elevate you to the next level and do something that the average person just isn't doing, this lecture is key. That is, your ability to focus your mind.In this module you will discover how to avoid those common distractions in your life so you can have laser like focus on getting the profitable tasks done in your business.

Module 8 - Know Your Goals

In this lecture, we're going to talk about goals and knowing your goals. In addition, you will discover how to effectively set short and long term goals, how to measure those goals, and how to obtain optimal results from your plans.

Module 9 - Cultivating Persistence

Welcome To Module 9 on Cultivating Persistence. You will discover that the foundation of any successful entrepreneur, any successful business, is rooted in persistence. We're going to talk about cultivating persistence and how you can develop the skill and habit of persistence so that nothing can stop you and ultimately you will be able to develop a successful business.

Module 10 - Being Productive

In this module, you will learn how to put some simple yet very effective strategies in place really, really quickly so that you're productive all the time, not just some of the time. In addition, there are some key exercises at the end that you can follow through with immediately and start seeing results.

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