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Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain With Dr. Cliff Saunders

Neuroplasticity: How to overcome fear, stress, anger, depression. Set & achieve big goals based on Neuroscience research
Change the way you think, act and feel using Neuroplasticity
Have meaningful conversations with your Brain
Dehypnotize yourself from old beliefs that keep you stuck
Instruct your Brain to produce the results you want while you sleep
Turn Fear into your friend and panic into excitement
Use Failure to shorten your path to success
Form lasting Keystone habits that will support your progress forever
Set and achieve goals you never thought possible before
Get out of your Nine Dots and expand your reach
Use Double Loop Learning to accelerate your growth
Influence others through your own Story of Transformation

Welcome to our course; Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain With Dr. Cliff Saunders

Meet your Instructor:

My name is Dr. Cliff Saunders.  I am the Brain Reprogramming Doctor.  I teach people how to use the latest in neuroscience to improve their enjoyment of life, their physical, mental and emotional health, and their ability to reach for and achieve their personal and professional life’s goals.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Brain Reprogramming!

Why would you take this course?  Well, let me count the ways:

The first reason is probably because you’re really curious about this Neuroplasticity stuff, you’ve seen a lot on the news about developments in Neuroscience, you may have read a book or watched a documentary, and you’re wondering what it’s all about.  You’ve seen the Uber phenomenon happen, you’ve seen Airbnb, you’ve seen all these disruptions happening in recent times and you’re beginning to see that the same type of disruption is happening in the Mental Health Sciences.  But you don’t know how to get started.   

Your interest is already piqued.  You can see that this could open up some vistas for you.  You suspect there is a hidden door in the wall, you want to find that door and go through it and see what’s on the other side.  You want to get a grasp of what’s really possible, what’s really important to you personally, and there may be some changes you want to make that you know could have a very big effect on your life.   

This is definitely one of your simplest onramp to the application of Neuroplasticity in your everyday life.  You don’t have to be sick, you’ve only got to want to get better at the way you think, the way you act and the way you feel so you get more enjoyment out of life, you feel happier, less anxious, depressed or frustrated, more self-confident and able to successfully overcome challenges and take your life to the next level.   

One of the first things you’re going to be able to do is this strange thing of talking to your brain.  Why is that important?  Because most of the time, we’re not aware of what’s going on in our brains because we live in an almost constant trance, a fog, that has us living on automatic.  Once you’ve got the idea that your brain is creating your reality and you give up this idea of conscious freewill and you go with the flow, now you’ve got a direct line of communication with your brain.  You can pick up the phone and start a meaningful conversation with your brain.   

Why do you care?  Because once your brain gets the idea that you’re changing the rules of your reality, it will begin to change the way it has always done things and start producing the results you’ve always wanted.  You’ll be happier, you’ll be able to do things you’ve not been able to do before, you’ll learn how to redeploy your neural resources to achieve your goals.   

Another reason you’re going to love this course is that you’re going to learn how to use the power of sleep to anchor and reinforce the learning.  Most people don’t realize that when you fall asleep, your brain has the innate ability to reprogram itself in two days as if it had been exposed to two years’ worth of novel experience.  Every night.  This is not theory, this has been well proven in the Business Neuroscientific field.  In the olden days, they used to count time in terms of the space of a night, or a fortnight, or nightly.  Why?  Because that’s when all the interesting stuff happens in your brain.  It doesn’t happen when you’re awake, it happens when you’re asleep.  So when you go to sleep at night, your brain has the capacity to reformulate itself the equivalent of two years in two days.  That’s BIG.   

Then, we’re going to tackle goals.  Most people have difficulty with goals.  How do you sort goals out?  You put yourself in a situation where you make it non-negotiable.  You pretend that it’s life or death.  Your brain responds really well when it’s up against the gun.  Everyone of us is a bit lazy and when the term paper has got to be in by 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, you will stay up all night drinking enough coffee to get it done so you don’t get a failing grade.  We all respond to non-negotiable goals.  So imagine having those on your side, where you design them so that there is too much at stake to keep procrastinating and you have no choice but to achieve them.  If you’re a toy manufacturer, your toys have got to be on the retailer’s shelves on time for Christmas.  That’s the beauty of a non-negotiable goal.   

Throughout the course, you will learn new tools and techniques to help your brain disconnect the neurons that have kept you stuck and make the new healthy connections you need to reach your goals and design your life to bring you happiness and fulfillment. Tools like keystone habits that are by themselves extremely powerful, double loop learning techniques that help you master the skills you need, and brain hacks that don’t take a long time to learn but have a very big effect.  These brain hacks are ways of talking to the nervous system, of tickling its neuroplasticity to wake up and go to work.  Once you begin to reprogram your brain, the process is cumulative, it has a multiplying effect, and every skill you learn builds upon each other to give you several times the capacity that each skill provides on its own.   

Most of all, you’re going to realize that you are not stuck and that getting unstuck and moving forward is much easier than you ever imagined through this amazing gift of Neuroplasticity that you were born with.

A brief look into your Instructor’s professional background:

Over the 40 years of my career, I have worked at the CEO level with large organizations to reprogram the strategic thinking of their executives and employees and dramatically transform the way they approach problems and their resolution and produce unprecedented performance improvements and financial gains.

In my private practice, I work directly with individuals to teach them how to reprogram their brains to change the way they think, act and feel.  For some, it means dealing much more efficiently with diverse conditions like depression, stress, fear, anger, anxiety, addictions, low self-worth, dementia, loss of memory and balance, brain trauma, Parkinson’s and more.  For others, reprogramming their brains enables them to achieve their goals, accelerate their learning process, raise their grades and potential for promotion, improve their relationships and live their dream.

I have a BSc in Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Applied Psychology and a PhD in Cybernetics.   Very early on, I chose Behavioural Psychology over medicine because the medical field was much too restrictive, it didn’t have a good understanding of the brain and it was focused on curing everything with prescription medications that did more harm than good.  I studied with a De-Hypnotist for 20 years, with Neuroscientists at UCSD for three years and with Masters of Rajah Yoga since I was 20 years old.

Are you the least little bit curious about what it can do for you?

Join me in exploring the mind boggling possibilities!

-Dr. Cliff Saunders


Introduction and Course Content

In this first lecture, Dr. Saunders summarizes what you will learn during the course, how your brain will anchor and reinforce the learning while you sleep and how you can apply each lesson in practice to benefit you and your life.

How I became a Neuroplastician

Dr. Saunders takes you on his life long journey of recovery from the severely debilitating skin disorder he was born with, and how years of dedicated research, extensive training and practical experimentation in the field of neuroscience led him to develop powerful methods and programs to help people reprogram their brain and overcome serious challenges to their physical, mental and emotional health.

Why are YOU here?

Dr. Saunders invites you to look at the reasons that brought YOU to this course, the specific areas of your life that you would like to improve, and what could make a significantly BIG difference to you personally if you could achieve more than you ever thought possible before.

How does Neuroplasticity work in practice?

This lecture provides an overview of how Neuroplasticity works in practice and explains how our understanding of Neuroplasticity has shifted our thinking from the old belief that our brain were fixed, unchangeable entities by an early age to the discovery that we are, in fact, NOT STUCK, and that we can instruct our brain to produce the results we want.

Course Outline and What You’ll Need

The course is divided into 5 sections, and each section builds on one another as a nice easy on-ramp for you so you can quickly grasp each one of the concepts and how to apply them in practice. In this Lecture, you are introduced to the concept of Double Loop Learning that further supports the rapid assimilation of the learning.

How Big is your Brain?

Most of us have no idea of how BIG our brain is, what it is capable of, the mind bogglingly huge number of computational elements it can process at any given moment to handle challenges, achieve goals and repair itself.  It is infinitely powerful and flexible and teachable.

Learn to Communicate with your Brain

Dr. Saunders teaches you a simple exercise to do whenever you want to communicate with your brain, ask for insights into some important questions, or for help with implementing a beneficial change, or for guidance to make the right decision, or any other result you desire to achieve.

Using the Eye Roll Technique and the Guided Visualization

In this lecture. Dr. Saunders takes you through a simple exercise to consolidate the learning you have already gained using the Eye Role Technique.  He also introduces you to the Guided Visualization exercise you will be invited to download and listen to at night before you go to sleep to anchor and reinforce the learning while you sleep.


Dr. Saunders summarizes your Homework for this Section.


Welcome Back and Homework Review

Dr. Saunders reviews your homework from Section 1.

Forming Lasting Keystone Habits

You will begin to learn to develop and practice some very simple habits that will have a significant impact on how your brain evaluates and processes your new everyday reality.

Welcome to Your Brain

Using your own Brain Hat, you will learn how your brain is constructed, the different functions that each lobe  is responsible for and how the lobes interact with each other to process information and make up your reality.

The Importance of Non-Negotiable Goals

Dr. Saunders explains through well known examples the importance of setting non-negotiable goals to absolutely ensure that you let nothing get in the way of achieving them. He also gives you a universal change formula to develop the tools you need to achieve your non-negotiable goals.

Use Neuroplasticity to Expand Your Awareness

Using the concept of the "Dear Me" Letter, you will begin to explore and discover the person that you want to become and the non-negotiable goals that are important to you to become this new improved version of you.


Dr. Saunders summarizes your Homework for this Section.

Tools For Success

Welcome Back and Homework Review

Dr. Saunders reviews your homework from Section 2.

Your Brain creates your Reality BEFORE you are consciously aware of it

In this lecture Dr. Saunders explains how your brain already knows what you are going to do next well before you are aware of it, and it is already setting in motion everything that needs to happen for you to make that decision before you actually do anything.

How to Improve Our Brain's "Back Office"

We can modify our response to life and, in direct proporion, the results we get by balancing the auditory, visual and sensory components of our brain and strengthening them with simple exercises.

Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth is the ability of our brain to recognize patterns in the way our neurons fire, and to reinforce those patterns that produce successful results for us while ignoring those that don't.

How to Use Failure to Succeed

The notion of failing fast, failing often and failing cheap is the powerful mechanism you use to get your brain to find solutions to problems or challenges that were not obvious to begin with.  It sets the foundation for achieving a Non-Negotiable Mindset.

The Power of Dreams

Many previously insoluble problems have been solved while people were dreaming over the millennia.  Being able to direct our dreams to solve problems of our own while we sleep is a tremendously important skill you will learn.

Reprogram Your Brain While You Sleep

Dr. Saunders describes the four stages of sleep and what happens in your brain and in your body at each one of those stages.  He also explains how you can instruct your brain to rewire itself to solve important problems and generate helpful insights during each sleep cycle.


Dr. Saunders summarizes your Homework for this Section.

Turning Fear into Your Friend

Welcome Back and Homework Review

Dr. Saunders reviews your Homework from Section 3 and introduces the Topic of FEAR.

Selective Attention - The Censor Circuit

The notion of our being able to delete and block information is useful in cases when our life is in danger, but it can be harmful to our ability to make judicious decisions when information processed by either of the auditory, visual and sensory components of our brain is withheld from our conscious awareness.

Getting out of your Nine Dots

The 9 dot puzzle illustrates how fear can prevent us from finding solutions that are outside of our conscious awareness.  It also shows how we can continue to push through our boundaries to expand our reach and capabilities.

How Fear Works in the Brain

Dr. Saunders explains how fear produces chemical reactions in our body and our brain when we are confronted with a “fight or flight” situation, how we can inadvertently turn on our fear response and keep it on chronically, and how the excess adrenaline produced by this perpetual automatic cycle can poison us.

The Hierarchy of Fear

You don’t have to jump from calm to panic whenever something frightens you.  You can upgrade your response to fear and turn panic into excitement.

Chunking your Non-Negotiable Goal into Manageable Pieces and Homework

Dr. Saunders teaches a simple and effective technique for chunking a complicated task down into small manageable steps you can handle easily until the task is completed.


Dr. Saunders summarizes your Homework for this Section.

Putting all the Pieces Together

Welcome Back and Homework Review

Dr. Saunders reviews your Homework from Section 4.

The “Pebble Kicking” effect of Implementing Change

In this lecture, we look at how we can think of ideas that can precipitate change and have a snowball effect on what we want to achieve.  We also look at how we are built for success and able to rewire ourselves to handle any situation we come across.

Transferring the Learning from your Back Office to your Frontal Lobe

During this lecture, Dr. Saunders will take you through an exercise to strengthen the beliefs in your frontal lobes to help you make better decisions.

Putting all the Pieces Together

Dr. Saunders summarizes all the lessons he has offered you throughout the course and how you can use your own story of transformation to influence the world around you.


In this final lecture, Dr. Saunders suggests ways you can apply this Rosetta Stone of knowledge and resources to move yourself forward and take your life to the next level.

Bonus Section

Bonus Material

This section contains links to valuable resources available to the student.

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