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New Leader Crash Course Part 2

Now that you're on the fast-track to becoming a great leader, it's time to hone your leadership skills.
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Establish daily routines & techniques that make performance management a natural, effective component of your culture
Deliver timely, personal, direct feedback, even in difficult situations
De-activate workplace conflict triggers by aligning your organization with team members’ needs
Set SMART goals to keep you focused during moments of failure
Learn the physiology of stress & practice ways to reduce it
Find your priorities in life & in work
Impact a co-worker’s career and your organization’s performance by becoming a mentor

Now that you’re on the fast-track to becoming a great leader, it’s time for you to keep productivity high by communicating effectively, understanding your feedback style, and learning to manage conflict & stress. Teams will inevitably encounter a number of situations, from successes to failures, and this course will prepare you to lead with confidence.

Once you’ve got your footing, you may want to take your career one step further by paying it forward. How? By becoming a mentor. Mentoring helps others grow while advancing your own career skills. Being a successful mentor means really listening to your mentee to help them establish clear goals, creating a decisive action plan & delivering feedback. Are you ready to hone your leadership skills?

Course 1: Inspire Extraordinary Performance
Move beyond performance review toward daily engagement that unleashes the power of your workforce.

• Distinguish Performance from Conduct
• Set & Communicate Standards

Course 2: Deliver Meaningful Feedback
Combine observation, precise language, dialogue & collaborative action to foster growth and get results.

• Observe First
• Build Two-Way Communication

Course 3: Turn Conflict into Collaboration
Conflict is a reality in everyday life. It has to be managed & the best place to start is with yourself. Learn how in this course.

• Understand Needs
• Get to Collaboration 

Course 4: Bounce Back from Failure
It happens to all of us – even some famous faces have encountered failure. Learn to make failure work for you.

• Fail Well
• Avoid the Spiral of Doom

Course 5: Manage Workplace Stress
You have a lot to balance in your life & making it all happen can be a very stressful proposition.  In this course, learn how to handle it all & still maintain your sanity!

• Understand What Causes Stress
• Stop the Cycle of Stress & Relax

Course 6: Strike a Balance
How do you respond in a stressful situation? Do you respond aggressively from your fight response or do you tend to take passive flight? Assess your natural response style under stress. 

• Determine Your Priorities & Values
• Find Downtime

Course 7: Be a Great Mentor
Form strong relationships and be the best mentor you can be. 

• Establish A Rapport
• Set Goals & Communicate

Now with enhanced mobile access, this seven course bundle includes dynamic video, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete all courses.

Course 1 - Inspire Extraordinary Performance

Manage Performance for Success

Don't get bogged down in administrative review or staff development details. Move beyond functional process towards the engagement that optimizes and unleashes the power of your workforce.

Know the Difference

It's important to know the difference between poor performance and poor conduct. The distinctions between performance & conduct help you manage people & remain legal. Establish the legal baselines & then learn the steps to build a high-performance culture.

Communicate Expectations

People can't meet expectations if they don't know what they are. Communicate early & often, and start with the big picture. Help people connect personal goals with organizational goals.

Solve Problems

Most job descriptions don't capture the day to day challenges people encounter. Help others handle setbacks by opening communication, being available & encouraging people to share their challenges.

Build on Strengths

Leverage people's strengths when you establish expectations. Set people up for success by thinking about their talents and assigning responsibilities that maximize personal aptitudes.

Give Informal Feedback

Effective feedback is connected to expectations and delivered in the context of specific events. Build trust by helping people develop new skills through work experiences & following through on commitments.

1 More Thing about Inspiring Performance

Think about this final piece of advice on separating your performance management system from any reward or ranking to reduce legal issues as you work to inspire extraordinary performance.

Inspire Extraordinary Performance

Course 2 - Deliver Meaningful Feedback

Include Essential Ingredients

Feedback skills transform ambiguous messages into clear communications. Learn about the essential ingredients your feedback needs to be meaningful.

Think Before You Speak

The best feedback is designed to support mutual respect & learning. Find out how to achieve this by planning out what kind of feedback you will give in advance.

Make It Timely & Personal

Timely personal feedback increases the chances that it will be helpful & well received.

Initiate Dialogue

Getting feedback on your feedback helps to build trust & fosters clear communication. Discover how to remain open & listen for clues that will tell you how the other person is responding to your feedback.

Create a Plan

The goal of feedback is to create forward momentum. Learn how to build an action plan that works for everybody involved.

1 More Thing about Delivering Meaningful Feedback

Think about this final piece of advice on the importance of sharing feedback in private.

Deliver Meaningful Feedback

Course 3 - Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Manage Everyday Conflict

You don't have to experience that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach when you encounter conflict with others. Understand where conflict comes from & the practical steps you can take to manage conflict each & every day.

Understand Conflict

How do you manage conflict now? Take a moment to understand the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument & consider where you might fit.

Find the Source

Understanding the source of conflict in the workplace can help you resolve it. Learn the root of conflict & take your needs & the needs of others into account.

Find Win-Win

Don't compromise. You can meet everyone's needs in a conflict. Use these strategies to help you get to win-win.

1 More Thing about Conflict

Think about this final piece of advice on always being kind and respectful as you work to turn conflict into collaboration.

Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Course 4 - Bounce Back from Failure

Turn Disappointment into Success
Tactics vs. Goals

Tactical failures can be terrible, but failing to meet determined goals can lead to devastating systemic failure. Expand your understanding of tactics & goals & how these affect outcomes.

Own It

Failures will happen. What you do when they occur is what matters. Prepare yourself for failures with these initial steps.

Investigate It

Looking deeper provides better insight into what went wrong. Peel back the layers of the mistake with these important questions.

Avoid the Success Trap

Learning through failure & success is about understanding why things happen & why some decisions lead to specific outcomes. Avoid the success trap by understanding the reality of success & what to do when you succeed or fail.

Take Inventory

Commitment to observing your “small wins” is a simple way to ease tension & build confidence. Use these simple questions to examine & review your small wins.

You Will Recover

No amount of analysis can replace your confidence in yourself. Learn about how you can stay in the game.

1 More Thing about Failure

Consider this final piece of advice on having a sense of humor when it comes to bouncing back from failure.

Bounce Back from Failure

Course 5 - Manage Workplace Stress

Don’t Stress Over Stress

Most of us are so used to being stressed out that we think that we're okay, as long as we are not lying in a heap on the floor from total exhaustion. Even if you don't think that a situation is stressful, it could still be interpreted by your body as a stress inducing situation. Learn to recognize stress & its effects.

Deconstruct Stress

Understand the two branches of your autonomic nervous system & how they contribute to your fight or flight stress responses.

Reduce the Effects

When you are better able to regulate how you respond to day to day stress, it gives your body a break from elevated cortisol levels. Learn more about cortisol & how to keep it at bay.

Maintain Rest & Digest

Try out these strategies to reduce stressors in your workplace. When you activate “rest & digest” you deactivate “fight or flight.”


Meditation is a simple & inexpensive technique you can use to increase self-awareness & reduce negativity. Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Learn more about all of the benefits this can bring.

Take a Yoga Pose

Movement based stress relief also activates Parasympathetic benefits. Sometimes movement based mediation can be an easier starting place for people with busy, active minds. When we get our bodies moving, it gives our minds something to think about. Take a yoga pose to quiet your mind & body.

1 More Thing to Manage Stress

Think about this final piece of advice & control worry by changing your internal self-talk. It's time to be good to yourself & manage workplace stress.

Manage Workplace Stress

Course 6 - Strike a Balance

Recognize Reality

What does work-life balance mean to you? Use these best practices to put your personal & work life in sync.

Find Your Balance

The best balance between work & your personal life is something that you get to decide based on your own individual priorities. The good news is that you can get some help putting all of the pieces together.

Redefine Balance

Take a look at what you value & redefine balance as the proportional fit that works best to keep your life steady & stable. Then try these tips to build in short-term flexibility. Give yourself permission to do what works for you!

Evaluate Priorities

Quiet your internal over-achiever & think about these questions to help you evaluate your goals & priorities. Spend some time answering them authentically & you'll realize more happiness & less regret.

Schedule Downtime

It's important that you respect your recharge time. Use these strategies to give yourself the time & space you need to be your best possible self.

1 More Thing to Strike a Balance

Think about this final piece of advice & don't be afraid to say no to the things that threaten your ability to strike a balance.

Strike a Balance

Course 7 - Be a Great Mentor

Choose to Make a Difference

Mentoring can improve your communication skills, give you new perspectives on work & the world, & be fun! This course will cover the basics you need to establish a fruitful mentoring relationship.

Establish Norms with Your Mentee

Developing a healthy relationship with your mentee is key to building trust. Learn how to establish norms & develop boundaries to foster rapport.

Help Your Mentee Establish Goals

Knowing what your mentee wants to accomplish will set the course of your mentoring relationship. Learn to ask both open-ended & clarifying questions to help your mentee discover their path & set goals.

Identify an Action Plan

To help your mentee achieve their goals, you'll want to work together to create an action plan. Discover how to identify action steps & how you can best support your mentee.

Listen & Give Feedback

Be the best mentor you can be by seeing what you can do to improve your ability to listen carefully & give appropriate feedback.

1 More Thing about Mentoring

Think about this final piece of advice on how to celebrate success along the way as you work to be a great mentor. 

Be a Great Mentor
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