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New Leader Crash Course

If you’re just starting out in a leadership position, tackle your first steps to becoming a stand-out leader.
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Extend your business influence
Grow your network
Apply adaptive techniques to estimate the work, prioritize & track, resolve issues & handle change with ease
Use LLAMA to get inspired, define your goal, form your team & identify boundaries
Improve your self-discipline & time management
Lead successful & productive virtual meetings

Take your current skills to the next level by becoming a team leader. This course bundle will build your influence & credibility, regardless of your position, so that you can act with integrity & deliver performance that people can trust. Learn how to manage change & what goes into making a schedule, take advantage of proven time management techniques, such as setting SMART goals, & jump into working with virtual teams.

Course 1: Manage Your Career
Master the steps you need to plan your career & turn your work goals into reality.

• Examine Your Career History
• Map Out Your Needs & Explore Your Options
• Grow Your Network & Prepare for Change

Course 2: Build Upwards Relationships
Tap into the expertise of Cory Bouck to extend your influence & cultivate credibility in your organization.

• Define & Accept Followership
• Deliver on Promises
• Speak Up with Respect

Course 3: Deliver Your Project
Take your project management skills to the next level, master the basics & keep everything on track.

• Define the Goal
• Build the Team
• Define Boundaries

Course 4: Master Project Management
In this course you’ll learn to create a rich team ecosystem & hit moving targets through iterative project management practices.

• Estimate the Work
• Prioritize, Assign, Track
• Handle Change with Ease

Course 5: Make Meetings Work
Meetings matter. Learn how to lead & plan them. 

• Invite the Right People
• Plan & Use an Agenda
• Achieve Your Meeting Objectives

Course 6: Tackle Time Management Troubles
Activate your self-discipline for better time management. 

• Identify Your Starting Point
• Overcome Your Procrastination
• Multiply Your Time With Tools & Smart Management

Course 7: Form Your Virtual Team
Establish your virtual team and set communication and environmental standards.

• Bridge the Cultural & Physical Gap
• Understand Your Team’s Perspectives
• Foster Trust & Set Up For Success

Course 8: Lead Your Virtual Team
Your virtual team is ready to go. Find out what it takes to keep them on task and get the project done.

• Lead Virtual Meetings
• Resolve Conflict Across Distances
• Coach Your Team to Success

Now with enhanced mobile access, this eight course bundle includes dynamic video, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete this course.

Begin your journey as a team leader with these important lessons from Eleventure.

Course 1 – Manage Your Career

Maximize Opportunities

A career is more than a job. Learn how to focus on completing short-term objectives in order to achieve long-term goals & maximize your career opportunities.

Find Your Location

You need to know where you are before you can get to where you want to go. Find your starting point by exploring your personal satisfaction. Use these questions to help you determine how satisfied you are in your current position.

Examine Your History

Examine your history to figure out where you want to go. This includes your childhood dreams as well as your recent job roles. These signposts & markers will help you visualize your future.

Map Out Needs

Career satisfaction comes from using your skills & knowledge productively, satisfying practical & emotional needs & achieving goals. Of course, in order for you to accomplish these things, you need to know what they are for you. Figure it all out by thinking through these questions.

Add Skills

The rapid acceleration of technological innovation has brought changes to job descriptions, professions, & career paths. No one can predict exactly what the future holds, but here are some guidelines to adapt to an ever-changing job landscape.

Grow Your Network

A far-reaching network is a valuable tool. It can help you in times of need or in times of change. Follow these tips to widen & grow your network.

1 More Thing to Manage Your Career

Think about this final piece of advice & how helping others can help you manage your career.

Manage Your Career

Course 2 - Build Upwards Relationships

Extend Your Influence

You can make an impact at all levels of your organization. Use these tools to extend influence & cultivate credibility.

Define Followership

When you look at your relationships through “The Lens of Leadership” you'll find that the vital first principle is service. Serving starts with followership & followership is a set of learnable skills that makes you professionally essential.

Increase Credibility

“Timeless, pure, career-management gold” – that's what Cory Bouck calls these next 4 tips. Influence & credibility is a natural by-product when you use Bouck's advice to consistently act with professionalism.

Speak Up with Respect

You build trust when you speak up with integrity & respect. This can be a challenging choice, especially when it comes to rumors, but these techniques make it easier.

1 More Thing to Build Upward Relationships

Think about this final piece of advice & don't be afraid to focus on incremental improvements that build upward relationships.

Build Upwards Relationships

Course 3 - Deliver Your Project

Rule Your Projects

If you've got a project, you need to manage it before it manages you. Project management keeps your goals out in front of you and helps you focus your energy to get the job done.

Define the Goal

If you don't know where you're going, you won't get there anytime soon. Learn how to define the project's goal so everyone's moving towards the same target.

Form the Team

You want the right people for the job, but forming your team is easier said than done. Find out what points you should consider when assigning roles for any given project.

Define the Scope

You define the parameters of a project by determining its scope. Learn how to define scope through Agile project management techniques like user stories & the INVESTU criteria.

Plan the Work

Discover how to create top-down & bottom-up plans to keep track of project work & maximize efficiency.

1 More Thing about Your Project

Consider this final piece of advice on managing risk as you take on project management.

Deliver Your Project

Course 4 - Master Project Management

Be Ready for Change

Take your project management skills to the next level. In part 2 of this course you'll learn to hit moving targets with skills such as estimating the work, how to manage change & what goes into making a schedule. Issues & changes can sometimes be one & the same, but with these skills you'll be more likely to handle them with ease. It's time to start mastering project management.

Break it Down

Start with a top-down estimate to get to your bottom-up estimate. Find how out how these two estimates work together to make your project successful.

Make a Schedule

Don't compromise your sanity for your schedule. Learn how to use tools like SQERTS & understand how top-down & bottom-up schedules can aid in keeping your project on course.

Prioritize, Assign & Track

When an issue arises, know what type you have & how to handle it. Learn how to track issues, who you want to assign them to & what priority level they require.

Embrace Change

You want your project to adapt to the variety of changes that can happen. Find out what comes with particular changes & how you can work with, not against, them.

1 More Thing about Project Management

Consider this final piece of advice on keeping open & transparent lines of communication as you work to master project management.

Master Project Management

Course 5 - Make Meetings Work

Try a New Recipe

Meetings are like cookies! With the proper preparation and the right mix of ingredients, you'll end up with a palatable solution everyone can enjoy.

Prepare Objectives

To produce workable outcomes, 80% of your work will be done before the meeting. Find out how to prepare to get your meeting on track before it happens.

Plan the Agenda

An agenda helps everyone prepare for the meeting. Discover how to develop a clear agenda that's easy for everyone to follow along.

Assign Key Roles

Chances are if you're organizing the meeting, you'll be facilitating it as well. But there are other roles you'll want to assign before the meeting happens. Understand who you'll need to invite and which roles you'll need to clarify ahead of time.

Take Action

After the meeting concludes, you'll want to create an action plan geared towards achieving the meeting objectives. Find out the key steps to creating an action plan and how you can build one with your team.

1 More Thing about Meetings

Consider this final piece of advice on asking for feedback after you've concluded a meeting.

Make Meetings Work

Course 6 - Tackle Time Management Troubles

Start Fresh

Effective time management skills are essential to your business & personal success. Time is the one resource that renews every day, so it's never too late to start fresh & learn to be more productive.

Identify Your Starting Point

To understand how you can better balance your time, you need to know how you currently spend it. Find out how to identify where your time management skills need work.

Plan for Progress

Be proactive, begin with the end in mind & put first things first. Learn how to use these three steps & the importance of goal setting to get your time management on track.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are a way to set & create goals that are actually workable. Master the SMART goals & you'll be well on your way to better time management.

Take Control of the Clock

Time management means you probably need to wrestle with procrastination. Learn about the different types of procrastination & see which kind you often struggle with to understand where you can make the most effective change.

Value Yourself

You & your time are limited commodities. Find out how to respect your time & value yourself more in the process.

Manage Interruptions

Interruptions can take up valuable moments in your day. Figuring out how to manage interruptions, both before & after they happen, can add time back to your schedule.

Manage Meetings

Feel like you're wasting your time in meetings? Find out how to reclaim that time & make meetings more efficient.

Utilize Your Tools

Odds are you have quite a few powerful time management tools at your disposal; you just have to know how to use them. Discover different techniques to make readily available time management tools work for you.

Overcome LODI

The Law of Diminishing Intent can stall any good idea or project. Understanding why LODI happens & what you can do to keep it at bay will keep you moving forward.

1 More Thing about Time Management

Think about this final piece of advice on the 80/20 rule as you develop better time management.

Tackle Time Management Troubles

Course 7 - Form Your Virtual Team

Set Your Team Up for Success

Whether your organization is going global or you're bringing on remote hires, there are a few things you'll need to do consistently to form an effective virtual team.

Consider Your Team

The environment surrounding your team matters to your management strategy. Consider how physical location, time difference, & cultural norms will affect how you & your team interact.

Communicate with Clarity

Extra, open & honest communication is needed to keep a virtual team running smoothly. Learn how clearly defined roles & designated responsibilities will keep things on track.

Foster Trust

Trust is critical for all teams, but how do you foster trust when people are separated? Discover how to build rapport, either in person or online, to help your virtual team members learn to trust one another.

Bridge the Distance

Getting everyone on the same page on a virtual team means being thorough & specific with your communication details. Find out how to select the right technological tools & use agreed upon terms to make communication easier.

1 More Thing about Forming Your Virtual Team

Consider this final piece of advice on how to keep team members engaged through casual communication channels as you work to form your virtual team.

Form Your Virtual Team

Course 8 - Lead Your Virtual Team

Why It Matters

What's your role as the leader of a virtual team? It starts with your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Lead Virtual Meetings

Leading a good meeting is hard. Leading a good virtual meeting is even harder. Find out what you can do to make your virtual meetings successful from day one.

Resolve Conflict

Conflict happens. Learn how to diffuse tension and manage situations appropriately with the three C's of conflict management.

Coach to Foster Results

Move beyond simply managing your virtual team to coaching them and building relationships that foster results.

1 More Thing about Leading Virtual Teams

Consider this final piece of advice about body language as you lead your virtual team.

Lead Your Virtual Team
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