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OM Meditation: The Sound & Symbol of Yoga and Meditation

Discover hidden meaning of the sacred symbol OM. Learn how to use the vibration of OM for meditation, yoga, & healing.
Greg de Vries
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Understand the secrets of the sound and symbol
Know how to properly pronounce and chant the sound OM (AUM)
Interpret what each part of the sound or vibration represents
Equate each part of the symbol to a different state of consciousness
Use OM correctly during meditation and yoga

You see the OM (AUM) symbol everywhere. You may see the OM symbol on jewelry or clothing. You may even chant OM during yoga class or during yoga meditation.

But do you really know what OM means and what it represents?

By the end of this mini-course you will understand:

* How the sound and symbol of OM originated

* How to pronounce the sound OM (AUM)

* What each part of the sound or vibration represents

* What each part of the OM symbol represents

* How to use OM as a meditation mantra during your meditation practice

Tradition (Hindu scriptures) tells us that OM is the primordial sound which caused the creation of the material universe. OM is also sometimes referred to as the sound from which all other sounds (and words) originate. Some even believe that the sound and symbol of OM has some sort of mystical power.

This course is a combination of talking head classes, presentations and quizzes. Also there are two OM meditation audio files that can be used as background meditation music, yoga music or you can even chant along with the OM chanting in the music.

Understanding the power of OM will invigorate and enhance your yoga practice, your meditation practice and your life in general. Chanting OM (even silently) has been attributed to experiencing deep relaxation, improved health, and being able to meditate for longer periods of time.

OM is truly THE universal mantra.

Understanding OM


Welcome to the class! Let's get started.

The origins of OM

In this lecture we learn about Brahman and the primordial sound of OM that created the universe.

Introductory Concepts

Let's see if you know a little about the history of OM

The sound & vibration of OM

Learn about how to correctly pronounce and chant OM

The sound of AUM
Understanding The Symbol of OM

We review the OM symbol and how it relates to human consciousness.

The symbol of AUM
How to get involved
Meditating on OM

We cover OM meditation and how to use OM to meditate.

Meditating on OM
Course summary

Course wrap up

Meditation Audio

10 Minute Meditation

10 minute background music with OM being chanted. Use just as music or chant along.

20 Minute Meditation

20 Minute Meditation

BONUS section

BONUS Lecture: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

This is a video from my Practical Meditation course on how to stay motivated.

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