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Online Coach Certificate: Profitable Business in 7 Days only

Life Coaching Business: Online marketing tips, Find clients, Work from home, Career Coaching, Home Business Opportunity!
Elmira Strange
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Learn 13 Powerful Strategies to 'attract' your clients and make them to want to come back for more!
Know what is the best (profitable!) niche for your own business
Understand what training (if any) you need to have to work as an Online Therapist or Coach
Realise when is the right time to quit your full-time 9-to-5 job and start 'coaching' instead
Be ready for opening your own 'online' coaching business!

This course covers the main aspects of developing your own ‘online’ coaching business in relation to: finding your best-suited to your practice ‘niche’ and developing short- and long-term strategies for ‘attracting’ new clients.

This course offers you an opportunity to expand your own coaching practice to the next level: through combining therapy and coaching in your session, and through implementing marketing strategies that are taught throughout the lectures.

This course is for those who are developing their own coaching practice and wishes to work as an ‘online’ coach or a therapist. In this course the student will learn, for example:

  • What is the difference between ‘therapy’ and ‘coaching’ and how to combine both,
  • How to find your own ‘speciality’ or ‘niche’,
  • How to make sure that your ‘niche’ is profitable,
  • How to write and publish your own book within only a week or so
  • How to ‘get known’ through social media

and much more.

The BONUS lectures include: a) How much you should charge your clients for your services, b) When you should quit your ‘current’ job and start coaching full time, and c) Should you offer your ‘free’ trial sessions to your potential clients or not.

This course contains 29 lessons: some are as short as 3 minutes, whereas others are as long as 13 minutes. Each lesson is created to be engaging and thought provoking.

Most lectures are video-based, whereas a few lectures are text-typed for the purpose of studying the material at your own spare time. The course can be completed within 2-3 weeks.

The course will teach you how to find your own ‘speciality’, how to become an ‘expert’ in your field, and how to find your own clients both short- and long-term. After completing this course you will feel more confident about working as a successful ‘online’ coach.


Course Introduction

In this 'Introduction' lecture you will find out how the overall course will benefit you, and what exactly you will be learning.

Introduction: About Your Instructor

In this short video you will find out who is your instructor for this course (Elmira Strange, MPhil), where she is from (originally), about her career, and what she can teach you in this course.

Visualisation Exercise

Take this 'Visualisation' exercise and engage with it fully. You will be asked to imagine a scene from your future, which will help you to focus more on your career goals.

GROW Coaching Model

GROW Coaching Model

Have a look at GROW Coaching model and learn an easy way to structure your session with the client.

Therapy, Coaching, or Both?

The Difference Between Therapy & Coaching

Find out who are the 2 types of 'coaches' are and learn about the difference between 'therapeutic' session and 'coaching' session. Find out here if you can combine both strategies in your practice, and how to bring your own sessions to the next 'holistic' level.

Why People Hire Coaches and Visit Therapists?

In this lecture you will find out what are the exact reasons for visiting therapists and hiring coaches for most people. Understanding this can bring you closer to understanding your own 'market'!

Are You a 'Therapist' or 'Coach'?

After this lecture you will understand what type of person are you. You will find out what difference between being a 'true coach' and a 'therapeutic coach', and where you personally fit in!

Do You Need to Get a Certification or Degree?

This lecture will guide you step-by-step to understanding whether your 'current' level of knowledge is sufficient 'enough'. You will know whether you need to 'update' your knowledge by taking an additional course, and which course would it be.

How To Choose Your Own Niche

The Importance of Choosing the Right Niche

You might think that being a 'Life Coach' or 'Business Coach' is sufficient for attracting clients, but you might be wrong! Understand 'why' you need to choose your own 'speciality' as soon as it is possible.

What Coaching Specialities Are Out There

Here you will find out about numerous coaching 'specialities' that are already on the market. Have you thought of 'Cancer Coaching', 'Language Coaching' or 'Divorce Coaching' as an option?

Coaching Specialities List
What Are Your Own Experiences and Qualifications?

Do you have any previous experiences that can be related to your coaching services? Perhaps you have experience of 'staying at home parent' or 'working with students'. Any of your experiences can be very useful in your own coaching business!

Choose Your Own Niche Now

In this exercise you will be guided step-by-step in finding your own 'perfect' niche from so many options that you were considering by now!

Choose Your Own Niche EXERCISE
What To Do if You are Interested in Many 'Niches'?

Most 'coaches' are interested in many niches and it's very difficult to find your own 'single' niche. In this lecture you will find out what exactly you could do in this type of an 'obstacle'.

Making Sure That Your Niche is Profitable

You might have found your 'perfect' niche by now, but you need to make sure that your niche is also profitable. Otherwise it will become a hobby that drains your valuable time and energy instead of bringing 'nice' income!


'Get Known' through social media

In this lecture you will learn how to make yourself 'known' through social media avenues. As you growing your business, you need to grow your 'online presence'. Learn here how to do it the right way.

How to Write Your Own Book in 1 Week

In this lecture you will learn how to find an inspiration and stop procrastinating; how many words do you really need to write in your first (or next) book; and which platforms are the best for self-publishing.

How to Write and Publish Your Book within 7 days
Have Your Website Ready!

Here you will learn the most important aspects of having your own website. Your website doesn't have to be complex or lengthy, but it has to be built in a very compelling and straightforward manner!

Where Your Clients 'Hang Out'?

Here you will learn where you should look for your type of clients and how to approach them effectively.

Where To Find Your Clients List
Sure Ways to Find New Clients in 7 days

In this lecture you will learn about 5 different venues for finding your clients within a week or so. Interesting and informative lecture.

Powerful Strategies to Attract Clients Long Term

There are many powerful strategies that are aimed at 'attracting' clients long-term. Learn about them in this lecture.

Long-term Strategies for 'Attracting' Your Clients List
Build Your Own Database from Day 1

Your list of clients is your 'goldmine'. Having your clients can make it easier to sell your services. In this lecture we will be discussing the importance of building your own database from day 1.


How Much Should You Charge Your Clients

The first bonus lecture will give you a very clear picture on 'pricing' in the coaching industry. You will know how much you should charge your own clients from now on.

When Can You Quit Your 9 to 5 Job and Start Coaching FULL-TIME?

In this bonus lecture you will learn about the 'perfect' point when you are ready to coach full-time.

Should You Offer 'FREE' Sessions to Your Clients?

Some coaching training institutions argue that it's a 'bad' idea to give out your 'free' sessions, whereas others promote this idea. In this lecture we will have a look at both positions so that you knew whether you should offer 'free' coaching in your own practice.

How to work as a 'Weight-Loss Coach'?

If you are considering 'weight-loss coaching' as your niche, then congratulations! It's a very 'trendy' and 'ever-green' topic which means the demand of it is growing, and this topic doesn't have an expiration date! Watch this video and learn more about this niche. 

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