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Online Entrepreneur Training: How To Start A Business Online

How to Make Money Online From Your Passions and Interests, Creating a Fun, Profitable Online Business From Home
John Westbrook
340 students enrolled
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Understand the principles of a successful business
Have an understanding of how to identify and research their niche
Have everything in place to begin, tools, etc.
Understand how to formulate an effective and thorough plan
Understand why a basic site is important
Create a basic site using WordPress
Understand how Affiliate Marketing works and benefits your business
Have affiliate relationships setup and affiliate offers selected, links created, etc.
Understand Adsense, how to use/implement it, have it setup, etc.
Understand why and how to setup an email marketing account and have it setup
Understand how to create emails and email campaigns within an email marketing account
Understand how to create email sequences
Setup emails and sequences
Understanding of the types of info products and services and select one for your product
Create an info product based on planning and your interest, passion, etc.
Understanding how to name the product
Complete site build out with WordPress, understand and implement more advanced WordPress setup and config
Have a fully developed and comprehensive WordPress based site
Designed and published a free offer/free entry level product
Used WordPress to deliver, or "publish", free offer/product
Understand how to and deliver or "publish" your product
Understand and setup the entire "buy process" in detail
Understand tracking and implement tracking into entire site and sales/marketing processes
Understand marketing basics, tools, resources and begin researching best channels to market in
Create a marketing plan and begin executing it
How to manage customers and have a plan in place
Principles of scaling a business and a plan for executing it

Have you ever heard of “the 4 hour workweek"?

Besides the book, the concept is really simple.

Whatever it is you want to be doing with your time, what if you could actually do it…rather than trading that time for a job you really don't like…let alone love.

Another way I see this is travel. If you're tied down all the time, not only is it physically impossible to be on the go and travelling the world…it's financially not feasible.

Or maybe you have a hobby you really love and want to be totally free to just do.

Perhaps you are passionate about a lifestyle you want to live, or are a social justice warrior, or an artist, a poet, a writer.

So there are the options of starting a “brick and morter" business or a physical products business. But these are not always a viable option for people. The cost and headache involved…and if the product is not a hit, all that energy and money is spent…sure it's educational, but if money is limited and time is of the essence, this is not a great option at all.

Then there's the “services" industry, where you trade a service for money. Perhaps you are good at tree trimming or dog walking or computer work. You can charge for these services and then do them for people.

But here the issue is quite simple…it's not the 4 hour work week! You literally have to trade your time for dollars.

So this leaves an option that, in my opinion, is the best to get anyone started down this journey of creating a business that will pay them while they work less and less.

There is still work and time involved in getting it started, but without the high risk, without locking yourself to trading time for dollars, and without the heavy up front cost.

I'm referring to information products. In fact, chances are you have purchased at least one info product this year, be it an ebook, a membership, a service, even a kindle book.

What's brilliant about this form of business is you can spend your time up front, developing and creating your “product" with very little money or no money at all…just your expertise.

Then you spend time and maybe some money, marketing and getting it “out there", building your audience.

And within, I'd say safely 3 to 6 months, you have an online business that is growing, profiting, and most important of all…Allowing you to do what you WANT with your time.

So don't just go quit your day job just yet…

Right Way vs. Wrong Way

There are Right and Wrong ways of doing an online business. A lot of wrong ways, and just a few right ways, to ensure you are successful and “get it" the first go around.

I teach the Right way, based on my own personal entrepreneurial experience over the past 12 years, of identifying, dreaming up, creating, producing, and selling your info product…your online business…in my new course.

This course is entirely online now, although it's best followed as if you were at a 4 day training seminar. It contains 18 modules made up of 37 videos, all the tools and supplemental material needed, EVERYTHING you need to get started.

So it's a complete training course that walks you through creating your online business for success. And along with it is my personal email support and the opportunity to do further coaching with me personally.

Anyone can accomplish the 4 hour work week using this training. But it does require something. It takes focus and commitment and a “not going to quit" attitude. I can teach everything else. But those qualities are up to you.

Although I do talk about the principles of success and really lay it out to you, ultimately everyone's success lies in their own perspectives and hands.

In my course I teach everything else. All that you need is desire and drive. I show you the rest of the entire process from what exactly you could do for an online business, how to identify a niche you would thrive in, all the way down to product creation, step by step and how to get it to customers, etc.

Just think about this, in 6 months you can actually have an online business where you are providing a quality product that you worked hard to create, but don't have to keep working hard on every day. Something you put work into that then continues to pay you back.

In 6 months you can be planning a vacation instead of sitting behind a desk under a flickering fluorescent.

What Is Success?

There are many ways we define success. But in my experience as an entrepreneur for the past 12 years, I've found that success always equals time reclaimed.

You can have a steady flow of money, but if you are constantly having to trade your time for that money, you are a slave to it.

Success is all about turning the tables on this and making money work for you, reclaiming your most valuable asset besides your mind…YOUR TIME!

I've put together many online training programs, courses, etc over the past 12 years, on many different techniques to make money online, on marketing, even on technical subjects like WordPress. But I consider this course to be the most important I've ever made…for 2 main reasons.

First of all, this course unlocks the mystery surrounding success online and empowers students with the training of the right way to go about creating a truly legit, profitable, sustainable and successful online business.

It teaches you step by step exactly what successful online entrepreneurs are doing. Exactly the formulas, the setup, the layout of how to actually put together an online business and launch that business, begin marketing it, growing it, scaling it up and more.

And second of all, this course is the accumulation of my 12 years as an entrepreneur. I've started several successful online and offline ventures and have helped to launch successful online careers, consulted for firms and small businesses, and most importantly, I've learned from many mistakes along the way. I've learned the pitfalls. I've learned what works and what doesn't. How to create a business that will actually work, actually succeed, actually profit.

And I've done my very best to deliver it to you throughout this 37 video training course.

In a phrase, I show you how to turn your interests into a fun, profitable, sustainable and successful business that puts time back into your hands and allows you freedom to live the life you actually want to live.

About The Training Course

This training program is 18 modules with about 12.5 hours of video training in total. These videos are broken up throughout the modules, making it easy to navigate, easy to follow along, and broken up to help you digest the vast array of training I cover in this course.

Along with the training videos, I provide regular updates, additions, supplemental material, and more all right here on Udemy. And, for a limited time, I'm including personal Email support…with me personally, not farmed out.

Before I share some of what you'll be learning, here's an outline of what you get as a new student of this training program:

★ 18 Modules

18 high quality, thorough modules containing everything in a clean and easy to navigate and follow layout and design…with your entire training and lifetime access.

★ 37 Tutorial Videos Throughout

I spent over a month developing from my own expertise and 12 years of experience, failures, and successes a comprehensive, well organized and easy to follow video training course.

★ Supplemental Section in Each Module…

containing: tools, templates, downloads, swipe files..lots of goodness..all relevant to that module and your business.

★ Regular Updates to Every Module:

Any changes, added notes, or other important and relevant information for each module.

★ Addendum Videos

Things I want to add down the road to enrich your training, new material, new videos, etc

★ Resource Section

with goodies and things related to the course at large, reading and more

Plus These Bonuses:

★ + Members Only Forum! coming soon

★ + Email Support

With me personally, I don't farm out my training or my support!

★ + Limited Coaching Program

By application only I offer personal 1 on 1 coaching to qualifying members, for business coaching or technical coaching (where I do the geeky stuff for you)

★ + Webinars/Coaching Calls coming soon

Another cool thing I'll be adding soon is a monthly group call/webinar where you can ask me anything and we discuss any relevant topic

Here's just some of what I teach in this new training program:

  • How to actually create your own product or service designed around YOUR interests and passions
  • The principles to a successful business – From my 12+ years as a business owner/entrepreneur
  • Demystifying an online business, how a successful online business operates
  • The steps to take to prepare before jumping in…from planning to outlines, to mindset, to getting focused on WHAT WORKS
  • What to expect and getting your mindset right
  • The keys to success in online or any business
  • Extensive training and direction on finding your niche, taken from my own experience
  • The steps to conducting effective research within a niche you've selected following my detailed and highly effective approach
  • What you'll need, tools, resources and more to prepare you for your business and for success
  • How to design and map out your business, every aspect you should plan and design out and the steps involved. I show you detailed steps to accomplishing this with focus and effectiveness.
  • How to plan out every level from marketing to site design to product and overall business plan.
  • How to setup your first site, basic site setup; a method and process to site setup in stages
  • All about affiliate marketing, relationships, setup, ads, and more
  • How to setup email marketing, sequences, and more
  • How to create your product, detailed steps and processes, principles to follow, techniques and best practices
  • How to design your “sales funnel", the technical process, the principles behind it, the entire enchilada
  • How to setup your buy process, all about payment processors and even covering the coding, etc.
  • Tools to use within your site to automate your buy process and secure your transactions and more.
  • Actual pre-written & coded “swipe files" from my own business, customizable and easy to implement
  • Basics of tracking, how to setup, how to implement, how to read metrics and more.
  • The basics of marketing, what to avoid and what to implement, how to identify “failure" and learning when to hold on and when to cut loose.
  • We talk all about acquiring and KEEPING customers
  • Customer management and how to design your business for best results and the happiest customers.
  • All about scaling your business
  • How to setup a business that is destined to succeed, has scalability and longevity built in.

As you can see, you'll learn how to setup a successful online business that can be up and running within the month and profitable within the next 3 to 6 months, maybe sooner.

This training course is NOT in any way gimmicky, black hat, or some silly little “system". As a student of this course, you'll learn the exact formula for designing a fun online business that is custom to your interests and passions, one that will actually work and produce an income.

There are a lot of “systems" out there that promise the world, saying it will be so easy and plug and play. But the reality is, about 99% of those systems are complete malarkey. They are designed to sell hope and deliver, not a business, but a gimmick that mostly annoys anyone who you try to sell it to.

What I teach in this course is how to actually create a real online business, how to actually create your own product or service based on your passions and interests, and how to profit from and grow your business, setting up for the long run and having a sustainable online business that you are passionately behind but that's also setup for success because it's designed correctly.

This is an educational course that delivers real results to serious entrepreneurs and is designed especially for beginner entrepreneurs.

Recent Reviews of My Training

…Thank you so much for being a real person and reaching out through the WF. I really appreciate it. So far, I am blown away by the quality of your teaching. This October marks a 5 year long battle with buying and trying WSOs, network marketing, mlm, and anything else that is out there promising to teach (but not really) how to make money on line. To say that I am frustrated would be a gross misuse of the word…~Shelly

John Westbrook takes his time to fully explain each topic. He speaks clearly and concisely. It is obvious that he is teaching from real world experience. I would highly recommend this course.~Eddie T.

John basically made it simple & straight forward for me. Highly recommended!~Asaf G.

John Westbrook's class is very organized, clearly communicated, and of good sound and video quality. I found myself coming back to review the lessons which were set up perfectly for step by step instruction. I really appreciated John's teaching style which is relaxed, thorough, insightful, and clear. I highly recommend this course~Jennifer L.

I have learnt so much and John is an excellent teacher. Thanks!~Megha C.

This course was simple and very easy to understand. John created a great course~Saleem M.

John was very clear and easy to understand. His explanations made sense and made it easy to follow along.~Lana S.

Gotta say it. Only just finished the 1st Module…..Top Quality. So very well presented, ease of navigation, but the information…Unique and extremely Valuable! Would expect to find this on Udemy, but here…? Life just gets better! Grab this now, if you still can. I did and now have a focused course to pursue!~Nick

John has provided yet another opportunity for many to get an insiders look… His information is invaluable…~Doug

John obviously knows what he is talking about and communicates in a very clear and concise way. I feel like I have an overall understanding of how to get started….Thank you John! Great work!~Jenny C.

The reviews and feedback keep coming and every student who's registered for this training course has been blown away by the unique, never before taught approach that yields top notch training and gives you the tools to succeed.

I don't say that to brag, I'm just 100% confident in the quality of my training, the material I cover and teach, and my own experience and expertise that this course is based on.

This training course is not only about helping you build an online business, it's about empowering you to get your time back.

To get started now, simply purchase this course and you'll get INSTANT access to the entire training with over 12 hours of video tutorials, supplemental material, email support and more.

I know many of you are on the proverbial fence over even starting an online business. I'm not here to convince you one way or the other.

In fact, if you don't know you want to start a successful online business, don't buy this course. The fact is, if you are simply on the fence and testing ideas out, you won't succeed at an online business no matter how much training you receive. It begins with you being certain about what you want.

If you DESIRE FREEDOM and want to create a business that will develop into a sustainable, profitable, growing business that gives you that 4 hour work week…if you are certain you want this and will do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams and your success…then you are ready and most certainly scroll up to the Access link above and begin now.

I'll send you a warm welcome and be available to you to support and help guide you along in any way I can, both through the quality training and personally via email.

~John Westbrook

Introduction to How To Make Money Online : The Absolute Beginners Guide

Congratulations on taking the first few steps to creating an online business. I'm excited to be a part of your business and online education.

Before you head to the first Section, please watch this short Intro Video.

Every section/module in this course training center has a “Supplemental Section” where module-relevant supplemental material, resources, downloads and any other relevant notes or additional comments, etc will be available.

If a particular Lecture does not have a Supplemental Section, check the last Lecture for that Section/Module for the overall Section's Supplemental material.

Each Supplemental Section also contains the related excerpt from the Course Outline.

The complete Course Outline is below and in the Resources section at the end of the course. The original “chicken scratch” Course Outline I created before putting it into document form can also be found, scanned in, in the Resources section.

Module 1 ::Before You Begin::

Principles of a Successful Business

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~

Additional Notes/Comments >>

Remember to focus, this is not a gimmick, it's a business, no maybes!

Don't make YOU the product/service…except in measured and controlled ways, short times, or in the case of converting to long term later (recording webinars for later product to sell)

NEW UPDATE: Sample Timeline of Success::

I recently received an email from one of the rad members of TABG asking about what a speculative timeline for seeing a profit, of say $3000 a month, would be. Here's the answer I emailed back and thought I'd share with everyone as it's really a great question and has some good nuggets in the answer:

So the answer isn't easy, like you said it's all speculative and really depends on many factors, you related and other. But the short answer is, if all goes well with product design/producing/ and you nail a good market down that really wants what you're going to sell, and depending on volume of people and product price, as soon as your product is ready to sell and you have an audience seeing it, and responding to your sales copy, you should be making at least 1 to 2 sales a day.
So let's say you had a product that ran at $45 ish. You sell 2 a day and pay Paypal or other merchant fees. Your “take home” is let's say, about $82. Before marketing costs taken out, that's roughly $2460 a month. But you would need to account for any marketing costs of course. So when you look at “income” remember there are monthly fees involved. Hosting and marketing really are the main ones.
This brings us to marketing costs. Expect to spend more up front to get word out, build momentum. Be willing to put a large amount of your income from sales back into your marketing plan. You may need to do this for several months.
So here's an example timeline:
2 weeks niche research/etc
1.5 months product creation/planning/market research
2 weeks marketing prep (sales page writing, further market research and setting up your marketing approach/plan)
1 week test and then launchish
So I'd say, from very start, expect 3 months before first sale. Then it's all about building momentum. So give another 3 months to put a large amount of sales back into whatever marketing approach works best…this is the time to test and try different types and hone in on the one that's really rock solid for your business.
Don't be afraid of some free marketing, like offline, posters, bumper sticker, newspapers, etc. Also place ads on Craigslist if applicable…find creative ways to get free marketing from legit sources. Follow the Don'ts in the course.
So after that 3 months of marketing all out action, you are about 6 months in and should by then see a steady stream. If nothing works in the first 6 months and no matter what you can't get to a sustainable level where you are at least breaking even with sales and marketing, it may be time to put that in the category of education and do something else.
So when I say “fail fast” that doesn't necessarily mean do something for 2 weeks and change if no profit. We are talking a much larger timeline than that, but a much smaller timeline than the normal business.

Again, the above is speculative and not a promise or guarantee of anything. And as far as a $3,000 a month number, it really depends heavily, even if all goes well, on the three scalability factors we discuss in the course.

Module 2 ::Market & Niche Research::

One::Finding Your Niche
Two::Listening to the Niche/Market Research

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 3 ::Prep & What You'll Need::

Prep & What You'll Need

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 4 ::Design & Plan Your Business::

Design & Plan Your Business

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 5 ::Basic Site Setup::

One::Domain Names

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~

info coming soon

Three::Basic Site Setup

Module 6 ::Affiliate & Ad Relationships/Setup::

One::Affiliate Basics
Two::Affiliate Setup

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~

Affiliate programs are often called “Partner Programs”

List of recommended Affiliate Networks:

  • CJ – www.cj.com
  • ClickBank – www.clickbank.com
  • Linkshare – www.linkshare.com
  • ShareASale – www.shareasale.com
  • Amazon – associates.amazon.com

Module 7 ::Email Marketing Setup::

Setting Up Email Marketing

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 8 ::Email Sequences and Config::

One::Creating Emails Within Autoresponder
Two::Designing Email Sequences

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 9 ::Creating Your Product::

One::Type of Product
Two::Naming Your Product
Three::Creating a Product

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 10 ::Site Build-Out::

One::Building Out Your Site Part 1
Two::Building Out Your Site Part 2
Three::Building Out Your Site Part 3

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


The "Static Files" download contains the static files talked about in this and other modules, including the “analytics.php” file for tracking. All the static files will need to be customized by you if you choose to use them. The exceptions are the two folders, “lib” and “source” which can be simply uploaded to your site's root folder without modification.

Look in each of the static files for where you replace the capitalized sections, for example “YOURSITE”, with your site's and business's information.

Also, find the Analytics Signup link in external resources.

Module 11 ::"Publishing" Your Product (Part 1)::

One::Your Free Offer Part 1
Two::Your Free Offer Part 2
Three::Your Free Offer Part 3

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


For a 3rd Party WordPress Membership Site Script I recommend Digital Access Pass. It's a fully functional, one stop solution to install with WordPress and turn your WP site into a membership site. My associates use this and love it.

It's up to you if you feel comfortable or not doing the more advanced techniques I teach, or you can also reach out to me for Technical Assistance and Coaching. Whatever the case, here's their site: http://digitalaccesspass.com/

Coming Soon: The template I use/discuss as a downloadable.

Module 12 ::"Publishing" Your Product (Part 2)::

One::Your Product (Intro)
Two::Your Product Part 1
Three::Your Product Part 2
Four::Your Product Part 3

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


In this module we discuss publishing posts in reverse order, the last first, so they display in the correct order within WordPress. There is a “glitch” however. While this may make the posts show up on category list pages in the correct order, #1 at the top for example, when a user is reading a post and gets to the end, it will say “Previous Post” and “Next Post” at the end but they will be in reverse order…meaning the “Next Post” will actually be the previous.

The fix is to install a plugin that allows you to customize the order of posts within WordPress. Look in the External Resources for the Custom Post Order Plugin link to download it and use.

Other WordPress plugins are in the downloadable section.

Five::Addendum Video 1

Module 13 ::The Purchase Process::

One::The Buy Process (Intro)
Two::The Buy Process Part 1
Three::The Buy Process Part 2

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


You can further customize the user experience using cookies and sessions. To learn more, do a simple Google search of “how to set and get a cookie” and “how to set and get a session” . I may add a section on this more advanced PHP coding later.

See the downloads for the Payment Processing files download.

Module 14 ::Tracking::


~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~

Coming soon: How to split test a page

The “analytics.php” file is located in the Zip download “Static Files" in Section/Module 10

Module 15 ::Marketing::


~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 16 ::Customer Management::

Your Customers

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 17 ::Scaling Your Business::

Business Scaling and Growth

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)

Module 18 ::Wrap Up & Coaching::

One::Course Summary
Two::Wrap Up

~~~ | Supplemental Section | ~~~


Nothing here yet :)


Course Outlines

Here you'll find the complete course outline. Also, in the Downloadables find the "chicken scratch" original hand written I wrote when first dreaming up this course. There may be different goodies in each you can glean from, enjoy!

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