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Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12C – All Steps

Find out how to become an Expert Data warehouse and ETL life cycle with ODI 12C
Mustafa Aksoy
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100% Student Satisfaction Guarantee. How we can provide this. When you have any issue about ODI , We will be able to live session over your machine. Remember and don't hesitate to ask me any questions.In the end of the course, you’ll be able to develop and design all kind of ODI jobs(Packages, Schedules, ETL cycle, etc..)
Development Jobs with using ODI 12C new components, new mapping
Understand Knowledge Module structures
Create Topology and understand installation logic
Step by Step ODI 12C Components and Structures
Load Tables with different Knowledge Modul
Mapping Designing

Would you like to be an ODI/ETL Developer with  ODI 12C Training? ODI 12C is a last version of Oracle’s integrator tool.  In order to professionalize you at this topic, we gathered up all of the trainings and performed the application of the theorical informations to provide a better education.

After obtaining these informations, you’ll learn ODI objects/new components and design new packages/mappings. . In this training, all of the abilities that a ETL and ODI developers  must have will be explained.  You’ll be able to have a wide range of informations over the topics listed bellow:

ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) 12C

  • Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator 12C
  • ODI Studio Components
  • ODI Repositories
  • Creating Master Repository
  • Creating work Repository
  • Overview of Topology Navigator
  • Creating Physical Architecture
  • Creating a Data Server
  • Testing a Data Server Connection
  • Creating a Physical Schema
  • Creating Logical Architecture
  • New features in ODI 12C
  • using new components in ODI 12C 
  • Overview of Logical Architecture and Context Views
  • Linking the Logical and Physical Architecture
  • Understanding Metadata in ODI
  • Understanding Reverse Engineering
  • Creating Models
  • Organizing Models
  • Creating Data stores
  • Overview of ODI Projects
  • Creating a New Project
  • Introduction to Knowledge Modules
  • Types of Knowledge modules
  • Creating a Basic Interface
  • Designing an Interface
  • Integration knowledge module (IKM) overview
  • Using Knowledge Modules (KM) with ODI Interface
  • Executing the interface
  • Operator Overview
  • Viewing the session log in operator
  • Exploring the code in operator
  • Creating simple mappings
  • Setting knowledge module option Truncate to True
  • Join Transformations
  • Set Operators Transformations
  • Creating Packages in ODI

Why you should have this course?

This is not a theorical education. All of  lessons are implemented in my machine. You can find all steps that you need to know when you want to develop a project in ODI 12C. I’m moving on with examples over ODI suitable for data warehouse structure and heavily used in the real projects.

With various documents and end-of-chapter quizes, I aim to reinforce the topics.

As being more than 6 years in the sector and being an instructor in companies that have big DWH structures, I provide this course.

You are choosing an instructor that can provide support for any type of questions about the training or about DWH structures that does not fall within the training.



About Course

Preparing Database Environment and ODI 12C

Downloading Oracle 12C

We'll download Oracle that we need.

Installation Oracle 12C

We'll install Oracle step by step.

Downloading and installation Oracle Data Integrator 12C

You can find all step in here ODI and Database.

Topology &Middleware setup

Master and Work Repository Creation

Installation master and work repository in ODI 12C. 

Creating Physical/Logical Schema and Context

We'll create and design  Physical and Logical Schema. Everything that you will need about topology in this section.

Design and Development

Overview ODI Interface

We can say Interface from ODI 11g, we will see its name as Mapping.

Creating Model

Importing tables that we will use them into Mapping and Package.

Project Interface Setup

We can start developing sample projects.

Knowledge Modul Setup

Importing some important knowledge modules and you can meet knowledge module.

Using Join And Filter

Using Joing between more then one tables and some filters.

Using Hardcode Data

Hardcode data that is mean what we want to see in our target table, we need to enter manually.

Sequence Component in a Mapping

Performing sequence in a target table.

Creating a Basic Package

We have created a few mapping and we can use them into a package.

Declaring a Variable

Using a variable in a package. Variable has a value that can be string , number or date. in this section you will learn using string and number.

Creating Scenario

Scenario that is like a snapshot of mapping or package. 

Using ETL_DATE Variable

A date variable can be used lots of projects. 

Lookup Tables

Lookup tables has some values, they are usually description of a value. 

Join Component (New Features)

The components are new features in ODI 12C. And we will see using Join Component in this section.

Union Component (New Features)

Union combines more than one results. But we shouldn't forget all scripts have same column number and character types. 

Sort Component (New Features)

Sorting Data over a number column using Sort component. it is new feature in ODI 12C.

Distinct Component (New Features)

Distinct component is used for checking dublicate rows. it is a new feature in ODI 12C.

Subquery Component (New Features)

When we want to use "not in" or "in" or equal with other column that is in other table we can use subquery component. it is a new feature in ODI 12C.

Using Subquery Component with different Approach

continuing with subquery component

Expression Component (New Features)

Expression component can be used for heaping some results. We will see it.

Aggregate Component (New Feature)

Aggregate component is a new feature in ODI. we can use it for using "SUM", "COUNT" or any math formulas.

Split Component (New Feature)

For seperating datas over some cases we need to use split component. This is new feature in ODI.

Reusable Mapping (New Features)

We will see how to use a reuseble mapping. And understand why it is used.

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