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Own and Operate A Child Identification Home Based Business

The Greatest Fear A Parent Has Is A Missing Child-Help Ease Their Fear By Providing A Complete Profile & Smart Phone ID
Sam Sommer MBA
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Successfully own and operate a child ID home based business. You will learn what hardware and software is needed to run your business, where to buy it and how to use it. You will receive all the forms needed for your business. You will learn how to market or sell the product.

There is no greater feeling of fear
that comes over you when you realize that your child, who was just
standing next to you, in the department store, is now out of sight.
It only took one second. You turn your back and they wander off. Even
though you are confident they are just around the corner, the
thought of them not being found is overwhelming. Trust me, I have
experienced this with my own children and I will never forget it.

According to law enforcement:

“The Easiest and Fastest Way To Find A Missing Child Is To Have Access To Their Complete Profile”.

Child ID Programs provide parents with this
complete profile in the form of an ID card and now, with new technology, include digital versions that can be stored on your smart
phone and computer. 

The Child Identification business is one of the highest ranked home based business opportunities in the world. And in case you think there is not a world wide need for this service, please check out these stats:

  • It is estimated that at least 8 million children worldwide go
    missing each year
  • It is estimated that nearly 800,000 children will be reported
    missing each year in the U.S.;  40,000 children go missing each year
    in Brazil; 50,500 in Canada; 39,000 in France; 100,000 in Germany;
    and 45,000 in Mexico. An estimated 230,000 children go missing in
    the U.K. each year, or one child every 5 minutes !
  • Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the U.S.
  • It can take over 2 hours to get information about a missing
    child from a panicked parent

While the success of Child ID businesses relates to this fear,
you as a business owner can feel a great sense of accomplishment when you provide a solution in
the form of an ID card that parents carry with them and the digital
version that they keep on their storage devices, such as a smart
phone. This information helps officials find them quickly.

The appeal of this business relates to the high level of
acceptance on the part of the buying public and the low cost to start
a Child ID enterprise. But there is a learning curve, and without
expert knowledge, the chances of success remain low.

Imagine being taught by someone who has owned and
operated the Safe Kids ID Program for over 25 years and has had
hundreds of thousands of children participate in it and made millions of dollars. Do you think you
will be successful learning from someone like this?

In this course you will learn:

1. What equipment to buy

2. How to market or sell the product

3. Where to buy this equipment and what it costs

4. Where to get your marketing materials printed – you will receive all the original art work

5. How to make the product, take pictures and prints

6. How to operate the software, camera, lights and so much more….

7. To sum up – everything you need in order to successfully own and operate a child ID business will be taught in this course and the instructor will be there to answer your questions and help you be successful

Preview For One of the World's Greatest Home Based Businesses

Introduction To The World's Best Home Based Business Part I

Enjoy this free preview and begin to learn what the Child ID business is all about. It ranks as one of the best home based business opportunities in the world.

Introduction To The World's Best Home Based Business Part II

It is surprising to learn how many children go missing each year, world wide. While most are found quickly, it does not lesson the fear parents feel when their child is gone. This business can be successfully  operated in any country. Enjoy this Free Preview.

Before We Get Started - Some Words To Consider

Before we get started I wanted to provide some insight and words of warning. Please listen to what I say.

What's Needed To Successfully Run Your Child ID Business

The Hardware

Here we look at the hardware needed to run a successful ID business. Anyone can learn how to own and operate a child ID business. Just mix some basic computer equipment together and create a unique business that yields great results.

The Software

Only two basic software programs are needed. One is a word processor. The other an ID software program that is very easy to operate and has many great features.

The Forms

Over the years I have developed unique and simple forms that make the business work. I will share them with you.

Review and Example

Let's review and take an example so you can see how easy this business is.

The Job and The Results

Here I examine the financial outcome based upon years of results so you can gain insight regarding the monetary rewards of this business type.

The Setup Picture Day

It is important to understand how to set up your equipment so all the distances are correct and it is very easy to process students quickly. In this lecture we will help you visualize the setup and later we will demonstrate it to you.


Marketing I

We will begin to examine the most important topic in the course. if you cannot sell you cannot make money. There are two basic types of marketing - you travel to the site is one. The other allows you to market from home.

Marketing II

Learn how to contact day cares and what person to speak with and what to say to them.

Marketing III

Now we begin the process of approaching elementary schools. It is an exact science. It must be handled correctly.

Marketing IV

Now learn who to speak with at a school and what to say to them. The dos and dont's are covered in this lecture.

Marketing V

Learning how to contact the principal is key to your success. There are ways to handle this properly.

Marketing VI

Here we look at other ways to market your business and what to expect from them.

Marketing From Home I

Learn how I was able to prove that you can market the business from your home and actually have customers send money to you.

Marketing From Home II

Let's explore a new way to market the business from your home. This opens many doors to the future.

Support Videos

Support Videos

Here I explain the support videos to follow.

Basic Setup

A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing the basic setup makes you realize how easy this business is.

Taking Pictures

Watch as children get their picture and prints taken. Anyone can do this. It is so easy.

Picture Taking - Adjusting

The power of the software allows you to adjust the picture on the fly.

Print The Card

Watch as the printer makes an ID card.

After The Pictures Are Taken

After doing a school you must wait before leaving. Many students come up at the last minute.


Resource List

Here is a list of suppliers and materials that you will need to run your business. It is up to date but as you know links can change.

AlphaCard Software

See how easy it is to use the AlphaCard Software. Here we take a closer look at it. It is amazing.

An easy way to generate labels

There is a free and very easy way to generate labels online. Avery has provided a complete solution to us and I show you how to take advantage of it.

Doing a school - let's look at this again

Let's review the process of doing a school. Once you learn how you will realize how easy it is. This system works. It is based upon 25 plus years of success.

The internet - possibilities abound

Taking advantage of the internet needs to be considered. Creating a web site and online forms can work but probably works best when used with the other methods mentioned in the course.



There is no better business opportunity and no better time than now to consider a child ID opportunity. It is the perfect part time business. But has the potential to yield full time income.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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