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Perfect Pregnancy Guide: Yoga, Meditation, Checkups and More

Enjoy guided meditation, yoga, pregnancy education, proper preparation for the birth and SO much more!
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Understand the changes of the body during pregnancy
Understand the medical checkups that are recommended, what they entail and what to expect
Physical preparation with guided yoga course
Mental and emotional preparation with guided meditation
Prepare and plan for the process at the hospital when going to give birth
Create a stronger emotional connection with your partner during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a tough and sensitive time, and it is too easy to forget the beauty of the miracle that is transpiring inside of you.

This course has a number of sections to help you throughout the entire pregnancy, and properly prepare you for birth. Pregnancy deserves a multi-factorial approach to make sure that you and your baby are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. As the baby grows inside of you, there is an incredible opportunity to connect, and provide them with an environment which allows them to grow and thrive in this critical time. Give your baby what they deserve and need, and do this by taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

This course was put together by an extensive team including medical professionals, yoga/pilates instructors, physiotherapists, as well as doulas. This team got together to create a course which brings you the essentials of pregnancy from every direction that you need.

What’s in this course?

– Pregnancy Education:

While pregnancy can be new and exciting, often physical and hormonal changes can be scary and unknown. In this guide we take you through all of the changes that you go through, and what to expect. We also provide tips and tricks to minimize the discomfort, and keep you healthy throughout. In addition to this we go through all of the medical check ups that you might go through, talking about what to expect, how important the test is and to help you understand the importance of some of the results.

– Meditation:

Stress runs high during pregnancy, as this can be an emotionally charged time in your life. Our guided lectures will help you reduce the stress in your life, create incredible connections with your baby, as well as help you sleep better!

– Yoga:

We have a complete section in this course which combines techniques from the teachings of eastern yoga and physiotherapy, providing your body with the appropriate exercises and techniques to keep yourself balanced, strong and stable, as well as physically connected to yourself. 

– Preparing for Birth:

When you get to the hospital it is too easy to let the medical team make the generic recommended decisions for you, and it’s too easy to be passive in this situation. Giving birth how you want requires understanding the process that you go through from the medical side, and understanding what you need to ask for ahead of time. This way you can create a plan that’s right for you, taking control of the birth how you want it to be. This can only be done if you are informed, and this section of the course will guide you through that. 

What you can expect:

This course will introduce you to topics that you may have not heard of, but are essential to understand in order to take your own fate into your hands. With our course you can expect to be much better prepared for the pregnancy, and for the birth itself. Our exercises and recommendations will give you the best chance of staying healthy, preventing complications and providing an environment which is best for you and your growing baby. Along with the lectures, we have many additional resources including articles, studies and Q&A support throughout. 

Take control of your fate, and the fate of your baby with this course. Click the enroll button, and we’ll see you in the first section!

Congratulations and see you soon,

The MedScreen Team



Welcome to the best pregnancy course that you're ever going to take! A lot of time and research went into providing you with the best and most relevant information, so we hope you enjoy!

Changes during pregnancy

Introduction to changes during pregnancy

The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, some can be scary especially if this is your first time. Understanding the changes and knowing how to deal with them is crucial to cope with your new body properly, and protect yourself along with your baby. 

The blood flowing through the body

A lot changes to make way for a new independent creation inside of you, new blood vessels need to be made, and this can have a significant effect. 

The single best tip for women who plan on breastfeeding...
Breathing - Why is it so hard when you're pregnant?

Do you ever feel like you can't breathe? Here's why:

Anemia - More reasons to feel faint and weak

Anemia is a disease in most people, but in pregnancy it's actually natural!

Going to the bathroom, again and again

Sorry.... I gotta go!!!

Digestive system

Heart burn, constipation, feeling a bit full too early... sound familiar?

Changes to the skin

This lecture is not about tattoos!

Back pain, oh the back pain

Back pain is described as one of the toughest physical parts of pregnancy, and this is for good reason. Listen a bit about why this happens, and be sure to get to the yoga section to help manage some of this pain. 

Review - With a few tips and tricks

Great job for making it this far, keep going!

Medical Checkups during pregancy

Introduction to medical checkups

Checkups can be scary especially if you don't know what awaits on the other side of the door. This section will go through everything you need to expect, what you should do, what you don't need to do, and what results mean. 

Pregnancy tests - Finding out that you're pregnant

It's positive!!! Congratulations!

Non-invasive prenatal screening

This test is amazing, welcome to the 21st century!

Nuchal Translucency

The first ultrasound, here's a good chance for you to say hi for the first time. 

Combined screening

Getting into some blood tests. 

Second trimester screening (quad screening)

A few more blood tests...

Level 2 UltraSound

Saying hi again to the baby in this ultrasound, you might even get to take a picture home with you :)


Definitive testing to make sure that everything is okay.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

This video will take you through all of the advantages and disadvantages of CVS compared with amniocentesis. 

Genetic Diseases and Chromosomal Abnormalities

What does it mean if there's an abnormal result?

Testing for GBS

Testing for GBS has significantly reduced post birth complications, because we can preemptively get rid of this bacteria as it sits in the birth canal.  

A few more...

Here are a few more tests not to forget as you progress through pregnancy, be sure to read the articles as well!

Preparing for the birth

When to go to the hospital

This is one of the most important questions. How does the birth start? When should you go to the hospital? How do you know that you're ready? 

Signs to be concerned about - and to get checked out

Sometimes there are some signs during pregnancy which require you to go get checked out. Here are a few of them, and some other resources to help you out as well. 

Movements - what happens if you stop feeling them

Movements are one of the joys and pains of pregnancy. This video talks about what you should look out for, and when to be concerned. 

Exercise, movement and the pelvic floor

What type of exercise are you allowed to do?

Exercise is extremely important during pregnancy for your own health, and the baby's as well. However extreme exercise might be a bit much. 

All about the pelvic floor, and how to protect it

Your pelvic floor is very vulnerable during pregnancy, and even more so during the birth. Learn a bit about what that means, and how you can protect it. 

Ready to give birth, let's go to the hospital!

When arriving at reception

In this section the lectures will help you develop a plan so that you can take control of your own pregnancy, making sure that you know what you need to decide and when to request the things that you want. 

Entering the delivery room

We're getting closer... set the mood and you are on your way!

Dealing with contractions

It's time to dance! Get that pelvis moving, and get those contractions moving along. 

When the baby comes out

What happens right after you hear that first gasp of air, that first cry? What a beautiful moment. 

Treating the baby in the hospital

There are a few immediate decisions that you have to make with regards to treating the baby, and you should definitely think about them before hand. 

The packing list - preparing a bag

Here is what you need to bring

Here is the full packing list!

Yoga for a pregnant woman

Introduction to yoga

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body during pregnancy. Hormones like 'relaxin' cause certain joints to be more flexible, preparing your body for birth while at the same time causing back pain, and changing your balance as well as center of gravity. Yoga helps you stay in balance with your body and mind, being aware of the changes and taking control of them. 

Yoga 1 - Cat cow

Cat cow is a great exercise to start with, mixing a bit of yoga with physiotherapy. It is especially good for back pain, helping your supporting muscles to stretch out if they're tense, and strengthening them a bit too. 

Yoga 2 - Figure 8 on hands and knees

Start practicing your positions and techniques for easing contractions. They also strengthen the muscles you need, and create a muscle memory for these techniques to come more naturally to you in the time when you need them most. 

Yoga 3 - Cool down

Release the tension in your body as you take deep breaths, letting out any ounce of worries or stress that may still exist within you. This is a rewarding part of the yoga, especially if you persist and get your weekly sessions in routinely. 

Yoga 4 - Knee rotation on back

This is another good one for back pain. You can do it alone, or with your partner as well, who will guide your knee movements with you. Make sure you make big, slow movements controlling every inch of the moment. 

Yoga 5 - Pelvic raises

This is a great one for your balance, and supporting muscles all around the core of the body, pelvis, stomach, legs and groin. Try to keep at these exercises a few times each week, persistence is the key to strengthening muscles, and getting better at the positions. 

Yoga 6 - Tree

One of the best exercises you can do for balance, finding your center and giving it the appropriate attention that it deserves. Proper balance and proprioception help reduce accidents, and create a sturdy base for you and the baby, increasing confidence and releases fewer stress hormones. 

Yoga 7 - Prayer of the sun​

This is one of the most common yoga positions, and if you've done a lot of yoga in the past you are probably very familiar with the name. The pregnancy version is a bit different, though it's okay to do the regular version as well especially earlier in pregnancy if you are more experienced. 

Yoga 8 - The frog

The frog position can go a long way to increasing blood flow to some of your internal organs in the groin area, reducing constipation and improving symptoms from haemorrhoids. 

Yoga 9 - Sitting on the wall, back on the floor​

Sitting on the wall, back on the floor
This stretch can reduce tension from your lower back, pelvis and supporting muscles. It also helps increase the returning blood flow to the heart from the lower part of your body. For this reason you can do this daily, before you go to sleep is a good time as well as your yoga sessions. The increased blood flow can help you sleep better as well. 

Yoga 10 - Pelvic circles leaning on wall​

Pelvic circles leaning on wall
This is another technique to help you through contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions are a good time to practice, though practicing these techniques when you are calm and controlled is always better for you to learn them properly, so be sure to do this one rather frequently. 

Meditation for a pregnant woman

Introduction to meditation during pregnancy

Stress levels have real effects on our bodies, and unfortunately on the baby too. Keeping down your stress is an important part of your health for a number of reasons, and meditation is a great way to do that. Take time out of your day, even if it's just a few minutes, and dedicate them to these exercises in order to reduce your stress, appreciate the changes and feeling that you're having, and connect with yourself and the baby. 

Session 1 - Getting started

If you're new to meditation, pregnancy is a great place to start. Learn some of the basics here including position, atmosphere, and basic techniques. 

Session 2 - Breathing exercises

Breathing is an important part of meditation, in this session we go over a few techniques to make sure that you breath properly, stretching out your diaphragm and increasing your lung capacity. 

Session 3 - Connecting mind, body and self with the baby

This session is one of the most exciting, and if you practice this a few times you'll create a very strong connection between you and the pregnancy, and the baby. 

Session 4 - Scanning, guided imagination

In this session we learn a few more techniques that are amazing to do while you meditate both during pregnancy, and when you're not pregnant as well. Relax your whole body as you find your place to be focused and concentrated on yourself in your current state, finding peace of mind in the present. 

Bonus - Dr. Jeff's 30 minute workout to strengthen the core and reduce back pain

Dr. Jeff's 30 minute workout to strengthen the core and reduce back pain

*** Most of these exercises are for AFTER pregnancy! ***

Q & A

How do you put young kids to sleep?

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