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Potent Teams: Creating Inspired Team Performance

How to Empower and Engage your Teams and Team Members to achieve new levels of Sustainable Competitiveness
Dave Woods
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Have a clear understanding of the Role and Power of Teams in Organisations
Identify what ingredients YOU will need to put in place to create a Potent Team
Address each ingredient with CONFIDENCE to meet the team needs
Ensure you avoid the classic pitfalls of teams to ensure outstanding results
Design your own CUSTOMISED Team Alignment workshop to develop your Potent Team!

This Course is for Leaders at all levels in organisations who need to lift their team(s) to new and inspired performance levels. Throughout the Course you will learn about, and apply, powerful tools and techniques which are highly practical and easy to apply. The Course is characterized by:

  • Informative lectures from an experienced exponent of implementing Potent Teams globally in many organisations and industries
  • Concepts which are all supported by respected, leading edge research
  • Practical resources designed to provide the learner with tools to use in their Teams
  • A step by step approach to creating and building a Potent Team for performance!

Putting Potent Teams and their Capabilities in Context


In this first lecture, we will review the course objectives and cover the overall Course Roadmap - the journey we will take on the road to creating a Potent Team. It will set the scene for the lectures to follow!

Review of Introduction Lecture

This is a short quiz to test understanding from the Introduction lecture

Why Bother with Teams in the first place?

In this lecture we define what we really mean by a 'team' as opposed to a 'group'. We then go on to see how organisations have addressed the issue of teams in the work environment and what this has meant for changing focus and strategy - from a customer delivery perspective!

Team based organisations

This short quiz tests your understanding of the changes that have occurred over time within organisations

What do we Already Know about Teams?

In this lecture, we will review the types of teams and psychology underpinning team formation to high performance. We will also look at the role of leaders as the team moves towards becoming a Potent Team.

Team Cycle and Development

This quiz looks at the important ingredients of the team cycle

Key Ingredients to bake a Potent Team

Ingredient 1 - Developing a Strong Sense of Purpose
In this lecture we begin the discussion of the essential components (ingredients) to building a Potent Team. We will cover the important considerations in developing a powerful and engaging sense of purpose for, and with, all team members.
S-M-A-R-T requirements

This quiz tests your understanding of the importance of using SMART as a reference guide

Ingredient 2 - Creating Open, Shared and Honest Communication for Trust

This critical lecture will cover the complex but often ignored aspect of truly effective communicate . We will consider the nature of communication, the process and its complexities - including an intriguing behaviour of the human mind when listening.

Communication concepts

This quiz checks understanding about the communication process

Ingredient 3 - Leadership which is Inspiring and Shared

In this lecture, we will delve into the role of the Leader in creating a focus on 'positive deviance'. In addition, we will discuss some leading edge research on 'Positive Leadership' and the components necessary to bring it to life within a Potent Team environment. As with all the lectures, attending to the practical resources is an important part of applying the learning to YOUR team.

Leadership in a team environment

This quiz checks understanding about some new aspects of leadership beyond the usual

Ingredient 4 - Creating and Building a Strength Foundation

In this lecture we take a close look at very detailed research on the 12 key questions all leaders must answer in the affirmative. This will assist with the learning required in order to scale the mountain to a Potent Team!

Engaging Strengths within the team

Using our talents effectively requires......

Avoiding the Pitfalls and Making it Happen

Obstacles and Pitfalls

Teams are living organisms. In this lecture we will close the loop on creating a Potent Team. The focus is on discussing the various people dynamics and some of the natural issues which can arise in teams - these need to be monitored in order to free team members to unleash their capability. Suggestions and ideas to do so are explored.

Avoiding the Obstacles and Pitfalls

This short quiz tests your understanding of some of the potential hurdles in developing a Potent Team

Team Alignment Workshop - How to....!

In this final lecture, we will bring all the learning in this Course together as we plan, design and facilitate an inspiring Team Alignment Workshop. You will be able to use the resources to develop customised outcomes and objectives AND the agenda. Good luck!

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