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PPC Course – How to Double Your Pay per Click Performance

Learn how to earn more with Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising - Be an A to Z PPC Profesional!
Mark Stephenson
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Learn how to increase your Google Adwords performance by at least 100%
Increase your Click Through Rate and DECREASE your Cost per Click by more than you paid for this course
Stop wasting money guessing at ad copy, bid strategies and key words and work your PPC budget right.

Learn how to Double, Triple or even Quadruple the performance of your Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, Bing or any online advertising platform. Earn more revenues and get more out of your advertising budget than you ever thought possible.


5 STAR Student Review: “Just wanted to leave a 5 star review for this course! Again, this is not a beginners course but for those that have at least set up a campaign and have spent money on PPC. I highly recommend this course as a “refresher/key steps to optimization” on what needs to be implemented. Mark does a fabulous job on presenting the material and if you plan on managing your own PPC accounts in the long run, this course is for you.”

Truly Master Google AdWords or Pay Per Click Advertising Platform by Using What You Will Learn in this Course

    ·Learn Focus Keyword Strategies for PPC that Skyrocket Rank

    ·Implement The Only 4 Metrics you Need to Lower Cost per Click

    ·Save $ with PPC Match Type Bidding

    ·Make Every Ad Count Using Ad Extensions

    ·Surprise! Bing-Yahoo Performance

ANOTHER 5 STAR Student Review: “New things even after 6 years of Google AdWords! Thank you Mark for making this course. I’ve been struggling myself with AdWords for 7 years for my own company and reached decent results. I thought I knew a lot, but your training proved that I have missed about 40% of the important PPC knowledge. I would advise anyone that takes this course to listen carefully, even if they know some stuff. Great stuff on match type, way to construct and ad, and a really interesting final lecture. Money well spent for me.”

Real Education on how you can drastically improve your current Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click performance, in ways you never imagined.

This course came from 3 years of managing the pay per click (PPC) and Google Adwords budgets for several brands, types of products and different service businesses. The constant quest to match budgets, small and very large, to the results required necessitated spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to find the right formula.

5 STAR Student Review: “I’ve been struggling myself with Adwords for 7 years for my own company and reached decent results. I thought I knew a lot, but your training proved that I have missed about 40% of the important PPC knowledge. I would advise anyone that takes this course to listen carefully, even if they know some stuff. Great stuff on match type, way to construct an ad, and a really interesting final lecture. Money well spent for me.”

Content Overview

“How to Double Your Pay Per Click Performance” is designed for experienced PPC users that just aren’t getting the results they need following all the recommendations from Google.

You will go through 20 lectures that include information delivered in slide show format, live looks at the Adwords PPC platform to demonstrate implementing the techniques and strategies discussed, and delve into accounts and ads that use each.

There are several quizzes to help ensure that you’re absorbing the most vital information, and several “cheat sheets” to print out and review.

Once you complete this course and implement the techniques you learn, you will be able double your pay per click performance just like I did.. for several different brands, different businesses and diverse clients.

The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising - and Advanced Basics of using Adwords

An Introduction to Successful Pay Per Click Adverstising

While this course is designed for experienced Google Adwords and other PPC users, it is always useful to make sure we understand the basics. Here's where we'll discuss the terms and statistics we'll use in the rest of the course.

The Basics of Pay Per Click Quiz

Check your basic knowledge of pay per click advertising.

How Pay Per Click Relates to Your marketing, sales and business goals

Online ads don't exist in a vacuum! They have to fulfill your marketing goals whether those are physical visits, list building, sales leads, or direct purchases. Here we'll discuss how all of those things relate.

The Truth about ad performance, cost for results and how much time it will take

How will you measure performance of your paid advertising? Will it be in cost per click? Leads generated? Profit of the sale that results? Without measurements, and the budget for testing, you will never get better than mystery results from your Google AdWords campaigns.

The Vocabulary of Pay Per Click - The Terms you MUST Know to Make Money

There are 4 terms that you MUST know well in order to take advantage of the lessons you'll learn in this course. This lesson is all about CTR, CPC, QS and Ave Position. Learn these 4 things in this lecture before you move on! Knowing them will make all the difference in improving your cost per click.

PPC Vocabulary

You HAVE to make sure your know the 4 terms in the preceding lesson. Let's check your knowledge! Review the lesson if you need to.

The 4 Things Google uses to set your ad price

The way Google ranks your ad for display is the key to your ultimate success in buying leads and customers with paid advertising. This could be the most important lecture in the course.

How to Set Up Google Adwords for Doubling Your Pay Per Click Performance Metrics

This is a live demonstration that shows you how to set up Adwords to show you the Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click, Average Position and Quality Score so you can evaluate your Campaigns and DOUBLE your PPC performance!

Choosing Key Words and Phrases and Your Budget for Pay Per Click Advertising

Keyword Focus - How to reduce your keywords and get 2X performance

Just the simplest use of the keyword tool to help you brainstorm the results of your elevator pitch with traffic numbers in mind.

Choosing Your Focus Keywords to Improve PPC Performance

These are the steps to take to narrow down your keyword choices so you can focus on what works. It's a KEY component to reducing your Cost per Click and making your performance double.

Negative Keywords - Saving Money You can Invest in GOOD CTR

In this lesson you'll learn how to save hundred or thousands of dollars on clicks that hold NO value to you or your company. Don't skip this lesson!

Match Types and Keywords and why that's so important for NOT wasting money

Even it you already know all about keyword match types, use this lesson as a review. It's vital that you know these 100% in order to take advantage of the advanced lessons.

Match Type Quiz

Key word match types are so important to maximize your ROI that you must make sure you know them back to front! Take this quiz to make sure:

Simple Ad Techniques that Got me 5X performance in Bing and Google Ads

Ad Design for Maximum Effect

Simplicity is key! This lesson will teach you the criteria for focused ads to get the most out of your budget.

Update on Basic Ads
Audio Recap

Last reminders about what we've covered so far.

Ad Extensions and Why They Work to Improve your Pay Per Click Performance

Introduction to Ad Extensions

An introduction to Google's ad extensions, what they are and how they will impact your ad performance.

Ad Extensions - Sitelinks. Using the Sitelinks to Improve AdWords Performance

I'll cover how to implement Sitelinks and why it's a MUST for ad AdWords account.

Ad Extensions - Location. Connecting to Google My Business and Improving CTR

Especially powerful for brick and mortar businesses, we'll describe how the Location Extensions influence CTR.

Ad Extensions - Call Extensions Generate Track-able Phone Calls

Call extensions and tracking can be the most productive part of an ad campaign if it's done correctly and for the right reasons. Take a look at how to create and execute them.

Callout Extensions - How to Adding Messages to your Ads and Improving CTR

Learn about one of Google's newest Ad features, Callouts, and why they could mean big bucks returned for your investment.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are valuable additions to your Pay Per Click strategy because they both increase CTR and can have a positive impact on Cost Per Click and Average Position as well.

Audio Recap and Reminder to Implement the Strategies you've Learned!

The Bidding Strategy that Changed my performance by up to 100%

Match Type Bidding

In this lesson you'll learn the tiered bidding strategy that has helped me focus my budget on not only the most productive key word, but on the most profitable match type as well.

How to Calculate the right Daily Budget and it Determines ROI

Learn how to determine what you can afford to spend per click and how Daily Budget affects Average Position, Click Through Rate and your success.

Bing Ads - the Best Kept Secret in Lead Generation that DOUBLED my Ad Perfomance

All About the Bing.. AND Yahoo Ad Network

In this lesson you'll see a performance comparison of pay per click ads run on both AdWords and the Bing Ads Network and why you may get over TWICE the performance with Bing.

New Bonus Section - Retargeting with Google AdWords

Retargeting and Pay Per Click Advertising Performance

See a comparison of several ongoing campaigns and how performance is impacted with retargeting strategies in Google AdWords.

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