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Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed

A complete productivity and time management course designed to help you reduce your overwhelm and increase your results.
Josh Paulsen
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Take control of their mindset and energy levels to increase your productivity
Discover why you are not as productive as you could be and develop a plan to improve
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If you have more things to do than you have time and frequently get overwhelmed with all your priorities and tasks, you are in the right place! I designed this course to help people from all walks of life that struggle with trying to get it all done.

At the same time I have done my best to design this course as efficiently as possible since time is our most precious resource.

This course is going to be focused into three areas or sections. Each is designed to build on the other, but each lecture is labeled by concept clearly, so you will also be able to come back and hit specific topics that are most helpful for you.

In our first section we are going to focus on what is causing our overwhelm and what leads us to procrastination.

In our second section, we build the foundation for a new level of productivity and cover the fundamentals and key concepts that must be mastered in order to really get the results you want and to be a master of productivity. If you don’t start with the right fundamentals, even the best tricks and hacks won’t be fully utilized.

And finally in our last section we will build on the foundation we created by implementing proven productivity and time management tactics and strategies to really make a dramatic improvement in your productivity.

Here is what some of my students have to say about the course.

Great course!

The instructor is very knowledgeable on this subject. He uses applicable scenarios that I will definitely apply to my daily life. His ideas and instruction were easy to understand and make sense! The production quality was great- clear voice, no background noise and instructor was a great speaker. He was engaging and quick to the point. I would highly recommend if you want a productive way of life and need to get things done more efficiently! by ELizabeth Garvin

A lot of information put out. So many nuggets to use in everyday life leading you down the road of success. Feels genuine for many reasons most important one in my opinion is the free apps to assist in accomplishing your tasks or goals. 2 hours well spent and managed. by Edward D Smith

Amazing course

This course is very informative, the explanations are crystal clear and the instructor is very engaging. by Mr. Vignesh Gunasekaran

Great Course

I enjoyed this course, very informative with great examples and nuggets of wisdom to apply in life. Thanks! by Mr. Bill Todd

So let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s jump right in and get started!

Introduction and What This Course Is All About

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The Silent Killers of Productivity and Time Management

Fear and Our Brain's Default Setting

Our brain's number 1 goal is to protect us from harm. And that is a good thing, except for when it comes to productivity! In this lecture you will learn why your brain's default setting is holding you back and how to take back control of your brain to increase your productivity and results.

Overwhelm - How it holds you back and how you can beat it.

When we get overwhelmed our brain shuts down. Whether it be from too many tasks or from the complexity of those tasks it usually leaves us stuck. In this lecture learn why you get overwhelmed and how to overcome it and get back on track

Failing to Plan

One of the best ways to be unproductive is failing to plan, or to just "wing it". In this lecture we will cover why failing to plan could be the worst thing for your productivity and what how planning makes you more productive.

Waiting for Things to Be Perfect

Another Silent Killer of Productivity is waiting for things to be perfect. The right time, the right mood. In this lecture we will cover Activation Energy and why getting started is usually the biggest challenge.

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking or doing more than one thing comes at a cost and a pretty big cost. We are only truly able to do our best work focusing on one task at a time. In this lecture we will go over what multi tasking is costing us and why you need to limit it as much as you can.

Time Leaks & Fake Breaks

This silent killer is about the breaks that we take throughout our day that actually undermines our productivity instead of increasing it. I will also show you ways to track it and identify which are holding you back.

Poor Emotional and Energy Managment

This lecture is about something I think many of us take for granted and that is how we feel at any given moment. Are we in a "bad mood" or "good mood". How we feel has a massive impact on how productive we are. We explore why in this lecture and how big of an impact it really has.

Email - One of the biggest Silent Killers of Productivity

Email is enemy #1 for most people struggling with getting the results and levels of Productivity they desire. It hasn't taken long for email to completely change how we communicate. If we are not careful, email can consume way to much time and rob us of our best week. In this lecture we unmask enemy #1 and how to control your email instead of your email controlling you.

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Understanding the Key Concepts and Fundamentals Necessary to Master Productivity

Time Management vs Self Managment

Time is the great equalizer, it is the one thing we all have an equal supply of. When we talk about Time Management, what we are really talking about is SELF management. You will learn why it all starts with you and how you manage yourself.

Spending Time vs Investing Time

This lecture helps you understand the difference between spending time and investing time. Spending time is about getting things done, but investing time is about tasks that can actually earn you more free time in the future and there is a huge difference. Learn how to not just spend time, but to become a time multiplier, someone that can actually create more time in the future.

The Importance of Sleep to Your Productivity

Many of us are sleep deprived and that comes at a big cost. Even being a little sleep deprived can take a major toll on your productivity. Learn in this lecture just how important sleep is and why you have to focus on this first, before mastering your productivity.

The Healthiest Energy Drink That Most of Us Have Access to For Free!

Even small amounts of dehydration can impair our energy levels, our memory and our productivity. Water is a powerful productivity aid that many take for granted and don't fully utilize.

Mastering Your Energy, Mood & Emotional State

You may not even realize what a huge impact your mood and energy level has on your productivity. This is your top asset and most people don't know how to take advantage of it. In this lecture we show you how to be the master of your mood and energy levels so that you can eliminate procrastination and increase your productivity substantially.

How Will Power Really Works

When procrastinating, many think they just need to use more will power. But in this lecture you will learn the truth behind willpower, what it is, how it works and how you can use that to your advantage including ways to structure your productivity.

Knowing and Doing Are Completely Different Things

In this lecture we have a reality check. Many people will learn without actually putting those items into play in their everyday lives. Knowing something and using that something is completely different. In this lecture you will be challenged to not just passively learn, but to take the key concepts that resonate with you and to start using them TODAY! Take a second right now to review what you have learned and commit to what you will start using immediately.

Key Concepts and Fundamentals of Produvtivity Quiz

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Battle Tested and Proven Productivity and Time Management Techniques

The Warren Buffet Productivity Secret

One of the best ways to be successful is to learn from those that have achieved great things. In this lecture I share one of Warren Buffet's most powerful productivity strategies.

The First and Most Technique

This technique can have a dramatic impact on your productivity and results and it starts with a simple question. What is the one thing that if accomplished today, would make your day a success and make everything else easier.

Your Productivity Secret Weapon

In this lecture we discuss the difference between a To Do List and a Calendar and what your secret weapon is to getting the important things done.

Using Parkinson's Law to Your Advantage

Cyril Northcote Parkinson was a British Historian that made the observation that "work expands to fill the time available for its completion. This lecture will show you how deadlines can help sharpen your focus and make you drastically more productive.

How to Use Daily Themes to Enhance Your Productivity

This lecture is inspired by Jack Dorsey co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square. This lecture shows you a unique and great way to batch activities proactively to ensure that you are spending enough time on your most important activities.

Resurrecting Your Dead Time

We all waste time here and there all day long. In this lecture we will discover how we can resurrect that dead time.

Don't Break The Chain - The Jerry Seinfeld Strategy

In this lecture we take some advice from Stephen King and Jerry Seinfeld about doing the work consistently. Great producers get inspired by doing the work, they don't wait for inspiration to get started.

Utilizing Pit Stops for High Performance

This lecture will show you how taking breaks can actually help you accomplish more. Your brain is not designed to run full speed without a break to reset itself. But not any break will do. You will learn the type of break you need to reset your focus and get back to your peak productivity.

How to Effectively Use a To Do List

A To Do List can be a very effective tool IF used the right way. Most people use it as a dumping ground for all tasks big and small and it ends up making them even more overwhelmed. In this lecture we will discuss how to use a To Do List the right way and give you a couple of options including those that work with your computer or smart phone.

Make Everyday the Day Before Vacation

The day before vacation can be one of your most productive days. It gives you focus and clarity as you try to tie up all loose ends so you can relax as you exit the door. In this lecture we discuss how you can make everyday like the day before your vacation using the same principles to increase your productivity.

Habits & Routines - The Key to Any Change

In order to become more productive you need to take the things you have learned from this course and actually USE THEM! In this lecture I will show you the best way to create or change any new behavior and we will use this to create our new productivity habits.

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