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Productivity and Time Management System – POWER Freelancing

5 Step Productivity Hacks & Time Management Skills - Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate and Relax for more Family Time
Tanmoy Das
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Manage your time effectively and efficiently.
Manage your work, increase productivity and still get enough time for friends and family.
Plan your work creatively and route your time towards achieving goals.
Adapt to a routine to Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate and Relax while freelancing.
Learn Advanced Freelancing Technique.
Taste success every day

Welcome Freelancers!

Are you looking for effective time management skills and learn how to increase productivity at work? You are at the right place! So good to see that you want to improve and evolve as an online entrepreneur and create your beyond! Welcome to this course, made specifically for the winners, who want to make it even bigger. I hope you are one of them!

Even if you are not a freelancer, but you want to manage your time and work so that you can excel in your daily productivity and efficiency and triumph your schedules and become a more successful professional, this course is for you. As a freelancer, we often face situations when there are a lot of things in our plate and we do not know where to start and what to do next and how to plan our day so that we can accomplish everything that we want to, in that particular workday. There are only two ways out of this mess that most of us take. Either we succumb to the pressure and STOP WORKING COMPLETELY or we HANDLE the SITUATION SMARTLY! 

What’s Inside:

POWER Freelancing is all about handling the situation smartly. It is a 5 step Productivity hacks and Time Management Skills System that will make you produce and deliver the most you can and yet, spend adequate quality time with your family and friends.

How? Well, we will learn in this course. In this course, I have created a video lecture series where I will take you through the acronym POWER, which stands for Preparation, Organization, Work, Evaluation and Relaxation. I will define each phase step by step and then explain concepts with relevant examples. Look out for the resources and hidden surprise quizzes, as we move ahead with the course.

Can’t wait to get started! Come on, hop in and I will see you on the inside!

~ Tanmoy Das

Please NoteEnsure that you download the PDFs & the Checklist that are attached and will be available during the lectures. Do go through all the lectures from all the sections chronologically, so that you do not miss out on any of the valuable time management and productivity concepts and resources added to this course.

Welcome to the Course

Course Promo Video

This is the Promo video, that I created after creating the course here. Since many of my students would directly enroll to the course without watching the video, I am adding this up here as well, at the very start, so that they can know, in a nutshell, what they are going to get in the course on Productivity and Time Management. Let's start!

Instructor Introduction

This lecture is just an ice breaking session where the students will get to know about the instructor. 

Course Outline

In this lecture, the students will get to know the course outline. The Instructor will answer a few common questions regarding this course on POWER Freelancing - FAQs.

Scope - What to Expect?

This lecture talks about the scope of this course. Who is this course for and who is this course not for? It has the last words of the instructor before getting started with the course.

Section 1: Quiz

Just to test your understanding of Section 1


Freelancing Concept

In this lecture, I will be talking about Freelancing - define it and try to discuss the concept of freelancing in details.

Hurdles in Freelancing

Freelancing is not free. There are a lot of hurdles a freelancer has to overcome in his daily life. In this lecture, we will discuss about those.

Search, acknowledge and solve problems

Time Management is a problem. Lack of productivity and efficiency is a problem.  And we cannot shy away from the problems we face as freelancers or online entrepreneurs. We need to search for problems, acknowledge them and solve them as first priority. In this lecture, we will talk about this concept.

Need of a Structure

The biggest need for a powerful Time Management program is a structure. A structure is often found missing in the life of a freelancer. We will acknowledge this problem and talk about the need of a structure in this lecture.

Section 2: Quiz

This quiz is to revisit the Section and check the understanding of the various concepts discussed in the section.

Recap : Introduction

Recap of the introductory section where we discuss all the productivity hacks and time management tips we have discussed in this section.

POWER Freelancing

Introduction to POWER Freelancing

Introduction to POWER Freelancing - Productivity and time management system. This is the introductory lecture for the core section of this course.

P is for Preparation

First segment of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System - Preparation: Here we prepare for the whole day by listing down all the tasks that we need to do on that day.

O is for Organization

Second segment of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System - Organization: Here we sort the tasks we listed in the previous segment and set them up as per priority and preferences.

W is for Work

Third segment of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System - Work: This is the longest segment of the 5 segments of POWER Freelancing. This is when we work and take up all freelancing tasks of various kinds. In this lecture I also share some best practices that one can do while at work so as to be more productive without harming your health.

E is for Evaluation

Fourth segment of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System - Evaluation: In this lecture we talk about how to evaluate our progress and measure performance on a daily basis.

R is for Relaxation

Fifth segment of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System - Relaxation: This is the segment which needs to be attended to by everyone every day. This is where we spend time with family and friends and relax by staying away from work. This is a very important lecture talking about the importance of living a stress free life while working as a freelancer.

Section 3: Quiz

A Short quiz to revisit the concepts discussed in this section - POWER Freelancing

Recap : POWER Freelancing

In this lecture, we will have a recap of Productivity Hacks and Time Management System, which we call POWER Freelancing. We will go through all the concepts we learned in this section.

The Conclusion

The Concept

In this lecture, I am going to talk about the overall concept of POWER Freelancing - how it helps us being productive and efficient in our daily work.

A Recap

A recap of the 5 segments - Preparation, Organization, Work, Evaluation and Relaxation. I will quickly take you through all the segments one last time in a concise manner so that the concepts stay in your mind for a long time.

The Ending

This is the last lecture where I just thank you for taking part in the course and wish you all the best. Hope to see you in another course of mine on Udemy! Thanks & take care...

Content of Section 4 - The Conclusion

Course Material - Summary of the entire course in printable form

Additional Lectures

Contact Management for Productivity and Time Management

In this lecture I am going to talk about using Contact Management software to enhance your productivity at work as well as in your freelancing business.

When you start a business, there are a lot of aspects that you need to look after. And as the business grows, a plethora of new factors get added to that list. In simple words, as we grow in our business, the process becomes more complex.

Contact management is one such aspect of any growing business.

I am going to talk about the following in short:

What is Contact Management?

How is Contact Management helpful?

How does it help in time management and productivity?

The Best Contact Management Software.

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture with Resources and Freebies
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