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Professional Scrum Master (PSM I®) Exam preparation 2019

Prepare and Pass the Professional Scrum Master PSM I Exam from the 1st Try (Latest Questions + Explanations)
Easily Pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam.
Test your Scrum knowledge with the best way.

This PSM® course aims to aid the participants to fully understand what Scrum is and how it works.

PSM stands for Professional Scrum Master, a certification for the professionals who intend to work in an Agile Scrum environment. It is also valuable for people who are already working in Agile environment and try to find solution to their current process problems.

Taking such certification validates your knowledge depth about Scrum and equips you with an authenticated admittance.

Preparation for this exam can be easy, but you have to know what to focus on. Here we provide you with a full preparation to Pass your Exam from the 1st Try.

This course helps participants to inculcate a profound understanding of servant leadership, through which they can act as Scrum Master and PASS their PSM Exam from the 1st Try, Using the latest Questions and detailed Explanation.

Prepare for the Assessment

The assessment is difficult; preparation is required to achieve a passing score. Reading the Scrum Guide and taking the Open Assessments alone isn’t typically enough preparation and we recommend reviewing the content of this course.

  • This course covers topics from multiple Focus Areas defined by the Professional Scrum Competencies.

  • This course contains many additional resources to help you prepare to take the PSM Assessments.

Study Materials

To prepare for PSM Exam, people study various Agile books, take online courses that cover all different Agile methodologies. With all the various sources of Scrum information present over internet, it can become confusing to keep them all straight, which is why we suggest to Enroll in this course which guaranty a full, coherent and complete content for a great preparation.

Tips for sitting the exam

The PSM exam is taken online and you only have 60 minutes to attempt 80 questions. You must have at least 68 correct answers to pass the exam. It is essential to be as familiarized as possible with these concepts as time is limited and many candidates end up leaving some questions unanswered.

  • Stable internet connection: The exam is online so make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Attempt the exam in the most stable internet connection hour of the day.

  • Choose a peaceful time slot: The more relaxed you are with the least amount of distractions will result in better exam scores. Find the best time for yourself.

  • Read questions carefully: Many multiple choice questions seem similar when you read them too quickly.

  • Beware of word tricks: Some very common tricks used in the exam learn to differentiate between the two:

  1. should vs could

  2. attend vs participate.

  • Use a Timer: Use a timer when doing your practice exams. This will ensure you are able to answer all the questions within the limited amount of time.

  • Mark the confusing question: If you get stuck in answering a question skip it for the time being. To save time and energy, mark confusing questions and attempt them later.

  • Decide on one reliable resource for help: Plan which guides you are going to use as a reference beforehand and decide on only one or two resources. Either it’s your own notes of confusing topics or a reliable Scrum guide. Searching the internet blindly to find the right answer might consume all your time.


PART I: 1-72
PART II: 72-144
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