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Project Management Fundamentals: Quality Management

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. Learn how to make quality management guru
Luke Angel
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Quality Management Fundamentals
Quality Management Components
Quality Assurance Techniques
The Cost Of Quality
What Are Quality Management Tools
How To Work With Pareto Diagrams
How To Make A House Of Quality
Get Started With Six Sigma
Testing Strategies
How To Work With Quality And Scope
How To Work With Quality And Workload
Working With Quality Management In Change Management
Quality Vs Customer Needs
How To Conduct Quality Issue Management
Top Testing Concepts
How Conduct Tests
How To Conduct And Conduct Deliverable Planning
How To Plan And Conduct Deliverable Tests
What The Roles For Testing Are
What The Top Testing Tools Are
How To Have Awesome Quality Managment

Quality is at the heart of the triple constraint. You can deliver your project on time and on budget but if the quality is not delivered the project is a failure. ¬†This course covers will teach you approaches on how you can apply to ensure the products of your project meet the needs of your stakeholders. Quality starts with the approaches you use to collect requirements and continues after you deliver your project. In this course author, trainer, and PMP certified instructor Luke Angel will take you through the various approaches to building high quality products that wow your stake holder and engage your users. You will learn about the quality assurance and quality control tools to ensure you produce the right level of quality in balance with cost to meet the needs of your client. We’ll start by examining the definition of project quality and then examine the four major components of quality, function, outputs, performance and reliability. Luke will discuss the concept of quality assurance and testing and also present common quality issues and how you can avoid them. Lastly, he will take a special look at testing in information technology projects. Sufficient and cost-effective quality approaches can help you deliver projects that produce lasting business value. Lastly Luke will introduce you to the best ways you can plan, evaluate, and execute your project quality initiatives in Managing Project Quality.¬†

Quality Topics Include

  1. Quality Management Fundamentals
  2. Quality Management Components
  3. Quality Assurance Techniques
  4. The Cost Of Quality
  5. What Are Quality Management Tools
  6. How To Work With Pareto Diagrams
  7. How To Make A House Of Quality
  8. Get Started With Six Sigma
  9. Testing Strategies
  10. How To Work With Quality And Scope
  11. How To Work With Quality And Workload
  12. Working With Quality Management In Changement Management
  13. Quality Vs Customer Needs
  14. How To Conduct Quality Issue Management
  15. Top Testing Concepts
  16. How Conduct Tests
  17. How To Conduct And Conduct Deliverable Planning
  18. How To Pland And Conduct Deliverable Tests
  19. What The Roles For Testing Are
  20. What The Top Testing Tools Are



This course covers approaches you can apply to ensure the products of your project meet the needs of your stakeholders.
Quality starts with the approaches you use to collect requirements and continues after you deliver your project.

Quality Management 101

Quality 101

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a phrase you're probably familiar with.
One of the challenging things that we face as project managers is there are a lot of "beholders" who will judge the beauty of the products you produce with your project.
Beauty, in the language of projects, is the quality of what you produce.

Quality Components

Let's say someone came up to you and said, "I'd like you to make me a high-quality hamburger.
Although that may seem to be a straightforward request, it's a bit more obscure than you might think.
What is high-quality? Is it a very fine version of beef, a large size, a burger with lots of toppings, all of the above? An understanding of what, actually, is quality is needed.

Quality Assurance

"How do I look" can be a dreadful and scary question to hear.
Should I be honest? Or should I say something encouraging? It can vary, based on the questioner and your relationship with them.
However, we often ask that question of ourselves, like when we look in the mirror before heading to work or to a significant dinner engagement.

The Cost Of Quality

When I think of quality initiatives in the world of projects a quote often enters my head.
I have a vivid picture of a scene from the original version of the Karate Kid.
With Mr.

Quality Tools

What Are Quality Management Tools

Imagine you are driving and, suddenly, your car comes to a complete stop.
You push it off the road, and you call a tow truck to get you going again.
Imagine you're doing this and the truck shows up quickly, but the driver has no tools to repair your vehicle.

House Of Quality

In certain situations, the tendencies of people are often quite predictable.
I see this predictable behavior when asking enthusiastic clients for project requirements.
All sorts of ideas surface, and that can be quite good, but also a bit challenging.

Six Sigma

The role of the project manager often requires you to take on something that resembles multiple personalities.
Sometimes you're a team leader, sometimes a schedule analyst, looking for a way to shorten your project duration, and at other times you're a counselor for your clients.
There is another role you take on when serving as a project manager.


So, you have been working feverishly on getting your project completed.
You're tired and your team is tired, but determined to see things through.
As you approach the final days of your project, you set up a meeting to show off your finished product.

Project Planning For Quality

Quality And Workload

It's an age old debate, the benefits of perfectionism in contrast with an, "It's good enough," attitude.
In the world of projects, this is no different.
Creating a product that is the best reflection of your objectives is a great goal.

Project Changes With Quality

-" Hey, I have an idea!" can be one of the best things or one of the worst things you can hear as a project manager.
In many cases, those enthusiastic ideas mean a scope-change proposal is on its way to your desk.
Those can be good and positively contribute to project outcomes for the business, or they can be distractions and create cumbersome scope creep.

Quality Issue Management

I love to cook, especially when we're having guests over for dinner.
I enjoy the simplicity of sharing a meal together with friends, and when people enjoy what I've prepared, the experience is that much better.
I've brought a smile to someone's face, and that's very meaningful to me.

Software Quality


On occasion, I find shopping at a grocery store a bit confusing.
I just want laundry detergent but I have to work through various varieties and styles, and pick one to take home.
In a way, software testing can be like that.


Testing software reminds me of working on a jigsaw puzzle.
There are different ways of approaching it, but essentially you use certain elements, like color, patterns, or the edge pieces to get you started.
You then work with what you have in each area to piece things together.

Deliverable Planning

I have one very important tool I use all the time to keep organized, my To-Do List.
With owning a business, and serving as a consulting Program Manager, I would be totally lost if I did not write down the things I need to do to keep it all running smoothly.
If you go through your software testing processes and don't write down what you're testing, what the results were, and the conditions of the test, you're running around without your To-Do List for your software quality efforts.

Deliverable Tests

I'm afraid that sometimes I believe in Murphy's Law.
If something can go wrong, it will.
Sometimes, I think that Murphy guy has relatives and they all find their way to your project when you are testing and hoping for correct results.

Testing Tools

Testing is one area where tools can be extremely valuable.
There are many different types of testing tools available.
The team size and complexity of your product will determine the tools required.


Next Steps

If you are looking for even more information on managing project quality, I encourage you to check out the book, "Total Quality Management for Project Management" by Kim H.
Pries and Jon M.

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