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Promo Video: Create a ‘Sticky’ Kick-Ass Viral Video in 1 Day

This is a Step by Step Course that will help You Go from Zero to a 'Super Sticky' Pro-Quality Demo Video in Hours!
Stefan Kojouharov
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You will be able to make a Kick Ass Animated Video
You will learn how to Animate in hours!
You will learn how to Tell a Great Story. A Story that Sticks and Moves your Audience to Action.

Do You Want to Learn how to Make a ‘Sticky’ Animated Video that Gets Your Customers Excited and Ready to Buy? I will teach you how to create a super sticky animated video that is fun and will get your customers excited. Plus you’ll get Feedback along the way. Students Are Loving this Class:

  • Over 500 Sign Ups on the 1st Day alone!
  • 3,000+ Animation Students (Full Version & Lite Version)
  • 5 Star Rating

>>>By the time this class is over, you will have a killer demo video.<<<

>>>Please Take Advantage of This Pricing as prices have been increasing and another increase is coming.<<<

This Course Will Focus on Helping you Create a Kick Ass, Pro-Quality Animated Video in a few Short Hours without having to learn Complicated Software or Spend Hundreds or even Thousands.

I will teach you how to make Pro-Quality videos in 1 day using TWO Types of Pro-Quality Software one of which has a Free Version.

You will Also Learn:

  • The Single Most Difficult part to creating a ‘Great Video’ which is, learning how to Tell a Story that moves your audience to Action!
  • …And You Will Know when Your Story is on the right track by Getting Constant Feedback from the Class!

>>>By the time this class is over, you will have a killer demo video.<<<

I’m going to teach you how to create a Kick-Ass Animated Promo Video using 2 Different types of Software, one of which has a Free Version!

Doing it yourself often requires learning professional animation software like After Effects, Flash, or Maya which is expensive and too complex to learn.

Instead, I am going to train you in using 2 Different Types of Professional Grade Animation Software which will cost you less than $80 or even Free with the non-paid version.

A Great Video is all about the Story it Tells. I will teach you the 5 Elements that will help you create a ‘Sticky’ Story that Moves your Audience to Action!

Have you noticed how sticky ‘gossip’ is? For some reason a juicy story just goes viral almost without effort. In this course, we will cover the 5 elements that make stories really sticky and apply them in our videos.

In this Class, I will show you how to Tell a Story that Moves your Audience to Action using Animation. Best of All You will Get Feedback from the Class on the Quality of Your Story & Video and be able to Product Pro-Quality Videos in 1 Day!

This Class is a Step by Step, interactive guide that will take you from ‘Concept’ to ‘Story’ To ‘Animated Video’ in 1 Day.

Most Importantly, this is an Interactive Class in which You Will Get Feedback from the Class!

Imagine if you could have instant feedback each step of the way? Now you can! This is one of the best ways to ‘Test’ your ideas, stories, and videos and make sure that you are building something people will love.

We will cover:

  • How to Create Killer Content that is Interesting, that Connects with your Audience and Moves them to action!
  • Learn how to write an Awesome Story and Dialogue and get Feedback from the Class.
  • The Secrets of Pacing, the 6 Second Rule and the Power of 2minutes.
  • How to Animate Using 2 Types of Software
  • Practice Animating a popular 30 Second Commercial
  • Staging 101, Do’s and Don’ts as well as the ‘Salutes Test’
  • AIDA and a few tricks to get your audience to do just anything you want…

In a few short hours you will learn everything you need know to produce a kick-ass demo video that will save thousands of dollars. Best of all, you will get Feedback and Exposure from sharing your video with the Class.


Students Are Loving this Class

  • Over 500 Sign Ups on the 1st Day alone!
  • 3,000 Animation Students
  • 5 Star Rating


See What Some of the Students are Saying:

“This is 1 of the better course on creating promo video. Stefan show us various tools to make thing easy. Follow the step in the course I am able to create a simple promo in under a few mins. I will play around with it more and create some kiss ass video. I will look forward to more course and hopefully stefan will keep adding lecture to this course. I rate this as a 5 star course” Marc Kenny

“This is a superb course on creating a killer promo video. the instructor is very knowledgeable in this area. Able to demonstrate how to use various character and sync your story line. With this course I am confident to create my next killer promo video. I highly recommend this course to anyone who want bring their video to the next level.” Sam Choo

2 Reasons Why You Need to Take This Course

My Story

My Story

  1. Paid $50/hour for a 5 star, top rated, videographer on Odesk, now Upwork, and got ok video.
  2. Knew I could do better on my own & Decided to give it a shot
  3. After Created Video, compared my video vs the test video he provided and our Target Market Preferred in house video,
  4. In the end, saved $1,000 and at least 2 weeks of time!

This is a Great Overview of everything we will cover in this class and How to Best Take this Class!

First things First:

> Introduce yourself and share -if you like- what type of project your working on. The true value of this class is in getting feedback from the class on your story and videos.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. We start with the single most important element in any great video, the connect and how to tell an amazing story. We will cover things like AIDA & and the 5 Elements Needed in Making a Story Sticky!

2. We will play a game of trying to spot the 5 Sticky Elements & AIDA in a few popular commercials.

3. Getting your story started. Please follow these design tips and then write the script for you demo video.

4. Animation 101 is all about learning the fundamentals of animation. Things like staging, the pose, framing, silhouettes, and more!

5. Detailed Overview of Animation Software and how to use it. Remember that if there is Part 1, Part 2, etc... these lectures are meant to be watched one after the other.

6. After the overview, we will practice making a popular commercial.

7. Pro-Version Software is Next. Section 7 is all about making an awesome looking promo video.

8. Section 8 is Bonus Section. A little about promotion and new things to come.

9. Feedback Portals: There are a couple of lessons dedicated to connecting with other students and giving/receiving feedback. Use these lessons to chat, get to know each other and test your stories and videos.

All in all, you will learn how to tell a great story using animation via 2 types of software one of which is Free.

Fun 1 Question Quiz

Telling a Sticky Story

Its all about the Story

Yes, it really is all about the story! Great stories move us, they move to feeling and they move us to sharing and taking action. Great stories change the way we see the world, the way we interact with the world, and the way we behave.

Here are a couple of great commercial that do just that. As a result, they have become internet sensations. See if you can spot what makes them so 'Viral'

1. Dollar Shave Club: https://youtu.be/ZUG9qYTJMsI

2. Dos Equis: https://youtu.be/L-4zfsy6rsM

  • Welcome to AIDA
    • Attention: got to get audience’s attention in first 3-6 sec
    • Interest: has to be about the audience (not the product) and actually solve a problem for the person watching.
    • Desire: Has to make audience WANT it. Selling is all emotional, not intellectual. People buy because they want to not because they need to.
      1. A few Ticks: have lots of personality, no product data, be approachable, tell stories
      2. Branding: what does the brand stand for & mean? When you buy a BMW, a Rolex or an Apple Computer you buying more than just a car, a watch or a computer. These are symbols!
      3. This value better be unique
        1. Crest: Fights Cavities others toothpaste jumped in to own things like whitening, fresh taste, and now baking soda.
    • Action: There needs be a clear call to action and a clear value proposition.
How to Make Your Story Stick

There are number of proved strategies and techniques that can make any story sticky. In fact, creating a sticky story is equal parts science and art. If you follow these principles correctly and execute them well, you will have a very sticky story!

So, how do you make a story sticky?

Simplicity: If you say 3 things you are effecting saying none! You have to make your story and its message singular in its focus and so concrete that a 3 year old could understand it.

Surprise: You have to shock your audience in some way, right away. Break their guessing machines and then fix them. This is key to surprise and remember not to use gimmickry.

Concrete: The words, concepts and how they are communicated has to be as simple and as solid as everyday objects. Fly far far away from the world of jargon, conceptualization, and instead replace it with the everyday.

Credible: If your message is not believable, than no one will believe it and if no one believes it, no one will take action!

Emotional: Your story has to move the audience, move them into the desired action. Without emotion, there is no movement, no action. Your story has to touch your audience, it has to resonate with them, make an emotional connection and then it will be worthy of action.

* This is a very very deep topic and I have created a course on this topic alone. You are welcome to message me for a discounted coupon! *

As always, I give all of my students that sign up a discounted rate and early access to new courses. You can sign up here:

Can you Spot the 'Stickiness' in this Video?

Here is a Fun Little Test.

Watch the videos in this lecture and see if you can Spot AIDA and the Stickiness. It's a lot of fun seeing these principles come to life. Implementing these principles to your animated demo videos will make your video great!

How to Mesmerize your Audience using Design

3 Key Design Tips that will Make Your Video Great

Great Design leads to Credibility while Poor Design Kill Credibility.

Here are 3 Key Tips Towards Having Great Design:

Sound is Crucial: Strongly recommend getting voice over.

The 6 second Rule: if you watch TV for any length of time you will notice that the camera moves every 6 second or less. This creates Fight/Flight response and keeps you glued to the TV. Your slides should shift every 3-6 seconds!

How Long is Too Long? Ideal video Length is 30 second – 2min… but not over!

How to Instantly Hook the Audience

There is a way to Quickly Hook the Audience to your Animated Video almost instantly.

You can probably recall a few times when you sat down to watch a TV program and were hooked right away. In fact all of the great TV shows, Movies, and even commercials are great at doing just this... creating an instant hook.

Best Part is that there are a couple of elements you can use to create an instant hook. One of the way is creating 'Surprise' which needs to be done in the first 3-6 seconds. Once you have 'Genuinely Surprised' your audience - in other words, you have broken their guessing machines - you have their undivided attention and an opportunity to share you message.

How to Get them to Do Anything!

In the Same Way that You can Instantly Hook your Audience Instantly you can also get them to do just about anything!

There are a few actionable principles that move your audience to action and make them 'Want' and 'Desire' what ever it is your selling. This makes it very difficult for them to say no and in fact, they won't want to! It's kinda like selling candy to a baby.

Feedback Portal: Give & Get Feedback

Welcome to the Feedback Portal.

After writing your first script, you can share your story with other students here... and get feedback. Getting feedback is crucial! The best way to evaluate your story is by watching other's reaction (instead of thoughts). If people are genuinely interested your onto something.

What Do You Think so Far?

Now it my turn to get a little fun feedback!

What did you think of this section and of the course so far? Feedback is greatly appriciated!


Lets Write Your Story
How to Create a Time Line
Lets Start Your Storyboard

How to Craft the Perfect Scene


Staging: The Presentation of an Idea so that it is Completely and Umistakably Clear

  1. Can I Clearly see what’s going on?
  2. Is Camera Angle motivated by story point?
  3. Number of Characters, do they all need to be there?
  4. Can I tell where I have been, where I am, and where I am going?
  5. Is staging to obvious?
The Pose

The Pose

  1. Silhouettes
  2. Line of Action
  3. Body Language comes first, facial expression just backs it up!
  4. The Rule of 3rds
  5. Screen Side
3 Things You Must Avoid

Things to Avoid

  1. Parallels
  2. Twinning
  3. Too Many Close Ups that are Too Close
Final Storyboard
Let's Test your Story

Learn How to Test your Story

  1. Friends: Tell your story to a few friends and see if they remember it after 30 minutes. This will show you how memorable your story is. How interested are they? Are they ready to buy?
  2. Strangers: Tell your story to a few strangers and see how they respond. Make sure they are in your target market. You can use MeetUps and Coffee Shops to find people. Ask yourself:
    1. Do they want to buy your product?
    2. Are they interested, excited, wowed?
    3. Do they take COMPULSIVE action?
  3. Online: Use Google Adwords & Facebook ads to test slogans, messaging, etc… You can also use Youtube to test 'Pilot Videos'.

Ask Your Classmates!

The next lecture is all about getting Feedback from other students taking this course. Feel free to share your stories, your videos, and ideas and get feedback from other students. Please refer to corresponding lecture.

2 Free Animation Software Tools

Get Your Animation Software Here

Time to Get your Software :)

Best of All: No Downloads & No Upfront Cost & a Free Option!

Make a Simple 30 Second Video in under 1hr

Overview: Characters, Scenes, Actions

Let's Dive Deep into the First Software we will use. Links are in the Resources!

This Tool is Great For:

1) Infographics

2) Text Focused Animation Videos

3) Demo Videos and Product Videos

Not Ideal for:

1) Longer, Cartoon Style, Animation Videos

* This is a very simple and effective tool to learn and master which can give your story a great effect! Plus, it has a Free Version.

Overview: Staging, Animation & More

We go into the DETAILS and Everything you need to know to make an Animated Demo Video.

This Overview Covers:

1. Custom Characters & Locked Characters

2. Themes

3. Backgrounds

4. Voice Overs

5. Music

6. Setting your Scene Up

7. Adding Text

8. Text Effects: Animation, Hand Writing, etc

9. Animation & Movement

Creating a 30 Second Video Part 1

Lets Create Our First Video!

We are going to recreate a popular commercials. As a rule of thumb, we start by adding the voice over in first, then matching our animation up to the script/voice over. A copy of the audio is available in resources. Please upload it to your project.

First Scene

Once your voice over has been uploaded, we will make the first few scenes.


You are welcome to follow along verbatim or make your commerical unique. It's completely up to you.

Creating a 30 Second Video Part 2

Finishing the Scenes

In this section we will finish the main components of our commercial. All the scenes will have been completed for our animated video and it will be more than 90% complete.

Fast vs Slow

You are encouraged to go an pace that is right for you. For some, you might want to do every little part of the animation and follow along closely. For others, using double speed might be best for you.

Creating a 30 Second Video Part 3

All Done!

Part 3 is all about putting the final touches on the animated video and making sure it's perfect. Believe it or not, sometimes the last 10% takes more time than the other 90%! For this reason, I have not tried to perfect it and the audio is not 100% aligned, but by now I am sure that you understand perfectly how to use this software!

Welcome to Mastery

Congrats! You have effectively learned the first software. Next we will go to a more professional software without the professional software price or learning curve. In fact, it is my go to animation software and I use it whenever I make a promo or demo video.

Let's Make a Professional Quality Video

Let's Get Started

Let's Go Pro!

Introduction to our Second Animation Software. This software has way more characters, scenes, animations, and other control options -like making your dog bark. In fact, this is the software I use to make videos.


1) Awesome with Infographics

2) Tons of Options for Scenes, Characters, etc

3) Lots of Nuance and Detail, like being able to manipulate every part of the scene included time of day, facial expressions and poses on characters, special sound effects and more.

4) Great for telling stories, short animated videos, product/service videos, and presentations

5) Professional looking final result without the cost and learning curve


1) Free 14 Day trial that leads to a package. Price is reasonable and you can cancel anytime. In end, paying $39-$79 for a month Pro Quality Videos is a Bargain.

* See Resources for Link and 14 Day Free Trial, No CC required.

How to Make Your Characters Do Just About Anything

This is Very Similar to the Overview in the last Section except this software is way more powerful.

You can make your characters do cool things like, walk, talk, sit, teach, chat and more! In fact, you can construct an entore scene where one character arrests the other and do it in minutes!

Let's Create a Kick Ass Scene in 5 minutes

Now that you know the Basics, we will Create a Cool Scene in 5 minutes!

This scene will take place in a boardroom as one the characters shows a presentation to the other characters. You will be able to literally see the time pass and the emotions change on each of the character's faces!

Best of all, by the time this lecture is done, you will be able to make a very catchy demo video in a few hours that looks professional without spending hundreds.

Video Feedback Portal: Share Your Videos Here!

Welcome to the Feedback Portal.

After creating your Animated Demo Video, you can share your Video with other students here... and get feedback.

Getting feedback is crucial! The best way to evaluate your story is by watching other's reaction (instead of thoughts). If people are genuinely interested your onto something.

And there is this....

If you create a video other students love, this will get you a good amount of views on Youtube which will positively effect your Youtube Rankings. Getting a few Hundred or Thousands Views quickly after publishing your video on Youtube Makes a Huge Difference on your SEO Rankings!

To Do List:

1. Follow Course and Make Animated Video

2. Get Feedback Along the Way from Class

3. Once you have a Video that the Class Loves, post it on Youtube

4. Share your YouTube Video link with Class and encourage them to share it and like it.

5. Watch your SEO Rankings and Views Soar


BONUS: Viral Copywriting: How to Create Sticky Ideas & Go Viral - Preview
Bonus: Killer Marketing Ideas

There is an old saying... 'If Content is King then Distribution is God'

And there is a lot of truth to it. If someone gave great speech in an empty room, would it matter? Probably not, and as a result you have to make your video available where the people are. In today's ultra competitive world, great content gets lost in the shuffle all of the time, so your challenge is to go above the noise and have your message be heard.

There is a couple of ways you can do that:

1. SEO and Video Marketing: You can market your video or do Search Engine Optimization for it. This is quite important as Youtube is the #2 Search Engine in the World and Google (#1 Search Engine) often borrows youtube results whenever a video is needed in a Google Search Result.

2. Social Media Mentions, Likes, Shares, etc: This now matters... A LOT! Have a lot of views that only last a couple of seconds will Hurt your Video. Having less views that elicit sharing, likes, etc matters more.

3. Untapped Distribution Channels: Once upon a time, clicks on Google cost 1 cent! Back then you could drive traffic to your site for pennies, but those days are over. Now it cost dollars. What's the moral of the story? When a distribution channel is New and 'Untapped' by other marketers it is cheap and offers great potential returns. One of the things you can do is either pay the big boys (google, facebook, youtube) or find alternative channels (popular blogs, forums, Periscope & live video, etc)

*** I have a lot of suggestions on this topic and if your interested in more, I can add more content. Please let me know! ***

Message from Stefan

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