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Psychology of Motivation for Entrepreneurs Certificate

Psychology of Motivation for Online Entrepreneurs & Authors: How to be Positive & Successful, Stress coping, Confidence
Elmira Strange
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Develop high levels of motivation for their online business
Spot their stress signs and reduce them immediately
Become super-focused on achieving their goals
Understand how to make the right decision each time
Self-motivate yourself at any time

‘Motivational Psychology for Entrepreneurs’ is a course that will help you to achieve success in your online business. In the end of the course you will feel super-charged, focused on what you need to achieve, and with a full knowledge on how to reduce your stress levels and how to self-motivate yourself at any time you need to!

This course covers:

  • How to develop Successful Mindset
  • How to stop waisting time and become super-focused on your business
  • How to be positive about your dream
  • How to motivate yourself every day
  • and much much more!

    Who is it for:

  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Online instructors
  • Authors of books, courses, etc
  • Online project developers


About the Course

In this lecture you will find out about the benefits of taking this course, and how to take it to get the maximum value from it. 

About the Instructor

In this video you will learn some interesting information about your instructor. 

Get 'Focused' on Your Business

6 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs (or 'are you in the right business'?)

In this lecture you will learn about the traits of top entrepreneurs, and you will understand whether you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 

How to manage your time effectively

In this lecture you will learn the important principles of time management in your work and your personal life. 

How to get Super-Focused on tasks & stop procrastinating

In this lecture you will learn what you can do in terms of practical suggestions to eliminate distractions, and to be more motivated and focused on what you have to do. 

How to make the 'right' decision each time

Sometimes it is just hard to make a decision. What can you do? Watch this lecture and find out about several suggestions that you can use in your business and your personal life.

Exercise Lesson 1

This Exercise Lesson will give you a homework that you can do the very next day. It will help you to get the most value from this course and to become more successful in your work. 

Keeping your motivation 'high' at all times

Mental Preparation: Your Self-Motivation is Crucial!

Ask any entrepreneur what they would list as the most important trait, and you will find that in most cases this will be 'self-motivation'. It's hard to do, but it's so worth it! In fact it can be either detrimental or useful to your overall success!

5 Life-Coaching Questions for Entrepreneurs

These are the questions I would ask you if I had a personal life coaching session with you. So take it seriously! Reflect on it, note down your thoughts, and use the information for self-learning and self-growth. 

How to motivate yourself at all times

You have the highest levels of motivation when you are dreaming about your business. When you start working on it, so it goes your motivation. What can you do? Watch this lecture and jot down the strategies that can help you to stay motivated at all times.

How to be positive about your dream

Your business starts with your dream, and of course initially you are very positive about your dream. But how do you sustain that feeling? How to keep reaching for your dream? Watch this lecture and find out! :)

5 Easy Ways for Entrepreneurs to boost motivation every day

In this lecture you will find out about the 5 most effective strategies that you can use starting from tomorrow. They will help you to boost your motivation and productivity levels at instant!

Exercise Lesson 2

In this exercise lesson you will be given 2 tasks that you would need to work on starting from tomorrow. Don't worry, the tasks are easy and enjoyable! 

How to be Positive when Things Don't Go Well

How to remain enthusiastic and confident about your business

There are a few tricks that can help you to feel confident when you think about your business. For example, your smart appearance can make you feel confident at instant. Or owning your business fully can make you feel enthusiastic for much longer. 

How to keep yourself positive when things go 'too slow'

Sometimes business is flourishing. Other times it slows down to the point of standstill. And in those times it can be extremely hard to keep positive and to keep going! Learn top tips from successful entrepreneurs here. 

How to recognise your stress symptoms

Do you know your signs of stress? Or are you ignoring them because you are too busy? In this lecture you will learn how to recognise them quickly and how to understand when they gone to 'dangerous levels'

How to deal with stress and anxiety

Here you will find 5 techniques that can help you to deal with stress and anxiety caused by your business-related work. Of course don't stop here. Research and read books on the subject of stress management, especially if you are prone to getting stressed! 

Exercise Lesson 3

Another easy lesson for you! 2 tasks to do which you can start on straight away!

Developing Successful Mindset

How to develop successful mindset

How could you guarantee to become successful? Well, even if nobody can guarantee that, there are a few things you can do which will increase your rate of being successful to nearly 100%. Watch this video and find out what top entrepreneurs and psychologists say about this. 

Your vision and persistence is the key to your success

In this lecture you will learn that 'patience' and 'persistence' are the 2 entirely different qualities, and that your vision combined with persistence and action is the key to the 'success formula'. 

How to get the perfect work-life balance

Most entrepreneurs have a  poor work-life balance and work over 50 hours a week. Can you make it 'smart' and start working less and enjoy life more? This is where learning about your perfect work-life balance comes in!

How to appear 'professional' and 'credible'

From your 'smart' appearance to 'correct body language' and 'a full confidence about what you can deliver and what you cannot', these are all the strategies that come under the name of 'professionalism' and 'credibility'. The essential traits you need to possess!

How to become 'known', 'liked' and 'trusted'

People like to buy from those whom they 'like', 'know', and 'trust'. In this lecture you will learn how to speed up the process of become 'known' to your audience, and how to start selling your services fast. 

Exercise lesson 4

The homework given to you in these exercise lessons is easy to do. Enjoy, participate and learn!

BONUS Lectures

How to become an 'Online Coach'

As a part of your business you can offer your 'coaching services' as well. How do you become an 'online coach'? What do you need to know for finding your 'coaching' clients and for working on Skype with them? Find out here. 

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