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QUICK START painting with watercolors, play & learn PART 1

Painting in watercolor? Easy when you do this course? Relax and play and gain the confidence to paint by having fun.
Nicola A Blakemore
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Discover the pleasure you will get from playing with paint and painting pictures
You will soon learn it's easier than you thought.
Learn how painting can help you relax
You will soon learn how your paints work by painting with them
You will be able to paint a three dimensional object.
You will learn how to create highlights and shadows.
Before you know it you will be producing your first painting

Updated February 2018

This is my QUICK, KICK START watercolor painting course for those of you who think you can’t or don’t have time, let alone learn to relax

This is a shorter version of my best selling course ‘Painting – you can. Just play & learn. I’ll show you how.’ I have created it for super busy people who want to learn to paint but think they can’t or don’t have time.

So you want to learn to paint with watercolors but either think you can’t or don’t have the time

Get ready to learn and relax as you play through this non threatening and friendly ‘play – cedure’.

This is what one student posted in her blog :- ‘I was so surprised to find that she (Nicola) started very simply, just playing with water and unmixed colors of paint. Slowly a beautiful patchwork of designs appeared on her page. Where borders and boundaries in the art were a bit blurred, she went in with a pen and neatened them up. Sometimes she chose to add designs with the pen and then paint over them, and other times she added swirls and triangles to the dried paint. With growing excitement I realized that this project was well within my comfort zone.’

With no one looking over your shoulder and no expectations you will find you are learning through play and gaining the confidence to do more. Most of all just enjoy the pleasure of doing it.

If, however, you don’t enjoy it and are not happy you can claim a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked.


Where to find your downloads, ask questions etc

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Make sure you read the helpful information you can find in the Student Support section on Udemy. Below is the link to take you there. I have also added a simple guide to get you started.


A few words of encouragement from Nicola

Listen to what Nicola tells you about this course.

Here is what one student wrote about this course and posted it on her blog.

From drawing a simple shape of the apple, then go on to paint it and make it look real enough to pick up and bite into,

What this 'Play-cedure' is all About - it's about you having fun for yourself

So you think you can't paint? Let me explain how you can and how you can lay the foundations for a rewarding pass time with one step at a time.

Let's have a little chat about paints and stuff.

Here is what you'll need, I've kept it simple.

You only need a basic box of watercolour paints, a brush and some paper. 

Where to get your supplies depends where you live. If you don't have an art supplies store near by, there are plenty of alternatives via the internet. 


See the PDFs to give you more information about paper and paints.

The really basic stuff about watercolour paints and how they work.

Once a student said they were having a problem with getting enough water and colour from the dry paints. I have therefore included this short film just in case anyone else is problems.

Let's get painting.

Start by Drawing a Very Simple Frame

This is the first of nine videos which take you from making your very first marks through to the colourful finish. Anyone can do it. Put aside any preconceived ideas about what 'art and painting' is supposed to be and enjoy yourself.

Let's Start Painting

Now this becomes more fun as you start colouring in.

Paint What comes into Your Head

Just go with the flow and do what ever YOU want.

This is just playing, no expectations, just make marks with your brushes and let the colours and the water do what ever THEY want to do. Don't try to control them too much.

Some ideas to make your painting more interesting.

Get Creative

You decide what marks and shapes you want to make. 

There are NO RULES, yes you read right NO RULES

You Decide when it's Finished - not me, not your partner, you do

Keep on playing, you'll know when it reaches the 'finished' stage. It only matters that you like it and enjoyed doing it.

Doodling or Meditation ?

Here are a few ideas for the marks you can make. Whatever pops into your head, just play.

Now Create your First Painting - it's playtime.

Mixing Greens, a simple recipe because you make it as YOU want it

By playing with your paints on your postcards, you have already been layering and mixing colours without thinking about. Now we are going to take it a step further and look at mixing different shades of greens, using what ever yellows, blues and greens you have in your paint box.

Make a little colour chart on a spare bit of paper and keep it as a handy reference.

Let's start at the beginning - A is for Apple

This short video will show you how to get started on creating your first painting, of an apple. Starting as we did with the postcard, making the outlines.

Starting to Paint the Apple

This is all you have to do, take your time and follow me.

Adding Depth of Colour and the Shadow

Here we will add more colour to the apple by adjusting the colour of the green and we will also cross hatch for the shadow.


I hope you are impressed with what you have achieved. From simply making marks, filling shapes with colours you have now completed your first painting of an object. Congratulations, and may it spur you on to do more.

Now have another go without the pen. Part one

I have added this lecture in response to a comment that it would be nice to see me do a painting without the heavy pen outline.

So,I have done the apple again, like the other one, but also with a painted shadow rather than a cross hatched pen shadow. The painting is in three videos.

The process of painting this again will help you enormously in understanding how your paints work.

Now have another go without the pen. Part two

'A' is for apple and you may think this is too simple, but you will learn a lot and it will give you a good grounding as you learn more.

First draw the simple shape of an apple then:

* Learn how to mix the correct green.

* See how easy it is to create highlights.

* Paint realistic shadows.

* Make your painting look three dimensional.

Finally add the touches to make you want to pick it up and bite into it.

Now have another go without the pen. Part three

From drawing a simple shape of the apple, then go on to paint it and make it look real enough to pick up and bite into,

So what have you discovered.

A recap of what you have discovered.

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