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Real Estate Investing: Cash Flow Analysis – 101

This course teaches basics on being a real estate cash flow investor - which is the ONLY smart way to invest in property
Leonard Baron, M.B.A.
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To help investors learn how to pencil out, or pro-forma a cash flow positive real estate deal
To help investors analysis cash flows on an investment so they can select better deals

This course helps real estate investors learn how to pencil out, or "proforma" a real estate deal and how to identify a good cash flow positive wealth building operating income rental property real estate deal. The class teaches the basics on how to put pencil to paper and/or research, find, and input good estimates into my simple and straightforward Investment Property Analysis spreadsheet – downloadable from and included in course – so an investor can identify those deals that he or she should target for purchase.

By doing the proper cash flow analysis, an individual should be better able to reduce their risk and make a smart investment choice that adds to their long term wealth.

Note: This course is for smart people who are willing to take the time and effort to educate themselves so they can make informed prudent cash flow decisions. If you are looking for a quick and easy "get rich quick scheme" – and good luck with that strategy – you might want to look for a different course.

Positive cash flows can really make the difference so that you are not pulling money out of your bank account each month to cover the negative on a poor investment choice. Understanding the basics taught in this course will greatly help you evaluate investment options.

That’s what this course teaches, the basics on how to make better, smarter, long term real estate cash flow and investing decisions!

Real Estate Introduction to Smart Investing and Long Term Wealth Building

Chapter 1.1 - Introduction to the Professor and What He Can Teach You!

In this course you will learn many of the most common real estate due diligence procedures to help you reduce your risk and hopefully earn more wealth from your smart and prudent real estate purchasing decisions.

The topics we cover are:

1. Overall Due Diligence

2. The Purchasing Process

3. Rental Property Cash Flows

4. Short Term Ownership/Rent vs. Own

5. Foreclosures at the Courthouse

6. Income Taxes and Property Taxes

7. Mortgage Financing

8. Homeowners Associations

9. Home Inspections

10. Dwelling and Liability Insurance

11. Title Abstracts and Insurance

12. LLCs and Trusts

13. Renting and Managing Property

14. Fixers and Flipping Bewares

15. Small Apartment Buildings

16. Second Homes and Vacation Rentals

17. Valuation of Property

REOIDD101 - Introduction on Smart Real Estate Investing to Succeed in Investing!
Chapter 1.2 - Introduction to Smart RE Investing for Long Term Prudent Investors

This video segment walks you through the structure of the course and many items and issues you should consider and think through before you purchase real estate.

REOIDD101 - Chapter 1 - This Chapter Discusses the Overall Due Diligence Process
Download Required: Real Estate Investing Due Diligence Checklist
This is the main Real Estate Investing
Due Diligence Checklist
You should print this out and spend an hour or two reviewing it

The entire course, video, textbook, documents follow this checklist. It is pretty good, but keep in mind that the authors don't even know anywhere near close to all the Due Diligence that you should do for any particular property you buy. Real Estate is Buyer Beware and while the checklist covers many of the most common issues, you need to also talk to the other professionals involved in your purchase for additional due diligence tasks, procedures, analysis, etc. you should do.

Note: There is no risk free real estate, you can never mitigate all risks....hopefully any issues that occur with the properties you buy will be small and not too expensive....but there will be issues!

Download: Powerpoint Slides That Are Used in Course Lecture Video

These are the PowerPoint slides that go along with this video. I've created two options for your viewing:

1. A .pdf with 3 slides to a page with lines for notes. The entire deck is about 33 pages and you might want to print it out before you watch the videos.

2. The actual .ppt Powerpoint deck you can download and use file name "Baron Real Estate Class 03 01 14"

Good luck, Leonard

Financial Aspects of Real Estate Investing - Cash Flows, Rent vs. Own

Chapter 3.1 - Cash Flow Basics - Video Segment Provides an Investing Foundation

This video segment teaches you the basics on cash flow mechanics so that you understand how to "pro-forma' or "pencil out" your real estate deal. We teach you a methodology called a Cash on Cash return calculation and then it's up to you to find rental properties that make financial sense. Good luck, Leonard

Chapter 3.2 - Cash Flow Analysis - Video Segment for Actually Penciling a Deal

Now that you've learned how to pencil out a deal and what is a good.... or a bad....deal, we're going to run through a few more examples related to prize properties just to reinforce your knowledge. Good luck, Leonard.

Download - Chapter 3.3 - Using Our Spreadsheet Analysis Tool MS Excel Download

This text points you where to find our simple and straightforward downloadable Investment Property Analysis spreadsheet for your use. Some people are scared of spreadsheets, but if you can read this sentence, you can mange the one I've created for you to use. Good luck, Leonard

How to Use: Once you download and open the spreadsheet, click your top menu "File" button, then "Print..." then "Entire Workbook or All Sheets" so that all 4 pages will print out - including the instructions for use....then start using the spreadsheet for your analysis!

Chapter 3.4 - Funny Professor Guidance and Buyer Bewares!

We know some people think Due Diligence is boring, so we want to set that thought on fire here with this funny video followed by some Disclaimers that you should always think about when you are ready to write the check - to take the risk - when buying property. Good luck. Leonard

REOIDD101 - Chapter 3 - Professor's Textbook Chapter to Reinforce the Knowledge
Measuring Investment Returns California Realtor Continuing Education Course

This chapter from my Realtor Continuing Education course teaches the many ways to measure your real estate returns. The most important measurement is the one that you best feel will help you earn long term wealth. Good luck!

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