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Relationship Coaching: Transform Problems into Growth & Love

Develop true love & greater intimacy & a relationship growth mindset, stop destructive conflicts, find meaning & purpose
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
912 students enrolled
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Stop arguing over silly issues and finally get to the root of the problem
Stop harmful conflicts before they start by recognizing the warning signs
Develop a growth mindset for your relationships
See conflict as an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding
Understand why love fades and how to reignite love and intimacy
Create a new vision for your relationship based on your true desires


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Experience true love!


Are you tired of arguing, fighting, or worse, avoiding conflict and silently suffering?


Do you wish you could address your relationship problems and experience true love and have a closer, more fulfilling relationship, without the drama and conflict?


If you want a happy, healthy relationship, and true love…


OR if you’re single and you want to get it right and have lasting love the next time…


OR if you work with others to help them with their relationships… 


…there is one piece of relationship advice (taught by 3 relationship coaches) that will revolutionize your relationships:


Relationship challenges are not the problem, they are the solution!


The goal for your relationship is not perfection or the absence of problems or challenges. This is just a lie that we have been sold about what love is. The goal is to develop the tools, the trust and the growth mindset so that you KNOW you can overcome any relationship challenge and this is true love.


So, how do you do that?


First, you stop doing what most people do which is either:


  • A—They damage their relationship with unnecessary fighting, like two individuals on opposite sides of a battle, which erodes trust


  • B—They suffocate their relationship by avoiding dealing with underlying relationship problems, which leads to resentment


Not knowing how to effectively handle relationship problems will either lead to pain and suffering or ultimately the death of the relationship.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can become allies—partners who work together as a team to address relationship problems in a healthy, constructive way which creates true love as the foundation.


In this course, you’ll learn that the real definition of love. You’ll discover that the TRUE purpose of a romantic relationship is to help you learn, grow and become a better version of yourself, while at the same time getting to know another person with a level of intimacy and closeness that cannot be experienced in any other way. Isn’t that deep intimacy and closeness what most people want to experience with their love relationship?


There is one core underlying belief that will ultimately make or break your relationship—the belief that you, your partner, and your relationship CAN change! In this course, you’ll learn why growth is possible and how it is the key that unlocks fulfillment and meaning and allows you to be able to apply the powerful, proven relationship tools and strategies you’ll be learning in this course.


You’ll learn how to create true love:   

  • True love is about stopping harmful conflict before it starts.   

  • True love is about communicating openly and effectively in a way that addresses the root cause of challenges.   

  • True love is about develop greater closeness, intimacy and trust.   

  • Experience greater love, purpose, and meaning in your relationship and a renewed sense of commitment and excitement!


Incompatibilities, life challenges, and misunderstandings are inevitable in a relationships, but conflict, drama, and disconnect don’t have to be. In other words true love does not equal perfection. True love gives us the opportunity to continue to grow and develop.    

If you are ready to experience true love in your current relationship  

Or experience true love in your future relationship   

Or help clients experience true love in their life  

This course is for you!

So, are you ready to transform your life and relationships? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason. 

So, who are we?

And, you don’t have to do it alone! In this course you’ll receive relationship advice and tools from 3 life coaches, who each offer a unique perspective and approach.     

Leah Fontane earned a degree in sociology with a focus on sexuality, gender, and families. Her no fluff, no nonsense approach to relationship coaching challenges couples to find deeper clarity and purpose in their relationships by seeing conflict and differences as opportunities for learning.  

Natalie Rivera earned a degree in sociology and education. In 2007 she opened a non-profit teen coaching center, where she worked with teenagers and their parents to open communication and strengthen their relationships. She created an 8-hour program called the Parent Teen Challenge in which she worked with first time offenders in the Prosecution Alternatives for Youth program.  

Joeel Rivera, M.Ed. has a Masters in Counseling and Education and is finishing his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on happiness. He has been a relationship counselor and workshop facilitator since 2007 and is certified in PREP, a 30-year research-based program. Joeel and Natalie have over 70,000 students from 190 countries.   



Find out how your relationship problems can actually be your greatest opportunity for growth and how to avoid damaging your relationship with unnecessary fighting or avoiding conflict and suffocating your relationship.

The Growth Mindset in Relationships

A happy, healthy relationship begins with the belief that you, your partner, and your relationship CAN change... find out why!

Meet Coaches Joeel and Natalie Rivera

In this video you'll get to know Joeel and Natalie Rivera, 2 of your coaches along this journey and owners of Transformation Services, Inc.

Meet Coach Leah Fontane

In this video, you will be introduced to the course, the concept of transforming relationship challenges into personal growth, and Leah's background in relationships and sociology.

Q&A, Support and Workbook Exercises

Find out how to get the answers to any questions you may have as well as utilize the extensive workbook material and exercises contained in this course.

Communication and Commitment Foundation to True Love

Open Your Communication

In this video, we talk about how to create an open space for communication and relationship growth.

Communication in Relationships (Strategies that Work)

The communication skills and techniques you learn in this lecture will help you avoid conflict while expressing yourself and truly listening to your partner. Just these tools alone can transformation ALL of your relationships.

Finding the Root and Overcoming Resistance

In this video, we discuss the root of challenges, warning signs, and conversation triggers.

Warning Signs and Triggers

The best way to deal with an argument or conflict is to stop is before it starts, so find out how to identify warning signs and triggers so you can avoid harming your relationship.

Quality vs. Safe Problems

If you've ever argued over something superficial, the truth is that something deeper is going on that you aren't addressing. Learn how to stop getting stuck in safe, superficial problems and instead address quality problems--issues that, when dealt with, will transform your relationship.

Relationship Commitment and Compatibility

In this video, we talk about the importance of commitment and compatibility, emphasizing the value of commonality and differences.

Conflict and Challenges

Personality Differences

In this video, we cover personality differences, balance, codependency, roles and non-negotiables.


Get clear about what you absolutely MUST have in your relationship and what you absolutely DO NOT want because if you tolerate something in the short term that you absolutely cannot accept, eventually it will catch up with you. You can't fool yourself.

Relationship Roles and Expectations

Reflecting on the roles and expectations that you learned from your experiences in childhood and throughout your life can help you identify changes you can make in your own beliefs that will help you live relationships that are more authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Arguments as the Seeds of Growth

In this video, you will learn how arguments can be used as growth opportunities. 

Interrupting the Argument and Dealing with Challenges Head On

This video will teach you steps and tools for how to deal with these challenges.

The Importance of Acceptance

This video will teach you how to overcome resistance, embrace your baggage, and overcome resistance in relationship challenges.

Openness and Intimacy

This video covers the importance of sexual novelty, the realities of infrequent and frequent sex, and the importance of meaning and purpose in intimacy.

Putting the Relationship First

In this video, we talk about putting the relationship first, by embracing growth opportunities and seeking improvement.

Why Love Fades

In this video, we talk about why love fades and drama cycles.

The Science of Relationship Drama

The drama and love-hate cycles people experience in relationships is as addictive as drugs. Find out how it works and how to stop destructive fighting or painful patterns of conflict.

Speak Your Partner's Love Language

You might go out of your way for your partner and they don't even notice. Or, you may be frustrated that your partner doesn't give you love the way you need it. Find out why this happens, even with good intentions, and how to learn to speak your partners love language--which is the secret that unlocks loving and being loved effectively.

True Love, Marriage, and Partnership

True Love, Marriage, and Partnership

In this video, you will learn about soul mates, true love, and how stagnation and growth impact the quality of your relationship.

Being a Match to Your Dream Relationship

In order to attract the relationship you want (and the partner you want), you first need to be a match for it. Find out how!

Meaning, Purpose, and Vows, Part 1

In this video, you will learn the 1st half of the meaning behind the marriage vows.

Meaning, Purpose, and Vows, Part 2

This video covers the 2nd half of the meaning behind the marriage vows and the power of renewal in a relationship.

The Relationship Blueprint (Why We Marry Our Parents)

Ever wonder why "a girl marries her father" or why "opposites attract" or why you tend to attract the same partner or relationship over and over again? Find out why!

Creating Relationship Goals and Vision

Create a clear vision of the relationship you want and set goals for moving forward and growing with your partner!


Final Thoughts on the Purpose of Your Relationship

Final thoughts on the meaning and purpose of relationships. we also talk about the importance of knowing yourself and your partner, commitment, and the rewards of hard work in sum.

Congratulations and Next Steps

Congratulate yourself and plan for what's next!

Bonus: Additional Resources You Don't want to Miss

In this lecture we provide additional resources to support you on your journey.

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