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Responsibility Reset: Develop Yourself as a Leader

Easily avoid burnout, increase your energy, ability to spot creative solutions, and job satisfaction.
Crafted Leadership
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Learn how to take 100% responsibility, not more, not less
Shift from defensiveness/blame to responsibility/learning
Recognize and escape the the drama triangle
Actively promote and inspire healthy responsibility in others

Healthy responsibility is a foundational skill for conscious leaders.

When you come from a place of 100% responsibility — not more, not less — you increase your energy, ability to spot creative solutions, and job satisfaction. Crafted Leadership developed Responsibility Reset to help proactive leaders move from the traditional model of outsourcing responsibility to an innovative model of 100% responsibility. 

If you’re struggling with burnout, resentment, blame, or burden in the workplace, we’re here to help! We’ll review the traditional approach to responsibility and how it may be leading to these negative feelings. We’ll also discuss how to move from blame and burden to 100% responsibility. Viewing the world from a place of radical empowerment, we can take action and make changes from a place of choice.

While Responsibility Reset requires new awareness and practice, it’s a simple, straightforward model that gets immediate results.



Learn more about Crafted Leadership and our Architecture of Inspiring Leaders framework. We'll review how to get the most out of this course before we move to the next section.

The Current Perspective

The Traditional View of Responsibility

In this lecture, we'll cover experiences from the traditional view of divided responsibility that may sound familiar. We'll discuss the feeling of burden and blame in regards to responsibility, the blame sequence, and why this approach to responsibility is not beneficial to you or your friends, family, and co-workers.

Models of Responsibility

Now that we know what the traditional view of responsibility sounds like in definition, we'll look at what blame and burden look like in context.

A Different Definition of Responsibility

100% Responsibility = Healthy Responsibility

Throw away the traditional model of responsibility we've discussed so far. We invite you to discover the alternative to blame and consider a new definition of responsibility. At the end of this lecture, we'll pause for reflection.

The Drama Triangle

We'll introduce the drama triangle, a concept that will help you notice when you are not in a state of healthy responsibility. We'll discuss the roles of victim, villain, and hero in the drama triangle and how they can interfere with your 100% responsibility mindset. We'll take time at the end of this lecture to reflect on your experience with the drama triangle.

Time for a Change

The Responsibility Reset

Now that we can identify when we are not owning our 100% responsibility, let's discuss what to do to return to a state of healthy responsibility. We'll clearly define "Responsibility Reset" and the steps that are involved. We'll provide time for you to reflect and think about a scenario in your personal life where these steps can be taken.


Action Steps to Incorporate Healthy Responsibility

By now, you have all of the tools you need to successfully alter your perspective on responsibility. Let's discuss how to incorporate Responsibility Reset in your day-to-day life and accelerate your new skill.

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