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Responsible child: facilitate it for personal development

Help a kid to increase responsibility to be a better learner to prevent or therapy of "Space and Time Disorder"
Dr. Anastasia Makratzi
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Your child will have more finished chores at home from tomorrow morning
You will have the control of toys that are all over the space
You will have extra free time to enjoy with your child or for your self
You will Know the 3 basic deep aspects of responsibility.
You will Know the benefits of being responsible.
You will contribute to your kid's responsible creativity for a sustainable environment in the future
You will know 4 tips to help your child to increase finished chores at home
You will have tools in hand in order to prevent Space and Time Disorder
You will know how to make an intervention for Space and Time Disorder (STD) therapy
You will learn how to help your child to be effective and happy in everything he/she is doing

You love your child and you help it a lot every day, but he/she seems not to be able to finish simple tasks. 

Her/his toys are left every where in the house. 

He/she is  denying to do homework. 

You feel frustrated and upset.  Sometimes you feel embarrassed.

In this course will find  in a work book 4  tips to work with your child that will increase  the chores at home  that your child is doing.

You will find  the magic tips on how to help your child to be able to  be effective with homework and chores.  

Many parents ask about the responsibilities that a child can handle.

In this course you will learn the basic rules that a parent can have in order to make  like an expert a child responsible without asking for more then it can handle. 

Responsibility for many parents and children seems to be a fight. 

This course stops the fight. In this course you will learn how to listen to your children and transform them to responsible  without having to fight with them. 

  1. After this course you will have the tools to turn on the responsibility of your child. 

  2. Find what was preventing this till now. 

  3. Begin a new way of communication for responsibility with your child and others.

  4. Moreover this course is a whole system for training or intervention about responsibility and prevention and intervention of “Space and Time Disorder (STD)”. 

Most noteworthy from the first lecture you will see a noticeable:

  • Decrease  of unfinished tasks, frustration, postponing, unhappiness, time not being enough and

  • increase aof finished tasks,  because children will do more chores than they used to do

  • also, happiness, autonomy, action taking, happiness, free time, sustainability

This is a master course to learn about 4-6 years old children responsibility 

Why is this the master course about responsibility?

Because this course is full with my 32 years experience and studies content which will show you in depth  the 3 basic aspects of responsibility which will give you the magic stick to make your child more effective in finishing tasks . You will learn about Space and Time Disorder Intervention and Therapy. So, this course is more than just information about responsibility, as a result, you work also to make the results permanent and experiential for you. 

This is a double-face course. Actually this course will give you both  from parent/teacher/counselor/coach  perspective and  from the child or client perspective. Therefore, I encourage you to do the parent/teacher/counselor  section as if you where being coached/counseled.  

A course ideal for counseling/coaching centers and school administrators for their employee / coach faculty training.

That is why this course is a master course ideal for  bussiness development. 

In conclusion, this is an opportunity course for you and the children or clients.

Learn how to make a 4-6 years old child responsible.  

An on-line course to get all the tools and my 31 years of helping parents with their children about the home chores  and take packed Knowledge of my anthropocentric approach about responsibility for early childhood.

First of all nobody has ever talked to you about the real meaning of responsibility or about intervention or therapy of Space and Time disorder.

So you are a parent,  but you never have been taught how to help children to be responsible. As a result you work based on what you learnt from your childhood. Is it enough? Can it be accurate or it needs an update?

You are a  counsellor and you want to Know ways to prevent and how to make an inrevention for Space and time disorder.

Why learning 4-6 years old children responsibility is important?

Preschool age is the best age to teach your child to be responsible, because of the brain readiness to learn  and furthermore, because body dexterities are now maturing.

  1. Because responsibility is helping children to achieve in school.

  2. More over responsibility can prevent and heal the effects of learning disabilities and S.T.D (Space Time Disorder) according to anthropocentric SCore approach. 

  3. More over responsible persons are more accountable and organized.

For whom is this course
This is a course for you, if you are a parent and you have try many recipes and advices to make your child to do chores at home with no result.

This course is for you if you are a teacher, and you want to learn the 3 basic aspects of responsibility.
If you are a parent  you should learn about responsibility. 

Because what you remember about responsibility from your childhood is not enough. After finishing this course you will be able to help children to be responsible.

Moreover if you are already working in the facilitating area or counselling and teaching you will be able to teach, counsel, coach or help adults parents to manage with responsibility  and prevent STD.  You will have in hand ways  and tools to use for intevention and therapy of STD (Space and Time  Disorder).

A course ideal for counseling/coaching centers and school administrators for their employee / coach faculty training.  It gives the flexibility to work from remote locations.

You have nothing to lose there is a money back guarantee. 

My name is Anastasia Makratzi and I am a teacher, a counsellor, researcher  and a reiki master therapist founder of the anthropocentric Self Communication and Relation approach. I have been working many years now on how to be in full functionality in our everyday life, and how to help our children to be happy, full functional persons, not to be afraid to work in order to accomplish their dreams, desires, and core needs.   I have got  a specialization (PhD) and I am counselling and teaching  for Space and Time Disorder (STD) prevention, identification and therapy. 

See you in 

If you want to be in the course  but you cannot afford to pay ask for it with a message to me!

Even if only one person is going to be benefit from this course then it worths the effort.

Start Here

Lecture 1: Introduction 2.1
Lecture 2: What responsibility is
Lecture 3: THe benefits of being responsible
Lecture 4: Responsibility and time
Lecture 5 : Assesment and responsibility
Lecture 6: Ballance between love and control
Lecture 7.1 Basic rules
Lecture 4:1: Companion Book
Responsibility and learning
Lecture 8: Responsibility and creativity
Lecture 9.1: Responsibility and narration Part 1
Lectrure 9.2: Responsibility and narration Part 2
Lecture 10.1: Responsibility and Play Part 1
Lecture 10.2 Responsibility and Play Part2
Lecture 11.1: Responsibility and Silence Part 1
Lecture 11.2: Responsibility and Silence Part 2
Lecture 11.3: Responsibility and Silence Part 3
Lecture 12.1 : Responsibility and Motion Part 1
Lecture 12. 2 Responsibility and Motio Part 2
Lecture 13.1: Responsibility and Beliefs Part 1
Lecture 13.2 :Responsibility and beliefs Part 2
Lecture 14.1 Responsibility and Money Part 1
Lecture 14.2 Responsibility and money part 2
Lecture 15: Responsibility and perfectionism
Lecture 16.1 : Is the child responsible part 1?
Lecture 16.2 Is the child responsible Part 2?
Lecture 17: Congratulations
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