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Roadmap to Leadership

Your step-by-step guide to become a leader your team, your peers and your mentors admire and respect.
Donna Galatas
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Identify 7 leadership styles
Determine your leadership style(s)
Assess your team's level of readiness for achieving goals and how to adjust your leadership style
How to manage expectations and conflict
How to be a lateral leader

Leadership skills and behaviors have been studied and written about for many years. And it’s intense! But, you’re in luck!  You don’t have to read all that research because we’ve sifted it down to the most important elements that truly elevate your leadership abilities.

  • Transform your behavior, your thinking and your actions.  All of which will help you to better serve your team when facing leadership challenges that require courage, empathy and decisiveness.
  • In this course, you will learn to recognize several different leadership styles and which leadership approach is best to use with your team, based on the team’s level of competency and commitment, not just yours. 
  • There is a huge difference between being a manager and being a leader and BOTH are important to an organization.  Do you know the difference?  You will after completing this course!  Most people tend to manage rather than lead and you need a balance for both.
  • What happens when there is conflict among team members under your leadership?  Learn how to recognize the stages of conflict and how to resolve issues quickly and easily.
  • Lateral leadership is often overlooked in leadership development, but this is the prep stage for future formal leaders and you need to become adept at it yourself, then be able to coach others to become good lateral leaders.
  • Be deliberate in your leadership, not accidental.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Do something different. Earn the credibility and level of respect you deserve!

Throughout the course you will complete exercises that will help you strengthen your own skills.  Some of the exercises will be for the business owner or top leader and some will be for the leader/manager. But even if you don’t fit into ANY of those categories, you can complete the exercises using your colleagues as your team.

So Who Am I and why should you take this course?

I’m Donna Galatas, CEO of The Galatas Group.  We are a Human Resources coaching company and we specialize in working with start-up and small businesses who need help building a strong culture.

Together with my business partner, Jackie Torres, we have over 40 years of experience as corporate and field HR leaders working with organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies.

Now, as business owners ourselves, we are excited to bring our expertise to you. This course is designed to help you master your role as leader.

Let’s get started—sign up now!  


Intro to the course topic
Who Am I?
Who we are and why we created the course and overview of what the course will cover
Exercise: Leadership Assessment
How Good are Your Leadership Skills?

What Makes An Effective Leader?

Leadership and the Organization
What are the benefits of having strong leaders and what do they contribute to their organization?
Leadership Traits Approach
Are leaders born, not made? Examination of the Traits Approach to leadership
Leadership Behavioral Approach
Examination of the two behavioral groups that define leaders
Leadership Situational Approach
Understand how situations impact a leader's effectiveness
What makes an Effective Leader
How do these leadership approaches fit together?
Identify 3-5 of your own leadership behaviors using the section framework 

Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs Management
Understanding what differences and similarities leaders and managers have
Contributions of Leaders vs Managers
Deeper dive into examining what leaders and managers contribute to organizations
Case Study
Review of an organization which focused on management behaviors over leadership behaviors
Leadership Exercise
Rate yourself as a leader or manager

Leadership Styles

Defining Leadership Styles

Key elements of your leadership style

Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership

The evolution of leadership over the last 30 years and introduction to various styles

7 Leadership Styles

Defining 7 leadership styles on the leadership spectrum

Leadership Exercise

Identify your leadership style(s) and opportunities for improvement

Leading a Team

Leadership styles and teamwork

How leadership styles affect teamwork through motivation

Comparison of McGregor's Theory X & Y

Compare McGregor's Theory X & Y using 5 categories


Determine where your organization and where you fit within Theory X & Y and establish the direction for the future

Team Readiness

How to identify your team's state of readiness to follow you as the leader

Individual Readiness

Identifying an individual's level of readiness by assessing Competency & Commitment 

Leadership Exercise

Assess your team's level of readiness

Expectations and Conflict

Managing Expectations

Using influencing skills and managing expectations

Leadership and Conflict

4 stages of conflict development and 4 responses to address conflict

Leadership Exercise

Examine a real-life situation to determine your awareness of team expectations and root cause of any conflict

Lateral Leadership

What is Lateral Leadership?

Definition and appropriate use of this skill

Case Study: Lateral Leadership Fail

The Story of Call Center Bob and his new lateral leadership role

Lateral Leadership Done Right

Understanding the benefits of lateral leadership and how to use it as an engagement process

Lateral Leadership Components

The components and 5 step process to follow

Leadership Exercise

Identify opportunities for lateral leadership in your role and in your organization

When Leadership Goes Wrong

Fallen From Grace

Examples of fallen leaders 

Failed Leadership From 3 Perspectives

Examine the impact of fallen leaders to an organization

Leadership Exercise

Examine 3-5 leaders you personally know who have failed and identify reasons

Consistent Leaders

Examples of leaders who remain role models & the keys to success

Leadership Exercise

Examine 3-5 leaders you personally know who remain successful and identify reasons

Course Review

Bonus Lecture

Additional resources

Additional resources to further explore leadership understanding and guidance

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