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Salesforce Sys Admin Training: Getting Started Fundamentals

This first course in a complete training series will help you take the first steps toward a lucrative new career
Aspiratech Training
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Secure a free practice instance of Salesforce to do homework in
Have a strong understanding of the logic of the platform, including key terminology and navigation
Be able to administer the environment for users
Understand the difference between the various Salesforce user interfaces

In this first section of the full Salesforce Step-by-Step System Administrator Training course, you will learn how to configure Salesforce to fulfill business needs, in preparation for well paying employment. This first section from the full course will provide you with a strong foundation in how the system works and how to use it as a System Administrator, plus give you a low cost introduction to the field before you have to invest any significant amount in training. Info on discount coupons for the full course is also included. This is a great way to start your exploration of Salesforce System Administration.

Aspiratech is a registered Salesforce consulting and ISV partner, and as such we design and implement the system for companies large and small, including non-profits. We are leading experts in the field, which you can see by simply Googling “Salesforce Training.”

As part of every Salesforce implementation, we train both users and at least one internal System Administrator (Sys Admin). 

The full Salesforce Step-by-Step System Administrator Training has effectively trained hundreds of new Sys Admins to take on real world duties upon which their companies depend, and has helped many attain certification by providing a strong foundation upon which they could build.  

  • Using step by step instruction, clearly demonstrated and explained, including the “gotchas” that send the unsuspecting in circles, this course will teach you how to customize Salesforce to meet the job requirements of a System Administrator.
  • Practical hands-on exercises are included to make sure you know how to apply what you see to real world examples.
  • This course provides the training you need for the only type of true job security there is, the security of genuinely being the best at what you do.

Starting salaries for employed consultants in the industry are typically $40-60/hr, depending on your region, and independent consultants who sign their own clients often make several times those amounts. If you have had an interest in expanding your career options by adding a practical technology proficiency to your skill set, Salesforce System Administration is where many non-technical people find their opportunity. For those who have no interest in embarking upon a technology specialist career path, the SFDC Sys Admin skill set is also greatly in demand and in short supply in many non-technical positions and will make you an indispensable part of any work team.

Note: It is expected that you will have access to an instance of SFDC you can experiment and practice in within this course. Salesforce provides a free Developer org at:

Developer dot salesforce dot com/signup

(Udemy no longer allows us to make this a live link, so unfortunately you’re going to have to do some manual work to get to the right page on the Salesforce site to get this from them… is also posted within the second lecture in this course)

— Note that you should use a personal email address as your username when signing up for a developer edition account, so that your work email address will remain available for your company instance username.

If your company does not have Salesforce yet, but is considering implementing it, get a free 30-day Trial org on the Salesforce website. You will then have the added benefit that work you do toward genuine goals during this course can be preserved for use by your company (unlike work saved in a developer org), possibly encouraging your employer to allow you to work on the course during your regular work day or even purchase the training series for you.

Get started now but enrolling in this fundamentals level introduction to the field.

Overview and Access

Course Introduction

This lecture will introduce you to the course series content and the training method, so that you will know how to get the most out of this training to achieve practical skill you can apply on the job.

Getting Your Practice Salesforce Org

This is an applied learning course. That means you will need to do exercises within an actual Salesforce.com database.

This lesson will show you how to secure a free developer org at:


for your training and future practice.

Terminology & Navigation

Key Salesforce Terminology

By knowing key database terminology, you will not only have an easier time following along in this course, but will also have a much easier time using Salesforce's online Help system. The more you understand the basic organization of the database, the easier it will be to learn. Don't skip this foundational lesson that will set you up for success in the course.

Admin Setup Interface Navigation

Most of your time as Admin will be spent in this part of the system. By understanding the logic behind how the interface is organized, you will have an easier time figuring out where to look for what even before you have memorized common functions through repetition.

Admin Setup Navigation Changes Over Time
The Old Admin Setup Navigation

Customizing the User Interface and Features

Customizing User Interface Options
One of your responsibilities as Admin will be to anticipate user needs and set the environment up to work the way that is best for your company's business process. While users won't know what the system can and can't do, you should. This lesson will teach you the benefits and drawbacks of different user interface options that will affect what your users can do in the database.
Setting Feature Usage - Homepage Layouts
This and the next 3 lessons introduce useful optional features of the system, and explain their use cases and drawbacks. This will help you decide what features to activate for your company and know how to get the most out of them.
Setting feature usage - Quotes and Tags
Setting feature usage - Chatter and Chat
Setting feature usage - Social Accounts & Contacts

In this final lecture in the 4 part series on setting feature usage, we cover Social Accounts and Contacts, plus assorted intermediate features.

Controlling User Experience

Managing Users
One of your most essential functions as a System Administrator is going to be managing user access to the system. In this lecture you'll learn to add new users, deactivate users, transfer record ownership, and resolve common user access problems.
Salesforce Lightning Experience Setup

How to configure the Salesforce Lightning experience for some or all of your users. (Note that custom profiles will become available in Professional Edition also starting Summer 2016.)


Test Your Knowledge
Bonus Lecture - Discounted Full Training

Where to go from here to continue your Salesforce education.

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