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Salesforce Sys Admin Training: Security – Design & Configure

This second course in a complete training series will help you master security design and configuration
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Design a security system
Configure a security system
Confirm that users only have permissions to do what they should be able to do in the system

In this training series you will learn how to configure Salesforce to
fulfill business needs, in preparation for well paying employment. This
second course in the series will provide you with a strong foundation in
how security works in the system. You will be able to design a security system that meets the needs of a given company, then implement that design and test it for proper functioning. You will make sure that users can only do what they should be able to do in the Salesforce system.

Aspiratech is a registered Salesforce consulting and ISV partner,
and as such we design and implement the system for companies large and
small, including non-profits. We are leading experts in the field, which
you can see by simply Googling “Salesforce Training.”

As part of every Salesforce implementation, we train both users and at least one internal System Administrator (Sys Admin). 

This training series has effectively trained hundreds of new Sys Admins to take on real world duties upon
which their companies depend, and has helped many attain certification
by providing a strong foundation upon which they could build.  

  • Using step by step instruction, clearly demonstrated and explained, including the “gotchas” that
    send the unsuspecting in circles, this course will teach you how to
    customize Salesforce to meet the job requirements of a System
  • Practical hands-on exercises are included to make sure you know how to apply what you see to real world examples.
  • This course provides the training you need for the only type of true job security there is, the security of genuinely being the best at what you do.

You should plan on working on this series an hour a day for 3-4 weeks
to effectively cover all the material. Going through the series a
second time, simply watching the videos on the second pass, is also
advised. Frequent exposure is key during the training period.

This training series will help prepare you for the System Administrator certification
track, unlike other Salesforce courses that purport to be “complete,”
but which in fact focus on the Developer track and leave out a large
portion of what is needed for a Sys Admin. Developer is a track that
will not lead to either Sys Admin positions or highly paid consulting
positions, and is only appropriate for those who intend to go on to
become apex coders. This course is intended for people who never want to
have to configure an API or deal with writing code syntax.

That said, there is no substitute for getting the most recent
Salesforce supplied study guide (webpage linked to within the course) to
actually study for the exam itself, just as when you were in school you had to supplement in class learning with extra study for end of semester exams.

Here is an email we received from a student about using this training to get her Sys Admin certification:

“I wanted to let you know that I successfully passed my admin 201
certification. I am looking forward to write my 401 exam as well… I
know that certification will help me in securing a job. I highly
recommended your course to my friends. Only because of your course and
watching it several times and practice it several times, I was able to
grasp knowledge. Thank you very much. Best, Padma”

Starting salaries for employed consultants in the
industry are typically $40-60/hr, depending on your region, and
independent consultants who sign their own clients often make several
times those amounts. If you have had an interest in expanding your
career options by adding a practical technology proficiency to your
skill set, Salesforce System Administration is where many non-technical people find their opportunity.
For those who have no interest in embarking upon a technology
specialist career path, the SFDC Sys Admin skill set is also greatly in
demand and in short supply in many non-technical positions and will make
you an indispensable part of any work team.

Note: It is expected that you will have access to an
instance of SFDC you can experiment and practice in within this course.
Salesforce provides a free Developer org at:

Developer dot salesforce dot com/signup

(Udemy no longer allows us to make this a live link, so unfortunately
you’re going to have to do some manual work to get to the right page on
the Salesforce site to get this from them… is also posted within the
second lecture in this course)

— Note that you should use a personal email address as your username
when signing up for a developer edition account, so that your work
email address will remain available for your company instance username.

If your company does not have Salesforce yet, but is considering
implementing it, get a free 30-day Trial org on the Salesforce website.
You will then have the added benefit that work you do toward genuine
goals during this course can be preserved for use by your company
(unlike work saved in a developer org), possibly encouraging your
employer to allow you to work on the course during your regular work day
or even purchase the training series for you.

Security Foundation

Security Overview

Learn the elements of security in the system, including terminology and relation between the parts.

Master Each Security Feature

Profiles and Permission Sets

Learn to extend functionality in the system.

System Access

Learn to control who can access the system, including from where and when.

Roles and Org-wide Defaults

Learn to control record access in the system.

Sharing Rules and Groups

Learn to utilize advanced features to create exceptions to the other rules.

Field Level Security

Control user access at the field level.

Putting it All Together

Planning and designing a complete Security solution

Put all the pieces together by designing a security solution. Be sure to review the Aspiratech SFDC Security Quiz Scenario, since you will need it to answer questions in the quiz that follows this lesson.

Test Your Knowledge of Salesforce Security

These questions relate to all the material in this course, plus the Aspiratech SFDC Security Quiz Scenario PDF attached to the previous Planning and Designing a Complete Security Solution lesson.

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