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Scrum for Entrepreneurs – Project management agile mastery

Scrum agile masterclass, increase the quality of your project & level of productivity using scrum and agile system
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Create a great team
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Increase efficiency in both themselves and their team
Solve problems in their business before they appear
Increase their working quality
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This course is about a system which help you to work a lot faster in a lot shorter time , increase your working quality , be more efficient and make a lot less mistakes . S o we can say what exactly you need to get one step closer to your goal and becoming successful .

Learn and master the most successful working system in this Comprehensive Course

  • Work faster and smarter in shorter time
  • Increase working quality and more positive feedback from customer
  • Avoiding mistakes which bring failure
  • How to create a great team
  • Managing and leading your team toward your goals
  • Lots of exercises to practice what we learn
  • Take away at the end of each chapter for review
  • Learning from the experience of the most successful people

A Great System Which Change The Way You Work For Ever

Scrum is a great working system developed by Jeff Sutherland , John Scumniotales and Jeff McKenna in the early 1990s . Using this system can improve the way you work completely , in many different ways . You can use this system in a team or even as an individual . If you look at the most successful companies you will see that most of them are using scrum like Sam Walton , one of the most successful self-made billionaires in the history which he used a similar system in Walmart , he was calling over the shoulder system .In this course not only we will learn everything about scrum but also we will learn important experience from the most successful people with a lot of exercises .

Contents and Overview

This course contain over 50 lectures of content and exercises . It’s designed for anyone who wishes to get to their goals in their carrier and become successful .A system which will change and improve everything in the way you work.

In this course you will learn how you have to work faster and smarter . How to create a great team and how to lead them toward your goals . Beside all these you will learn what are the mistakes people make while working which is the difference of success and failure .

You’ll learn how to find the problems before they appear in your business and how to solve them before they hurt your business and projects . How to look at your problems , how to calculate them , how to find a solution and how to make the best decision in the minimum time possible .

You’ll learn how to manage every workday and to use what principles to increase the efficiency of yourself and your team .Also you will learn how to estimate the exact time of your project and the speed you and your team are working.

And, finally, you’ll learn about a lot of mistakes that most of the people are making without knowing them , mistakes which make you slow , decrease your working quality , lead you to make bad decisions and mistakes which are the difference of becoming successful or failure .

By the end of this course, you’ll have valuable skills in increasing the speed of any working process in any company (lots of companies need scrum masters to help them in their working process and you can apply for it) , create your own team , manage and lead a group of people toward your goals and increasing the efficiency in yourself and your team .

In addition to all these there are several bonuses from the experience of the most successful people which knowing them is very important and useful for the success of your business and also in your personal life . 



Introduction :

Welcome to scrum , I'm so glad that you have joined us . Before we start you have to know that in this course we are not trying to just repeat some information over and over to maybe learn something , like high school and universities . In this course we have tried to engage everyone in topics . When we learn something , after that there will be couple of questions which will help you to think about the topic but inside your life and business . This way you will understand and learn everything a lot better and also you won't get board . There is an interesting rule that i use whenever i want to create a product . to know about that rule watch the video . 

It is like Benjamin Franklin said :

Tell me and i forget , teach me an I will remember , engage me and I will learn .

Scrum - pouya Eti

How to use
Who can use scrum ?

Who can use scrum ?

Most of the people think that scrum is only and only for the people who work as a team but this is not right . I have a lot of experience using scrum as an individual and it work really fantastic . So to know more about it let's watch the video .

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The way the world works is broken

Two type of efficiency

Two type of efficiency :

Most of us are looking for ways to get closer to our goals and become successful and for that we have to increase the level of efficiency . We also have to know that there are two type of efficiency :

  • Self efficiency
  • Team efficiency

We need both of these two for lots of different reasons to be able to improve our project and finally get to our goals , so to know more about efficiency , let's take a look at this lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Micro managing and abdication

Micro managing and Abdication :

To understand scrum a lot better we need to understand micro managing and abdication first . In this lesson we are going to learn what are micro managing and abdication , what are the negative side of these two approach and we is scrum comparing to these two .

Scrum - pouya Eti

waterfall system

Waterfall system  :

Well a lot of people and a lot of companies still think that waterfall system is great and they are using it . Sadly they have no idea what is what are the negative effects of waterfall system on the project . In this lesson we are going to learn what is waterfall system and understand how it works exactly .

Scrum - pouya Eti

negative side of waterfall system

Negative side of waterfall system :

In this part we will speak about how harmful waterfall system can be . For example one of the huge problems with waterfall system is that you have to plan everything about the project from the beginning and this will cause a lot of mistakes . A lot of things will change over time while you or your team are working on the project and if you plan everything at the beginning , there is a good chance more than 80% of your plan won't work . now this number is according to my experience in business and using waterfall system but generally the whole idea is that planning everything at the beginning till the end of the project is not a good idea and 9 out of 10 times , it will fail .

Scrum - pouya Eti


Scrum :

In this lesson we are gonna talk about the general idea of scrum . Scrum is a working system which has a lot of benefits and a lot less negative effects comparing to all the other systems . Using scrum can increase the working speed , the planning will be more accurate , it will prevent mistakes from happening , it will increase the quality of the project and so on . Using scrum is one of the secrets of the successful companies in all around the world . To know more about it let's start this lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti


Planning :

Planning is one of the most important of any project which can bring failure or success at the end of the project. As an example in waterfall system we had to plan everything precisely for the whole project from the beginning till the end and this can cause lots and lots of problems but in scrum the way we plan is a lot different . to know more about it , let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Planning

2-Planning :

Welcome to the first practice in this course . The way you have to answer these questions is to go in the Q&A section of this course and write down the answer of the questions below . For the topic of your answer you have to write the number of the chapter we are in which in here is number 2 and then the title of the exercise , so it will be " 2-planning " and the questions for this part are :

  • write down an experience which you had in planning the whole project at the beginning and explain how did it go .
  • What is your plan for the next 7 days ?

That's all for this exercise , also try to look at other's answers , it will be very helpful for learning . Even you can start a discussion with others about all these exercises .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Inspect and adapt

Inspect and Adapt :

This is one of the most important part of anything which want to last . If you don't fallow this , it doesn't matter what you do , sooner or later it will die . This rule is not only for business and work but also it will work in our personal life  . Also Charles Darwin has a theory , The origin of spices" which is speaking about the same thing we are talking about here . So to learn more about inspection and adapting let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Change or die

Change or Die :

one of the important factors which we all must have is that pay attention to the environment around us so when ever it change we start to adapt ourselves or our business . Also not all the rules around us is working for our time , most of the rules are created in the past and they may not work for us today . we have to be careful about that too . To know more about this topic , let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Fail fast

Fail fast :

In business most of the things which we do is not connected with our customers , like a lot of meetings for different topics .what scrum is trying to tell us here is that focus more on the work which is connected to the customer , they will give you feedback and this way you can understand that are you going the right way or the wrong way , and if wrong way you can fix it early . To know more about this part click on the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti 

The take away

The take away :

Welcome to the first take away of this course . These take away are very useful to review what we have learned not only now but later after couple of months you can just come back here and review everything in the minimum time possible . So things which we have learned in this chapter are :

  • Two type of efficiency
  • Micro managing and abdication 
  • waterfall system and its negative effect on business
  • Scrum 
  • Planning in scrum 
  • inspect and adapt
  • change or die
  • fail fast so you can fix early 

These are all the topics in this chapter and to review them all just watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti


The whole structure

The whole structure :

In this section we are going to learn about the whole structure of scrum and its roles . Later we will talk about each role more specific but now we just take a look at all the roles and their connection to each other . To understand this part just watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Hesitation or death

Hesitation or death :

Again one of the most important parts of scrum is this one . For every second you wast on finding your options , deciding and acting , you may lose everything about your business . In this lesson we are going to learn how to find our options , how to calculate them to find the best option and how we should act on it . if you just become good at this one thing , it will have a huge positive effect on your business . So to learn this part watch the video and prepare yourself for its exercise .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Hesitation

3-Hesitation :

So here we have another practice question which help you to learn these information a lot better . Don't forget to write it down in the Q&A . So the question is :

-Try to solve one of the problems which you have right now by using scrum .

To understand more that how you have to answer it let's watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Look out world for answers

Look out world for answers :

One of the helpful parts for finding answers . i think all of us meat with our problems on daily basis but most of us have no idea that where we have to look for answers , how we can fix it . In this lesson we will learn how to find answers for our problems and this is not only for business . you can use this for all the problems you are facing in your life too . So let's start our lesson to learn more about it .

Don't guess

Don't guess :

One of the most harmful things which people use to do is that they make lots of their decisions based on their feeling and guesses . This is like going forward by chance , sometimes it may work and sometimes won't but the odds that this won't work is a lot .So the best way to analyze everything , for both business and life problems is to look at everything by only looking at facts .  TO learn more about it watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Guess

3-Guess :

Another practice to improve ourselves and learn more about scrum's principles . So in this part you have to answer the fallowing question .

- Make an example of one time that you made a decision on guess , not facts and reasons .

Also don't forget to write it down in the Q&A section .

Scrum - pouya Eti

The rule breaker

The rule breaker :

Well I always think that all the people who break the rules are one step ahead of the others . I'm not talking about general rules inside community . I'm talking about the rules for work or maybe life that people before us made them . There are a lot of reasons that those rules may not work for us for today  . What scrum is suggesting here is to find out every rule about what you are doing , study them learn them , master them . After that forget about the rules and start to create your own rules . If you practice this you will have a unique life , business , product ... . To learn more about this topic just watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Rule breaker

3-Rule breaker :

So again another exercise in this chapter and this time it is about rules that have been created before us , knowing them , mastering them and breaking them . In this part we have several questions to answer which they are :

  • What are you working on right now as a project ?
  • Do you know about rules that people made before you ? 
  • Write down if you have any experience in breaking the rules .

So these are the questions and to know more about how you have to answer and also what are my answers let's watch the video .

Scrum - pouya

The take away

The take away :

Welcome to the take away of this chapter same as before , after you finished this course you can come back here several times in a year and just review these takes away . So The topics which we have learned during this chapter are :

  • The whole structure of scrum
  • Observe - calculate - decide - act
  • Look out world for answers
  • Don't guess 
  • Learn the rules , master them and then break them

That was all for this chapter and to review all of them just watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti


Great goals

Great goals :

A lot of things have effect to create a great team but one of the most important ones is to have a great goal . Great goals will attract professional people , because almost all the people want to do something greater than themselves so they tend to join teams but if the goal is not so great or it is too easy , professionals won't join . beside all these it is really important to know where you want to go , what is your end game in mind . Your goal will give you motivation and fuel to move forward , will help you to stand up while you are failing . 

several days before i was reading a great book which name was " the energy bus " . inside this book there were 10 rules , so the second rule is almost the same thing which we are talking about here . it was saying that you have to know where you want to take your bus . it was really an interesting book , read it if you want to have crazy positive energy .

So to know more about this topic , let's watch the video together .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Goals

4-Goals :

Welcome to another exercise in this course so again same as before we have a question here which you need to answer it in the Q&A section . Also it is really helpful to read the others answer for these questions . So the question in this part which you need to answer is :

  • What is your goal that you want to achieve in your life or your business ?

Knowing the answer of this question is really important . Lots of people don't think about their end game and after couple of years when they improved themselves and get to some level in their life , they find out that they have no idea where they have to go now , and this will stop them usually for couple of years . but if you really know what is your main goal in your life , what is your end game , where do you want to be when you get old , then you won't lose your way and time in the middle of the way . So if you don't know , sit down and think about it , even if it takes couple of weeks , do it .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Freedom in team

Freedom in team :

Steve jobs always used to say " we don't hire professional people to tell them what to do , we hire them so they tell us what to do " 

it is really important that members of a team have responsibility and power to make decisions otherwise they can't preform 100% of their skill and power . to know more about it , watch the video .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Cross functional

Cross functional :

one of the important factor which every team must have is to be cross functional . It means that every team must have every skill which it needs to complete the project . it has a lot of benefits like all the team members can interact with each other according to the project and what they have to do . This is not possible in waterfall system because there we had different teams for every duty like a team for planning , a team for production , a team for testing and so on . So if you are ready let's start our lesson together .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Cross fucntional

4-Cross Functional :

In this part again we have another question that makes us think about the things we just learned . Having a cross functional team is can change lots of things for you . So the questions are :

  • What are you working on right now as a project ?
  • If you have a team for your project or you want to have a team , what skills do you need to make it cross functional ?

Think about the answer of these questions and write them down in Q&A section of this course .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Why small teams

Small teams are better 

In this lesson we will learn what is the best team size to be productive and efficient , and why .There are lots of reasons but the main one is that in big teams the communication channels will be a lot and simply our brain can't keep up with that many people at once . So it is suggested not to use more than 8 member in a team if you want to have the maximum speed .

Scrum - Pouya Eti

Blame is stupid

Blame is stupid :

Never ever use blame in anything , your business your life , anywhere , it won't help you . Blaming is almost useless in any situation , it will cause you to waste your energy and time instead of focusing on how you can solve the problems . If you look at all the successful people in all around the world , most of them they never blame others . Blaming has no benefit so try not to use it ever .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Blame

4-Blame :

So again we have another exercise . Try to think and answer the question below :

  • Write down an experience which you had on blaming others and someone blame you .

we mostly have no idea how harmful blaming can be and with using it we actually slow everyone down and decrease the chance of team's success .

Scrum - pouya Eti

The take away

The take away

in this lesson we are going to review what we have learned during this chapter .

  1. Great teams have great goals
  2. Give freedom to your team
  3. A team must be cross functional
  4. Small teams are better
  5. Blame is stupid

Reviewing take away often will be very helpful to remind you almost everything about scrum . Sometimes we forget to fallow these rules and it can cause a lower efficiency . 




Sprint :
In this lesson we will learn a great system of working which can effect a lot on the productivity . Basically sprint is the core of scrum . Sprint will help us to be more connected with our customers and use their feedback in our project  so we can create the exact thing which people need , also it will help us a lot to manage the way we work so we can have less mistakes and work a lot more productive and efficient . If you are interested on how to work faster in less time this is one of the parts which you should master it . 

What is sprint ?
Sprints are time boxes that will repeat over and over until the end of project . Scrum master has to prepare some tasks for the team and at the beginning of each sprint team members have to choose a task and start working on them . Sprints are between 1 week to 4 week and they should be the same amount of time during the whole project .

So to learn more about sprint let's start this lesson 

Scrum - Pouya Eti

Practice - Sprint

5-Sprint :

The first practice in this chapter . So same as the previous exercises answer the fallowing question in the question and answer section . So the question is :

  • What is the topic of your project ?
  • Write down the backlog which you need for your upcoming sprint .

Writing the backlog is always helpful and it doesn't mater that you are working as a team or individual .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Daily standup

Daily stand up :

In this lesson we will learn an other important thing about scrum . Daily stand up is a daily meeting which happens at the same time everyday and all the team members must be present there to share their knowledge about the project .
Scrum master will ask each member 3 different question :

  1. what did you do yesterday to help the team finish the sprint ?
  2. what will you do today to help the team finish the sprint ?
  3. What obstacles are getting in the teams way ?

so this way you can keep all the team members in the same page  . Also there are some important rules about this meeting which you need to learn . So let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Daily standup

5-Daily stand up :

Another exercise of this chapter which include 3 different questions . Actually right now we are going to practice a daily stand up meeting and I will ask you the main 3 question of the meeting . So the questions are :

  • According to what you are working on right now , what did you do yesterday to finish the sprint ?
  • What are you going to do today to finish the sprint ?
  • What are the obstacles which slow you down 

So think about these question and write the answer inside Q&A of this course , also don't forget to look at other's answers .

scrum -pouya Eti


Titles :

Most of the time giving people titles will have a big negative effect . Instead of making everything more efficient and faster , it will cause problems that slow the process . Generally there are two main reason for this :

  1. People will only do things which match with their title .
  2. To protect the power of that role they tend to hold on to specific information .

These reasons will make the team performance on a low level . If people want to use titles outside of company or for their resume it's OK , but inside the company everybody is a team member . Also there are some other reasons which cause people to act different when they have title and try to make everything simpler for themselves . So to learn more about it let's start this lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti 

Planning poker

Planning poker :

In this lesson we will learn more about a great way to estimate each task on our project which also it will help us to know the exact time of completing the project or lunching our new product . Planning poker is one of the important part of scrum which team members and scrum master will sit down , scrum master will show each task and team members have to use Fibonacci number cards to show a number that they thing will match more to the task . 

There are some important rule about how to calculate it , so let's start our lesson and learn more about it .

Scrum - pouya Eti 

The take away

The take away :

So in this lesson we will review everything we have learned during this chapter . so the first thing was :

  1. Sprint
  2. Daily stand up
  3. Remove titles
  4. Planning poker

so let's start this lesson to learn more about each of them .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Waste is a crime

No multi tasking

Multitasking :

Most of the people think that if you have the ability to work on different things at the same time is really cool . Even on some job application you can see multitasking as a requirement . but there are lots of scientific reasons that indicate how bad and harmful multitasking can be .

some researches shows that people who do multi tasking they don't do it because they are good at it , they do it because they can focus on a single task . Multitasking will use lots of your energy every time you switch between two projects also some research shows that when you are multitasking your IQ level will be dropped , so the quality of your work will be decreased and you will make more mistakes .

So to learn more about multitasking let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Multitasking

6-Multitasking :

The first exercise in chapter 6 , so same as before you have to think and write down the answer of the fallowing questions in Q&A . and the questions are :

  • On what subject you usually multitask on daily basis ?
  • Explain the one time that you were Multitasking between two projects ?

most people think that multitasking is very cool and helpful but you have to practice and rewire your brain that when ever you want to multitask , try to stop it .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Half done is not done

Half done is not done :

Most of us have this experience to start something , a project , a task and after a while we leave it unfinished for lots of different reasons like we may think what we did is not good or it has some problems and so on . Well the thing is that what ever we leave unfinished will cost us money and in scrum it is strongly recommended not to do that . Also doing tasks half done will have serious effects on our brain . It will rewire our brain to expect to leave things unfinished every time we start something . So to learn more about this let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Half done

6-Half done :

Here we go for another practice session which include 2 question and they are :

  • Make an example of a time you left a task or a project half done ?
  • What do you think would happened if you had finished that task or project ?

So write your answer for these 2 question in Q&A .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Do it right the first time

Do it right the first time :

Most of the time while we are working we make some mistakes which sits there for a while until we find them . The problem is that fixing those mistakes for some time after we created them will take lots of time . One of the problems is that we don't find out what just we did was creating a mistake and later we need to deal with it , therefor there are two things we need to do :

  1. At the end of each day put some time for testing what we have created .
  2. when ever we find a problem or mistake we must solve it right away .

There are lots of research that shows if we solve a mistake a lot after the time we created it , it will take 24 times more to fix it and this is a big waste of time and energy which we shouldn't do . So to learn more about this let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Working long makes more work

Working long makes more work :

most of us think that if we work more we can accomplish more but it's not that simple . We all spend different kind of resources while we are working like energy . The thing is that if our energy runs out and we still try to work hard , we start to make mistakes , we start to disturb others , we start to make bad decisions , and each time we make mistake we have to spend lots of time to fix that mistake . So working more than our recourse's capacities will just makes more work . What we need to do about this is that to understand ourselves and our body a lot better . to know more about this topic let's start our lesson .
Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Working long

6-Working Long :

Our last exercise in this chapter which is about working too much without resting , or it is better to say working without resources which can cause huge damage to our project , working quality and time . Scrum says that " Working more just create more work " . So let's go to our question .

  • Make an example of a time that your resources were finished and you kept working .

Same as always don't forget to write your answer in the Q&A section of this course .

Scrum - pouya Eti

No chaos

No chaos :

One of the worst idea that can be used in leadership is to lead with fear and chaos . Some people think it's cool but it's not . Pushing people forward by creating fear inside them have a lot of negative sides like , your team members will not work with the maximum level of their efficiency , they won't provide you their maximum working quality and also sometimes people start to make mistake on purpose which things like this can destroy your work . The key here is to lead with creating passion in people , help them to find what they love to do inside the system , Showing them the goal that you are all moving toward them and so on . So to learn more about it let's start our lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

The take away

The take away :

So in this section we will start to review everything we have learned during this chapter . This chapter was about the things which we do that create a wast , waste of time , waste of energy and so on . The first thing we talked about in this chapter was :

  1. Multitasking - It will make you tired , it will burn your energy and each time you switch between 2 project it will take a lot of time for your brain to load all the information which you need . also it is proven that while multitasking your IQ level will be dropped .
  2. Half done is not done - Everything half done will cost you money , so do your best to finish what ever you have started .
  3. Do it right the first time - Sometimes while we are working we create some mistakes and fixing those mistakes will take time . The problem is that sometimes we don't find out that we made a mistake after quiet some time and fixing and issue long after it had been created can take 24 times more than if you solve it right away .
  4. Working long makes more work - working for long hours will make you tired and then you will start to make mistakes , you will start to disturb others , you will start to make bad decisions . 
  5. No chaos : pushing people forward by using fear won't work and it has lots of negative effect on your business . Instead try to motivate them and create passion in them .

So that was all about this chapter , Try to review these take away as much as you can .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Happiness and bonus

Secret is a poison

Secret is poison :

In this lesson we will focus on keeping secrets or telling lies to colleagues or team members . It happens a lot that we try to keep some information to ourselves for many different reasons and this can be really harmful in work place which can cause a huge tension between team members . Also sometimes people ask us questions which we don't want to answer and instead of telling them why we don't want to answer that question we tell lies which again have the same effect . In this lesson we also cover some part of the book " Lying " written by Sam Harris . So let's get started .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Secret

7-Secret :

so keeping secrets are one of the harmful things in a team which we mostly don't see it . Also lies are poison same as secrets and one of the things which can help us a lot to improve ourselves for not keeping a secret or tell a lie is to accept , accept that before we have said lie or white lie a lot or we have kept secrets from our team or friends and family . The very first step is to accept it and then little by little we can improve ourselves . So the question which you have to answer in this part will help you to accept what it was for you before .

  • Tell us about one of the secrets that you kept from your team or a white lie you have said .

Please think about it and try to write couple of examples in Q&A section .

Scrum - pouya Eti


Happiness :

Happiness in our lives can have different definitions but here scrum is trying to only focus on our goals and the way that we get there , Most of the people think that if they just get to their goals in a short time they will be happy but lots of researches shows vise versa . Almost all the people who get to their goals in a short time without trying so hard after some time hey become unhappy , like the people who win the lottery which most of them after couple of years go broke also . What scrum is trying to explain here is that happiness is not in the goal it's not in the destination , but it is in the journey . So to learn more about it let's get started .

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Execute :

This is a bonus lesson , it's not in scrum but it is very important information that we all have to know  . Most of us think that if we have a great idea , it's enough and soon we will become successful but the most important thing here is execution which sometimes we forget about it . It doesn't matter how great your idea is if there is no execution . People who can't execute are usually in to two groups , people who can't start the project and people who can start but they can't finish it .In the first group people have low level of action in them and usually almost high level of practical . this will cause them to be good at finishing or sticking to something but they can't start new things . In the second group is vice versa , their action level is high and their practical is low , they just start something new over and over without ending them .

How you can improve your action and practical level in yourself ? to know more about it lets start this lesson .

Scrum - pouya Eti

Practice - Execute

7-Execute :

So as we talked about it before this is a bonus lesson and doesn't exist in scrum , but it is such an important lesson which i think everybody must know about it . In the previous lesson we talked about the importance of ideas and execution , and here we are going to answer several questions to improve ourselves .

  • Tell us about one of the ideas you had which you never executed and why you didn't ?
  • Are you more action or practical ?
  • What is your plan to improve that skill which is weak in you ?

So that was all the question for this exercise and i am really thankful that you made this effort to invest in yourself and learn all these stuff .

Scrum - pouya Eti 

Final talk

Final talk :

So this course has come to it's end , I really enjoyed spending all these time with you , learning and practicing scrum together . I'm so glad and so thankful that you were such a great student . I also want to thank Jeff Sutherland , the person who developed scrum to help us change our working system and in general get one more step closer to our goals . I also want to thank Udemy for such a great opportunity that they have created for us , to come here and learn all these great stuff . If you had any question , you can come here and ask me in the Q&A or you can send me an email to pouya@pouyaeti.com .

Thank you and I wish you the best , never lose hope and fight for your dreams .

Scrum - Pouya Eti


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