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Scrum Master Role & Scrum Master Certification

Introduction to Agile + Scrum Master role in detail + Preparation for Scrum Master Certification Test
ICAN Consultancy
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Become a professional scrum master in Scrum teams
Run scrum ceremonies as a scrum master
implement the necessary organizational changes to run Scrum in a company
Teach your team the basics of Scrum
Pass the certification tests

NEW: After receiving high demand for it, we have added Certification Test Preparation lecture. This course will save you hundreds of dollars on Scrum training and help you to pass your test in your first try.

What will you learn?

In this course you will learn the basics of scrum and get into details on the responsibilities of the scrum master in scrum teams and how to manage projects in an agile environment. At the end of this course you will not only learn about the scrum master role in scrum but also will have detailed knowledge on scrum to lead your team using the best practices of agile and scrum. This course will provide you with a certification but also help you to pass the certification tests of other organisations and become a certified scrum master. This is not an official professional scrum master training but it will prepare you to pass the assessment in first try.  You will have lifelong access to course materials.

Why this course?

  1. Because ICAN Consultancy has trained hundreds of Scrum Masters and we get constant feedback from their experience. Course content is prepared with this practical experience from numerous Scrum implementations.

  2. While getting fed from field experience this course also sticks to Scrum guide book for Scrum practices. So, you will learn both practical tips especially about soft skills of a Scrum master and the theory behind Scrum. 

  3. You will be able to ask me questions and I will respond to all of them in detail 

Who should take this course?

This course is useful for scrum masters, product owners, project managers who will transition to agile teams or project managers who will start their journey as a Scrum Master. Business analysts, testers, software developers can also step into their scrum master journey with this course. Or simply everyone who wants to understand Scrum. You don’t need any background or expertise for this course.

Disclaimer: this course has professional voice over

Terms of use: This course is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Generic License (creativecommons..org). This course has some passages being used without making any changes from Scrum Guide and the original version can be found at “scrumguides..org”  and it is attributed to Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the originators of Scrum.  



At the end of this lecture you will answer questions like; Who is the instructor? What this course is about? Who should take this lecture.

Roots of agile and scrum

The rugby approach

This lecture will be about the history of agile and how it emerged into today's scrum for software development. You will also learn why it is called scrum.

Common values in enterprises that first transitioned to agile

In this lecture we will study examples of the first large companies that transitioned to agile successfully and techniques they used while doing this.

Why some enterprises could not transition to agile

In this lecture you will learn what can fail an enterprise to transition to agile.

Roots of agile and scrum

Basics of Scrum

What is Scrum

This lecture is about the most basics of Scrum.

Three pillars of scrum and Scrum Values

In this lecture we will study the backbone of agile Scrum; three pillars of scrum and scrum values.

Basics of Scrum

Scrum roles, events, artifacts and rules

Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and rules

In this lecture you will learn how to practice scrum, learn which roles are involved how in Scrum and the events held. artifacts used during scrum and the rules you need to follow.

Scrum artifacts, roles and events

Scrum Master Role

Introduction to scrum master role

In this lecture we will start diving deep into scrum master role in Scrum organizations. 

Skills of a scrum master

In this course you will learn what skills you need to gain to become a product owner in agile scrum.

Scrum master as a servant leader

Skills of a scrum master: Servant Leader

Scrum master as a coach

Skills of a scrum master: Coach

Scrum master as a facilitator

Skills of a scrum master: Facilitator

Scrum master as a teacher

Skills of a scrum master: Teacher

Scrum master as a Mentor

Skills of a scrum master: Mentor

Scrum master as a manager

Skills of a scrum master: Manager

Scrum master as an impediment remover

Skills of a scrum master: Impediment Remover

Scrum master as a change agent

Skills of a scrum master: Change Agent

Transitioning to Scrum Master role

Transition to Scrum Master from Project Manager role

In this lecture we will learn the things that we need to pay attention when transitioning from a standard project manager role from waterfall environments to scrum master role in an agile environment.


Scrum Roles

Summary of the scrum roles. If you are getting prepared for the certification test, you can use this lecture as quick notes.

Scrum Events

Summary of the scrum events. If you are getting prepared for the certification test, you can use this lecture as quick notes.

Scrum Artifacts

Summary of the scrum artifacts. If you are getting prepared for the certification test, you can use this lecture as quick notes.

Scrum Master certification test preparation

This article will give you a step by step guide to pass Scrum Master certification tests.

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