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Self-Publish Your Children’s Book – From Start to Finish

A step-by-step guide to children's publishing in print and ebook with a constant eye to making it a successful product.
Tim Johnson
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Take a reverse-approach to book publishing with the end in mind to ensure a successful product.
Independently publish your children's book.
Create multiple streams of passive income from around the world.
Create, or have illustrations created for your book.
Identify your book's purpose, target audience, unique selling point(s) and market impact potential.
Identify high-demand elements of value and elements of enjoyment to strategically make your book a successful product.

Have you ever wanted to write a children’s book? Don’t know where to start?

I will bring you through the entire process from start to finish. I won’t leave a single stone un-turned and I’ll be here to help you through the entire process.

Whether you have a character concept, a complete manuscript, simply a lesson to teach, or nothing at all, this course will bring you through the children’s self-publishing process step-by-step and leave NO excuses for a book gone unpublished!

This is one of the best times in history to be a children’s author. The barriers to entry are dropping rapidly, and the market is far from saturated. I’ll show you how to define your book’s value, create your own market gap, identify with your readers (and buyers) and create a product that is delivers huge value and enjoyment.

We begin with the end in mind to create a product that will have a definite purpose and unique selling point(s). This way you, the author, can be confident before you even begin your self-publishing endeavor and you will have a definitive plan and specific target audience interested in your book.

I’ve also included a myriad of reference books with this course to help give you even more insight.

  • Amazon Best-Seller Strategies (20 pages) – Value: $20
  • List Building Wisdom (26 pages) – Value: $10
  • Google+ Authority (31 pages) – Value: $15
  • The Successful Entrepreneur (32 pages) – Value: $17
  • Social Media Plan of Attack (41 pages) – Value: $14
  • Twitter Marketing Made Easy (21 pages) – Value: $17
  • Unstoppable Facebook Traffic (45 pages) – Value: $17
  • Discovering the World of Pinterest (35 pages) – Value $20

If you’ve always dreamed of publishing a children’s book, or if you’ve published one that wasn’t a success, you’re in the right place! I’ll teach you not only how to become a children’s author, but how to become an entrepreneur and successfully sell your product to bring smiles to thousands of tiny faces!

Contrary to popular belief, you can self publish your book even on a very limited budget, and I’ll show you how.

Introduction to Self-Publishing

Introduction - What you will learn in this course

Hi! I'm so glad you've decided to join me in this course and embark on the incredible journey of self-publishing your children's book. I have over 60 children's titles on Amazon currently and have sold many thousands of copies of my books worldwide. Over the past few years of publishing I have come up on many unique and powerful tools and strategies that have helped me through the process and I want to share all of those with you in this course.

I have worked for 10 years as a product design engineer and approach children's publishing from a product development standpoint. I tend to take a reverse-engineering tact with many aspects of the process which helps clarify your goals and set you up for success.

Children's Publishing as a Business - the Authorpreneur

Many people come across the moral conundrum of whether or not it is ethical to profit from children's books. My answer is a resounding "yes!"

First of all, you are providing a great service to children and families by giving them something they will never get anywhere else. Your book, if it's designed the way I outline in the following lectures, will be completely unique and extremely valuable. None of your readers will regret buying your book, in fact they might want to buy another to give as a gift :)

Why "Kid Lit" is a Good Business Strategy Today

There are a plethora of reasons to get into children's publishing right NOW. It's a great time to be a kid lit author. Whether you just want to see your story in print, or you want to see it on major bookstore shelves and selling like wildfire, you are on the right track! I'll tell you why in this lecture.

Getting Started and Understanding YOUR "Why"

Understanding your reason to write a book will keep you on track now, and also in 6 months when you're so close to finishing but you're about to give up. A little encouragement from a known motivating factor can make or break your book.

Self Publishing Options

In order to follow the path that is appropriate for YOU it's important first, to understand your options fully.

Start With the End in Mind - Sell Your Book from the Start

Identify Your Book's Purpose and Value

Find the most powerful and most valuable combination of the elements of Value and Enjoyment to make your book a success. Learn how to determine what these elements are and how to balance them in a book.

Identify Your Target Audience - Readers AND Buyers

In children's publishing, your readers are different than your buyers. Many books are gifted, bought by teachers, and parents who like to see different things in a book than your readers (the children) do. Understand each of these markets to identify what your book will deliver, and how.

Additionally, please don't forget to download and fill out the two worksheets included here. They will help provide structure for your notes and a framework for building your book!

Identify Your Unique Selling Point(s)

Conveniently, by the sheer nature of it being a children's book, it will be completely unique. You're designing a new product from the ground up so there is no question that it will be different, but how will it stand out among the rest?

Evaluate Market Footprint and Potential for Expansion

Looking into the future, will you be able to scale the production of your book? Can you satisfy different markets? Can you effectively sell your book internationally?

Hello! Questions? Comments?

Please contact me with any questions and let me know what you think of the course. If you're enjoying this content I would love it if you could provide a short review!

Time to Check In!

Start Marketing Your Book!

Develop Your Personal Brand

What is a "personal brand"? Why do I need one? How do I start building one?

Social Media Marketing for Authors

What are the most important social media channels for authors? What can be gained by using them and how should they be used to be most effective?

Don't forget to download and read the FIVE textbooks included with this lecture.

Social Media Plan of Attack will give you an overview of social media and how it can be used to market your brand in general.

Twitter Marketing Made Easy, Unstoppable Facebook Traffic, Discovering the World of Pinterest and Google+ Authority are all great books that will help you, first understand what each of these social media channels is all about and then how to use it effectively. While the books are fairly basic in nature, even advanced users will be able to glean some creative insights from them.

Kickstarter & Crowd Funding Advantages

A great way to get some exposure, build some excitement, build a follower base, glean social proof and make money is to start a crowd-funding campaign. The following lecture is the video I used to run a successful kickstarter campaign that helped me launch my very first book!

The Pros and Cons of Having an Author Website

Some people say it's vital, others think it's too much overhead. Here are my thoughts, but you make up your own mind.

Supplementary Course Voucher: Create an Author Website

As a student of this course, a supplementary course, "Create an Author Website" is also available to you at no extra charge.

To take the "Create an Author Website" course, please download this document and use the voucher code included within. This course is an additional two hour walk-through on all the details of creating an AMAZING author website, even if you have ZERO experience.


Supplementary Textbook: List Building Wisdom

Although this book is not specifically written for authors, it does provide some good generic pointers to get you started successfully building a valuable and responsive email list.

Now Create the Book Content

Character Development

Creating a great character is more than just dreaming it up. The name, the physical construction and psychological profile will all affect how the readers relate to the character to help the book to be a great product.

Story Development and Writing

Here is my strategy on writing children's books. You may have your own, but this seems to be sound and ensures that you cover all the bases.

If you're not a writer at all or just don't want to write the book, I'll also give you some other ideas.

Creating Illustrations from Nothing

Starting with a blank page can be hard. In this lecture we talk more about out-sourcing, but we begin by looking at the format of the book and making sure not to get ahead of ourselves with illustrations before we know what the book will look like as an overall product.

Publish Your Book!

Bringing it all Together

The tools and considerations to take into account when putting your final book file together. We talk about formatting for print, formatting for kindle, general layout considerations, as well as creating a book description and choosing categories on Amazon.

Supplementary Course: Getting Your Book in Print!

If you need more technical details on actually getting your book in print on CreateSpace and making it available through print-on-demand, I recommend you take this additional course that will guide you through the ins and outs of the createspace interface. I share my screen with you and take you all the way through the process in great detail.

Getting Your Book on Kindle!

A screen sharing lecture explaining the details of the Kindle book submission page. Get familiar with this interface and understand what all the elements are. Make sure your Kindle book is listed on the same page as the print book!!

The Moment of Truth - The Launch!

Your first launch is a big deal. It should be exciting for you, but it should also be exciting for a lot of other people! Don't be the only one tooting your horn. There are others who will join in your fanfare.

Summary and Send-Off

Review & Summary

A quick recap of everything discussed in the previous 4 sections.

Slide Summary, Tools and Reference Material

Here are the complete slides from all of the lectures above. I've also added some notes and links along the way to help you keep all of your resources in one place. I hope you will be able to refer to this document easier than going back through the videos to find the information you are looking for.

Bonus textbook: Amazon Bestseller Strategies

Some tips and tricks to help you join the ranks of some of the best authors on Amazon. Understand the ranking system, find marketing partners, build traffic and interest, and more.

Bonus Textbook: The Successful Entrepreneur

You're not just an independent author anymore. You're an entrepreneur. Congratulations. Does that scare you? Don't worry, entrepreneurs are people too! Here are some great insights and tips to keep you focused, accountable, on-track, objective and successful!

Thank You and Good Luck!

Thanks so much for joining me! I can't wait to see YOUR book in print! And don't forget to leave a review!

Q&A! Ask a Question - Get a Video Answer

Q&A! Ask a Question - Get a Video Answer

Chances are you are not the only one with a particular question, so in this section I will be creating video responses for your questions, that way all of the students in the course will benefit.

Please be descriptive in asking questions so that I can answer with the most relevant response.

Q: Can I Publish the Paperback Version First, and the Kindle Version Later?
Q: What is a Cover Contest and How can I Run a Successful One?

Learn what a cover contest is and how to launch a successful one to help build awareness of your book.

Q: How to Get Your Book "Out There" by Leveraging High-Traffic Sites

Use this super powerful strategy to leverage high traffic websites to gain exposure to very specific target audiences and build your following.

Q: What is so great about Goodreads and how do I get listed?

Make sure to list your book on this high-traffic site to leverage their readership.

Q: What is a Goodreads Giveaway?

Again, leverage this high-power site to gain new readers and get your book on people "to-read" list.

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