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Sell Stock Footage & Photography from ZERO to PASSIVE INCOME

STOCK CREATORS - How Filmmakers & Photographers earn PASSIVE INCOME with Stock Photography (Videos, Images, and Vectors)
Create stock footage & stock photography that actually sell.
Speed up your workflow & earnings.
Set your own PASSIVE INCOME source by becoming a Stock Creator.
Learn to sell Stock Footage, Stock Photography, and even Stock Vectors.
Identify trends & opportunities most contributors aren't noticing.
Techniques and specifics on how to shoot & edit for Stock Agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty Images and more.
Master Stock Agencies & multiuploaders.


One day I noticed a way out. I realized I could use my own creativity to make passive income online. I learned how to sell videos, photos, and vector illustrations of old finished projects so they could be used by buyers all over the world.

This is not only a career for photography & videography professionals. But a path for everyone starting with iPhone Photography, Drone Photography, Travel Photography or even iPhone Filmmaking. 

So, here are 3 reasons you should be selling Stock Footage & Stock Photography.

  1. Earn while you learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or beginner if you have a digital camera and know your way around it, it’s enough to get started. You can even get started with mobile photography

  2. Bring dead projects to life. If you’ve been using your photo or video camera for a while or have been working on motion graphics or illustrations, you have money sleeping in your HD. Make them useful again by selling them to buyers on stock agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, VideoHive, Pond5, GettyImages, etc.

  3. PASSIVE INCOME: Sales happen no matter if you’re working, sleeping or traveling. “You’re not only going to learn how to sell your footage & photos on stock agencies – it’s way beyond that. You’ll learn how to set your own passive income.”

This course was made for every creator, wherever you live or whatever the photo/video gear you have. I’ll show you the way to go from zero to passive income.

Beginners will learn how to do their first upload to a stock agency in less than 30 minutes after starting the course.

Advanced contributors will learn the advanced techniques of the pros to speed up the workflow and increase earnings.

I often find creators dealing with this struggle, just as I did. Hating their day jobs, not being able to enjoy what they’re doing and losing love for their art just because the need for money took over it. For many times I caught myself thinking if selling my time in exchange for money was what my life would always be about.

Getting more money won’t necessarily make you happier, that’s why we actually focus on slowly building financial freedom. Being financially free means you don’t need to waste your life doing things you don’t like just because you need the money. It means you don’t have to decide between projects looking for money only. Cause you don’t need that money desperately.

Selling Stock Footage & Stock Photography is far from a promise of easy money. If that’s what you’re looking for, I don’t believe this course is for you. This course is made for creators interested in selling stock videos, photos or even illustrations to buyers all over the world. By growing your portfolio in the right direction, you’ll be able to set a passive income source.

If you’re not sure yet this course is for you, I invite you to watch the free lessons. The investment to enroll in this class can be quickly repaid by taking action and implementing the techniques revealed.

Once I understood there is a way out, and after living it for more than 6 years, I took the decision to help other creators do the same. That’s what inspired me to create this course.

No matter if you’re the master of video production, color correction and all professional video editing techniques. Or if you fly a drone for aerial videography & aerial photography. Or maybe if you’re just getting started with mobile photography & iPhone filmmaking. If you are a creator, than this course is for you.


Section 1: Introduction to Stock Photography & Stock Footage

  • Introduction to our Stock Footage & Stock Photography online course and how it works

  • Real earning details on how much money with photography or video I make on stock agencies

  • Learn the mindsets what differentiates a Pro stock contributor from a beginner.

Section 2: Guiding you on your first stock photo upload to a stock agency

  • You will learn how to submit photography to a stock agency (like Shutterstock) for the first time

  • Which stock agency is more profitable? Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, Video Hive, Getty Images, BlackBox?

  • Step by step on how to sign up as a stock contributor on Shutterstock

  • You’ll be guided while you upload your first picture to Shutterstock

Section 3: What topics are selling on stock agencies

  • Tips on how to make money with photography or footage you already own

  • Personal study cases on how I make money selling my videos

  • Precious insights about what kind of photography clients buy on stock agencies

  • How to make money with travel photography

Section 4: Shooting your photos & videos and getting model releases

  • All technical photography and video requirements before you shoot stock photos or videos

  • Insights on what kind of stock photography is selling the most.

  • How to get a model release signed manually or digitally

  • Differences between Commercial & Editorial licenses

Section 5: Editing your photography & footage for stock agencies

  • Requirements from stock agencies when editing and exporting your files for sale

  • Best video formats to get accepted in most stock agencies

Section 6: Upload & Submit

  • How to upload & submit your photos & videos to agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and more.

  • What kind of keywords and description make more money with your photography and filmmaking

Section 7: Advanced techniques to increase your stock footage & stock photography sales

  • Deeper info about how you can diversify your earnings and passive income using multi-uploaders

  • How Google Trends and Shutterstock Search can help you make more money with photography & filmmaking

Section 8: Conclusion

  • Thanks and what’s next on your life as a stock creator

Section 9: Mastering Stock Agencies

  • All you need to know about specific agencies such as BlackBox, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, VideoHive, GettyImages, iStock, etc


Welcome & How it All Works
Proof of Success: How much a file can make
ASSIGNMENT: Introduce Yourself
What Differentiates Pros & Beginners

Do Your First Upload

Understand Licensing
Meet the (Profitable) Agencies
List of Stock Agencies
Become a Contributor
Shoot Something NOW
ASSIGNMENT: Shoot Something NOW
Upload Your First File
Write Metadata & Submit
Share Your Experience

Pick a Topic that Sells

Mine, Observe & Produce
STUDY CASE: Mine & Observe
Understand Your Customer
Watch The Trends
STUDY CASE: Make The Most Of Your Travelling
ASSIGNMENT: Mine or Capture
STUDY CASE: The Bestsellers of 2018

Shoot & Release

Understand Technical Requirements
STUDY CASE: Creative Shot Ideas
Get a Release Signed
Get a Digital Signature
Understand Commercial & Editorial
Find Models for Stock Footage & Photography


Edit Your Photos & Illustrations
Edit Your Footage
Export With Confidence
CHECKLIST: Technical Details

Use this checklist to be sure you're uploading files that meet the stock agencies requirements.

Upload & Submit

Upload Your Photos
Upload Your Video Files
Write Professional Metadata (Keywords & Description)
How To Upload Editorial Content

Speed Up & Grow Your Income

Speed up your Stock Photography Workflow
Speed up your Stock Footage Workflow
Write keywords quickly & efficiently
Diversify earnings with Multi-uploaders – Alternative I: StockSubmitter
Diversify earnings with Multi-uploaders – Alternative II: Xpiks
CSV Spreadsheets: Organize and Upload Metadata for Multiple Stock Files
Google Trends & Shutterstock Search


Thanks & What's Next

Master The Agencies

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