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Sells Like Hot Cakes: TURNKEY Amazon FBA & Shopify System

Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch: With No Capital Using A Simple Amazon + Shopify system!
Mike Sole
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ULTIMATE GOAL: Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch: With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon + Shopify System
My goal is for you to launch your first five products for the whitelabelling busing with Amazon FBA program. Each product must sell at least 10 units per day, with $10 profit per unit, so at least $500/day combined or $15,000 per month. Plus, you will launch your Shopify store so that you can start drop shipping other people’s products while building your own, thereby maximizing your profit!
After you reach your goal, make sure to share your success story with other people in our private group!

Early Bird Special discount offer for first 500 Students. Then price will go up to $199.


Sells Like Hot Cakes: Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch:
With No Capital Or Investments Using  A Simple Amazon + Shopify System

During the video course, I will take you by the hand from basic to advanced stuff, helping you create your own Shopify and Amazon stores from scratch.

This information is short and useful; I never waste your time by spending 15 minutes ranting, showing you how to open your browser or flooding you with 120-page-PowerPoint-slide fluff.

You will look over my shoulder and see what I am doing – real-life examples, real products, not a theory.

I will show you what to do and what NOT to do, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.

I will show you advanced tricks, hacks and tips to research and source your products, do due diligence, spy on your competitors, stage your launch and get massive organic sales!


My goal is for you to launch your first five products for the whitelabelling busing with Amazon FBA program. Each product must sell at least 10 units per day, with $10 profit per unit, so at least $500/day combined or $15,000 per month. Plus, you will launch your Shopify store so that you can start drop shipping other people’s products while building your own, thereby maximizing your profit!

We will share with you everything, from basic to advanced stuff, you will look over my shoulder and learn real-life examples of what works and what doesn’t. You will see the products and shops we run, how well they are doing, what profits they are generating, what tools we are using to create them, and how we drive traffic and sales.

I will teach you everything from scratch. Whether you have no prior experience or are already selling well, you will find something new for yourself! We’ll go through everything together, from basic to advanced stuff.

The hints, tricks and systems we share are not just theories but real, working systems that we use ourselves in our own online stores! I will share the links, contacts and important services I use, as well as tools and resources you might need along the way.

•    I will teach you how to find product that sells and how to avoid 11 mistakes that people make when they are starting out.
•    I will show you essential tools to research a product, to legally spy on your competitors, to find out what works and to avoid wasting your time on what doesn’t.
•    I will teach you how to develop your brand and source your product, how to do due diligence and avoid getting scammed, how to analyze samples and place an order, how to ship your products safely and cost-effectively.
•    I will show you how to create your listings and marketing, how to research great keywords and get high ranks on Amazon, and how to stage your launch and get sales and reviews without being banned or getting hijacked!
•    I will show you how to avoid the common pitfalls and to achieve success the fastest way possible!
•    I will give you advanced PPC strategies that really WORK and step by step blueprints that will help you succeed!

Remember, Sells Like Hot Cakes is not just a course or software; it’s a big, friendly family of Amazon and Shopify sellers who are doing it professionally and making their livings by creating their own online stores. Now you can do it too!

I really want you to succeed and get the results you are striving to achieve. I want to hear your success stories about how the system worked for you and allowed you to achieve your goals! And if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask our friendly support or visit the famous “WALL” where experts are answering your questions and sharing their experience and tips with you! It’s really invaluable info!

And by the way, don’t forget to check out the bonuses! We have prepared lots of great surprises and tools for you. For example our unique “From China with Love” bonus video series where our team goes to real China and gives you real life examples and insights on how you can find great suppliers for your business!

And I know the amount of info we prepared is MASSIVE and i really don’t want you to be overwhelmed but instead to consume it step by step, take action, not just watch, but also implement the strategies and I am sure you will achieve the ultimate goal!

Are you ready to create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch:
With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon + Shopify System?

Join our New Sells like Hot cakes video course on Udemy and prepare to be amazed!

Personal welcome from Mike the author of Sells Like Hot cakes + Course Overivew

In this welcome video the author of the video course Mike "the sells like hot cakes guy" shares his story about his e-commerce lifestyle and welcomes you personally to the course.

- Mike covers 3 main objections that prevent people from success: "Do I have to live in the USA to start E-commerce business?" "Is it too late for me?" "What if I have no product, can I still start this?"

- Mike explains different ways to start the e-commerce business, tackling the popular question; "Can I start without big investments?"

- "Is this course for you?" Mike explains whom this course will help to succeed and for whom this course is not a good fit

- Mike covers all the modules of the video course and the tools in depth to create a BIG picture and help you understand how the e-commerce business works, how to link the dots and make sense of everything.

- Mike talks about the bonus modules and tools that will help you make things fun, easy and profitable. Also, he shares his insights on the whole process from his personal experience.

This video is rather long but very detailed as Mike wanted to give you the exact blueprint and show you the big picture, so you have the whole understanding and a roadmap of different pathways to success with e-commerce. As a bonus, if you watch till the end, you will finally find out why he wears the sunglasses all the time :) Enjoy!

As a gift you can download my new bonuses: ecommerce bible that's shows how to start Amazon FBA and Shopify business from scratch, top 30 passionate niches to find the best selling product and top 7 high converting facebook ads (attached to the lesson)

Here in my garage... (Mike's story. 4 Ways to start e-commerce business)

The secret of the fast cars and luxury ecommerce lifestyle is revealed in this short funny video, a parody for a popular "Here in my garage, just bought this new lamborghini video by Tai Lopez"

Jokes aside, Mike is sharing 4 main ways to start ecommerce business from scratch and shares his personal story and why this course is so different from other "guru" courses made by people who only teach but don't actually sell and apply their own methods.

What if I don’t have TIME for this? + surprise ending

It’s pretty common to hear people say “I don’t have enough time,” especially when it comes to taking important actions that will produce positive change in their lives. Isn’t it suspicious that procrastination and making up excuses is always easier than pushing forward and going ahead with your plans? It’s like the system is rigged against you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The evidence of the consequences of this complacency is all around us. A lot of people are living unfulfilled lives; with the regret of not taking action when they should have done so. DON’T be part of this group!

The bottom line is that more time will not magically appear for you to use, rather, you have to create the time for yourself; to learn the ropes and grow your business. Even if it is a few minutes every day. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean after all.

Your dreams are within your grasp… The power of successes is in your hands… there is always enough time…

Bonus: Canton Fair Case studies, product ideas and PRO Sellers Tips

Here is a live bonus video for you! Today we are visiting China's biggest trade show called Canton Fair!

We are going to give you great product ideas, show you how to request

a sourcing price, minimum quantity MOQ, retail price, exclusivity and

give you are lot of PRO Sellers Tips!

Canton Fair(China Import and Export Fair) is the largest trade fair

with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the

broadest distribution of overseas buyers and  the greatest business

turnover held in Guangzhou(Canton) China. Over 100,000 buyers will

attend the fair twice a year.

I hope this video will inspire you to get started with Amazon FBA or

Dropshipping because China is booming right now, so many new products

are coming on the market and you can be on the cutting edge selling

them before the rest of the world!

The time to start is RIGHT NOW! The system is working right now, not a

year ago, not 3 years ago, don't believe the lazy skeptics telling

"it's too late". When bitcoin was 30 USD most people were saying "it's

too late to buy it". Look at them now. Same here with Amazon!

Bonus From China with Love: Visiting Coffee Factory Insights & Tips

Today we are in Guangzhou, an industrial city in China and visiting a

Coffee Maker Factory that is producing coffee makers for the top

European brands. We will see the production, show you real life

insights on how Chinese factories look and work, what questions you

should be asking when visiting your supplier and what quality control

is in place. Great insights from the real Chinese factory!

As a bonus we are sharing great tips for Amazon FBA sellers.

Visiting China is not required but will put you ahead of competition

if you really go extra mile and visit your suppliers and establish

personal level of trust with them. It's much harder for supplier to

scam you and provide poor quality if he knows that you can just hop on

the plane and visit their factory in person next day to check the

quality! Trust me, it works!

Amazon and Shopify Mastery:

Course INTRO: Your ULTIMATE Blueprint to get from ZERO to $45,000 per month

Welcome to the Sells Like Hot Cakes video series on creating your first profitable Amazon and Shopify store. In this short video, we are going to talk about this new e-commerce business to see if it’s a great fit for you or not, what skills you’re going to need, what you don’t need to get started, and what profit goals you’re going to set.

Inside you will learn:

  • The first step in business is having GOALS: Learn how to put in place specific goals for your business that’ll SET YOU UP for SUCCESS
  • See GREAT examples of how I set SPECIFIC GOALS for my business
  • Set your own goals Follow my blueprint AND PREPARE TO MOVE FROM $0 - $45,000 PROFITS PER MONTH!!
  • What YOU DON’T need to Succeed; Let me help you get out of your head and stop over thinking
  • Find out how to LAUNCH your products and GENERATE ORGANIC PROFITS!
  • Learn about the MYTHS that are HOLDING YOU back and watch me SQUASH EM!
  • Two FULL PROOF METHODS of generating passive income through e-commerce
  • How to SHIELD yourself from liabilities and legal issues in this Business
  • So you think you’re ready? That’s great! I’ll show you exactly what you need to get started
  • Still NOT sure this business is for you? Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out.
REVEALED: How you can go from ZERO to $47,812 Per Month with ZERO Capital!

Hi and welcome to my video series called on how you can create your own profitable and successful Shopify and Amazon store. In this chapter, I will show you step-by-step how you can get from 0 to up to 47,812 dollars per month with no capital and no investment using the simple Shopify system.

Here’s a peek of what you’ll learn today:

  • Check out my SALES Statistics: This is the kind of NUMBERS you’ll be putting up, if you follow my GUIDE.
  • How to START without capital: MANY people NEVER start their businesses because of CAPITAL issues. Luckily for you guys, I have an ANSWER! No MORE EXCUSES!
  • What EXACTLY is DROP SHIPPING and how can I use it to make MONEY? Don’t FRET; I’ll explain ALL the details HERE!
  • I GIVE you the DROP DOWN on Amazon FBA, and how you can START using it to make HUGE PROFITS!
  • I also DROP some ADDITIONAL ADVICE on how to get the BEST out of both methods
Why Shopify Platform? ESSENTIAL Steps to help you START your Shopify Store

In this video we're going to talk a little bit more about Shopify platform and why I really like it for our drop shipping business.  Come and take a peek at what in store for you:

  • I’ll GUIDE you STEP by STEP on how to begin with your Shopify store.
  • Domain names are VERY IMPORTANT! Read on to find out why
  • Having TROUBLE selecting the RIGHT theme? Relax guys, I’ll guide you and show you what to look out for.
  • CREATING CUSTOMIZATIONS: This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to PERSONALIZE your store, ensure you pay attention!
  • I’ll also you how You CAN PURCHASE your own DOMAIN name. This is CRUCIAL for the sake of looking professional!
My Case Study: How to STRUCTURE your Shopify store to become MORE PROFITABLE!
In this short video I will discuss the most important elements of every Shopify store. Lets see how every Shopify store is structured so you can do your best in duplicating this and profit!  
Today, we’ll learn about:
  • The MOST important elements of your Shopify store and WHY you need to pay serious ATTENTION to them.
  •  How to DOUBLE your PROFITS! Simply by structuring your elements properly(Many sellers are ignorant of    this)
  •    Where/How to get a GREAT Shopify LOGO for FREE!
  •   How to tweak your “about us page” so you look HIGHLY professional (Nobody wants to hire a Fraud!)
  •    A picture is worth a thousand words; learn where to get neat professional pictures to beautify your store.
Competitor Spy: A GREAT tool that lets you SPY on your competitors LEGALLY

In this short video, we’re going to talk about one of the most amazing tools that we have developed in your Sells Like Hot Cakes arsenal of tools to help you succeed on Amazon and Shopify.

Stick with me and discover:

  • Where/How to get this awesome spy tool
  • Keep yourself ABREAST with the LATEST TRENDS in the game with this tool.
  • Bye! Bye! To Guess work. Know EXACTLY what your competitors are SELLING BEST so you can make adjustments
  • I’ll GUIDE you STEP by STEP on how to USE this tool.
  • Find out which Countries your competitors are SELLING in, See how they GET their TRAFFIC; so you can DUPLICATE their techniques FOR yourself.
  • Learn how to find SIMILAR products your competitors are SELLING and so much MORE!
Give your store that MIDAS touch with BRILLIANT and ATTRACTIVE Images

In this short video, we'll talk about how you can create amazing and very compelling product images, that will force your customers to click and buy, if you check my store, I'm sure you'll love most of my images and today I will show you how I get those amazing product images and what kind of rules I use, when selecting a perfect product image.

Before we start, quickly check out what you’ll learn today:

  • How/where to find HIGH QUALITY images for your store: I’ll give a WELL DETAILED explanation of how I find images, so stay TUNED!
  • AVOID pictures from aliexpress! I’ll educate on why you shouldn’t use those pictures, I’ll also PROFFER solutions
  • How to TAKE ADVANTAGE of Shopify’s photo editor, to SPICE UP your image.
  • Why am I PARTICULAR about HIGH QUALITY images? Keep reading, I’ll give you the full GIST!

In this video, we’re going to talk more about how you can increase the credibility of your store and boost your sales. And of course I only talk about the legal ways to look “bigger”, we are not going to lie or mislead anyone here!

So stick around and you'll discover;

  • KEY SECRETS to look BIGGER and much MORE Professional; It is VERY EASY to close Sales when you look like you've been in the Business for a long time.
  • How to POSE like an International Company EVEN if you're just a One-Man Operation; This TIP is really helpful guys, don't miss out!
  • The IMPORTANCE of Setting up a Voice Mail Inbox and a Voice Mail
  • Why YOU NEED a professional U.S. address listed on your website
  • I'll Show you some Companies that offer this service, so make sure you check this out
  • How can Skype help you look Professional? Hang out with me and find out.
Important Settings to help you MAXIMIZE the potential of your Shopify Store!

Today we’ll be looking at Shopify store settings.

Here is a sneak preview of what’s in store for you:

  • Learn about the COLLECTION TAB, and how to ADD products to your collection.
  • SHOPIFY BLOGPOST: You’ll learn how to CREATE articles and EDIT page content.
  • PAYMENT SECTION: Why YOU MUST define your PAYMENT terms.
  • Find out about a REFUND POLICY that’ll make things EASIER for you!
  • Why you MUST CLEARLY define your SHIPPING TERMS to avoid having issues with customers.
OBERLO App to transform your shop into a SUPER PROFIT making MACHINE Part 1

Today we will cover one of the most important apps that you need to make your shop a successful and hassle-free profit machine. It's called Oberlo.

I’ll tell you more about Oberlo in a minute, first check out what you’ll learn today:

  • I’ll show you WHERE to FIND this cool app –Oberlo so you too can START MAKING QUICK CASH!
  • Learn How Oberlo can EASILY help you with ALL your customer’s DETAILS
  • Stay CONNECTED to your PRODUCTS and aliexpress sellers via Oberlo; this app does all this for you AUTOMATICALLY
  • What are EPACKETS? And why should select EPACKET enabled products? READ on and I’ll answer all these questions!
  • How you can EASILY CHANGE the prices of your products with just A CLICK!
  • How you can EFFORTLESSLY edit your products manually: I’ll show you everything STEP by STEP!

You can easily find it in the Shopify app store by searching the name Oberlo https://apps.shopify.com/ali

This amazing app is really cheap and allows you to input a big amount of aliexpress.com products directly into your store with just with a few clicks.

OBERLO App to transform your shop into a SUPER PROFIT making MACHINE Part 2

Excited to continue?

In today’s lesson’s we’ll learn more about Oberlo:

  • How to EASILY manage your ORDERS with Oberlo
  • What to DO when you get an ORDER: Oberlo handles this very EFFICIENTLY and I’ll show you just how
  • See the AMAZING Automated FEATURES of Oberlo: You literally just have to sit back and sip a coffee, WHILE Oberlo does all the work for you!
  • Check out its IN-BUILT Message Responder: You’ll get to see how this works!
  • Learn How Oberlo can SAVE you from HEADACHES in the future!
Abandonment Protector App: Use this to STOP sale loss from abandoned carts

There are a lot of apps that will help you increase your profits; let us start covering them.

Today we’ll focus on a great app that’ll help you recover customers Abandonment Protector App. Here’s what we’ll learn:

  • Discover an app specifically designed to STOP you from losing sales!
  • Learn about my personal settings and how you can use it to recover run-away customers and close more sales!
  • How does it work? Discover how to utilize persuasive follow up emails to reel in escaping clients and secure sales.
  • Learn about its automated features that’ll let you relax while it does all the work for you all these and more!
CHECKOUT BOOST app that'll BOOST your CONVERSIONS and DRIVE Social Media

In this video, we will continue covering an essential and important application that you need for your success. This video is devoted to the application “Checkout boost by Beeketing”, which you can easily find in the Shopify by store.

Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  • A great app that’ll allow you to take ADVANTAGE of social media traffic
  • Lure in TONS of customers using Pop-Ups and Coupon Discounts (More Customers = More Profits!)
  • Get your customers to ADVERTIZE for you on their Social Media bringing you even more Customers! Talk about a ripple effect.
  • How to use SPECIAL discount incentives to keep your customers coming back
  • Get my personal SECRET settings that’ll enable you use this app to its FULL potential.
CONVRESIO: An AMAZING app that'll ENTICE your customers with great incentives

This video will be quick and is devoted to the application “Conversio”, that allows to you to do amazing receipts for your customers and to give them a discount for the next purchase so that they buy even more from you.

In this presentation, you’re going to discover:

  • A multipurpose app specifically designed to get you return customers!
  • How it works; it utilizes animated cards and newsletters to keep your products fresh in your customers mind, learn more about this!
  • How to persuade customers to return using Coupon time-bombs! (hehehe..Not real bombs of course, stick around to find out what this secret is)
  • How to setup the app to handle customer support
  • And If you are too busy to handle follow ups; this app has you covered, stick with me to figure out how
FACEBOOK CHAT: How to USE this app to INCREASE your Sales!

Hi guys and welcome back to my video series and I continue to show you amazing apps on the shopify store to boost your sales .

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • How to take advantage of one of the biggest social media platforms out there and start raking in your PROFITS!
  • How to add Facebook chat to your Shopify and how to set it up
  • How to interact with customers directly through the chat platform. (A lot of customers feel better when they can talk directly with the seller)
  • Get quick feedback from customers; lets you know if your doing the right thing and what to change/improve on if you’re not.
FOMO: A GREAT App to FIRE-UP Sales using Social PROOF!

Today we will cover the next and most important app called “Fomo,” formerly known as Notify; it allows you to  “Boost your sales with Social Proof”.

Check out what you’ll discover today:

  • My SPECIAL app that I use to GRAB the attention of customers and lure them into buying from  me
  • How it works; It utilizes Pop-Ups in an UNCONVECTIONAL manner to CAPTURE the attention of potential customers
  • Social Proof is the NEW way of Marketing; this app gives you the power of social proof! Keep reading to find out more
  • Learn my PERSONAL settings I use on this app. (I’m giving out my SECRETS guys, Take Advantage!)

Today I am going to continue the list of the most essential apps that you might need for your shop. Today we cover FREE SHIPPING BAR App.

Check out what you’ll learn today:

  • I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use this app to CHARM your customers into purchasing your products.
  • I’ll show you my PERSONAL configurations for the app which you can APPLY and begin DOUBLING your PROFITS!
  • Get to learn how you can use the app to provide GIFT INCENTIVES or “free shipping” for your customers!
  • Get a well DETAILED explanation of how I use this app myself.
ORDER LOOKUPS: Customers can now see the TRACKING information of their orders

Welcome back guys to our video series of creating your first profitable Shopify store as we continue covering the essential apps that you might need to succeed.

Keep watching and you’ll learn:

  • About a VERY USEFUL app that’ll put your customers at EASE when they purchase your products.
  • I will GUIDE you STEP by STEP on how to SETUP this app
  • How do you CREATE an Order look up page for your customers? I’ll put you through the process.
  • I’ll teach you how to incorporate an order look up page into Your SHOPIFY MENU!
LUCKY ORANGE: A TERRIFIC APP that ENABLES you TRACK your visitors and sales

Welcome back to my video series Sells Like Hotcakes and in this lesson, we continue to cover most important apps to help you succeed with your Shopify store. And today I cover the fun little app called Lucky Orange for Shopify

What are you going to learn? Well… Check this out:

  • I’ll show you how to track your live visitors and INTERACT with them on time so you can easily close deals. Everybody knows it is BEST to close deals while customers are still INTERESTED, learn how to do this yourself.
  • You’ll learn how to use the recordings tab; so you can view all the activities that your customers were involved in while they were on your website. This will give you an IDEA of what works and what doesn’t
  • Learn about the “heat maps” of your web page; find out what interests people on your website and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage
  • I’ll show you how to put all these information together so you can improve your webpage and get the BEST RESULTS
TEELAUNCH App: How To Start your own Shopify Store WITHOUT DROPSHIPPING AT ALL!

In this quick video, we’re going to talk about your Shopify business WITHOUT drop shipping, if it’s even possible? I guess many of you are wondering, “Do I only have to do drop shipping from AliExpress if I am doing Shopify store? What if I don’t want to do drop shipping at all? How can I start my Shopify store without having to deal with products, delivery, finding suppliers? What is the easiest way to start?” So let’s cover it in this video.

Before we dive into the goodies, check out what you’ll learn today:

  • I’ll show you the SECRETS to starting your Shopify without drop shipping
  • How to PROPERLY BRAND mugs and T-shirts; I’ll show you the mistakes a lot of people are making in branding, and how you can avoid them
  • Learn how to use the Tee Launch App for Branding; I’ll give you a Step-by-Step GUIDE to set you on the RIGHT path
  • I’ll teach you how to create POWERFUL messages that is SURE to captivate your audience
  • I’ll drop a SECRET hack to help you optimize your branding and help you SELL MORE!

The answer is to do your branded, unique mugs and T-shirts. What you can do is start selling unique and emotional mugs and T-shirts. So let’s do a quick calculation. The best part of this kind of business is that you work with companies that are going to print these mugs and T-shirts and they are going to deliver them to your customers. So they will be fulfilling your orders automatically so you don’t have to do anything at all here except creating awesome designs for your mugs and T-shirts and promoting it. Let me show you how to do it in this video.

This is really amazing stuff, guys, but many, many people do it wrong.

7 PHENOMENAL Apps that will FAST TRACK your SUCCESS on Shopify

In this final video about the apps I am going to show you the remaining essential shopify apps you will need to succeed with your shopify store.

Before we get to the juicy information, take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • CHECK OUT Personalizer; an amazing app that’ll add RELEVANT information to your STORE and BOOST your SALES!!
  • Give INFORMATION on DISCOUNTS and PROMOS with Justuno; I’ll teach you how to USE this WONDERFUL app to ATTRACT more customers
  • Do you want to LURE in customers with SEASONAL PROMOTIONS? TRY product Upsell, its an EASY to use and will GET the job DONE!
  • Turn VISITORS into CUSTOMERS with Product Review; a COOL app that allows customers to write reviews on your page, this will CONVINCE others to PURCHASE from you!
  • Learn about REDTARGET APP; an app with ZERO settings! Unbelievable right?
  • Make your website MORE ACCESSIBLE, communicate from buyers ALL OVER the world by using Weglot translate.
  • Wishlist King; this app is GUARANTEED to increase your sales, wanna know how?
How to ACHIEVE SUCCESS Dropshipping Domestically using Salehoo database

In this video we’re going to talk more about different strategies on how you can succeed with drop shipping. As you know our course is devoted to the business model of creating your Amazon and also Shopify store. In the case of Shopify, we are doing drop ship using AliExpress marketplace. However, the main problem of this approach is that your suppliers are located in China and, even if you’re using e-packet, which is fast delivery, it still takes up to 20 days to deliver the stuff from China to the United States.

Moreover, in some cases, like food products, you will not, obviously, be allowed to import and drop ship food products from China to the United States. How to avoid this problem is through using drop shipping on Amazon and Shopify using domestic suppliers. Let’s talk more about it in this video.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn today:

  • Are you a Novice? Here’s your chance to learn the secrets of Drop Shipping and how it works
  • Domestic suppliers are EXTREMELY valuable, read on to find out why
  • Learn the MOST EFFICIENT way of Drop Shipping and what it takes to be Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Services that can HELP you drop ship EFFECTIVELY
  • How/Where to EASILY find Domestic Suppliers
  • How exactly to interact with your drop shipper to get the BEST Results and a whole lot MORE!

In case you are new to this, how does drop-shipping work? The customer is placing an order on your website or eBay or Amazon and he pays you directly. However, you are not having any merchandise and you don’t need to buy any stock or keep any stuff in your warehouse. You simply go to the real supplier, and then you purchase the product on the customer’s behalf, and then you ship the product to the customer’s other address, and you simply keep the profit difference.

You make a profit on the price difference and you don’t even have to see the product yourself at all; you fully rely on third-party sellers. This model is very effective and it’s super profitable for you and we have devoted a big chunk of our course into developing your Shopify store using drop shipping methods. Why do you need to try to use domestic suppliers? By domestic I mean, if you are selling in the United States, then for you, domestic suppliers would be North American suppliers.

SECRET Facebook STRATEGIES that'll Drive HUGE Traffic to Shopify Store Part 1

In this video I'm going to talk to you about successful Facebook strategies to help you drive traffic to your Shopify store and make good sales.

Before we begin, let’s look at what we’ll learn today:

  • Learn how to start facebook advertizing; everything you need to get started
  • How to beautify your page to make it look ATTRACTIVE to buyers
  • How to appear LEGIT so you don’t give off fraudulent vibes; Guys, this is crucial to success.
  • How to use facebook ads, post promotions and boost post to DRIVE traffic to your page
  • How to use Viral Videos to ATTRACT people to your page!
  • How to use helpful stories to PULL In Traffic to your page; I share some great examples, so pay attention guys!
  • How Donald Trump can help you get Traffic! Don’t believe me? Stick around to find out how this works!
  • Did you know HALOWEEN can get YOU Traffic? Pretty Scary stuff right? Don’t worry I’ll show you how you can DO this for yourself too.
SECRET Facebook STRATEGIES that'll Drive HUGE Traffic to Shopify Store Part 2

In the previous video, we discussed how you can build your Facebook page for your shop and how to build organic reach and likes using 'boost post' techniques and now let's assume you already built it and you have enough likes and shares and comments and you have some real traffic going on your Facebook page and our next step is to monetize this traffic and to drive them to your website.

Before we get started, check out a preview of what you’ll learn today:

  • How to MONETIZE Traffic and DRIVE them to your Website
  • Save MONEY From Advertizing and use MY SECRET TRICK to drive traffic to your website!
  • How to connect Shopify to Facebook using a GREAT Tool – Facebook Pixel ID
  • How to prepare your Gift Give Away- I’ll give you some SIMPLE ideas YOU can start using RIGHT NOW
  • I’ll Show you an example of my ad that has a potential reach of 46 Million People!
  • I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Promoting Special Featured products.

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes, the place where people like coffee and learn how to reach $45,000 per month by selling on amazon and shopify!

Here’s a preview of what we’ll learn today:

  • How to ANALYZE the market and learn what Sells BEST; this knowledge is ADVANTAGEOUS to you, make sure you pay ATTENTION!
  • I’ll DROP a quick TIP on how you can SPY on your Competitors; don’t be left in the DARK AGES, use this TIP to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Is aliexpress too slow for you? Don’t worry I’ve got some SWEET TRICKS that’ll help you sell FASTER!
  • Check out some of my SECRET TIPS that’ll help you MAXIMIZE Sales; grab a hold of this knowledge and start pulling in HUGE PROFITS!

 Today’s class is packed with tons of information; ensure you read till the end!

Shopify Bonus Module: Facebook Ads Mastery

How to CREATE Facebook Ads that WORK! Learn to SUCCEED where others are Failing

Hi, guys, and welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes. I received a lot of requests from you to do an in-depth and detailed video about advanced tricks and strategies on how to build successful Facebook ads campaign. And today I decided to record this special crash course bonus video on Facebook ads mastery for you.

Before we get into the juicy stuff, take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • Get the LATEST information that’ll help turn you into a MASTER in Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to STAND OUT and be UNIQUE so that you can GRAB ATTENTION with your Ads
  • Learn about CONSISTENCY and how you can APPLY it to your ads for SUCCESS
  • Learn how to SPEAK the customers LANGUAGE and advertize to the RIGHT audience
  • I’ll EQUIP you with SECRET tools that’ll help you check your audience and search for key words; these are important hacks that’ll quicken your ad SUCCESS, don’t miss em!
  • Learn about the ULTIMATE goal of Facebook ads so that you remain focused and don’t fall off track!
CASE STUDIES: which TYPE of Ads WORK BEST for Each Type of Traffic

Welcome back to Facebook Ads Mastery Crash Course by sells like hot cakes! This is the second part of our Crash course that will get rid of fluff and filler and give you only real info you need to succeed with Facebook ads.

Come and see what you’re getting today:

  • Get a COMPLETE breakdown and UNDERSTANDING of the 2 types of traffic (HOT and COLD) and how to provide VALUE to your customers.
  • I’ll give you FREE tips on how you can GAIN the TRUST of potential customers by giving off the “Friendly vibe”
  • Learn about Engagement ads, I’ll TEACH you how they WORK and how you can make use of them
  • Are you a Photoshop novice? I’ve got a SECRET Solution for you to assist you in generating ads!
  • Take a PEEK at how I personally HANDLE things regarding my own Ads, and USE this as a template for yours.
  • What are Scarcity ads? And How do you USE them? Find out all these and So MUCH MORE!
The NUTS and BOLTS of Creating GREAT Ads Using the POWER EDITOR

Welcome back to Facebook Ads Mastery Crash Course by sells like hot cakes! This is the third part of our Crash course that will get rid of fluff and filler and give you only real info you need to succeed with Facebook ads. I hope you watched the previous parts where I showed you the structure of the ads and why most people fail with Facebook ads if they miss out on the structure and which type of ads work best for each type of traffic.

Before we begin, come take a peek at some of the cool stuff you’ll learn today:

  • How do we use the POWER EDITOR to CREATE ads? Keep reading.. I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you NEED to know!
  • I’ll teach you about the 4 MAIN types of Facebook ads and how to UTILIZE them properly
  • How do you EFFICIENTLY build your audience? This isn’t complex, just relax, I’ll GUIDE you through the process
  • I’ll also EQUIP you with AMAZING tools that’ll help you in the process of BUILDING your audience
  • I’m going to WALK you Step-by-Step, through the ENTIRE process on how to CREATE your Facebook ad
  • How to OPTIMIZE delivery for conversions; learn all these juicy SECRETS and so MUCH MORE!
The EASIEST way to get Thousands of likes and Shares + Legal Facebook Bots

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes bonus video series about Facebook ads mastery. Quickly take a peek at what’s in store for you:

  • I’m going to share you ADVANCED and really AMAZING tricks, hacks, and INSIDER TIPS on how you can get dirty CHEAP Facebook engagements from Facebook with GREAT results
  • I will also show you a SECRET technique you can use to start building a list on Facebook.
  • I will show you several LEGIT Facebook bots that you can use COMPLETELY legally and they are in compliance with Facebook rules; using them and they will really give you an unfair EDGE over your competitors
  • I’ll teach you how to copy the BEST Facebook posts related to your niche and how you can duplicate their results and SUCCESS
  • How do you create AMAZING content using inspirational quotes? I’ll teach you all about this!
  • Advertise insider Facebook messenger: This is possible guys, and I’ll show you am app to help you pull this off, and so much more!
The BIGGEST Problem with Dropshipping: TIPS and HACKS on how to SOLVE it

In this video, we’re going to talk about the nightmare of all drop-shippers: delays with delivery.. “Where is my order? Why it takes so long? I ordered yesterday and I still didn’t receive it. Where is my stuff?” You know, when it comes to drop shipping, you have no control over the inventory; you’re not doing the shipment and you have to fully rely on third party sellers that are going to ship the stuff for you. But the problem is sometimes it just takes too long. People become spoiled by Amazon prime fast delivery.. So what can you do about it? Let’s talk how you can minimize customer complaints, refunds, and returns when it comes to drop shipping.

Check out a sneak peek of what in store for you:

  • FREE yourself from panic: EDUCATE yourself on shipping times and learn why it may take some time for your stuff to arrive
  • Learn how to REDUCE the complaints from customers by USING the “free-shipping” technique
  • Customer Care Support: Why do you need it? What is its benefit? I’ll teach you all these here!
  • Learn the IMPORTANCE of BREAKING DOWN the shipping DETAILS to your customers and how it can save you from stress
  • I’ll REVEAL to you a SECRET insider TIP called the “preorder” and I’ll TEACH you how to use 

Amazon FBA Nuts and Bolts


Welcome back, friends, to our video series, Sells Like Hot Cakes. In this short video, we’re going to talk about Amazon FBA business.

Before we begin, check out a preview of what you'll learn today:

  • What exactly is fulfilled by Amazon and How does it work?
  • I'll use my Personal Account as an example to show you how to things get done
  • Having Realistic Expectations: I'll show you what should be considered as "Good Profit" so you don't go beating yourself up. Baby steps people!
  • How to get approved for FBA: Without this approval you can't do Business, so stick around to find out how to go about this.
  • I also show you all BENEFITS of this Business: You really don’t want to miss out on this.
Step By Step Guide: How to START a HIGHLY PROFITABLE White Labelling Business

In this series, we’re going to talk about your own white labeling business using Amazon Fulfilled By Amazon program called Amazon FBA. If you saw my previous videos, we talked about two main ways to make money online with ecommerce. The first one was with Shopify drop-shipping method, which allows you to profit without any investment at all. Another one is called white labeling business with Amazon, which allows you to profit even more. However, it requires some investment on your part because you will need to create and develop your own brand and to buy merchandise from the factory. Let me show you how to do it.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn today:

  • A FASTER and MORE PROFITABLE method of making money with e-commerce: Learn about White labeling business and how you can succeed in it.
  • What exactly is FBA business and how to develop YOUR own BRAND and CONTROL your Business.
  • Yes! This method requires startup capital: Learn why this is so and know EXACTLY what you'll be spending your money on
  • How to Find the RIGHT Product to INVEST in: This is the first step, it is VERY important if you want to succeed.
  • Learn how to LEGALLY Spy on your Amazon competition: I'll show you how to legally go James Bond on your competitors without getting into any trouble.
  • Learn how to CHOOSE the RIGHT product: I will show you exactly what to look out for.
  • Developing your BRAND: I'll show you step by step the process of handling this including; packaging design, logo.
  • Techniques YOU can use to BOOST your Sales: There are lots of them and I'll teach you how to use them and So MUCH MORE!
3 SUPERB ways to sell on Amazon and START making HUGE PROFITS!

In this short video, we are going to talk about three main ways for you to sell on Amazon. As you know, my course is mostly devoted to FBA program, which means fulfilled by Amazon, but you need to know that there are actually three ways to do it, not just one.

In today's lesson; you're going to learn:

  • Three great ways to sell on Amazon and rake in profits
  • If you like to handle things by yourself; Solid and Fulfilled Merchant method is great for you, keep reading to find out more about it.
  • Do you like others to assist you while you work? I bet you'll love Fulfilled by Amazon; keep reading to know more!
  • Are you the type that prefers people working for you? Then Vendor Express is Excellent for you; continue reading to find out more!
  • Analysis of these methods; we look at their Pros and Cons, and help you make a BETTER decision on which method to use.
  • Oh! I also OFFER some REAL crucial advice; stick with me to find out about this.
How to START a HIGHLY PROFITABLE FBA Business Without BIG Investments

In this amazing short video, we’re going to talk about starting your FBA business and most importantly how you can start your FBA business without big investments. Yes without even investing 5000 dollars! You know I usually talk about the required capital of $5000-10,000 to start your white labeling business on Amazon because you are required to buy at least 500-1000 units of your product if you’re going to customize it, put your logo on it, and do full white labeling, but I know that many of you are not really ready to commit this amount of money when you’re just starting and you just want to test the waters to see different niches to try out different things without investing so much money right away. If $5000 is a big deal for you, then I suggest that you can try a different approach for Amazon FBA.

Today, you’ll learn:

 How to AVOID “large minimum quantity” WHEN ordering for the FIRST time

  • Why you SHOULDN’T pick an OVERCROWDED product as a beginner
  • How to FUND the suppliers of products: I’ll show you 2 COOL methods of doing this!
  • Learn Some GREAT TIPS on how to PROMOTE your product as a beginner
  • Educate yourself on the IMPORTANCE of KEYWORDS; I’ll also give you some great tools that can assist you in this area

 You’re going to learn all these and so much MORE today!

How to create Seller Central Accounts to HANDLE your White Labelling Business

In this short video, we are going to talk a little bit about opening your first Amazon seller central account. I will cover the most common questions that you might have when opening your Amazon seller central account to do your Amazon white labeling business.

Here’s a preview of what you’re about to discover:

  • How to get started; I’ll carefully GUIDE YOU through the process
  • Where to Sell your Stuff; Find out how to pick the right location
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of selling in the U.S. Or EUROPE; so CHOOSE Wisely!
  • Some KEY FAQ’s by newcomers; I’ll ANSWER them all with GREAT examples!
  • Professional Account VS Free Account; Guys, sometimes the best things in life aren’t FREE
A QUICK GUIDE to DEALING with Incorporation and Taxes on Amazon

In this video we’re going to talk about incorporation and taxes. First of all, before we start, a quick disclaimer. We are not lawyers or accountants and we don’t provide any sort of legal advice, so just take this information as an educational resource for you and always contact your legal advisor, your lawyer, directly, and your CPA.

Pay ATTENTION people, this is very crucial!

Let’s take a peek at what we’ll learn here:

  • Which is BETTER? A company account OR a personal account? Find the RIGHT answer and WHY
  • The 3 types of sellers on Amazon; which of them are YOU?
  • Knowledge is Power; Educate yourself on the type of taxes you’ll be dealing with
  • How to sell in the United States; What exactly to be prepared for.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of DOUBLE TAXATION; guys, don’t joke with this!
  • GREAT websites that’ll help you PREPARE your taxes and tax returns; SAVING you TIME AND ENERGY.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of Amazon’s overseas Affiliates and expand your presence by opening offshore companies. Learn all these and SO MUCH MORE!
The Ins and Outs on how to CREATE a GREAT brand and AVOID deadly MISTAKES

In this video, we are going to talk about creating your own brand. I will share my tips, hacks, advice on how you can create a great brand, including brand name and logo and what you need to remember when you’re creating the title for your products and the main brand and how to avoid most crucial mistakes.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn:

  • SURE FIRE TIPS on how to pick a GREAT brand name
  • The different types of brands- Guys, Knowing your NICHE is VERY IMPORTANT!
  • How to brainstorm when making choices for your brand
  • Why you need to get out of your head! And avoid over thinking things
  • How to choose the brand name and AVOID copyright infringement problems; Crucial Stuff!
How You Can Create Your own website for Shopify/Amazon without any coding!

In this short video, we’re going to talk about your own website. You might be wondering, “Why the heck do I  even need my own website if I am going to sell on Shopify or Amazon using white labeling business?” There are still several important reasons why you still need to make your own website as well, and I’ll show you several easy ways how you can do it without any programming skills or hiring a lot of programmers.

Before we delve into the good stuff, here’s a preview of what you’re going to learn today:

  • The IMPORTANCE of having a website for White Labeling business
  • AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY: What is it? And How does it work? You’ll learn all that today
  • I’ll SHOW you DIFFERENT WAYS you can CREATE your website, even if you have zero knowledge of web design
  • I’ll teach you how to USE a Shopify STORE as a website: Not MANY people know how to do this!
  • Why do you NEED to have your customers EMAILS? Is It REALLY IMPORTANT? Read on to find out!
KEY SECRETS to BUILDING An EFFECTIVE Client List for Amazon and Shopify

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things in your ecommerce business, and I cannot stress this enough, this is probably one of the biggest assets that you have in your business, and that is your list.

Yes, your own list of emails of your customers.

And here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Why email list trumps social media and is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE
  • The Pitfalls of sole dependence on Facebook or Social media; It’s not going to be pretty if you fall in one of these pits!
  • The IMPORTANCE of having a list; Guys, the advantages are NUMEROUS!
  • Like to be in CHARGE? Then give yourself complete CONTROL and use your website to build a list for yourself.
  • If your prefer the easy way. Learn about AUTOMATED services ready to do the work for you.
  • How you can use Facebook to build your list.
  • Learn about other platforms your can use to build your list
  • A SECRET Facebook HACK that’ll make it difficult for your visitors to forget you.
Amazon Selling App: Awesome Amazon App To SELL on the GO

See what I want to show you today:

  • An app that you can USE to TRACK your SALES in REAL TIME!
  • EASILY find out how much products you have and if you’re running OUT OF STOCK
  • Get a complete break down of your sales by days/months
  • Manage your FBA Shipments conviently
  • This app can be used for customer service; hang in there and find out just how you can do this!
The UGLY TRUTH about Real Arbitrage. Why I hate Retail Arbitrage

In this short video, I’m just answering the most common question that you keep asking me: Why I hate retail arbitrage so much. So here is why I hate retail arbitrage and I prefer building my own brand and selling on Amazon and Shopify.

Quickly take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • Find out 2 MAJOR ways to make MONEY with Real Arbitrage
  • Learn about the REASONS I hate Real Arbitrage: Just listen to what I have to say about this guys, you may end up hating it like me.. ;-)
  • Real Arbitrage is BORING BUSINESS! Read on to find out why…
  • Learn Why BUILDING your own BRAND Trumps Real Arbitrage
  • Quick Buck Vs. Long Term Business: A common dilemma, That’s why I’m here to help out, I’ll show you why you should SHUN the former and FOCUS on the later.
11 MISTAKES You'll Never Make Again

In this important video, you are going to learn about 11 major mistakes holding you back from succeeding in this business. I’ll reveal TOP-INSIDER business secrets you’ve NEVER heard before!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn:

  • Importance of building your own Client List; This list is your BIGGEST ASSEST in your business
  • How to avoid “analysis paralysis” when starting out
  • How to choose the RIGHT product and avoid failure
  • The number 1 Mistake Novices make; putting all your eggs in one basket
  • How to avoid failure during your launch and how to get organic sales

 So what are the common novice mistakes? And how can you avoid them and keep your business safe? Well… Without further ado, let’s get started with the 11 major mistakes to avoid in this business...

FBA Strategies: How To Find A Product To Sell?

FULL PROOF Tips for RESEARCHING Great Products For Your White Labelling Business

Welcome back, dear friends, to Sells Like Hot Cakes video series.

The most important thing before you do anything else is to research a niche and find a product with a high demand and low competition that you are going to sell. In this video, I’m going to show you several examples and give you tips on how you can do it and how to avoid the main mistakes when you are starting. This video is rather long but it’s extremely important for you to succeed so please take your coffee, relax, enjoy, and take some notes!

Check out what you’ll learn today:

  • First of all I will show you what you SHOULDN’T do; follow these TIPS and your on your way to SUCCESS.
  • TRUST the NUMBERS Not your feelings: too much emotions can mess up your business, guys, FOLLOW your HEAD not your heart!
  • Competition can be HEALTHY but competition so early, can shut you down, I’ll show you how to TONE DOWN the competition by following some SIMPLE steps.
  • If there is DEMAND, there will be SUPPLY; check out these TIPS so you can SELL what people will BUY
  • I’ll be dropping SOLID RULES for SELECTING a product; Ignore this at your own peril!
  • I’ll drop one of my SECRETS again: a SPECIAL site that can help you identify PROFITABLE niches on Amazon.

Guys, I’m barely scratching the surface here, there’s tons of priceless information waiting for you inside!

MUST HAVE SECRETS on how to Spot FRESH Trends and NEW Products

Today we are continuing to talk about how to find amazing ideas for your product.

Hello there, check out what you'll learn today:

  • Discover how to spot NEW trends and Products by using Crowd funding services
  • I give out EXAMPLES of some COOL crowd funding services you can Try Out Today!
  • How to use the Crowd funding service to Find what you're LOOKING for.
  • Where to find manufacturers of these NEW products and START making COOL Profits!
  • How EXACTLY to Take Advantage of NEW ideas and Products that haven't been patented yet.
Take a PEEK into my SHOP and Learn WINNING Strategies you can use for Yourself

In this video, let me talk a little bit more about one of my shops that I have on Amazon so you have a real life example. I know most other courses hide their products or don’t even do any selling and like I promised we don’t do that and really strive to help you and show you ALL! There is always a competition but there is always room for everyone in 250 billion amazon market!

 Keep watching and you’ll discover:

  • How I SETUP my Shop and PRODUCTS
  • Why you SHOULD create PAGES for EACH of your products: if you’re not doing this you’re still a NOVICE!
  • The IMPORTANCE of USING videos and animations to SPICE UP your product page
  • Learn all it takes to SETUP a PROFESSIONAL looking shop and give yourself a SHOT at making it BIG on Amazon!
How to SELECT the RIGHT Products, SPY on Competitors & Calculate PROFIT

In this short video, I’m going to show you two amazing tools that I have been using to analyze what product to choose and what the competitors are doing and how I can calculate my profit margins of this product.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • See as I DEMONSTRATE how to use junglescout to analyze products
  • I’ll also show you how to CALCULATE PROFIT margin with Amazon revenue calculator
  • I’ll show you the SECRETS of BUNDLING products to RAISE the PRICE and make BIGGER profits!
  • I’ll teach you how to analyze the BEST SELLERS in your niche so you can understand their techniques and APPLY them to yourself and start GENERATING sales!
  • I’ll show you how to CALCULATE the PROFIT margin of your competitors so you can have an idea of what you can achieve
SALES TRACKER: An EASY way to SPY on your Amazon Competition LEGALLY

In this short video, we’re going to talk about our new sales tracking tool which allows you to legally spy on your Amazon competitors to find out how well they’re doing, what they’re using, what sales numbers they have. Also, of course, you can track your own products to monitor the performance of how well you are doing yourself and what’s working for you and what’s not. Let me show you how easy it is to use it.

So strap in and get ready as I teach you how to become Amazon’s James Bond with this tool.

Check out what you’ll learn today:

  • I’ll show you WHERE to find this tool and HOW to use it
  • The IMPORTANCE of the ASIN number and why we need for our ESPIONAGE activities J
  • I’ll SHOW you an EXAMPLE/DEMONSTRATION of how I TRACK and SPY on some Amazon sellers
  • You’ll see all the JUICY information you can EXTRACT from your competitors and how you can APPLY them to yourself to achieve SUCCESS.
  • This app can also TRACK your own products. i.e. You can SPY on yourself to MONITOR your PERFORMANCE and gauge your PROGRESS

FBA Strategies: How To Find The Right Suppliers?

FREE Tips on Finding the PERFECT Supplier for your Amazon and Shopify Business

Hi, my friends, and welcome to our video course on creating your profitable Shopify and Amazon business. In this video, we are going to talk about your step three of Amazon FBA business, which is finding suppliers for your white labeling business. For this, I’ll show you several ways to find a perfect supplier.

Check out a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • I’ll give you 2 SURE ways to HELP you find a GREAT supplier.
  • Outsourcing Agents: Why you NEED them and What they CAN DO for you.
  • Are you LOW on CASH? You can still FIND suppliers without spending; I’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll learn how to ANALYZE suppliers on alibaba, so you can PICK the BEST
  • I’ll SHOW you how to ENSURE you are working with PROFESSIONALS to reduce the RISK of being SCAMMED!
  • You’ll also learn about the KEY questions to ask the suppliers so that you can make the BEST decisions.
Fulfilled By Amazon: GREAT Tips on how to REPLY your Suppliers

Today we are going to talk a little bit more about finding a perfect supplier for your white labeling product. In the last videos, we talked about Alibaba marketplace to find suppliers and I gave you advice on what kind of questions you should ask from your suppliers. Now, before diving in-depth with how you communicate to the supplier and the factory, I will give you a few more tips on that.

But before we get into all that, check out a preview of what you'll learn today:

  • I'll give you some GREAT places where you can FIND suppliers to do business with.
  • Should you accept initial prices you're given by your supplier? I'll show you WHAT TO DO and how to handle everything
  • How to know if you're DEALING with an Experienced Supplier who is familiar with FBA: This is important if you don't want issues with labeling.
  • How to know if you're dealing with a Professional Factory Or a Trading Company
  • Shipping by Sea vs. Shipping by Air: Which is better? I'll give you my professional opinion on this issue and So Much MORE!
MUST KNOW Tips to help you in DEALING with Factories

In this short video, we’re going to talk about dealing with Chinese factories and I’m going to share with you some tips from my experience and experience that I’ve gained from working with Chinese source agents, factories, and everything that comes with it. Here are the tips and tricks on how to communicate with Chinese factories and what you should be aware of.

 Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn today:

  • The RIGHT WAY to present yourself to factories, so that you are taken SERIOUSLY
  • How to GET BETTER DEALS by giving out the SWAGGER of a Professional
  • SIMPLE TRICKS to save money when ordering samples from Chinese Factories
  • How to HANDLE Payment of Samples, so YOU don’t get CHEATED!
  • REASONS you should VISIT the factory as much as possible
  • TIPS on How to get Exclusivity and Signing NDA Agreements: DO THIS to protect your brand!
  • PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION: Why this is VERY IMPORTANT, if you want to keep IMPROVING your products on demand and Separate yourself from the CROWD
  • TIPS on what to LOOK OUT for when INSPECTING your PRODUCT
Advanced MUST KNOW Tips and Hacks to help you FIND the RIGHT Supplier

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes. In this video, we’re going to talk about finding a perfect supplier. Get your coffee ready, because this one is pretty long but you are going to love the effort and detail I put to show you everything!

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Know the RIGHT questions to ASK, so you can JUDGE if the supplier is good or not
  • Why you should FIND out if the suppliers are FAMILIAR with the FBA program; do this to save yourself from stress and problems
  • ALWAYS check to see if the supplier provides DOOR to DOOR shipping FROM china to Amazon. Why should you do this check? Keep reading to find out.
  • Why you MUST always BARGAIN; I’ll show you how to go about it
  • Why you must CHECK if they offer White Labeling Services

I’m going to share with you some advanced tips and hacks on how to find a supplier, what you should be aware of, what certificates to check, how to avoid scams, so listen closely, take some notes, and I hope you find this helpful. Let’s get started.

Tips and Hacks to help you FIND the RIGHT Supplier and avoid SCAMs Part 2

This is part 2 of the lesson "Insider Tips and Hacks to help you FIND the RIGHT Supplier and avoid SCAMs"

Okay before we get to the juicy stuff, let’s check out today’s lesson preview:

  • Find out the RIGHT questions to ask the suppliers
  • Why you should ALWAYS ask about their PRICES: It is CRUCIAL to know what you’re getting into.
  • Learn about the IMPORTANCE of White Labeling Service and why you should ASK if they PROVIDE this service
  • I give an IMPORTANT recommendation towards the end! Don’t miss out on it!
Insider Tricks and Tips on How you can FIND Local Suppliers for your products!

In this short video, we are going to talk about finding suppliers offline for your product and how you can do it by visiting a lot of different expos, trade shows, and fairs.

Quickly take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • I’ll discuss the MERITS of WORKING with LOCAL suppliers: there are a lot of advantages here guys, pay attention!
  • I’ll give you a website for LOCATING local SUPPLIERS EASILY: Another one of my freebies! P.S. It is not alibaba
  • Find out how to MEET UP with Chinese Suppliers without EVEN going to China! A lot of people are not take advantage of this, lucky you!
  • Expos and TRADE FAIRS: These are GREAT avenues for meeting with local suppliers! Check out my thoughts on this and so MUCH MORE!

FBA Strategies: Checking Samples, Placing Order, Shipping to Amazon

A QUICK IMPORTATION GUIDE: how to EASILY ship your Products from China to USA

Welcome back to SellsLikeHotcakes.co video series on how you can create your profitable Amazon and Shopify store. In this video, we’re going to talk about shipping of your products from the supplier factory in China or India to your Amazon warehouses in USA or Europe.

Before we start, here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • I’ll teach you STEP by STEP how to go about the shipment process
  • Shipping by air Vs. Shipping by sea: Stay with me as we analyze the PROS and CONS of both methods.
  • Learn how to CREATE labels for your PRODUCTS
  • Why do you NEED a sourcing agent? Keep on reading…. I’ll give you the COMPLETE break down!
  • Printing of Labels, How do you HANDLE this? Don’t worry, I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know.
  • EDUCATE yourself on the type of labels, so you DON”T make COSTLY MISTAKES!

 All these and so MUCH MORE!!

GREAT TIPS on how to ANALYZE the samples of products. REAL LIFE Case study

I’m going to give you a real-time example of the product samples that I received. I wanted to record this video live so you can see these are real examples not just theory.

 Check out what you’ll learn:

  • How to ship samples the RIGHT way using source agents
  • What is the price of samples? FIND OUT the average price so you don’t get swindled!
  • A little TRICK to beat down the price of samples
  • Learn How to ANALYSE a product from its packaging down to its contents
  • Why you need to put BAR CODES on your PRODUCTS: this is vital for the sake of easy identification.
Take a PEEK at a LIVE Demonstration Of My Product Quality Inspections

In this short video, I’m going to share with you some real-life examples of how the product inspection looks, how the packaging looks. I just received the inspection photos of my agent in China, so I’m sharing with you this in real time. You see, it’s just in Skype in my case. Usually, Chinese people like to work with you by Skype.

 Hold on! Look at what you’re going to learn:

  • The IMPORTANCE of having well PACKAGED Products
  • The SIGNIFICANCE of Bar Codes and why you need to use them
  • Learn about the NECESSARY labels to have on YOUR different product.
  • OUTSOURCING product INSPECTION- This is going to save you a lot of money, especially if you’re not bill gates. Read on to find out MORE!

 Let me show you some of the product inspection examples.

GREAT Tips on HANDLING Products, Artwork & Insert Cards

In this video, we are going to talk about the printing stuff that might you need to prepare for your products. Let’s assume you have already developed your brand, your logo art work,what else you need to get printed before you can get your product ready.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • AWESOME tips on where/how to PREPARE and PRINT your packaging artwork
  • Learn why PRODUCT PACKAGING is IMPROTANT! Don’t miss this one guys.
  • Understand the SIGNIFICANCE of logo designs and how it is linked to your product’s PERCEPTION
  • I’ll SHOW you where to get GREAT logos for your products
  • I’ll TEACH you the IMPORTANCE of Insert Cards and why you should always use them, all these and SO MUCH MORE!

 First of all, you need to prepare and print packaging artwork for your package.

GREAT TIPS on how to ANALYZE the samples of products in real life! Part II

In this new real-time video, we’re going to analyze the samples for one of the new shops that we do on Amazon.

Before we begin, check out what you’re going to learn today:

  • Why you should GROUP all your SAMPLES together when shipping.
  • The kind of labels and warnings to EXPECT in the products
  • Test the SAMPLES by yourself: this is how you verify the quality of the products.

In this video, we’re going to talk about packaging lists and paying for shipment.

Before we get started, let’s look out the lesson’s overview:

  • MEASURING your products for shipment: I’ll INFORM you of the UNITS you should be cognizant of.
  • OUTSOURCING Vs. Handling things yourself: You’ll get to know my FINAL verdict on this matter
  • I’ll show you how to get MORE packaging GUIDELINES from Amazon
  • How to PREPARE your PACKAGING list
  • Do you NEED INSURANCE when shipping? I’ll REVEAL the instance(s) when you NEED to insure your products
  • I’ll give you a ROUGH idea of the Shipping COSTS so you don’t get CAUGHT off GUARD or worse - SCAMMED!
7 Tips on Dealing With Suppliers, Doing Due Diligence & Shipping From China

This video is going to be a question and answer session about sourcing in China and shipping from China. Together with my sourcing agent from China, we prepared answers to your most common questions that you might have when researching suppliers, when ordering products, shipping from China, and also doing due diligence and how to avoid getting scammed. You will find a lot of helpful tips here.

  This video is rather long and might look complicated for you because this is more advanced stuff and we try to cover everything in more detail so this can be helpful for people of different levels of experience. If you find some of the information here complicated, don’t forget to take notes and maybe watch the video several times to make sure that you understand everything perfectly. If you have more questions, always don’t forget to send us an email or just to reach us and experts inside your member’s area of Sells Like Hot Cakes and we’ll always be happy to help you. Without further ado, let’s get started on our question-and-answer session. “From China, with love.

Okay before we get started, take a look at what’s on the menu:

How do you AVOID getting SCAMMED by a supplier: I’ll break it down, streamlined to the level of your business and the quantity of products you’re ordering.


  • Does Alibaba offer FULL PROTECTION? Read up and find out the TRUTH!
  • Ok, so what is the BEST way to pay a Chinese supplier? Discover the available options, so you can pick the BEST FIT for your Business.
  • How to ANALYZE suppliers through their products, so that YOU can make a BETTER decision and most IMPORTANTLY avoid being SCAMMED!
  • Factories Vs. Trade Companies: Which is BETTER? I’ll help you analyze the Pros and Cons.
  • I’ll also talk EXTENSIVELY on the 3 COMMON Ways to Ship goods from China in GREAT Detail: A must WATCH!

FBA Strategies: Creating A Perfect Listing, Images and Keywords

How to CREATE PERFECTLY OPTIMIZED Listings For your Product

Hi, guys. Welcome back. In this video, we are going to talk about how you can create a perfect optimized listing for your product for Amazon FBA program, Fulfilled By Amazon.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn today:

  • How to create a Professional title: This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to stand out from the crowd
  • How to generate GREAT Bullet Points that'll highlight the MAJOR Features of your Products
  • How to write Good Descriptions for your products; this will give your customers an idea of what they're purchasing, you cannot afford to be careless with this!
  • I'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to list your product
  • Vital Information About your Product: I'll show you what EXACTLY you need to add here, and A LOT of other STUFF!
How to CREATE listings in BULK and get ADDITIONAL Traffic

In this short video, we are going to talk about one of the little-known ways to create or update your product listings on Amazon. It is called “add products via upload”. This feature allows you to prepare your listingsadd your products in bulk by uploading Excel file, text, or CSV files. You can also upload files you may be already using to sell in your e-commerce website or another marketplace.

Before we begin, check out what you will learn today:

  • STEP by STEP process of ADDING your Listings in BULK using “add product via upload”
  • How/Where to get Templates for YOUR SPECIFIC Niche
  • A SIMPLE TRICK to list Your product which will SAVE your TIME and ENERGY
  • STATUS MONITORING: Find out why it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep an Eye out for ERRORS. This is crucial guys, don’t joke with this.
How To CREATE The PERFECT Image for your Listing

In this video we’re going to talk about creating perfect images for your listing.

Let’s take a sneak peak on what you’ll learn today: 

  • Learn Why Images are SO IMPORTANT and why you SHOULDN’T joke with your listing images.
  • How to have a BETTER Understanding of the KIND of Image that SELLS by studying the TRENDS among the TOP SELLERS
  • Learn how Bullet Points and WELL POSITIONED text can TURN and Image into a POWERFUL Marketing Tool
  • How do you CREATE BEAUTIFUL Images? Chill out, I’ll give You the BEST TIPS
  • I’ll also GIVE you websites that you can patronize that’ll GENERATE AWESOME Images for your Listing!

 Your images are your main selling point, so if your images are appealing, then you’ll have a lot of sales and it will help you stand out among the competition. Here are several rules on creating perfect images.

Insider Tips on HANDLING Awesome Product Photography Without Big Investments

In this short video, we’re going to talk about product photography.

Today, I’ll teach you:

  • How to GET Amazon’s RECOMMENDED White background for your main image
  • If you want to SAVE money OR maybe you’re scared of photographers…Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, I’ll show you an ALTERNATIVE to Professional Photographers
  • How to CLEAN up your background images using photoshop
  • How to ADD text and other MARKETING details to your photographs
  • Find out why it is IMPORTANT to SHOW the main FEATURES of your products
  • Don’t FORGET the Guarantee! It puts the customer at ease and makes them PRONE to buying.
Analyzing and brainstorming Amazon listings- Learn what WORKS and what DOESN'T

In this video, we’re going to do some marketing critiques and brainstorming and we’re going to find out what makes good Amazon listing and what works and what doesn’t work. I will share tips and hacks how to create a good listing, bullet points, and descriptions for your product.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn today:

  • First up, discover what DOESN’T WORK! Avoid some of these dangerous mistakes and you’ve solved half of  your problem.
  • See examples of BAD listings so you know what NOT to do.
  • What are their Mistakes? Why are customers unhappy? Read through and FIND OUT
  • Why are pictures so important? And how to use pictures to gain the TRUST of your customers.
  • EASY TWEAKS for your bullet point that'll set you apart from the competition
  • Why you should listen to your customers and how to improve your products
  • How to create RICH CONTENT for your title description and bullet point to build strong connections with your buyers.
  • Learn from examples of GREAT listings so you know EXACTLY what to DO.
  • All these and so much MORE!
The MAGIC of ENHANCED Brand Content

In this short video, we’re going to talk about an additional feature that will help you increase your conversions of your Amazon listings. This is called enhanced brand content. It’s available under advertising, and enhanced brand content. At the time of this recording, it’s free because it’s in a beta stage, but it might be for some fee in the future. That’s why it’s under advertising.

Before we begin,  let’s take a quick look at what we’ll deal with today:

  • How to get ACCESS to the enhanced brand content: This is a special feature and it’s not for everyone
  • I’ll SHOW you how to register with Amazon Brand Registry
  • You'll learn why you SHOULDN’T repeat images: Guys, ,just take ADVANTAGE of extra images and use to them to make your template come ALIVE!
  • Why you NEED to READ the GUIDELINES carefully before choosing your template

 This feature is available only for people who have registered their brand with Amazon Brand Registry.

FB keyword Inspector: Use this tool to FIND Keywords and FIRE-UP your Amazon

I hope you have your coffee ready and In this video we continue to talk about helpful tools that help you succeed with selling on Amazon. We have developed hundreds and hundreds of different things and tools in our Sells Like Hot Cakes members area, but there are still a lot of different other services that will help you succeed. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one tool, you should use them all and invest in your business.

Ok, before we begin: Let's review what we'll learn today:

  • How to use Keyword Inspector to get AMAZING SELLABLE Keywords and Start Making Profits!
  • Who has these Keywords and How Exactly can you get them
  • What is an ASIN Number and How YOU can use it to get IMPORTANT keywords
  • What to do if there A LOT of competition in your niche: This is really crucial guys, make sure to pay attention!

One of those tools that I personally use aside of my own tools is called “keyword inspector”. They have also a lot of different things there, but the main thing that they have is called reverse ASIN search, which helps you find the keywords of your competitors by searching by their ASIN number. Let’s see how it works.

MORE Keywords & Research tools that'll HELP you GROW your Business

In the last videos, we talked about creating your keywords using Sells Like Hot Cakes tools and member’s area. In this short video, I'm going to show you a few more tools that you can use to research your keywords

Come take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • Check out a FREE TOOL from Google that you can use to find Keywords
  • Learn how to NOT ONLY find key words but to be able CATEGORIZE them: this can help you know the most competitive words
  • DISCOVER another tool that you can USE get find Keywords that ONKINE SHOPPERS are using.
  • I Also tell you about tools you should AVOID paying for: Frankly some developers are lazy, if you patronize these tools you won’t be getting your money’s worth. So watch out!

FBA Strategies: Effective FBA Launch Formula

Step by step GUIDE on How to LAUNCH your FRIST product SUCCESSFULLY

Hi, friends, and welcome back to our Sells Like Hot cakes video series on creating your profitable Amazon and Shopify business. In this video, we’re going to talk about your first Amazon launch for your first product.

To get you ready, we’ll look at the following:

  • The FIRST thing to do to get started: I’ll help set you on the right foot, the beginning is always VERY IMPORTANT
  • How to GET INITIAL Traffic this is CRUCIAL to your SUCCESS
  • I’ll guide you STEP by STEP How to use PPC to Boost Traffic
  • I’ll give you another one of MY SECRETS: A simple tool you can use for automated REVIEWS
  • What are Review Clubs? And how can you use them to GENERATE SALES? Don’t worry guys, I’ve got you covered.
  • Also learn how to EFFICIENTLY Manage your Coupons and Much MORE!

Let’s say that everything is ready, you have your listing ready, you have your images ready, you have your merchandise arrived to the Amazon warehouses. You are completely ready to start your sales, so what do you do? Your hands are shaking, the heart starts beating fast… I know the feeling, you are so excited to get started..

The problem is, if you don’t have any reviews, you don’t have any sales. But if you don’t have any sales, you won’t have any reviews so this sounds like a dead-end. Bummer…Moreover to get any rankings you must have good sales... No sales no rankings.. another bummer?

Let’s solve it easily together!

How to GENERATE MASSIVE Sales and Reviews using Lightning Deals

In this short video,we’re talking about Amazon lightning deals. Lightning deals is a great way to stage a big giveaway of your product, which will generate a lot of sales and a lot of reviews for your product. It has a fee. For example, in my case, it was $300, but it’s worth a shot because it might give you a lot of sales in a quick period of time. I know for some sellers it's now 150 usd so price may vary.

Here’s what I’ll show you today:

  • I’ll show you what exactly LIGHTNING DEALS are and how you can GET them
  • I will TEACH you how to create your OWN Lightning deal!
  • What is a DEAL POTENTIAL? And how do you set your Maximum Price? Don’t worry, I’ll show you the STEPS to take
  • Ok, so you’ve made your Lightning deal now, WHAT NEXT? I’ll TEACH you about Amazon’s recommendations and Why you take them into Consideration
Make MORE PROFITS from Coupons using 10% with "Money Off" Promotions

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes. In this short video we’re going to talk more about the “money off” promotions, which will help you boost your sales and create coupons. If you noticed, in one of my other videos we talked about Feedback Genius to stage the follow-up series for your product to help you generate feedback and reviews. If you noticed, when I promote different products of mine, in the end, I always add something, “PS: And the best part to thank you for being our loyal customer, we have a special coupon for you today, Lucky10P, for 10% off of all the products.” How do I make this kind of coupon?

 But before we get started, let look at an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Discover SPECIAL Coupons you can create to SHOOT UP SALES!
  • Learn about a GREAT INCENTIVE You can use to BOOST YOUR Sales
  • Learn how to set SPECIAL Conditions for your Coupons
  • How to use promotional messages to SPREAD the word about your Offers
CASHCOW PRO: A GREAT tool to TRACK and manage your PERFORMANCE on Amazon

In this short video, we’re going to talk about one of the amazing tools to help you with your Amazon business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn about an AMAZING tool that’ll help you GREATLY improve your business on Amazon
  • I’ll GUIDE you step by step on how to set it up
  • Learn how to track your PERFORMANCE and sales so you know if you’re HITTING your TARGETS
  • I’ll also drop EXTRA TIPS and other HELPFUL tools that’ll help you TRACK Keywords and IMPROVE your Ranking: This is GREAT stuff guys, don’t miss it!

This tool is called Cash Cow Pro, which allows you to track your sales, manage your inventory, and optimize your performance and conversions.


In this video, we’re going to talk about Amazon pay per click program and I’m going to share with you some hacks, tips, and advanced trackages. If you’re completely new to Amazon PPC, then first make sure to check one of my previous videos where I discussed what PPC is and how to do the basic PPC stuff.

Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll learn today:

  • How to use Amazon’s inbuilt PPC program to SKY-ROCKET your rankings and BOOST your sales!
  • Educate yourself on the types of targeting and the BEST ways to use them to your advantage
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; Relax and learn about the MOST EFFECTIVE PPC strategies on Amazon
  • The MAGIC of Keywords; Discover a SECRET Hack to get the BEST converting keywords so you can NAIL more Sales!
  • Are you new to PPC world? This PPC Strategy is PERFECT for you! Stick around to Find Out Why
  • Are you ready to step into the PRO-League? Then Sit back and Learn about ADVANCED PPC strategies that’ll guarantee you TREMENDOUS Conversions!!
Using Crowdsourcing Campaign to boost your sales and jump start your product

How I FAILED on Crowdsourcing and made $10,000 along the way. Case study

 In this video I am going to show you how I failed with crowdsourcing and what I learned from it and how I made $10,000 profit along the way as a result. I hope you will learn from my mistakes and maybe you'll find something helpful from this video so you'll know what to do and what not to do if you are going to make profits out of this cool idea.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, check out what you’ll learn:


  • I’ll show you what EXACTLY crowd sourcing entails and how you can use it to your
  • I’ll BUST some myths about crowdsourcing, you’ll get to read as I sieve weed from chaff
  • Have you run a failed crowdsourcing campaign in the past? If yes I’ll SHOW you why you shouldn’t give up; ARM yourself with THIS KNOWLEDGE and go in for a rematch!
  • “Be unique, be original!” This is a cliché going around in business; however, it is not so easy, especially if you’re not doing something new. Learn the truth about the call for “uniqueness’ and how you can work your way around this
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, learn from me; I’ll share my story on my failed crowdsourcing campaign, the mistakes I made and how you can do


To summarize this video, I think crowdsourcing is a little-known way to boost your Amazon and Shopify business and this is a great way for you to get a lot of exposure and let me explain you why in just a moment. We're going to cover Kickstarter and Indigogo, advantages and disadvantages of each one. So what are the first most common myths about crowdsourcing?

In nutshell what crowdsourcing means: you post a project or idea or the prototype and people make pledges. And if the project gets funded, then you get the money and you can start production and then you ship the products to the pledgers.


How to use split tests to get the BEST components for QUICKER conversions

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes. And in this short video, we’re going to use cashcowpro.com to run a new AB split test. A split test allows you to test different prices and titles variations to see which price and title and things like that convert the best for your product and today, let’s try to do it. You can also run split tests using splitly.com which is a great service by Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout..

Check out a preview of what’s in store for you:

  • Learn about the COOL features of cashcowpro and how you can USE it to run AB split test
  • Take a sneak preview of how I use cashcowpro myself so you can get a BETTER idea of how this tool works
  • Learn the CORRECT way to run split test variations for your diverse products
  • Learn about the variations of tests and how you can utilize them to get MORE conversions
The ULTIMATE GUIDE To OPTIMIZING your Shopify Store by COMBINING it with Amazon

I really hope you’re enjoying our course and our tools and all the efforts we put into getting this community successful. In this short video, we’re going to talk about connecting the dots, about combining the power of both worlds, which is selling on Amazon, fulfilling by Amazon, and having your own Shopify store for drop shipping.                                                        

Basically, it is a SUPER combination of 2 courses

Here’s what you’re going to discover;

  • How to SELL other people’s products on Amazon and start raking in EXTRA PROFITS!
  • Why it is NOT advisable to send your traffic to Amazon (You’re shooting yourself in the leg if you do this!)
  • Secret HACKS that’ll prevent your competitors from stealing your customers and give you more CONTROL over your business.
  • Secret BRILLIANT apps that’ll simplify your work and get the job done even while you sleep! And so much MORE!

So stick with me, as we learn how to harness the TRUE power of Amazon and Shopify!

Amazon trade SECRETS that’ll help you create the ULTIMATE brand

In the video, we are going to talk about how you are going to scale up your business. So how you will set your goal? Is it going to be a Moon or you go all the way to Mars? So the higher and the more specific you set your goal, the better chance that you will reach it.

Before we delve into today’s lesson, check out a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • I’ll dish out some GREAT ideas on how you can SCALE UP your sales and make even MORE PROFITS than what you currently earn
  • Launching MULTIPLE products under the same brand: I’ll teach you the CONCEPT behind this technique and more importantly how you can use it to SCALE UP your business
  • DON’T EVER get stuck with one product! Hang in there and I’ll SHOW you why this way of thinking can damage your business
  • The IMPORTANCE of an ecommerce site and why you need one…. Read on to find out more!
  • Outsourcing and growing your team; I’ll show you how VITAL this is to your business GROWTH and time management. The more, the merrier!
  • Wield the POWER of social media and use it to INCREASE your community of followers and consequently your customers and PROFITS! I’ll teach you how to do this and so MUCH MORE!

FBA Mastery : Bonus Section

SMART Techniques for LEGAL Protection of your Amazon and Shopify Business

Hi, friends. In this short video from SellsLikeHotcakes,we’re going to talk about legal protection of your business on Amazon and Shopify. First of all, a disclaimer.. I’m not a lawyer so don’t take my advice as legal advice. I’m just giving you some ideas and tips and not a legal advice.

C’mon! Take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • How to REGISTER your TRADEMARK: I’ll give you a couple of websites that’ll help you with the registration process
  • How to PROTECT your BRAND and LABEL using Private label lawyers: What you need to KNOW before hiring them
  • Other PROTECTION SERVICES lawyers offer that YOU should take ADVANTAGE of.
  • How to AVOID copyright issues by RESEARCHING your BRAND before trade marking it
SHADY Tricks and HACKS Your Competitors use to Make HUGE Profits on Amazon

In this important video, we are going to talk about how to avoid scams and I’m going to share with you some shady tricks to boost your Amazon sales or to get you banned!. You might be wondering why I even talk about this, but you guys need to know that I want to be fully honest with you. Your competitors are probably using all of these tricks, so I think you have a right to know about them. No matter if you are going to use them or not, you need to know they exist and that your competitors are probably using them.

It’s like talking about drugs; you don’t have to use them, but you need to be aware of them and you need to be well-educated. That’s why I hope you find this video helpful and I hope that you don’t take this video as a call to action. I’m not telling you to get starting using shading tricks to boost your Amazon rankings, but I believe you have a right to know about them and I have to share with you what I have learned. I think it’s better that you learn from me, your trusted friend, then if you learn them from some scammers online and get scammed. Be aware of them and be educated. Let’s get started.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The SUPER URL; What is this TRICK all about? And how can you use it to your advantage.
  • Purchasing gifts/Wish list: I’ll show you how your competitors use this trick to boost their sales and rankings
  • Black Hat SEO: This is some pretty dark stuff guys, I’ll shine some light on how your competition is using it to stay ahead of the game
  • Hijacking and Piggybacking: These are the parasites of Amazon, always keep an eye out for them, they can ruin all your hard work!
  • Learn how your competitors are using icentivized reviews to jack up their sales and rankings.
  • There are many other tricks which are discussed here, so keep reading to keep yourself ABREAST of the competition and their DIRTY games!
Fullproof tips how to avoid paying huge long term storage fees on Amazon FBA

And in this Amazon mastery special video, we're going to talk on how you can avoid big long-term storage fees from Amazon.

Let’s look at what you’ll learn:

  • Find out about Amazon’s storage policy and so you know the STEPS to take to ENSURE your products are secured
  • Do you want to GET RID of your slow selling products? I’ll show you STEP by STEP on how to make this happen
  • AVOID paying long term fees; Read on and learn the TIPS that’ll ENSURE you don’t lose money to “bad” products
  • In the event you’re getting poor traffic, I’ll SHOW you what you can do to CHANGE your fortunes for the better

 Not many of you realize that, if you get a slow selling product, that Amazon doesn't really want to act like a free storage for you. Their warehouses are overfilled with stuff and they want you to sell your stuff really fast because, after all, that's better for everybody. If you sell fast, you make more money. So if you're not selling fast, it means you're probably charging too much so they just want you to put a lower price so that the customer wins in the end.

If you Google it, you will realize how big Amazon warehouses are; looks something like this. And the funny thing is they put all the stuff randomly; it's not organized by the product.

A QUICK GUIDE on how to use Amazon Affiliates to BOOST your PROFITS!

Welcome to Sells Like Hot Cakes video course on creating profitable Amazon and Shopify stores. In this quick video, we are going to talk about Amazon Associates. It’s Amazon affiliate program, which will help you boost your profits and earn up to 10% advertising fee from Amazon by selling other products on your own website or even getting commission from selling your own products.

This is what you’ll learn today:

  • Step by step procedure of signing up to Amazon Associates
  • Learn how you can earn EXTRA 10% profits from Amazon!
  • Learn how to build Affiliate links
  • How to EFFECTIVELY setup your website for the affiliate program
  • How to strategically INCREASE your referral fee by up to 6% and much MORE!
BANNED LISTINGS: How to BOUNCE back from a BAN on Amazon

So, it happened, guys. The sky is falling. You are banned, you get this scary letter of death from Amazon saying that your listing is blocked and you are completely doomed. This is the reality of business. This happened to me several times, this will happen to you; sooner or later, this will happen every seller because nobody is safe. That’s why you need to be well prepared and know exactly what to do if you encounter these issues.

Nobody prays for this, but it happens. Equip yourself with the following information:

  • Common REASONS people get banned on Amazon and how you can SURVIVE this scenario.
  • Why people take advantage of WEAK positioned sellers and how to FORTIFY yourself.
  • How to TACKLE jealous competitors plotting your downfall
  • How to get RID of hijackers and piggy backers; learn the TECHNIQUES you can use to rid yourself of these parasites!
  • What are Patent Trolls? And how can you SURVIVE their attack? Stick around to find out

Before I explain on the most common problems that you might have about blocking your listings and your products, I want to be very clear with you that these things happen to all of us. There is nothing wrong with you and your product and I’m sure you are a really honest and professional seller, that you never sell counterfeits and you never violate trademarks and you never violate any patents. But no matter how good you are, your competitor is mostly not as nice as you are so to speak.

 In fact, they are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to put you down and get rid of competition. Sounds harsh? Welcome to the big boys league. If someone is trying to put you down it means you are becoming big enough and noticeable threat.


In this short video, we are going to talk about this mysterious topic of ungating on Amazon. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about it, like there is some sort of CHOSEN ONES that can help you magically get approved on amazon just if you pay 300 dollars.. a lot of shady scams around it as well.. lets clear things out..

Bu before we do that, see what we have in store for you;

Demystifying ungating: I’ll take off the mask and REVEAL all the mysterious details about amazon’s ungating

  • I’ll show the categories that are gated and the reason people are VYING for ungating
  • Read on and learn about the most PROFITABLE categories in Amazon ever!
  • Read on, and learn about the AMAZING ADVANTAGES of being ungated
  • So, are you READY to be ungated? Chill out, I’ll teach you about requirements for ungating, so you can get yourself PREPARED!
  • VERY IMPORTANT! I’ll show you how to IDENTIFY ungating scams and AVOID losing your hard earned $$
Learn how to REMOVE Negative REVIEWS and Seller FEEDBACK from your Amazon

In this short video, we are going to talk about the Amazon negative feedback removal and I’m going to share with you some tips and hacks on how you can easily prevent the negative feedback and negative reviews from happening. Of course, you cannot stop all the negative reviews, because you cannot please everybody, so don’t worry about that.

So before we proceed, check out a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Get a COMPLETE understanding of the DIFFERENCES between account feedback and product review
  • How to PREVENT negative reviews using Feedback Genius
  • Learn how to use AUTOMATIC follow-up series to STOP and prevent bad reviews
  • I’ll show you a TECHNIQUE I use to CATCHING BAD guys and UNHAPPY customers
  • Get a live demonstration of how I HANDLE Negative reviews/feedback
Case Studies on the CORRECT PROTOCOLS that'll help you create CONVERTING EMAILS

This is amazing bonus video that I created by your numerous requests on email marketing and how to write a KILLER emails that convert.

Hold up! Before we get into all that good stuff, take a peek at what you’ll learn today:

  • First up, is it true that email marketing is dead? Read on and watch as I EXPOSE the truth behind this common fallacy.
  • Learn about the VALUE of email lists and why you should consider BUILDING one today
  • I’ll show you how to create SIMPLE emails that’ll help you CONNECT with your subscribers on an emotional level and keep them LOYAL to you.
  • Learn about the IMPORTANCE of follow-up series and how they can help you CLOSE SALES
  • I’ll show you how to create VALUABLE content for your subscribers so you can remain RELEVANT!
Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses

Welcome back to Sells Like Hot Cakes, our Amazon and Shopify mastery and in in this video we're going to talk about your exit strategies. We're going to talk how you can buy and sell Amazon and Shopify e-commerce businesses.

Take a peek at what you’ll discover:

  • If you already have a successful business and you are looking for an exit strategy to sell your business, I’ll show you the RIGHT WAY to go about this.
  • Are you a fast paced person, who likes to get things done quickly? Want to develop your own products without having to go through a METICULOUS PROCESS? Read on, I’ve got the magic wand to grant your wishes! With your capital of course
  • I will show you both little league and the BIG league: learn their SECRETS and how you can compete in this game too
  • I will show you how you can buy websites REALLY CHEAP, and save some $$
  • If you have enough capital, I’ll TEACH you how you can buy and sell businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From China With Love: Bonus Section

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