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SEO 2019: Training with SEO Expert for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization in 2019. Become SEO expert, improve your website and come to top using proven SEO techniques.
Arkadiusz Włodarczyk
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Improve website using proven SEO techniques
Researching keywords that matters
What are Google robots (crawlers) and how they work
How to optimize the content of your website for SEO
Internal linking
Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
Using Google Webmaster Tools
OnPage SEO that will make your content look great in Google eyes!

Would you like to be high in Google search engine and earn because of it more money?

If yes then it’s time to take your website from the depth of Internet.

Make your page visible to others by using proven SEO techniques.

Website without users doesn’t exist.

Gain more visitors using SEO techniques presented in this course and gain:

  • more money from ads

  • more money from bought products

  • more fame/subscribers

My course about SEO is gonna help you take your website from the bottom to the top in the Google ranking.

You will learn:

  • What are Google robots (crawlers) and how they work

  • How to research keywords that matters

  • How to optimize the content of your website for SEO

  • How to properly link internal of your site

  • How to create HTML and XML sitemaps

  • How to use Google Webmaster Tools

  • OnPage SEO that will make your content great in Google eyes!

Optimize your page for free and and on your own


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If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this SEO course, please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help those who want to learn!

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What is SEO? Why is it so crucial to know it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO are tactics, processes that you can do to make your websites position higher in google search engine. After this lesson you will know what is SEO, what are keywords, what are benefits of SEO and what is important to achieve success in SEO.

Who Am I?

I will tell you who I am and why it's worth to learn from me SEO.

Useful SEO Links

The most useful links regarding SEO that are worth to read.

SEO Basics

User Experience is your main Goal

Positive user Experience is your main Goal because google wants to Rank High Quality Websites. If they give users good quality websites it will make their user more happy and it will lead to more users using Google services.

What are Google bots?

You will know:

  • what are robots?
  • why understanding robots is crucial for SEO
  • what do robots do?
  • how robots think?
White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO
  • what are differences between White HAT SEO and Black Hat SEO
  • why you should always wear white hat SEO?
Most popular search engines

In this short SEO lecture you will learn answers to these questions: Is Google the only search engine that matters in SEO? Should you focus your attention on other search engines? 

Basics of SEO | Quiz

Researching the keywords

What are keywords? How to pick up the right keywords?

Everything starts with the words typed in the search box.

These words that the users of Internet type in the search box are called keywords. They are called KEY words because they are so crucial, they are so important. Because they are the opener of all the search results. They are the key to getting to the results the searchers desire.

So ranking for the right keywords is the most important factor you have to always think about.

BEST free Online Tools that will help you looking for keywords

Tools that will help you looking for keywords that are easy to rank up for. 

Create content for the keywords that people are looking for

Google trends is gonna give you ideas on what is currently fashionable (popular). 

Longtail - why it is so effective

Longtail is a technique of ranking for long phrases which gives you as a result 3 times more conversion. 70% searches on Internet is based on Longtail. Do not underestimate the power of longtail!

Improving site description of your WebPage

WARNING: maximum number of keywords per site

Remind of the fact that you should use SEO carefully. You shouldn't try to rank for plently of keywords on one site. You should divide your site into many webpages.

Title tag

Title of the webpage is one of the most important factors taken into consideration while ranking up your website in google search engine. Google takes into consideration:

  • amount of words
  • how they are spelled
  • the place they are placed at

Description MetaTag - How to describe your webpage attractively?

In this lecture you will learn how to create the best description for your website from the perspective of the user and SEO.

Keyword MetaTag

Is keyword meta tag useful at all?

Improving content of your website (OnPage SEO)

Semantic tags and content of your website

You will learn:

  • what are semantic tags and how to use them
  • why headers matters
  • how many characters should article have
  • what you should focus on while creating article
  • why uniqnuess matters


You should have at least one image per subsite! Images makes the experience of the user on your website better. And as always better experience means Google will treat you better. 

How to properly add images? How to name them? How to add them so you gain as much from SEO perspective as you can?

How to properly name pages and folders?

Naming your pages and folders properly is very important factor regarding ranking up in Google. You need to always create a self-descriptive name for files and folder. Your hierachy needs to be easy to read by other people.

Keyword Density Optimization

Is density of keywords on your website important? What you should avoid? How to check keyword density?

Inner Linking

Proper inner linking allows Google bots to crawl your website without any problems. It also leads to better experience from users of your website. Learn how to create useful link. Learn about transfering power from one site to another. Learn what you should do gain the most benefits from SEO perspective while inner linking your website.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate has enormous impact on your SEO

HTML sitemap

HTML sitemap contains a list of most important pages/catalogues of your site. It improves the speed of crawling for Google bots and improves user experience of your website.

Improving the Background of your Website

Google WebMaster Tools

Google WebmasterTools is crucial for SEO because if you make any mistakes you gonna be alerted by these tools. What's more you can add there robots.txt, xml sitemap and check basic statistic of your website!


robots.txt is used in SEO for allowing/disallowing the content to crawl on by google bots.

XML sitemap

XML sitemap can be used to give hints to crawlers about how frequent each site should be visited and what priority you set for each site.

Meta tags created especially for crawlers

Let's talk about meta tag created especially for crawlers

Is page validation important in SEO?

Do you need to validate your page?

External SEO (OffPage SEO)

Should you care about your PageRank?

What is PageRank? Is it still used in SEO? Should you care how your website is popular in Internet?

External links - why are they so important? What you should avoid?

What you should avoid doing while acquiring external links? How to create them? 

Satisfied user = Free Backlinks

How to gain free backlinks through satisfied users in SEO?

Directories - is it worth to add your website to directory?

Are directories worth from SEO perspective of gathering new links?

Link exchange systems

Should you use Link exchange systems? Are they safe?


What are facilities? Are they worth using from SEO perspective? Should you use that Gray Hat SEO technique?

Youtube - best white hat SEO technique to acquire links

Why Youtube is one of the best way to acquire whie hate SEO links?

What's next? :)

BONUS: Wordpress

Recommended plugins for Wordpress SEO

Useful SEO plugins for Wordpress

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