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Sex, Power, and the Law

What Managers Must Know and Do to Prevent Harassment in Their Organizations
Michael Palmer
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Recognize conduct that constitutes illegal workplace harassment and state why no organization may tolerate it.
Recognize the destructive impact of harassment on individuals, the indirect financial costs it imposes on organizations, and the risk of expensive lawsuits and high damage awards in organizations that have no effective prevention system.
Recognize useful prevention strategies, including growing a respectful workplace, writing and communicating an anti-harassment policy, and obtaining a commitment to comply with clearly stated harassment-prevention rules.
Identify what you should do if you are the target of harassment.
Communicate four basic rules that, if followed, will prevent illegal harassment by management employees and contribute to a respectful workplace.
Identify what you must do if you learn of a possible incident of harassment.
Recognize that retaliation of any kind is illegal and can be the basis for a lawsuit against the organization.
Summarize the law prohibiting workplace harassment and the employer’s potential legal liability for harassment.

You know you're not going to harass anyone, but you might be  somewhat fearful of being accused of doing so and want to know where the lines are. You also need to know what to do if you learn about a possible incident of harassment.

This course introduces participants to the two kinds of illegal workplace harassment, the classes of people who are protected, and effective prevention strategies. It reviews the emotional turmoil, physical illness, indirect financial costs, and litigation risks that damage unprotected organizations. The training summarizes what organizations must do to comply with state and federal harassment prevention laws. It explains what all employees should do if they become targets and what managers and supervisors must do if they learn of an incident of possible harassment.

Setting the Stage

"You Have a Great Body" The Boss Tries to Take Advantage
This is the text version of the video, "You Have a Great Body."
See What You Already Know
This quiz gives you some insight on what you already know about workplace harassment and stimulates thinking about topics covered in the training.
Questions, Answers, and Feedback on the Pre-Quiz to Section 1
This document contains the questions, answers, and feedback for the pre-quiz to the introductory section.

What is Workplace Harassment?

What is Workplace Harassment, Who is Doing It, and Where Does it Happen?
This video uses examples to explain what workplace harassment is, summarizes studies about who is doing is, and discusses where and how often it occurs.
Quiz for Section 2: What is Workplace Harassment?
These 4 questions will reinforce your grasp of the information you just covered. After completing the answers, go to the next lecture for the questions, answers, and feedback for each question.
Questions, Answers, and Feedback for Quiz for Section 2
To reinforce your understanding of the material in Section 2, this document includes each of the questions, all listed potential answers, and feedback on each of the potential answers.

What are the Costs of Harassment?

Video: What are the Costs of Harassment
There are different kinds of costs of harassment. The targets of harassment suffer emotional distress, physical illness, damage to self-esteem, and more, sometimes leading to absences and the need for medical treatment. The organization suffers direct and indirect costs to its ability to achieve its mission in a cost-effective and efficient way. These include higher absenteeism, higher turnover rates, lower productivity,decreased employee engagement, and reduced profitability. Ignoring harassment is like disregarding high blood pressure or bad cholesterol or diabetes. The systemic costs can be substantial.
Text of Presentation on the Costs of Harassment
The Costs of Harassment
This quiz functions as a review and reinforcement of the material covered in the video presentation on the costs of harassment.
Questions, Answers, and Feedback for Quiz on the Costs of Harassment
This document contains the questions, answers, and feedback for the quiz for Section 3: What are the Costs of Harassment.

The Legal Framework

Video on The Legal Framework of Workplace Harassment
Text of Video Presentation on The Legal Framework
Quiz for Section 4: The Legal Framework
This quiz reviews selected parts of the presentation on the Legal Framework and helps reinforce your understanding of that material.
Questions, Answers, and Feedback for Quiz for Section 4 on The Legal Framework
Read through the questions, answers, and feedback for the quiz on The Legal Framework to reinforce your understanding of the material.

Protecting Your Organization

Video on Protecting Your Organization
Text of video presentation on Protecting Your Organization
Quiz for Protecting Your Organization
This quiz covers the main points of section 5, Protecting Your Organization.
Questions, Answers, and Feedback for Quiz on Protecting Your Organization
These are the questions, answers, and feedback for the Quiz for Protecting Your Organization.

Final Quiz on the Course

Final Comprehensive Quiz
This quiz covers the four parts of the course and reinforces your understanding of the material.
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