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SharePoint 2013: Survey Creation for SharePoint Admins

Learn How To Create SharePoint Surveys to Collect Data Quickly. Examples Include Branching and Customization.
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Comfortably create surveys in SharePoint 2013.
Learn SharePoint's easy to use, yet powerful survey builder.
Learn how to connect survey data to other Microsoft Office applications, like Excel, and Access.

SharePoint 2013:

You, your co-workers, your company, can’t make good decisions without information.

How do you collect that information?

You can collect that data the classic way of distributing paper forms, and wait for them to be returned, if they have been completed at all. Then when you do get them back you have to tally them.

Why go through so much trouble when your company already uses SharePoint?

With this course you can learn how to collect meaningful information with SharePoint.

With SharePoint Surveys You Can:

  • Create web-based questionnaires
  • Collect data in an efficient, and cost-effective way
  • Summarize your results
  • and more.


Take a look at the lectures for the example survey in Section 2, they are free.

To get a real understanding about Survey Maintenance, watch Section 4.

When you want to become really comfortable creating surveys in SharePoint, complete all the lectures, including the Test Your Skills, Bonus Resources, and Speed Challenge sections, after all the name of the course is Create Surveys in a Matter of Minutes.

This course will help you create SharePoint surveys in no time at all.


Exercises and Handouts

Along with video content, step-by-step handouts will help you reinforce what you learned, walk you through new survey exercises.

Is This Course for You?

This course is for anyone whose job responsibilities include working with SharePoint, and who wants to create a poll, track issues, gather information, or build a tool for in-depth research.

To ensure your success, knowledge of basic features of SharePoint, like site navigation, is recommended.


Enroll now to learn how to collect meaningful information with SharePoint.

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Latest SharePoint 2013 Surveys Quick Tip

Saving Your Survey as a Template

Quick Tip: How to Quickly Create Quality Surveys

SharePoint Survey Creation

Introduction to SharePoint Surveys

You need to collect data, fast and your company uses SharePoint.
So why not utilize the Survey feature to collect meaningful information from across your company?

Planning Your Survey: The Key to Any Successful Survey

The first step to creating a quality survey is to have a plan.
This lecture covers what you need to consider before you create your first survey question.

Creating a SharePoint Survey

This lecture demonstrates how you set up your survey and get it ready to start creating your questions.

Get Familiar with Survey Answer Types

What type of answers would you like to receive? Yes/No, Currency, Date, Text?
Learn about the different answer types available in SharePoint 2013 surveys.

Create Customizable Surveys with Branching Logic

Branching logic enables surveys to change according to the responses to specific questions.

Column Validation: Make Sure Users Enter the Correct Data

An introduction to column validation. Create custom validations and messages to ensure the proper data is entered into your survey.

Section Walkthrough: Survey Creation

This Section Walkthrough takes you through the exercises in Section 1: Survey Creation of this SharePoint Survey Udemy.com course

SharePoint Survey: End User Feedback

End User Feedback Survey Overview

Create a SharePoint survey with a User Feedback example

Creating the Questions

Create the questions used in the End User Feedback SharePoint survey

Testing the Survey

Test to make sure the End User Feedback SharePoint survey is working as expected

SharePoint Survey Maintenance

Editing Your SharePoint Survey

Not every survey will be created 100% perfectly every time.
Learn how to edit your surveys with ease.

Responding to a Survey

When you know how to respond to surveys, you can make sure that your users know how to as well.

Editing Your Response

Did you enter incorrect information into your survey response?
With proper permissions you can make changes to your responses.

Viewing the Survey Results

Now that your users have responded to your survey, you can see their responses in multiple views.

Creating Views in Surveys

If the SharePoint built in views don't meet your needs, create your own.

Editing or Deleting Survey Views

Custom views are easy, not only to create, but also to make changes to and modify.

Creating Alerts to Notify You

When you want to be notified when a survey is created, edited, or deleted, create an alert.

Saving a Survey as a Template

No need to create similar surveys from scratch every time. Saving surveys as a template will save you a lot of time in the future.

Deleting a Survey

Learn how to delete a survey in SharePoint 2013

Section Walkthrough: Survey Maintenance

This Section Walkthrough takes you through the exercises in Section 3: Survey Maintenance of this SharePoint Survey Udemy.com course

SharePoint Survey: Training Evaluation

Training Evaluation Survey Overview

Create a SharePoint survey with a Training Evaluation example

Creating the Questions

Create the questions used in the Training Evaluation SharePoint survey

Testing the Survey

Test to make sure the Training Evaluation SharePoint survey is working as expected

Survey Maintenance

Survey Maintenance example for the Training Evaluation SharePoint survey

Creating a Custom View

Change the columns that are displayed in the results for the SharePoint survey

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SharePoint Survey: Exit Interview - Speed Challenge

Speed Challenge Overview

How quickly can you create a survey in Microsoft SharePoint 2013?

Creating the Questions

Here are the questions for your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Survey Speed Challenge

Testing the Survey

Test the SharePoint survey to see if it works as designed

Test Your SharePoint Survey Skills Exercises

Help Desk Follow Up Survey

Create a SharePoint survey with a Help Desk Follow Up example

Event Satisfaction Survey

Create a SharePoint survey with an Event Satisfaction example

Hiring Process Survey

Create a SharePoint survey with a Hiring Process example

Wrap Up

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Next Steps for Success

What can you do, now that the course is complete, to help you with Surveys in Microsoft SharePoint 2013?

Here are your next steps.

SharePoint Survey Bonus Resources

Exporting Survey Results to Excel

Do you need to analyze your results in a spreadsheet?
Exporting to Microsoft Excel is fast, and easy.

Creating PivotTables and PivotCharts from Exported Results - NEW!
Linking Survey Results to Access

When you need your survey results in a relational database, you can link them to Microsoft Access.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Save even more time, become even faster with keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 surveys.

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