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Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

Shopify Ecommerce Website Course |Learn Shopify From A Proven Expert | Integrate Shopify With Amazon, Etsy and eBay
Jason Miles
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How To Understand The Shopify Ecommerce Platform
How To Set Up A Beautiful Shopify Website Quicky & Easily
How To Add Additional Features Through The Shopify App Marketplace
How To Set Up Products Including Integration With Amazon, Etsy, and other selling sites
How To Collect Money Via Shopify
How To Integrate Email Marketing For Long-Term Relationship Building, Traffic, and Sales
How To Integrate Social Media Into Your New Shopify Website
How To Use Shopify Reports & 3rd Party Analytics Tools To Maximize Profit

      ***We’re honored that this is the best-selling E-commerce Course On Udemy***

Shopify Power: How To Build A Website, Sell Your Products, And Grow A Business On Shopify. Taught by award winning CEO and Adjunct Professor of Online Marketing at Northwest University – Jason Miles. 

About The Instructor & His Authentic Credibility On This Topic: Together with his wife, Miles has sold millions online and their popular shopify website (Pixie Faire) has even been featured by Shopify as one of the sites premiere success case studies. Miles shares their insider tips, techniques, short-cuts and hard-won lessons acquired as they personally set up and built their Shopify site, which currently transacts 40,000-50,000 orders a month and serves over 1 million pageviews. 

How Is This Course Different? This course includes analysis, opinions, techniques, short-cuts, and tips from the instructor that you won’t find on the help pages of Shopify, or in other Udemy courses. It also includes  step-by-step site build demonstration section. 

This course offers a unique and systematic framework for planning and launching a Shopify site in a step-by-step method that will prepare you for long-term ecommerce success.

Who Is This Course Designed For? Students should have a basic understanding, or willingness to learn web-building, such as having previously set-up a blog. They should also have the time, patience, and willingness to implement the lessons and details taught in this course. Students should already have a product, product idea, or product plan. If you have a private label product you sell on Amazon, or are an artist, crafter, or seller of unique items – and need a fully functional ecommerce website – then this course will be of value to you. 

Warning, Web Professionals – You May Find This Course Too Basic. We do not cover creating custom themes or working in Liquid (the code language of Shopify). This course is intended for entreprenuers, marketers, brand owners and small business people – not developers. 

Welcome And Introduction

10 Reasons Shopify Is Awesome & Might Be Right For You

Have you heard about Shopify and wonder if it's right for you? In this video we discuss 10 reasons shopify is awesome and why it might be a good fit for your business needs.

Course Overview - What You'll Learn In This Udemy Course

An indepth overview of what this course covers!

Understanding Shopify - 3 Foundational Aspects

In this video we discuss the 3 foundational aspects of Shopify.

A Shopify Website Guided Tour - Behind The Scenes

In this video I provide a guided tour of the Shopify backend.

First Steps / Next Steps - Getting Started Quickly

In this video we discuss the next steps you should take to get up and building quickly.

Helpful Practice Activity

Pop Quiz for section one ...

Setting Up Your Shopify Site Like A Pro

Introduction To Shopify Themes

In this video we walk through an overview of how Shopify Themes work.

Insider Secrets - 4 Considerations When Looking At Themes

In this video I share insider tips - 4 considerations when looking at themes to use.

The Site Builders Checklist Powerpoint

Here is the sitebuilders checklist as a PDF File.

Site Builders Checklist As PDF

Here is the site builders checklist as a MSWord file.

Theme Check-List Part 1 - Branding Aspects

In this video we walk through the first aspect of the site builder's checklist - the branding aspects.

Theme Check-List Part 2 - Product Aspects

In this video we discuss the 2nd aspect of the site builder's checklist - the product related aspects.

Theme Check-List Part 3 - Pricing Functionality Aspects

In this video we discuss the 3rd aspect of the site builder's check list - the pricing aspects.

Theme Check-List Part 4 - Placement Aspects

In this video we discuss the 4th aspect of the site builder's check list - the placement (or distribution) aspects.

Theme Check-List Part 5 - Promotion Aspects

In this video we discuss the 5th aspect of the site builder's check list - the promotion related aspects.

Theme Store Guided Tour

In this video we do a guided tour of the Theme Marketplace.

Installing A Theme On Your Shopify Site

In this video we walk through how to install a theme on your Shopify site.

Using The Shopify App Marketplace To Expand Your Store's Functionality

Introduction To The Shopify App Marketplace

In this video we provide an introduction to the App Marketplace.

6 App You Should Consider Adding To Your Shopify Website

In this video we discuss 6 apps every Shopify site builder should consider installing.

A Guided Tour Of The App Marketplace

In this video we give a guided tour of the App Marketplace.

7 Insider Tips For Working With Apps

In this video we discuss 7 insider tips for working with Apps.

Setting Up Your Products In Shopify

An Introduction To Shopify Products

In this video we give an introduction to setting up products in your Shopify site.

Apps You Might Need For Various Product Strategies

In this video we discuss apps you may need to install depending on the types of products you plan to sell.

Integrating Shopify And Amazon

In this video we discuss integrating with Amazon.

Product Set-up Guided Tour

In this video we provide a walk-through of setting up a product.

3 Important Insider Secrets Related To Products

In this video we discuss 3 important insider secrets related to product strategies on Shopify.

Payment Options For Your Shopify Store

An Introduction To Payment Options

In this video we provide an overview to payment options on Shopify.

Understanding The Shopify Merchant Services Payment Option

In this video we discuss the details of the Shopify Merchant Services Payment Processing Method.

Exactly When And How You Get Paid When Customers Purchase

In this video we the flow of payments from the customer to you depening on the various payment methods you install.

Using The Shopify Point-Of-Sale Card Reader

In this video we discuss the Shopify Point-Of-Sale Card Reader.

Email Integration Strategies, Apps & Resources

Introduction To Email Marketing Integration On Shopify

In this video provide an introduction to Email Marketing Integration.

Name Collection Via Shopify Apps

In this video we discuss email address name collection via the Shopify Apps.

Name Collection Via The Shopify Shopping Cart

In this video we discuss email address collection via the Shopify Check-out process.

An Overview Of Email Marketing Campaigns

In this video we discuss two simple email marketing campaigns you should consider using.

Email Marketing Welcome Campaigns

An explanation of the email marketing "welcome" campaign.

Email Marketing Engagement Campaigns

An explanation of the email marketing "engagement" campaigns.

Bonus Gift: 49 Email Marketing Secrets, A 61-Page Ebook

Here's a bonus ebook to help give you 49 insider tips related to Email Marketing!

Social Media And Sales Channels Integration With Shopify

Introduction To Social Media Marketing Integration With Shopify

In this video we give an introduction to Social Media Marketing integration.

Understanding The Massive Value Of Facebook And Pinterest For Social Traffic

In this video we give information related to site traffic - and the benefits of Facebook and Pinterest.

Instagram Integration With Hashtags

In this video we discuss using Instagram and Hashtags on your Shopify site.

Embedding Youtube Videos On Your Shopify Product Pages

In this video we show you a fun way to include Youtube videos on your product pages.

Analytics And Reporting Using Shopify & 3rd Party Apps

An Introduction To Shopify Reports & Analytics

In this video we give an introduction to Shopify Reports & Analytics Tools.

A Shopify Reports Walk-Through

In this video we give a a walk-through of Shopify Reports.

Turning A Shopify Report Into Actionable Business Insights

In this video we demonstrate how to take a Shopify report and turn it into actionable business insights. 

Evaluating The 3rd Party Analytics Apps

In this video we discuss 3rd party analytics apps.

Using Google Analytics With Shopify

In this video we discuss how Google Analytics can help you understand what's happening on your Shopify site.

Final Tip & Next Steps For Your Awesome Shopify Site

In this video we discuss the next steps on your journey!

Demonstration Site Build

Welcome To The Demonstration Site Build

In this video I welcome students to the demonstration site build portion of the course and explain a few details of how this section works.

Site Build Video 1 - Shopify Store Setup

In this video I kick off our site build and take the first steps to set up our new Shopify store.

Site Build Video 2 - Adding A Theme & Setting Up A Primary Slider

In this video I walk through choosing a theme and also modifying your primary site slider image.

Site Build Video 3 - Choosing A Theme's Style (If applicable)

In this video I show you how to choose a theme's style (which may not be applicable to all themes).

Site Build Video 4 - Choosing Your Shopify Subscription Level (insider details).

In this video I walk you through the Shopify monthly subscription options and show you the difference between the less expensive and more expensive versions.

Site Build Video 5 - Adding Product (Part Two)
Site Build Video 6 - Adding A Product (Part Three)
Sit Build Video 7 - Adding Pages To Your Shopify Site

In this video I demonstrate how to set up pages on your Shopify site.

Site Build Video 8 - Menu Structure Options

In this video I walk through how to organize the menu structures in a Shopify site.

Site Build Vide 9 - Changing Site Fonts And Colors

In this video I walk through how to modify the site basic settings including font type, size, and general colors.

Site Build Video 10 - Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy Pages (Part One)
Site Build Video 12 Email Integration Part One
Site Build Video 12 Email Integration Part Two (Exit Intent Pop Ups)

In this video I share how to add the Privy App for Exit Intent Pop Ups

Site Build Video 13 Blogging Part One

In this video I show you how to set up your blog features.

Site Build Video 14 Blogging Part Two

In this video we continue our discussion of the blogging features.

Site Build Video 15 Point Of Sale (POS) Setup

In this video we walk through the Point-Of-Sale (POS) setup so you can sell in-person.

Sie Build Video 16 Setting Up Google Analytics

In this vidoe I walk you through how to set up your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Site Build Vieo 17 - Setting Up Your Customer Domain Name / URL

In this final video we walk through the process of setting up your custom domain name in connection with your Shopify site.

The Last Lecture - What's Next

Conclusion & Next Steps

In this video I offer my support as you work on your Shopify site!

Bonus Lecture - Join Our Inner Circle Coaching For Ongoing/Advanced Training

Join us at: https://www.winningonshopify.com

In the Inner Circle Program we work directly with students to master traffic strategies, which is by far, the #1 issue our students face. If you need to learn how to get ongoing qualified traffic to your Shopify site, you need to join our Inner Circle! 

Here is a testimonial we recently received from one of our students:

“I started following Jason and the Winning On Shopify team about a year ago…Using his tips and methods  … in 3 weeks I have gotten over 30,000 visits and over 8,000 customer emails added to my list... We have had a 26% conversion rate on those visits. I have sent two emails with a huge open rate and click through rate. One email this week resulted in over 1,000 visits to our new Shopify website in one day. I can only thank Jason and Winning on Shopify for these results. I could not have done it without them.” - Patrick Meyer

The program is a monthly subscription for just $19 (currently, although it will go up as soon as we hit 200 members) and so for just the price of a few Starbucks Coffees, you can learn techniques that could change your life!

In The Innter Circle Program We Provide:

  1. Monthly indepth video training on e-commerce topics!
  2. Implementation coaching for amazon and Shopify (and other platforms).
  3. Inspiration & exposure to best-practices via interviews & webinars!
  4. A private FB group of likeminded entrepreneurs

Join us at: https://www.winningonshopify.com

Thanks for watching our last lecture!

Jason Miles & Kyle Hamar

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