Short Hair Hairstyles for Wedding & Prom

Work with ease and confidence as you master skills that keep you in high demand whether you're a pro or novice!
Gretchen Maurer
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Short hair has options and you will learn the skills to bring smiles to your clients and friends!
Professionals will be able to ask for more money as their expertise grows and demand for their services increase.
You will be able to have better informed conversations with your clients that will result in more services, excitement and greater loyalty.

“What can I do with short hair for a special look?” Well, I am here to tell you, “Plenty!”

This course on short hairstyles, images and videos will get your creative ideas flowing. You will be inspired to try out something new on all of your short hair clients, your friends or yourself!

Are you a Professional? Don’t lose your clients to the blow-dry bars! Get them back in your chair in between haircuts for their date nights, special occasions or that next interview they need to shine for. Be their champion!

Novice? These steps can be followed by you on yourself, or you can learn them to “bring the joy” to someone else. 


4 extra videos: 

  • An inspiring video of make-overs! Ask your clients to be your model and show off your work! Photo tips!

  • A tutorial on best practices for Velcro rollers, hot rollers and curling iron for short styles.

  • No hair brush blow drying? Yes! Watch the video: How to blow dry your hair without using a brush. 

  • Plus, How to use hairspray and gel to make your short hair sizzle!   

~~~ Be sure to check out my bonus section containing all of my contact information! I am here for you in life and career!


Welcome video by Gretchen Maurer

I am so glad you are here! You CAN master these short hair styles for yourself or to do on others!  Whether you are a professional or not, you are welcome. So watch, find a friend or client to practice on and grow your skills! Learn why working from slides is a great process for making learning stick.

Short Hair Welcome Video

I get excited showing short hair clients the options they have. When we as professionals get excited, they get excited!

Ultimately, I love serving my clients and enhancing their lives, even if that means giving a great blow out for someones high school reunion; I get to be a part of that for them.

If that attitude keeps clients in my salon and more bookings in my day, then that is a bonus. Genuine care for people transcends everything else and they will feel that, remain loyal and talk about you.   

About the Instructor:

Nothing is better than sharing my journey and knowing you are trusting me to add to yours! I know you are already an amazing stylist. This career path is not for the timid, it is different every day, challenging every day and super rewarding. Especially for those of us who want to be a part of our client's emotional special occasion services! I am here for you. Reach out anytime with any questions!

Watch a bob transform from a curly mess into 5 lovely special occasion styles!

Dressing hair and getting recognized for this high level skill requires commitment and pursuit of excellence. Bravo to you! This course is all about short hair. My suggestion is to immerse yourself in offering every client you can, something creative and special. Leave them amazed and they will think of you for their next date night, party, important job interview, plus all the special occasions their life brings! 

Four Short Hair Special Occasion Video Tutorials

Modern Flip for Short Hair

This hairstyle has been my top seller for many years. It's an elegant look many clients feel comfortable wearing. It's a perfect look for incorporating flowers, fresh or silk. It works great with a wreath headpiece as well as a headband, tiara or crown.     

The Jackie 0 Hairstyle-The Classic Bob

Seemingly an easy style; but the details matter! In order to charge more for a special occasion blow out it must be super fantastic and not just a typical after haircut blowout. How do you do that? Pay attention to crisp sectioning, confidant teasing, and dressing her hair at a high level. This video shows you how. 

Short Hair Updo with Crystals & Clips

If you limit your skills and creativity to only paying clients, they are in charge and you can't grow. If you ask to experiment and play with their hair, investing your time, you are in charge and free to try new things that just may surprise you and them! Give a little to get a lot. This is how I built my special occasion reputation which brought me into the high end market, into magazines and freelance work. What are your goals? This course is a great start! Enjoy. 

A Short Hair Updo-- Amazing!

When you know the steps to take, you can amaze your clients. See this short hairstyle go to heights they could not imagine. I pushed myself to figure out how to do normal hair on normal clients without relying on hair additions, fancy pins and bun wraps. For me, my salon clients were relationships I wanted to nurture, to serve their whole families, their events and weddings. Mastering great skills will keep your book full and your prices where you want them.  

A short video showcasing one haircut and 3 looks.

I have found over the years clients are good sports and open to photo shoots. Today it is much easier than ever to play around with your phone camera and stretch your skills. Stay open minded to learning and growing and you will have the amazing career you went to school for! Enjoy 3 looks on this short haircut.

Skill Supporting Videos:

Part 1: How to blow dry your short hair client without a round brush

This video is a great teaching experience you can have with your own clients. How to blow dry without using any brush Part 1. The results are amazing.

Part 2: How to blow dry without a brush, plus photo shoot tips for social media.

Watch me give my client a lesson on how to use hairspray. Teaching your client to make your work look good on them increases client loyalty. Clients love to brag on their stylist who always has the clients interest at heart.

A curling iron tutorial plus photography tips for your social media presence!

See a basic haircut take things up a notch with this curling iron live video. Watch the placement of the curls and techniques to enhance your short hair clients. Plus, see how easy it is to photograph your clients and styles for your own personal social media campaigns.

Bonus Lecture: Clarity Coaching with Gretchen

How may I serve you? Curious about coaching for your life, career, or relationships?

Learn how Clarity Coaching maybe be just what you are looking for. I would love to connect with you!


What is coaching?

Everything is intertwined. Relationships with those close to us, work relationships and our relationship with ourselves affects our goals and dreams.

Coaching opens us up to possibilities we are not seeing and resources we have not considered.

Coaching is for you if:

·         You feel stuck, life and or career seems flat lined.

·         Your career feels stale, yet you are working your butt off and are not sure what is next for you.

·         You have a bold vision but are unclear as to the steps to get you there.

·         One day just goes into the next. You find yourself procrastinating, with doubts and fears but you know there is something more.


You do not need to be a hairdresser to coach with me. I have coached, mom’s, retirees, entrepreneurs, business owners, solopreneurs, students, people in recovery, artists, writers, and other coaches. 

What’s the next step?

First, let's have a discovery phone call so I can listen to where you are at and where you want to be.

Click the link in the resource section. It will take you to a landing page with links to my Acuity scheduling page. There you will find time slots you can choose from for our first phone call.

On my Acuity scheduling page, you will find an intake form full of questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Working through these questions will be your first step in bringing clarity to your journey and bring me clarity as to how best to work with you and move forward.

I hope you have enjoyed this hairstyling course. I love bringing training and styles to make your clients and friends feel even more special! Bravo to you for your passion!

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