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SMART LEARNING – About your Brain and Learning How to Learn

Levy time for learning success with Superlearner strategies and Memory Secrets; + Mind Mapping, MindMaps, Neuroscience
Barry Mapp
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make learning effortless and enjoyable
understand more about how the brain works
grasp the main ideas about what helps and what hinders learning
develop strategies to help both adults and children learn and remember

The course gives SIMPLE strategies and a better understanding of how to help yourself or others become great learners .The course currently has a section on understanding what is likely to help and what is likely to hinder learning and a section on various strategies and techniques to help enhance learning. I also discus theories and modes about how your brain works (based on NEUROSCIENCE). Lectures are continually being added to this course – a new lectures has been added Oct 2018 for example.

The course in its original format was originally designed for Parents and teachers to help the children in their care become effective learners. However it soon became clear (from the participant feedback and as further lectures were added) how helpful this course is to EVERYONE. For many of us, school actually sabotaged our natural learning abilities: so this course, whatever your age, can get your natural LEARNABILITY back on track.

So how can we best encourage our learning to be effective?

If we enjoy learning, we are 8/10ths of the way to becoming good learners and great students. However If we don’t or didn’t enjoy ‘school’, or college and learning is a ‘chore’, then we struggle. If it is us doing the ‘teaching’ and the ‘students’ are our own children for example, then unless they have our understanding, our unconditional love and our continuing support we can actually sabotage their best efforts (as this course demonstrates).

Let us not forget that Einstein was a late talker, a slow learner and did very poorly at school. Many highly successful people received poor reports at school. So whatever your age now, your performance at school is or was not a good predictor about how successful you can be. So let’s take the pressure off and focus on what we do well and let’s stop doing the things that hinder natural learning progress.

Our ‘LEARN-ABILITY’ – the ability to learn (and how good we are at it) is key to our success as human beings in the 21st Century and WE ALL HAVE IT.

As a bonus the course includes my two part  “Five Secrets of Memory” Webinar recording

Introduction to the Course

Is this course for you?
Introduction to the course

A short overview of the course sections

Introduction to the course (Part 2)

This course has a learning message that is aimed at Teachers and Parents. But for adults who struggle with learning it also explains how earning difficulties may have arisen (and how to overcome them)

Helpful Knowledge and Models about the Brain and Learning

Simple models about how the brain works

In this lecture learn both the importance of models (or theories) in learning and their limitations

The Triune Brain model

In this lecture we look at our first simple model that can help us understand how the human brain works and how the model can predict what helps and hinders children's learning

The Left and RIght side of our Brain

In this lecture we look at a model that informs us about how the left and right side of the brain develop different attributes

An introduction to brainwaves

In this lecture we look at the four main human brainwaves and their relevance to learning

Brain and Learning Theory

Find out how much information you have retained about the Brain and Learning Theory

Question the 'numbers'. Become properly numerate!

This lecture tells us why we should not believe all the performance figures we are given about our local school, our teachers and our children. Numbers and data can deceive!

A quick overview about how we learn

This lecture reviews the four stages that are required for both children and adults in order for learning to be effective (based on the research of Professor Phil Race)

Children and Adults - the Requisites for Accelerated Learning

This lecture gives an overview about Accelerated Learning (part of a presentation at an Accelerated Learning on-line conference). I contains a short piece on mind mapping (which is further developed in the lecture after this one)

Mind Mapping - a very useful learning tool for adults and children
Yet more on thinking and models of the brain - includes the Default Model

This lecture is included in one of my other courses (The New Entrepreneurship and New Thinking for Business Success). It was basically preparation for a TED talk I was delivering in London and it is about the thinking required to solve our chronic problems. I'm including it here because it REVIEWS some of the Brain models we've already discussed in this course but it also adds information on a Brain Model called the DEFAULT NETWORK which wasn't covered in section 1 of the course so far

See the knowledge in the whole

This lecture reviews what we have learnt in Section 2 of the course

INDIVIDUALLY USEFUL Tools, techniques and models of learning


In this lecture I take a look at Carol Dweck's research on MINDSETS and how this relates to all the other learning in this course. In the lecture I show some clips from a TEDx talk by Carol Dweck and if anyone is interested in viewing this complete TED talk it can be found here: https://www.ted.com/talks/carol_dweck_the_power_of_believing_that_you_can_improve#t-7799 

Alfie Kohn on "Feel Bad Education"

Did your schooling actually make you feel bad (rather than drawing out your full potential? Here I share a few insights from author and speaker Alfie Kohn about what he calls "Feel Bad Education"

More on how Mind Mapping helps students study and learn

Using a Mind Map as a guide, Barry Mapp talks through the ways that Mind Mapping can improve various aspects of a students learning.


Webinar - Five Secrets of Memory Part 1

A Webinar recording where Barry Mapp outlines some memory 'secrets' particularly as relates to Mind Mapping

Webinar - Five Secrets of Memory Part 2
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