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Social Media ROI, Goal Setting, and Budgeting Course

Skyrocket your career by learning three key Social Media Spending skills.
Dasia Lutova
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Calculate the Return On Investment of your Social Media Marketing efforts
Set effective goals you can actually achieve
Create bulletproof budgets for any campaign
Level-up your social media career


90% of social media marketers can’t confidently measure ROI?

And 60% of them will actively avoid talking about ROI with their bosses and colleagues?

Sound familiar?

These stats mean that MOST Social Media Marketers feel doubtful about ROI and other essential skills.

So if you’ve ever…

  • Absolutely dreaded a meeting discussing social media budgets

  • Procrastinated starting your strategy because you’re unsure what your social media goals should be

  • Thought about calling in sick when it’s time to present the results of your latest campaign

Then you might have…

Social Media Spending-Phobia: the irrational fear of anything to do with the technical, numbers-oriented, money-focused side of social media.

Hey, I get it.

I’m Dasia, the creator of this course and the Founder of Critical Social.

And as a social media strategist who started off as a bright-eyed, hopelessly optimistic copywriter, I also got into social because it’s a fun and creative field.

But the truth is…

There’s a LOT of social media marketing where numbers rule, and hard facts matter more than big ideas.

In fact, you NEED strong Social Media Spending skills to unlock the true power behind your creative concepts!

And yes, you CAN learn the three Social Media Spending skills you need to skyrocket your career…

  1. Calculating Social Media ROI

  2. Budgeting For Social

  3. Setting Social Media Goals

You don’t need to suffer from Social Media Spending Phobia anymore, there IS a cure!

  •  YES, YOU CAN be in the top 10% of marketers who can clearly measure their ROI without breaking a sweat.

  •  YES, YOU CAN bravely showcase the value of your work to your boss, your clients, and your colleagues – with clear statistics they can understand.

  •  YES, YOU CAN discuss goals and budgets with straight-backed confidence, knowing that the numbers are on your side!

I know I can help you, because I’ve done it before.

For the past THREE YEARS, I’ve been training marketers just like you!

“Dasia is really interesting, freaking smart and engaging. I can’t believe I’m excited about doing actual work!” – Kiera Millar, Digital Marketing Manager

“Dasia makes working through the strategic elements of your brand a mentally stimulating joy. I learnt so much about my own brand!” – Tshego Senne, Founder Mbongo Media

“Dasia not only strives for perfection, she also inspires others to do the same. Her passion for social has made her indispensable.” – Rego Mamogale, Digital Marketer

FACT: When you know the Social Media Spending numbers are on your side… you won’t just FEEL better, you’ll DO better.

  • Your ROI calculation skills let you see the real value of every campaign, and every month of content, showing which tactics are the most profitable, so you can replicate success over and over again.

  • Suddenly, your clear goal-setting skills make every creative decision ten times easier to make.

  • Your budgeting skills help you feel calm and in control, as money works for you to create amazing social media successes.

And these three skills TOGETHER are a POWERFUL CAREER-BOOSTER!

After all, every agency, business and brand wants their social media efforts to translate into profit!

And if you can reliably, calmly, consistently create brilliant results with your Social Media Spending skills, you’re suddenly super valuable in your company, and in the job market!

So if you wouldn’t mind a raise, a promotion or a sweet new job (corner office, anyone?) then this course is for YOU.



Social Media Goal Setting

Turn Your Business Goals Into Social Media Goals

What You’ll Learn

  • Why having clear business goals is important for social media

  • The difference between brand success and business success

  • What a sales funnel is

  • How to simplify the sales funnel for social media goal planning

  • The three types of social media goals

Tracking Social Media Metrics

What You’ll Learn

  • What social media metrics are

  • Why metrics matter

  • Which metrics align with awareness, consideration and action goals

How To Benchmark For Social Media

What You’ll Learn

  • What a social media benchmark is

  • How benchmarks give our goals context

  • The three types of benchmarks

  • How to use our benchmark to reach your total goal

Setting SMART Goals

What You’ll Learn

  • What S.M.A.R.T. goals are

  • How to apply the S.M.A.R.T checklist to your social media goals

  • How to create bulletproof goals with the social media goal template

Social Media ROI

What Is ROI?

What You’ll Learn

  • The definition of ROI

  • Why we calculate ROI

  • Where ROI fits within a campaign

  • The difference between positive, negative and break-even ROI

The ROI Formula

What You’ll Learn

  • The formula for calculating ROI

  • The five steps to completing the ROI formula easily

Scope and Measurement

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you need to define the scope of your ROI measurement

  • How to define your scope

  • The difference between measuring sales and conversions

  • How to calculate conversion value

Social Media Profit

What You’ll Learn

  • The definition of profit

  • How to calculate profit as a business owner

  • How to define your profit margin

  • How to use profit margin to define your client’s total profit

  • How to calculate total conversion value

Social Media Investment

What You’ll Learn

  • The definition of social media investment

  • The three elements of investment: salaries, tools, and spend

Case Study 1: Becky's Hair Salon

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply the ROI formula to a typical social media marketing campaign

Case Study 2: Ramona's Flowers

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply the ROI formula yourself through a case study

Cast Study 2: Knowledge Check
Investment To Return Ratio

What You’ll Learn

  • What the investment to return ratio is

  • How to calculate your investment to return ratio

  • How to use your ROI Cheat Sheet

Social Media Budgeting

Budgeting In Context

What You’ll Learn

  • The four kinds of context you need before you start budgeting

  • Two ways to set your business’ social media budget

The Four Elements Of Your Budget

What You’ll Learn

  • How to calculate your human resource costs

  • How to define your tools and materials costs

  • Where paid media spend fits into your budget

  • How to calculate your budget reserve

Estimation Techniques

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between  guessing and estimating

  • The three-point estimation technique

  • How to estimate through benchmarks

  • How to estimate using sales figures

  • The definition of a dummy campaign

The Cost Of Content

What You’ll Learn

  • Why content costs vary

  • Why content is a tactic rather than a goal

  • How to estimate the cost of your own content production

  • How much content is enough to meet your goals

  • The best practice post frequency across different social media platforms

Constructing Your Budget

What You’ll Learn

  • How to work with a small budget

  • When to add a mark-up to your budget

  • How to construct your social media budget

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