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Speak like a TEDx speaker! The ABC’s of Public Speaking

Lessons learned from a TEDx coach & Speaker
Roi Shternin
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Plan and write their own TED like talk!
Create an effective presentation!
Be a Better public speaker!

Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought “I want to be that guy”? This course will teach you how to speak like a TEDx speaker! Instructed by a TEDx expert, structuring public speaking, making it easy as ABC!  After training dozens of TEDx speakers, organizing several events and giving a Talk myself, Iv’e found the best way to teach you how to speak just like a TEDx speaker!

Being a teacher and trainer for more than 15 years I’ve developed an easy public speaking system I call “The ABC’s of public speaking”, making public speaking a simple template based process, this course will teach you how to use it.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

*prepare a proper presentation for work, school or a business pitch.

*Streamline your story to create an effective TED like talk.

*Have a structured templates You can use again and again with any public speaking opportunity.

Content and overview 

*This course will cover several public speaking techniques bonded together to create one coherent system of preparing any presentation, with or without visual aids, scrips or a stage.

*You will be given the right tools to deal with daily mishaps and technical issues common in public speaking and presentations and how to avoid them.

*You will get the best practicing tools to perfect your public speaking

**This course is not affiliated with the TED conference organization. 

The ABC of public speaking

Course intro, Let's Start!
The ABC of Public speaking

Public speaking is easy as ABC, I’ve developed this system over 3 years of TEDx coaching experience in order to teach everyone to give a great talk, I thought that there must be a way to put my knowledge and experience to a method that even kids can easily learn. Let’s watch the video and learn more!

A word about stage fright

Stage fright is the biggest reason of not delivering a public talk, let's talk about it!

Preparing for your Talk

Who Am I or why it's important to know your own story

Telling your story is everything in life, ok not everything but it is super important on order to sell yourself to the world and deliver your message, no matter if you are a salesperson or a TED speaker or even an high school student, telling your story is imperative for your success.

Telling your story

For this one you will need a pen and pencil or an open document, in short: you can't watch the lecture while wating for the bus:)

Practice makes perfect- How to better prepare for your talk

Practicing, or why its important to prepare for a talk

Did you think those amazing TED speakers just woke up the morning of the talk unprepared? in fact, they undergo months of practice supported by some of the best public speaking coaches in the world. Practicing towards a talk is the best and only way to make it right, let's learn how!

Power point karaoké? or why it is the best way to become the best speaker

In this lecture, we will learn to use one of the best tools to improve your public speaking.

Planning and preparing your talk

Planing your talk

In this Lecture, we will learn how to well structure your talk to better suite your needs.

Preparing presentations or how not to bore them to death

a Good PPT is a wonderful aid for your talk, but how do we make it work for you instead of you working for it?

Using (or not using) visual aids

Do we have to use a presentation with our talk? can we use other visual aids? Let's see!

How to present?

Eye contact, movements and voice control for effective talks

The way you move, act and your body language is as important as your PPT and can in fact can determined whether your talk will be awesome or a boring one.

Technical advices

IT or not to be, Some technical advices for your own good...talk.

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