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Spirit Releasement Therapy – Psychic Energy & Entity Healing

Release attached Earthbound Spirits & DFEs from your past life, spiritual healing, psychic or reiki clients, with Guides
Mark Beale
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Take clients through a process to release and heal spirit attachments.
Communicate with Spirit Guides to learn about and assist releasement.
Discover spirit attachments and initiate spirit communication via your client.
Identify the three major types of spirits, and their major subgroups.
Apply the appropriate releasement process to each spirit type and subgroup.
Learn techniques to release Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities and ETs.
Fix the causes, and apply follow-up therapeutic resolutions.
Relate to cases studies, from clients across a full range of experience in SRT.

A Practical Guide for;

1) Therapists to manage spontaneous spirit attachments that arise in their clients in sessions. This can occur during past life regression, hypnotherapy or many forms of spiritual healing like reiki and psychic sessions, or while doing psychic or mediumship work.

2) Therapists to give intentional sessions to clients that bring spirit attachment as a presenting issue.

3) Non-therapists to understand what is happening if they have spirit attachment issues, so they can do some simple releasement themselves, or seek out a therapist to help with a complex spirit releasement.

The course focuses on identifying a range of spirits you can encounter in a therapeutic context, including Spirit Guides, Earthbound Spirits and Dark Force Entities (DFEs). We break down the subgroups of each spirit type.

We then apply the appropriate releasement techniques, including help from the Rescue Spirits of Lights, Archangel Michael and the Spirit Guide of the client and therapist.

The means of spirit communication is mainly through the voice of your client, as spirits speak to your client, or through your client. We cover therapy to heal the attachment, and ongoing therapy to go to the cause, and prevent future attachment.

The course uses a few teaching styles and includes;

A Manual With Scripts And Dialogue; to use word-for-word in sessions. 

Audio Program – One Hour; a four part guided meditation to check for and release any simple spirit attachments.

Cases Studies; Major stories to illustrate the core techniques. Gives the big picture story of doing spirit releasement with a client from the start to finish, to bring it all together.

At the end of this course, you could

a) offer sessions as a Spirit Releasement Therapist, or

b) manage and heal spiritual and psychic entities within your current form of spiritual healing.



Welcome the the Spirit Releasement training course. An outline of the course, contents and style.


Finding a middle road with Spirits. You don't need to believe in spirits to do SRT, you can just work with your clients beliefs, or experiences that arise in the moment. How SRT can be a form of insurance that could save your career.

The Manual

Download the manual for the course.


Origination of SRT

The Manual for the entire course. This is not a transcript of the course, it is a  written aid that includes the scripts. The videos offer a commentary and explanation of the tools and insights summarised in the manual.

Spirits and their releasement in history and world cultures. SRT in the modern age. The secular and religious approach. Psychiatrists, science, metaphysics.


The base human reality, and humans as spiritual beings. The major types of spirits in a therapeutic context.

Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

The Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Spirits Requiring Releasement

Overview of Earthbound spirits, Dark Force Entities and ETs.

The Car Metaphor

A metaphor to give an overview of how humans, spirits, attachment and releasement work.

Spirit Communication

Spirits can communicate with you in two main ways.

Case Study 1: Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

Christa, the Reiki and Past Life Regression Therapist, has an issue with 'Spirit' - the Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Case Study 2: Spirits Influence Therapists

Many people become therapists, or extend their therapeutic work into explicitly spiritual areas, because of their experiences with spirits during sessions. Brian Weiss's famous story with his client's Spirit Guides. My own personal story with spirit attachments.


Session Preparation

Types Of SRT Session

Sessions can be 1) Spontaneous - Implicit, 2) Spontaneous - Explicit or 3) Intentional.

Why Do SRT - Indications and Issues

The two main reasons to do SRT. The twelve main indications and issues for an SRT session.

Client Interview

Twenty questions that support the whole SRT process.


How and why the client drives any pre-talk that has a chance to happen.

Contra-Indications For SRT Sessions

1) People who have an aversion to the concept of spirits. 2) People who want to use SRT to explore occult practices. 3) Clinically diagnosed or psychiatric issues.


1) Do I have to believe in spirits to do SRT? No. 2) Is SRT the same as exorcism? No. 3) What if I find aggressive scary spirits? It's ok. 4) Is SRT aligned to a religion or spiritual group? No.

Session Process

Session Overview

A systematic process.

Discover Attached Spirits

Four ways of initial discovery.

Discover Attached Spirits - Body Scan

How to focus in on a spirit attachment. How to differentiate between a spirit, and another psychological phenomenon.

Inviting Our Spirit Guides

Setting intention. Checking they really are spirit guides.


Deep protection has a foundation in right mindfulness and understanding.

Protection Tools

Visualisation, guided meditation and prayer for therapists and clients.

Identify The Types Of Attached Spirits

Questions to make the right distinction between the groups of spirits, and sub-groups.

Case Study 3: Guiding Spirits - Astral Projection

Andrew's case study covering past life regression, spirit guides and spirits of light including Archangel Michael.

Audio Program 1) Contact Spirit Guides About Spirit Attachments

This downloadable audio is the first of a four part program, that gives an overview and possible experience of a simple version of the process of Spirit Releasement Therapy. This first audio is a fifteen minute exercise to connect with your Spirit Guides, to learn if you have any simple spirit attachments to release. Listening as a therapist will help you  learn how to do this with your clients.

Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

Interview Earthbound Spirits

How to ask open-ended questions, pause, listen and ask follow-up questions to elicit a full story.

Release Earthbound Spirits - Simplest Version

How people naturally do SRT.

Release Earthbound Spirits - Complex Versions

Many types of complex stories can emerge when you interview the EBs, that require a more complex method of releasement and therapy.

Earthbound Spirits - Reasons For Attachment

Reasons people don’t die well and return to the light include; 1) Emotion; Fear, anger, guilt, sadness, love, hate.  2) Clinging; to people or self, to addictions or habits, places and possessions.

Anna Case Study Part 1; Discover EBs

Anna's background, her story, how she got EBs, and how we found her EB.

Anna Case Study Part 2; Interview EBs

Or client may be an unreliable narrator, so we can get the spirits side of the story.

Anna Case Study Part 3; Regress EBs

Releasing an earthbound spirit, requiring a more complex approach, using regression.

Regress EBs - Script

How to guide an earthbound spirit to The Light.

Audio Program 2) Release Earthbound Spirit Attachments

Part two of a four part audio program, of a simple version of  Spirit Releasement Therapy. This audio is a seventeen minute exercise to scan for and release any earthbound spirit attachments. Listening as a therapist will help you learn how to do this with your clients.

Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

EBs with nested DFEs (Dark Force Entities)

The insight that DFE's can attach to EBs, and how to handle this.

Identifying Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

How we know it's a DFE, and therefore use different techniques to address and release the spirit.

Understanding Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

DFEs think they are manipulating and using our client, but they are being manipulated, used and lied to by their bosses. Gain the upper hand through knowledge.

Engage DFEs in Discussion

How to maintain control, rebut their statements, and lead them towards releasing.

How DFEs Attach To Humans

The top eight most common causes of attachment, that can be generated from our client’s side.

Regress To The Cause Of DFE Attachment

We can regress our client to the moment they became open to DFE attachment. We know the cause, fix it, and learn from it so it’s not repeated.

Release The DFE Attachment - Client or EB

Now we can fully release the DFE with this renouncement process.

DFEs - Immediate Releasement

When we have to skip the discussion and regression of DFEs, and skip ahead to Immediate Releasement

Rescue Spirits of Light. The Three Deceptions.

A core script to manage DFEs with help from the Spirits of Light.

DFEs Find Their Inner Light

A dialogue based script that helps DFEs realise their inner truth.

Ryan Case Study; Complex DFEs

Ryan's case study, that beings with a social anxiety centered around a concern that ‘the look on his face’, which he felt was out of conscious control, was off-putting to others.

Audio Program 3) Release Dark Entities Or Dark Spirit Attachments

Part three of a four part audio program, of a simple version of  Spirit Releasement Therapy. This audio is a eighteen minute exercise to scan for and release any DFE spirit attachments. Listening as a therapist will help you learn how to do this with your clients.


Therapy - Guided Imagery Of Light.

A script to help the client recover at the end of the session, after the releasement, with some cleansing and healing.

Ongoing Therapy

Long periods with a spirit attachment, and the distorted thought patterns that go with that, can lead the client into basic cognitive errors. We need to gently guide our client back to their ‘real self’, and reintegrate with consensual reality.

Anna Case Study Part 4; DFE & Therapy

Catch up with Anna, and get a brief overview of how we worked with her direct DFE attachments.

Anna Case Study Part 5; Ongoing Therapy

On into detail up with Anna, on how we worked with her more significant ongoing therapy, that included past life regression, and residues from spirit attachment.

Audio Program 4) Therapy After Spirit Releasement

Part four of a four part audio program, of a simple version of  Spirit Releasement Therapy. This audio is an eleven minute exercise to clean and heal after a spirit releasement. Listening as a therapist will help you learn how to do this with your clients. You can give this audio to your clients after their SRT session.

Audio Program Script Download

The script for all four of the SRT audio program. You can give my recordings to your clients, or you can use this script as basis to make your own audio recordings, or as a tool in sessions.


Extraterrestrials (ETs)

Learn how ETs can attach and try to help, monitor or disrupt humans.

Release ETs: Spiritual Evolvers

They may have positive intentions, but we learn how to release them using simple of complex arguments.

Release ETs: Information Gatherers

Learn the right questions to ask, and how to deal with their responses.

Release ETs: Disrupters

How to manage complex ETs that are less willing to release.

ETs: Formal Releasement

The core script to formally release ETs.

Further Resources

Intentional SRT Sessions

Learn how to initiate an SRT session when it is a presenting issue of your client. Learn how to start a follow up session after a spontaneous session.

Further Reading. Final Words.

Recommended reading. Ways forward with SRT.

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