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Squarespace SEO Tutorial – Squarespace Website SEO Tips

Squarespace SEO For Beginners - The Complete Squarespace Search Engine Optimisation guide
Sam Dey
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Understand the basics to ranking a Squarespace website in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing
Understand how Squarespace SEO works and how to perform it on your website effectively
How to attract more visitors to your Squarespace website
A deep understanding of what Squarespace SEO is all about

How To Rank Number One On Google simply by Learning Squarespace SEO in Under 2 Hours!

Having a well designed Squarespace website is useless if none is actually seeing it! How much would it impact your business if your customers were able to find your products or services on major search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing when they were looking for it? The likelihood is, it would bring you in a ton of traffic, leads and sales consistently and all of this for free! Give me an hour and a half of your undivided time and dedication and I will help you to achieve just that!

Squarespace SEO is not something that can be ignored. If you have a squarespace website that promotes anything that you actually want people to see, you simply must understand the fundamentals to Squrespace SEO. During this course I literally take you around the back end of my own personal website and show you the tips, strategies and secrets that I have personally used to help thousands of website owners achieve 1st page rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing. I have also charged bing name companies thousands of pounds to implement these strategies for them and you can gain access to it for less than a fraction of that cost.

This course will help you to:

  • Increase direct sales to your website

  • Drive more leads to your business

  • Spend less time & money on marketing whilst still driving up sales

You will discover the secret sauce to being found for the types of words and phrases that your potential customers and website visitors are typing into the search engines every single day. I will also show you how you can find what key phrases your target customers are using in the search engines and how you can appear when they do perform these queries.

Regardless of whether or not your Squarespace website appears in search results for important phrases; your potential customers will still type those phrases in looking to spend money. You want to ensure that it is your website they are stumbling across on when they are looking on sites such as Google.

Whether you are a local accountant, hair dresser or wedding planner and want to show up in Google when somebody near you is looking for your services or if you are selling a product online, one of the best and most effective ways to attract eyeballs to your website and generate sales over and over again is to perform Squarespace SEO on your website & within this course I show you exactly how you can transform your dormant Squarespace website into a thriving community of visitors just waiting to depart with their cash and invest in your product or service.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of digital marketing and honestly, you are just a few clicks away from completely transforming your business. There are really just a few concepts that you are missing that could potentially completely transform how your website is currently performing. If you are not satisfied with how well your Squarespace website is performing in search engines or just how well it is doing in general, you really only need a few simple tweaks and adjustments to start hitting and even exceeding your goals

Don’t be one of the handful of people who pass up the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the search engines because if you do not take up this course, one of your competitors might! This would give them the advantage over you. As I have mentioned, Squarespace SEO is not really that difficult to do, there are but just a few concepts that you really need to grasp in order for you to start claiming the top ranking positions in Google when your potential customers are looking for a product or services that you offer. I want to reveal to you what those specific concepts are.

Within this course you will discover:

  • How to properly configure your Squarespace site (I would normally charge £350 for this service alone as a professional SEO consultant) 

  • How to research the most appropriate keywords for your website ( I would charge £40 for this) 

  • How to submit your website to major search engines (I would charge £30 for this)

  • How to create an authority Squarespace website that Google and other major search engines trust (worth £1,000+)

You will discover how to do all of this and much more for less than a fraction of the price and with just over an hour of your time investment. I look forward to helping you transform your Squarespace website so make sure you enrol in this course today and do not miss out!

An Introduction to Squarespace SEO

What is Squarespace SEO all about?

What is Squarespace SEO in the first place?

In this video I break down what Squarespace SEO really is. Squarespace SEO is more a lot more than just adding a few SEO methods to your Squarespace website and expecting to rank that website highly in the search results. You actually need to prove to the search engines that your website deserves to be ranked highly for the keywords that you so desire. I will get into more detail about how to do that in later sections of this course but this video will cover:

  • What Squarespace SEO actually is and how it can help drive traffic to your Squarespace site

  • What the major Search Engines actually are

  • Why you need to spend more time on your Squarespace optimisation than you do on your Squarespace site design

By the end of this video you should have a firm understanding of what SEO actually is and how it can help you to drive more targeted visitors to your Squarespace site.

Why Squarespace SEO so important?

Why your Squarespace SEO is so important

You will hardly gain any value from this course if you fail to realise the importance of Squarespace SEO. If you really want your Squarespace website to perform well in the search engines then you  will need to put in a lot of strategic work over time. But why should you even take so much time to care about your Squarespace SEO in the first place? In this video I will explain:

  • Why you need to wake up! And pay attention to how well your Squarespace website performs in the search engines

  • How Squarespace SEO can directly impact your customers decisions when it comes to buying products or services available on your website

  • how Squarespace SEO can help you to build authority and trust in the eyes of those who find you

You are hopefully taking this course because you realise that you would like your Squarespace website to appear more highly when your potential website visitors perform relevant searched on the major search engines. You will actually need to implement consistently over time the strategies and methods that I will teach throughout this course and so understanding why it is vital to take time out of your schedule to focus on your Squarespace SEO will hopefully help you to stay committed to the cause.

Your Squarespace SEO Main Focus

What Should You Focus On With Regards To Squarespace SEO?

When creating you Squarespace website, you need to focus on the right types of things. Too many Squarespace website owners are hyper focused on things that will have little or no impact on their overall website performance. Having the wrong focus can cost you time and money as well as visitors to your website. This course is all about building a healthy Squarespace SEO strategy that will have your site ranking highly in the search engines for years down the line. In order to have a long term SEO strategy, it is important to the the right things from the start as bad SEO can be difficult to change later on down the line. In this video we will cover: 

  • The importance of building authority and what that means

  • Understanding the importance of user experience on your Squarespace website

  • Website relevancy, what that is and how to ensure your site stays relevant

These are the 3 main focuses for your overall Squarespace SEO strategy and you simply have to keep these in mind both when creating a Squarespace website and when looking to improve your Squarespace sites performance on major search engines.

Let's See How Well You Understand These Squarespace SEO Concepts

Squarespace SEO Core concepts Quiz

This is a quick SEO for Squarespace quiz to make sure you have fully understood the main concepts before moving on to the next section of this course.

Squarespace Keywords - Using Keywords On Your Squarespace Website

Keyword planner tool explained
Using the Google Keywords Tool For Your Squarespace Site

Using The Google Keyword Tool For Squarespace Keyword Research

In this video I demonstrate how you can use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find the best possible keywords for your Squarespace site. It is super important that you actually use the keywords that your potential website visitors are going to type into the search engines to find the information products and/or services that you have on offer on your website and in this video I am going to show you how. We will cover:

  • How to research keywords effectively for your Squarespace SEO Marketing

  • How to identify popular keywords

  • How to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool

By the end of this video you will know exactly how to use the Google keyword planner tool to research appropriate keywords for your Squarespace website. You will also be able to identify what keywords you need to be using to bring your the most traffic back to your site.

Using LSI Keywords On Your Squarespace Site

Using LSI Keywords On Your Squarespace website

In this video I explain what LSI keywords are and why they are important for your squarespace site. Using LSI keywords on your site can help to give you a competitive edge in the search results. You need to make sure that you are using the right words of which will enable search engines to find your webpages and blog articles relevant. In this video we will cover:

  • What LSI keywords are

  • Why you need to use LSI keywords

  • The importance of LSI keywords on a Squarespace website

Using Main & LSI Keywords To Improve Squarespace SEO

How To Use Main & LSI Keywords for Success on Your Squarespace Website

It is important to use both your main keyword and your LSI keywords on your squarespace website. The question you may be wondering is how does this actually look in real time and how can you do it effectively? In this video I show a demonstration of how I use main keywords and LSI keywords on my website as well as how you can use them for your Squarespace website.

Squarespace Webpage SEO

Optimising Squarespace Pages correctly for SEO

How To SEO Your Squarespace Pages

Each and every one of your Squarespace webpages should be optimised effectively. In this video I go in depth about the different SEO options that Squarespace have available and how you can tweak each page for the keywords you desire to show up for in Google.

SEO for Squarespace Content

SEO For Your Squarespace content

Now that you know how to tweak your pages, there are also SEO opportunities within your Squarespace content. You want to make sure that you use all available opportunities to mention your keywords and LSI keywords within the body of your content and in this video I demonstrate how you can:

  • Use H tags in Squarespace

  • Structure your content for SEO success

  • Format your content in a way that appeals to major search engines

Your content is the most important aspect of you Squarespace SEO. If you do not create compelling content and SEO that content effectively then every other aspect of your SEO will suffer as a direct result.

Technical SEO For Every Squarespace Website

SEO options in Squarespace

Using Your Squarespace SEO Options

As a Squarespace website owner there are a bunch of different SEO options that are available to you and in this video I outline the main SEO opportunities and the best options for you to chose.

SEO Settings In Squarespace

Squarespace Settings and options

As a continuation of the last video i want to explain a few more SEO settings available within Squarespace so that you can set your Squarespace website up for success.

Building Authority In Search With A Squarespace Blog

Why Your Squarespace Site Needs A Blog For SEO Purposes

Squarespace Blogging For SEO

In this video I outline the importance of your Squarespace blog with regards to your SEO. You need to ensure that you have a blog on your Squarespace site but also that you use it correctly. In this video I explain

  • Why you need a squarespace blog

  • How to use a squarespace blog effectively

  • What a Squarespace blog actually is

  • What a blog means to search engines

Performing SEO on Your Squarespace Blog

SEO Settings For Your Squarespace Blog

Your Squarespace blog presents a huge amount of opportunity to actually be found in major search engines. In this video I teach you how to SEO your Squarespace blog SEO settings and articles to best make use of all of the SEO advantages having a Squarespace blog provides.

Guest Blogging Secrets & How Guest Blogging Can Boost your Squarespace SEO

Guest blogging for Squarespace SEO

In this video I speak about the importance of guest blogging as well as demonstrating how guest blogging has helped me in my over SEO strategy.

SEO For Your Products/Services On Squarespace

Squarespace eCommerce SEO Settings

Squarespace SEO Settings For eCommerce

Squarespace allow you the opportunity to optimise your products and services pages for search engines. This means if you are selling a product or offering a service on your Squarespace website, you can actually attract customers from search directly. in this video I will teach you:

  • How to perform eCommerce SEO for your Squarespace site

  • How to optimise your products/ services pages on Squarespace

You could be missing out on traffic and sales to your products and services if your Squarespace eCommerce SEO settings are not optimised properly and this video will help you to avoid any costly mistakes.

Squarespace and Google Merchant Centre

How To Get Your Squarespace Products Ranked In Google

In this video I demonstrate how you can go about getting our Squarespace products to rank in Google. This is a bit of a bonus video for those of you who sell products using your Squarespace site and want additional sales.

Submitting Your Squarespace Website to the Major Search Engines

Google Search Console & Squarespace

Submitting your Squarespace site to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Once you have finished your site, you must then submit your site to Google, Yahoo & Bing. In this video I explain how to do this specifically for your Squarespace website and the different SEO opportunities that this presents. In this video I speak about:

  • Verifying your Squarespace website in Google, Yahoo and bing

  • How to find your Squarespace sitemap

Building An Authority Squarespace Website

Building Authority With Your Squarespace Website

Building An Authority Squareaspace Website

It is key that search engines actually trust the content on your Squarespace website. If they trust your content then you will rank better in the search engines. The best way to build trust with the search engines is to build an authority Squarespace site. In this video I speak about what an authority Squrespace website is and how you can improve your websites authority.

Bonus Lecture

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